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I cant believe this is happening to me. Riley thought to herself as she was going threw her things trying to find her id. She had be searching for it all morning because her and some of her friends were going out. Riley had been counting on that night to get away from her abusive boyfriend and now that it had come she couldn't find her id. Her friends always wonder what Riley saw in Michael Mizanin, but she could never tell you why herself. Well she could at first , but now a days she didn't know why herself. Ever since he joined the WWE his attitude has changed so much. He is like a total different person from when he was on the Real World, but he is just to much into himself.

Instead of her staying home while he was on the road Mike always made her travel with him. So tonight they were in their home town so that gave her the chance to get away from him. He was already gone to the club with his friends Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. So that gave her enough to get ready and get the hell out of the room before he got back with his drunken buddies that always seemed to be trying to get into her pants and Mike was letting them try too. As Riley walked out of her room and ran down to the elevator she heard someone talking on the phone and she looked up and notice that it was one of her friends that Mike didn't want her hanging around. Riley knew that they had been very close before she let Mike come in between their friendship.

She turned away as she was waiting on the elevator. The guy noticed her, but he didn't know if it was her or not. So he went over to her just to see if it was his friend. Right when he got to her the elevator doors opened and he walked in right behind her. When she turned around she was face to face with her friend and he was a huge smirk on his face. Before she knew it he had her in a big bear hug spinning her around. She couldn't help, but to giggle in his huge arms as they were going around. Finally he stopped and put her down.

Riley, how the hell have you been doing? The male asked.

Good. Just getting away from Mike tonight. She said now looking at the floor not wanting him to know that she was being abused in more ways than just one.

There is something your not telling Rye.

No there is not.

Yes there is and we are not getting off this elevator until you tell. He said as he push the emergency stop button.

Fine you win Morrison.

Good now spill.

Well lately Mike and I haven't been doing so well. Ever since they broke you guys up he has been more cocky towards everyone including me. He and his new friends have been abusing me in more ways then one. She stopped as she started to cry. John put his arms around her and he just held her let her cry on him.

What have they been doing to you? Morrison asked

If Mike doesn't get his way he beat the holy hell out of me. Then when his friends are with him they take advantage of me. Which means they rape me three ways from Sunday and all I do is let them. I cant fight them off because there are three of them. I'm always scared to death that he is going to try and kill me.

Don't you dare say that cause you and I both know that is never going to happen with me around and my friends.

Riley smiled a little. Wait a minute. What friends are you talking about Morrison?

Oh yeah that is right you haven't been around to know that I have been hanging out with Legacy.

What? Have you lost your mind?

Nope. Riley they are really nice guys once you get to know them.

Morrison, I hope that you keep your eyes on Orton because he is the dangerous one out of all three of them.

Riley, that is his character. He isn't like that outside of the ring unless you make him like that. Please believe that they are cool.

I don't know if I can.

Okay. I have an idea. Why don't you come hang out with us tonight since you going out anyways.

I don't know if Maria, Melina, or Mickie are up for that.

Hell you know better than I do that Melina loves being around this. Plus I think that you should hang out with your best guy friend anyways since that asshole doesn't let you out of his sight.

Okay I guess I can talk to the girls.

Don't worry about that I have talked to Melina already and she told me she would have to talk to you since you were going out with her and Mickie. Plus you know Mickie is down for everything. So when she told you were going I knew that you couldn't say no to me so I knew that it was you getting on the elevator and I also knew it was my chance.

You had this planned out?

Yup. Can you blame me?

Nope. So are they meeting us in the lobby or what?

Yup. Rhodes, Orton, and DiBiase are down there right now with Melina, Maria and Mickie right now.

Great. Now I get to see what Legacy is really like.

True. He said as the elevator started up again.

It took them no time at all when the elevator started to get into the lobby. As they got off the elevator Randy was the first to notice Riley. She wasn't to tall, but wasn't too short either, she had long brown hair, the prettiest light blue eyes that he has ever seen she her body had all the right curves in all the right places. Her breast wasn't to big or too small they suited her body just right for him. He was never big on girls with big breast because that always got in the way of things. He saw that she had legs that wouldn't quit he knew he had to have her.

