An Original Power Rangers Crossover Story by LeaderOfTheBrokenHearts

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It is said this universe is based on balance. Since the beginning of time, there have always been opposites; yin and yang, light and darkness, good and evil. And though each cannot live without one another, opposites constantly desire to destroy each other.

However, sometimes, though the odds of it happening are infinitesimal, the two opposites will combine and create an immeasurable power. A power that can create universes... or destroy them. A power known as… Chaos.

Eons before the modern days of The Power, there was the Great War between Good and Evil. Many powerful beings battled on both sides. Those who know the Legacy of the Power know that at the end of that war, Rita Repulsa was sealed in a Galactic Dumpster for 10,000 years; but in her last act of treachery Rita trapped the great Eltarian Zordon in an interdimensional warp, confining his energy in a tube for the rest of his life.

What they had battled over were artifacts of power, among them ancient coins imbued with the power of the prehistoric beings known today by humans as dinosaurs. When Rita and her henchmen escaped from that dumpster many years ago, Zordon knew he had to act. So with the help of his robotic assistant Alpha 5, he called upon five of the most obnoxious, dangerous, headstrong, "overbearing and overemotional humans" in the world… teenagers. And thus the Original Five were chosen and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were born.

What the History of The Power had overlooked until now was there was one artifact that was coveted above all others. One, in fact, that could unlock the power of Chaos, something that could permanently shift the balance. It was known as the Infinity Stone.

This was what both sides wanted. On many different worlds across many different galaxies both sides hunted for it until finally, on what would become known as Earth, it was found.

At that time there was a young mage who had been known for practicing both light and dark magic. He was heavily skilled in combat as well, and it was believed he could possibly become the strongest warrior of all time. As a result, he was heavily recruited by Darkness and by Light. Eventually, he was forced to choose his destiny. But in an unprecedented act, the free agent decided to form his own team. Because of this, he was forced to flee the planet of his birth, abandoning his mentor, vowing never to return until he was a true master of light and dark magic, a force to be reckoned with by good and evil alike.

During his time on what would become known as Earth, the rogue, escaping from those who sought to bring him to justice, as well as bounty hunters looking for a great profit, sought shelter inside a great temple. When the coast was clear, he started to head out, but a great curiosity, a great longing, told him that what he was needed was within. The rogue headed deeper into the darkness.

Battling his own fears and countless traps, at long last he reached the heart of the chambers. He translated the ancient inscriptions leading forward to read, "To the one who has found this place, you must know that true power comes not from one being alone, but from one who has united with many. When those who believe are united, the greatest power will come forth. If you know what it is of which we speak, your strength shall be infinite."

He then noticed a pedestal held a strange stone. He took the stone from the pedestal, and to his surprise, it shone in many different colors. He felt strange about that fact, but also he felt that there had to be a reason for him to have been there. He decided that it was time to change his life.

The wildcard led the few friends as a band of rogue warriors taking on any and all comers from both sides. This band was only considered a small nuisance to both sides, however, until the day they ended up interfering in a great battle: the final battle between Zordon and Rita. The rogues had struck in stealth and seemed to gain the upper hand over the lesser henchmen, but when The Unknown launched a great blast, Rita had deflected it towards Zordon, who deflected it away… right at the rogue squadron. And only the unknown had been spared the devastation.

His dearest companion, Asurac begged him to flee, but he could not, paralyzed with grief. Asurac swore that the fallen would always give him their strength, just as he had given them his. As the light faded from Asurac's eyes, the rogue's grief turned to rage. He screamed out, "You who have taken those I held most precious to me, know that one day I will return the favor. From now on, I swear that anyone who is not united with me shall know eternal torture!"

With those words, he left the battlefield swearing to himself and to his fallen friends that he would find the way to become true master of the power he held within... and of all types of power in general. As he contemplated how the many ways he would extract his revenge on Zordon, he felt a strange resonance inside himself. He glanced inside his pouch and noticed that the very thing he had claimed so long ago was glowing. He then knew his destiny. Infinite power would be his, and any who opposed him would face his wrath. Those who made him suffer deserved to suffer as he did; and an infinite amount of times over. He was Lord Gorluce, Master of Chaos, and all resistance would be eliminated.

It was these events that led to his reign as the bane of existence, destroying good and evil alike. Throughout the universe many heard rumors of one who would destroy without conscience, without discretion, without mercy. Those who somehow managed to put up enough of a fight to discover his identity were those he allowed to. They were all given a choice: "Rise with me or fall alone." All who were smart enough to join him, he kept under a watchful eye. Any that were not… Gorluce always made good on his word. He wanted to build a strong enough army to return to the scene of that pivotal moment, Earth. He knew many great secrets still remained there, but if anyone could conquer them, it was he. Now, at long last, he had assembled an army that all of existence would fear, and so Earth and the universe behind it would be his; and to all those who would dare oppose him: ultimate destruction.