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It was a typical sunny morning in the cul-de-sac at peach creek, the kids were all playing around the park, wasting the day away with nothing else to do, all of them around the age of 16 or so. Eddy, a short and pride filled teenager with jet black hair and a yellow shirt, was standing next to one of his so called friends, Ed, an extremely tall and extremely thick boy, that wouldn't hurt a fly yet could lift a house if he summoned the strength. Both of these boys were waiting for their friend Edd, or double D as they often called him, to finish the chores that he was left by his parents via sticky note. Said boy was very thin and quite weak, he always had a orange shirt, purple shorts and his infernal hat that hid his head from the world.

For so long Eddy had ignored it but ever since he nearly saw what was under there he just had to know for sure. It was then that an idea came in to the scammers head, how he could get his way and make money too. He was sure the other kids had wondered the same thing so why not make money off of it?

It wasn't 10 minutes later that the thin framed boy turned a corner and smiled at his friends as they waved,

"hello friends, sorry I'm late, mother and father made me do so much today…", Double D braced himself as Ed collided with him sending both boys crashing to the ground,

"Double D! I am so glad you came outside to play!", Edd couldn't help but giggle a little at Ed's enthusiasm, Eddy pulled Double D up and faced him,

"listen, Double D, I need to know something for the latest scam I've come up with", Edd smiled at his friend,

"sure Eddy, just ask and tell you", Eddy cleared his throat,

"…what's under the hat?", Edd's eyes widened,

"…but….why would you want to know that?", Eddy sighed, he knew this was going to happen,

"Double D! what's so bad that you have to hide it under a hat….ALL THE TIME?!?!?", Edd gulped, Eddy could really yell when he wanted to, the other kids had started listening in on the conversation as well,

"Eddy…it's….complicated, ok?…I just…c-can't tell you", Edd looked away as Eddy glared, thoughts and memories came flooding back into his head from his not to distant childhood, things he would rather not share, things he would rather forget. Not to far away, Sarah, Jimmy, Rolf, Johnny, Nazz and Kevin were standing and watching the whole thing unfold, mostly out of interest about Edd's hat, well, what was under it anyway, except for Kevin, who was glaring daggers into Eddy's back.

"complicated?…What?!?! Just tell me already! I need this for an epic scam", Edd listened closely as Eddy whispered the last part so no-one but they could hear, but instead of answering he simply turned and left, leaving the rest of the kids completely shocked by what had just happened.

As Edd opened the door to his perfectly clean house he heard footsteps behind him, although they were way to fast to be a simple person walking, he turned around just in time to see Eddy run full speed into his thin frame sending them both to the ground, Eddy pinned Edd beneath him so that the other couldn't move an inch, Edd looked up at his childhood friend, he was nervous, worried and plain terrified at what was happening.

"one last chance Double D….What's…under…the hat?", Eddward gulped and tried his hardest to form a reply without letting the tears building up in his eyes to fall,

"I-I…..c-can't t-tell you, Eddy, just this once…can you put aside your selfishness?…please…", Edd's pleading fell on deaf ears as Eddy grabbed the top of Double D's hat with one hand and kept the boy's hand's still with the other. Ed, having just came in the house stared wide eyed as Eddy yanked the hat off of Double D's head, what they both saw was the least they expected.

To be continued

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