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Three years later

Riley had just been released from the hospital where she put herself because she figured that it would be best if she got all the help that she needed there. As she walked into the airport she had a new lease on life. She was happier than ever and all she wanted to do is see her friends and family. Riley had kept her promise to Randy to write to him every chance that she got she even got some letters in return. Riley remember this one letter Randy wrote to her telling her about his new girlfriend.


Glad to hear that your doing better and stop having nightmares about them. Working is getting harder because they have being like a heartless bastard when you know that I'm not even like that. Well I have a new girl in my life. Her name is Samantha. She is the greatest. Ted and Cody on the other hand don't think that she is all the great for me, but I don't get them. Sam never done anything to them, but you know how Ted and Cody are. I cant wait to see you when you get out. Maybe you can get your old job back and become our manager again. Well Riley have to go to.



Thinking about that letter just made her smile. She knew that she done the right thing when she told him not to get involved with her for him to move on with his life. She just couldn't wait to see him and his new girlfriend. Riley boarded her plane and sat down. AJ had brought her an ipod for Christmas last year and she finally is getting a chance to use it. She put the headphones on and she started listening to the music that she missed so much. The plane ride was going to be long and unstressful in her eyes.

Florida airport

AJ, Ted, and Cody were waiting on Riley's plane to land. They were so excited about seeing her again. They couldn't believe that it had been three years since she was in the hospital seeking all the help that she needs. Ted missed being her big brother figure, Cody on the other hand missed her because he had a crush on her. AJ just missed being around his sister. He want her to know all about her three little nephews. The guys hadn't told Morrison or Randy because they didn't know how Riley would react around them at the moment since she had a past with both of them and it was dealing with Mike.

They were there for about three hours when they saw Randy and Morrison walking up. AJ couldn't believe his eyes neither could Cody or Ted.

What the hell are you guys doing here? AJ asked

Well since you didn't tell us about Riley getting out of the hospital and her coming here we figured that we should just show up. Morrison said

Where is Sam Randy? Ted asked

I'm right here. Sam said walking next to her boyfriend

Great! That is all Riley needs to see when she gets off the plane. Cody said

Cody, I have told Riley about Sam. Randy said

Yeah, but does Miss. Little Queen Bee here know about Riley? AJ asked

All I know is that she is your sister that was in a hospital for something to do with Mike. Sam said

You're an asshole Orton. AJ said

He didn't tell me. I over heard Melina and some of the other divas talking about it. Sam said with a smile on her face

Dude, we are going to tell you this once if you don't keep her mouth shut we are going to knock her out. Ted said

Randy are you going to let them talk to me like that? Sam asked

He has no choice in the matter Sam. Cause if you do anything to upset my sister your going to be paying for it. AJ said

Guys, I promise that she isn't going to say anything to her or about her. Right Sam? Randy said looking at her

Yeah, what ever . Sam said

They all sat down and waited for Riley's plane to land. Sam was getting on everyone's nervous. So when they finally saw Riley walking towards them it made everything seem better. AJ was the first one up to get his sister.

Riley, thank god. I have you missed you so much. AJ said

Thanks, big brother. Miss you too. Riley said trying to catch her breathe

Alright AJ, it's our turn. Ted and Cody both said.

Fine. AJ said as he moved.

Well look at the two of you. Have you been good boys while I was gone? Riley asked

Yes and No! they both said

What do you mean no? riley asked

You will find out in just a minute. Cody said pointing towards Randy, Morrison and Sam

You have got to be kidding me. Riley said

Nope. Randy brought her with him. Cody said

The girl is like a leech. She sucks the blood out of everyone just to get her own way. Ted said causing Riley to laugh

Hey girly. Morrison said

Hello there John Morrison. Riley said as she pulled him into a hug.

God girl you look so much better. He said

Thank you. You don't look bad yourself. Riley said

What about me? Randy asked

Well I don't know about you anymore Orton. She said

Very funny Riley. Randy said as he hugged her and she saw the look of jealousy in Sam eyes.

I'm guessing that this is Samantha. Riley said

Yes, that is my girl. Randy said

It is nice to meet you. Sam said extending her hand

Likewise. Riley said as she took Sam's hand and shook it

Everyone could tell that Sam and Riley were going to be like fighting really soon, but Riley didn't want to start anything with her because she had moved on with her life as well. She was just happy for Randy that he found someone that he could spend the rest of his life with. Just then a guy walked right next to Riley.

Little sister, who is this? AJ said pointing at the guy

Oh you guys I would like you to meet Evan James. He is my boyfriend that I have been seeing for the past six months. Riley said

Well, looks like you have been busy. Ted said

Guys, I met him in the hospital. He understands what happened to me because the same thing happened to him when he was younger. Riley said grabbing Evan hand.

We're happy for you girly. Morrison said with everyone agreeing with him

Riley knew that things were going to be different, but she just didn't realize that she had a strong support system to help her threw it. She had gotten her job back and she was working with Randy, Cody and Ted again. Riley and Evan got a place together which wasn't to fair from Ted's place. Riley attended Randy and Sam's wedding which was the happiest that she has seen Randy. Riley and Sam have become really close friends since they first met it just took them longer than expected since Riley had to put Sam in her place more than once. Everything had fallen into place and Randy's little family moved to Florida so that he could be closer to Riley, and Ted. Everyone is happy and living their life to the fullest.

The End.

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