The first thing that Riley notice about Randy was his piercing blue eyes. She had never in her life saw eyes that beautiful in her life. The she noticed his toned body with all his muscles perfectly done. She thought to herself: Damn I wish I could wrapped up with that body every night instead of Mike. She was still looking up and down when she notice that he had sleeve tattoos on both of his arms. She couldn't resist men with tattoos that always drove her wild. Before she knew they were moving. Morrison had his arm around her and Melina walking and talking to the guys. Riley always felt safe around Morrison he always stood up for her and took care of when Mike was acting like a complete jerk. They all jumped into Randy's hummer and before Riley knew she was the only standing outside. She felt nervous about sitting in the front with Randy, but he opened the door for her and helped her into the huge car.

At the club!!!!

They all walked into the club together. The girls got a booth to sit in while the guys went and got drinks. Riley had to admit that everything was going good so far with Legacy, but she just couldn't get her hopes up because of the way they act towards everyone on the show. The guys were at the bar ordering the drinks when Morrison noticed that Randy was watching Riley from a distances.

Hey man what you looking at? Morrison asked.

Oh nothing man. Randy said trying to stop looking at her.

Please man. I see the way you are looking at her.

Looking at who? He asked trying to play it off

Come on Orton, your looking at Riley. You have been since we left the hotel.

So what? I'm just looking doesn't mean that I am interested. Orton said a little mean.

Please dude. I know you better than you think.

What is that supposed to mean?

That means when you see someone that you like and you try to play it off than you really must like more than you are putting off.

Well maybe I do like her, but I don't know her and from what I heard she is dating that asshole Miz.

Yeah she is, but from what she told me earlier I going to make sure to get her the hell away from him.

What happened?

I cant say. I think that she should be the one to tell you.

Dude I understand, but I don't understand what is going on between you two?

Oh nothing. She managed us when I was tagging with Miz. Since then we have been very close friends, but ever since they split me and Miz up he has been keeping her all to himself and this is the first time I have gotten to see her in awhile.

Oh! Dude why is she with him if he is controlling her like that?

Well she has been with him for along time and she loves him, but now a days she doesn't want to be around him because of the way he is treating her.

Before Randy could reply to that Ted and Cody handed them some drinks and they were off to the table where the girls were at. Morrison sat between Melina and Riley while Randy sat on the other side of Riley with Ted and Cody between Maria and Mickie. They all were talking and having a good time when out of no where Morrison asked Melina to dance. Of course she jumped up and headed to the dance floor with Cody and Maria right behind them right along with Ted and Mickie. That just lefted Randy and Riley at the table all alone. Riley had never been so nervous in her life, but at that moment she was very nervous. Randy notice that she was nervous and that made him smirk a little because all the girls were never nervous around him like she was.

So what is your name again? He asked

My name is Riley. Riley Jones. She said

Nice to meet you. I am pretty sure you know who I am right? Randy asked

Yes, you're the Viper Randy Orton. She said with a small smile

That is right. So what do are you doing out here with a bunch guys?

Well Morrison is one of my best friends. He wanted me to hang out with him since I don't get to anymore.

Why don't you get to hang out with him?

Because of my boyfriend. He doesn't like me hanging out with guys he doesn't like at all.

Who is your boyfriend?

Michael Mizanin or otherwise known as the Miz.

Oh that prick.

That would be the one. Riley said as she realize that she was agreeing with him

Why are you with him then?

I don't know anymore. If you would have asked me that three years ago I would have told you that it was because he was sweet, kind and caring and I was in love with him, but now I am not so sure anymore. I am trying to find ways just to get away from him.

Why don't you just leave him?

Because it isn't that simple.


Because there are things that he does to me that I don't want to get out. He swore that he would do something really bad to me if I ever lefted him.

You shouldn't be in a relationship with a guy like that.

I know, but what can I do if I cant get out of it?

There is always away to get out of things.

Not when he own my contract to the WWE and he is always saying that he will never give me up.

