"Me?" Jason asked, eyes widening in either surprise or panic.

Casey slowly nodded and shifted her body again so that it was even closer to his while staring at him like he was someone she was interrogating and trying to figure out before she knew all the facts to a case. She was not fully aware that she was giving him her "cop look" but after working closely with her so long, Jason recognized that look and knew he was busted.

"You had a sex dream about me?" Jason asked after a minute of silence, his expression quickly changing to disbelief.

"No, you perv," Casey said, huffing in annoyance, "there was no sex but you did do this."

Jason watched, almost hypnotized, as she reached over and stroked the spiky, messy light brown hair above his forehead and then glided her fingers down the side of his face before stopping at his mouth. Her index finger then rubbed his bottom lip in an almost perfect imitation of his actions from the night before. Casey pulled her hand back and curled it under her chin, expectantly waiting for his reply.

"From your lack of response I either shocked you speechless or it wasn't a dream at all," Casey said.

"Sorry, I thought you were asleep," Jason said, shrugging as though it was no big deal but his eyes were wide and bright, like a trapped wild animal.

"I almost was," Casey said. "So was that just curiosity over what my hair, face and mouth felt like or was it something else? Did the devil make you do it?"

Jason cracked a smile at his partner's attempt to lighten the mood and sighed heavily. He knew he was acting like a wuss but the very real prospect of losing his partner and friend weighed heavily on him. Oh, what the hell. No one ever accused him of being very smart anyway.

"No, none of those, Casey," he said. "It was more like an impulse I couldn't control."

"Impulse, huh?" Casey said, smiling at him a little. "Sounds a little dirty."

Jason squinted at her as her smile grew even bigger, "Are you teasing me?"

"Just a little."

He sighed, "I'm guessing Nicole finally let the cat out of the bag."

"Pretty much, but I still want to hear you say it," Casey said, giving him a little laugh, "don't want to get any signals crossed."

Growling, Jason lightly pushed her arm so that she turned onto her back and maneuvered himself so that he was over her, his weight supported by his arms and legs, not quite touching her.

"You enjoying this?" he asked, unable to keep a small smile off his face.

She nodded and reached up to stroke the other side of his face she had yet to touch, "Say it."

"Fine. Casey I like you as more than a partner and friend and I was hoping that maybe you thought of me as more than a partner as well. That maybe we could, uh, go out on a date? Or something."

"You are one hell of a smooth talker," she said, sliding her arms over his shoulders and folding them around his neck, "I find myself unable to resist you."

"Few can," Jason replied before Casey pulled his head down and kissed him.

The kiss was different then either had expected. It started out slow and experimental but quickly became intense and sexual. Jason groaned at one point when Casey lightly bit his bottom lip and then swept her tongue in his mouth when he opened it in surprise. He lowered his body onto hers and tangled his hands into her hair as he worked to gain control over the kiss, his tongue battling hers before he broke away from her mouth and went to lick and nibble on her neck, causing her to groan this time.

"Jason," she gasped. "Jason!"

He lifted his face once her calling his name finally sunk in and looked at her, pleased to see that some color had returned to her cheeks and her eyes were a bit brighter then before.

"As much as I would love to continue this, I still kind of feel kind of nauseous," she warned.

He nodded and quickly rolled off her to lie close to her side, wrapping his arms around her waist as she rolled over so that they were face to face before she tucked her head underneath his chin, her face against his chest and legs tangled up with his.

"We'll continue this later," he promised.

----That's all for now, folks. Thanks for everyone who read this and commented, especially those who wrote multiple comments. You really encouraged me to finish this and I hope it was to your liking. I have a couple other story ideas for Jason/Casey and possibly a Crumb/Delahoy story in the near future. This was the first story I ever posted and finished so to celebrate, I'm going to Disneyland! (Complete lie, Heroes is coming on later and I'm going to watch it and maybe eat some pizza.)