There are ways you can get those things fixed with the right friends. He said smiling at her

What do you mean?

Oh nothing, just trying to help. He said thinking to himself: Don't you worry your pretty little head we have been looking for a manager for Legacy and you seemed to be prefect now I will do what I have to just to make sure your away and happy from him.

Before she could say anything else her phone was going off. She noticed that it was a text message from Mike. Randy could tell by the look on her face that it was from Mike. She looked up at him and said she would have to take it, but before she could get up Randy moved closer to her and told her that she didn't have to go anywhere. For some reason Riley felt safe with Randy and she didn't understand why she could trust this much, but for some reason she didn't move. She opened her phone just to read the text.

Riley where the fuck are you? You know that Dolph, Jack and myself are in the room looking for you? You need to get your ass back here right now or there will be hell to pay.

As she read that she felt the fear coming back to her and tears started coming down her face. Randy for some reason took his thumbs and rub the tears off of her cheek. Riley just looked at him, with her eyes swollen and tears still coming she didn't understand why Randy was being so nice to her, but she was glad that he was there at that moment. Randy couldn't understand himself at the moment, he just met the girl and now he was comforting her. He didn't understand why he felt so protective of her, but he knew that it had something to do with the way she made him feel. He saw that she was starting to cry so he put his arms around her and let her cry on him. Riley never felt so relax with crying in her life, but at that moment she felt like someone actually cared about her other than Morrison and her girlfriends.

I am so sorry that I messed up your shirt. She said looking up at him

It is not a problem. Are you okay?

Yes, I will. I just don't want to go back to that room with him.

Then don't.

Randy, I don't have any of my clothes and I don't have any other place to go.

Why cant you stay with Melina, Maria or Mickie?

Because Melina is rooming with Maria and Mickie is rooming with Eve.

Then you can come stay in the Legacy room.

I couldn't put you guys out like that.

Your not putting anyone out. I am inviting you to stay.

Are you sure?

Yes I am sure. Plus Ted and Cody might like to company since they say that I am such drag to hang out with. He said trying to make her laugh. Which it worked

Okay, but what clothes?

Don't worry about I have something that you can sleep in. It might be boxers and a Legacy t-shirt or one of my shirts. If that is okay with you?

Yea that is fine. Thanks Randy.

No problem. Now why don't we get the rest of the gang and get out of here.

I like that idea.

They got up and walked over to their friends who seemed to be drunk at the moment. They all lefted at the same time with Riley helping Melina walk and Randy laughing his ass off at Ted, Cody and Morrison fighting with each other over who could dance better. The whole ride back to the hotel was funny with everyone being drunk expect for Randy and Riley. They got back to the hotel and instead of everyone going back to their rooms they all ended up in Legacy's hotel room. Riley went into Randy's room as he gave her something to sleep in. She changed and walked back into the room and she noticed that Randy was looking her up and down which made her smile.

So what are the sleeping arrangements?

I was going to give you the bed and I was going to sleep on the floor. He said

No, no, no… you should sleep in your own bed. I could take the couch.

I don't think you want to sleep out there on the couch. Cause it sounds like everyone out there are having sex.

Good point. Then I could take the floor.

No. I am not making you sleep on the floor.

Then what are we going to do?

I guess that we could share the bed with no strings attached.

I guess that would be alright.


As Randy walked into the bathroom to change Riley jumped into the bed and covered up. About that time Randy walked out of the room in nothing, but his boxers. Riley couldn't help, but to stare because he was looking hotter than she has ever noticed before. It was like she couldn't take her eyes off of him that was until she saw him smirking at her. She closed her eyes acting like she was a sleep. Randy got into bed next to her she still was acting like she was sleeping until she felt his arms wrap around her and pulled her closed to him. He whispered in her ear: Don't worry about anything you are safe here with me. I am not going to let him hurt you. After he said that he kissed the back of her neck and fell asleep. Riley was thinking to herself : How could he possibly know what Mike was doing to her. Was it that noticeable? She didn't know what to think all she knew was that she felt safe with Randy and nothing was going to change that. Well not at that moment.

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