I got this plot line stuck in my head so I decided to write it down. I'm sure that we'd all like to know what would've happened it Bella transformed into a werewolf…am I right?

Summary: What if, through all the pain and suffering that Bella was feeling on the night that Edward left her, she turned into a werewolf. She still tries to hold onto Edward and fight her growing love for Jacob, while everything is put at risk. New alliances are formed and old enemies arrive.

So the story takes place in the beginning of New Moon when Edward leaves Bella in the forest, obviously you already know that from the summary. All the guys are werewolves now and Jacob just transformed not that long ago. The story goes on from there.

Also, every other chapter will be in Jacob's point of view. So, all the odd chapters are in BPOV and the even are in BPOV. Enjoy!



I continued walking. There was nothing else for me to do. My heart, what was left of it, had a huge whole punched through it, along with one in my chest. Life no longer had any kind of meaning. Absolutely nothing.

My entire body was numb from being outside for so long in the almost thirty degree weather, which was now plummeting even further. At my side, my hands were shaking, probably from the cold that was consuming me. Though, I couldn't feel a thing except for my aching heart. It seemed like he had ripped it out of my chest and took it with him when he left. When he left

Tears welled in my eyes, spilling over and hitting my coat. My messy hair blew in my face against the wind, sticking to my cheeks. I pulled it away and tucked it under my hood that was lined in a brown faux fur. My coat had been a gift from Alice. She had gone on a shopping spree somewhere in California over the summer and picked me up a few things. She had grown tired of my clothes that had no style. I wished I could see her. Right now, I needed her more than ever.

"Alice," I whispered, even though saying her name was hurting me even further. "How could you do this to me? You knew it was coming and you didn't say anything. Not a warning, nothing." My voice was cracking through the two sentences that I managed to say.

But, what Alice had done was barely anything compared to what had just happened. He might as well have left me here dead.

Against my better judgment, I kept walking. Stopping seemed to be impossible, especially now. For sure, if I stopped, I would never get out of the woods. If I kept going, I was bound to hit a road or trail at some point. It was most likely a better idea to turn around and go back. I knew that was a stupid idea anyway. I didn't know my way around the forest and I would end up going in the wrong direction. I was lost.

At the moment, I didn't care. Not one bit. I knew that there were two possibilities. One, I would be found. Or two, I would die somewhere out here and that would be it. I couldn't die. Even if I was dead on the inside, I could not give up. I needed to be there for Charlie and Renee.

I stopped when I could no longer walk any more. My feet hurt from my boots and my legs felt like bricks had been attached to them. My eyelids grew heavy, causing me to stumble and fall to the ground. The leaves were cold and damp from all the harsh rain.

I flipped over so my back was on the ground and I was facing upright. A new moon was high up in the sky, shining bright and brilliantly. The skies were clear, clear enough so that you could see the stars against the blackness of the open space.

Around me, in the silence of night, I heard everything detail of the woods. I heard the faint sound of the water dropping from the leaves of the tall trees. The little noises of the small creatures that lurked during the night, and the wind picking up the dried leaves and blowing then through the crisp autumn air. As the night progressed, it all fell silent. All I could hear was my own breath that was starting to slow.

Ever so slightly, my hands started to shake. I ignored it, thinking it was from the intense cold that I was now feeling, inside and out. I thought that if I moved, I'd break apart into tiny pieces.

My head tilted to the side and…the next thing I saw was the moon dipping over the horizon, saying its last goodbye. I could see the clouds starting to take the color of a yellowish orange as the sun came up for morning. It had all been real. He was really gone and I was alone in the woods. I had been here all night, no doubt that everyone was looking for me by now. They must all be worried. Panic had most likely already started to settle in to those who knew I was missing. I had been gone all night, no one knowing where I was.

I sat up straight so that I was looking straight at the horizon, where the sun was poking its head over, illuminating the cloudy skies. The clouds where dark and threatening to open up, letting the rain down. It reminded me of myself. How I cried and cried and cried. Maybe the weather was reflecting me.

My hands were still shaking, I noticed. It was strange, yet confusing. I did not feel very cold any more, nor was any other part of my body shaking. Just my hands.

I clasped them together; thinking that might help but it didn't do a thing. Out of frustration, I shot my body up straight and stomped through the mud and muck, splashing it all over me. It wasn't only my hands that were shaking now; it was my entire arm.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

Why does everything have to be so damn complicated? Why me? Why am I the one who has to get hurt and left in the middle of the freaking woods? I mentally shouted. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs.

I followed through with my though before I had time to even think. My mouth opened and let out the most horrifying scream I had ever heard. I let out everything that I had inside of me, all the hate, anger, pain, and all the rest that was relevant.

I felt a shiver roll down my spine as all the anger built up. A loud noise of ripping came next. I bursted out of my skin and hit the ground, fur flying out in every direction. The material that had once been my clothes flew out, too, falling to the ground. My eyes glanced down and saw white paws against the brown dirt. I tried to scream but a horrific yelp came out.


It sounded like someone was right next to me and had said my name right into my ear. I started to panic.

It's okay, Bella, it's Sam Uley. Not only was I hearing him in my head but I was seeing images flash by. Just stay where you are, I'll be there in a minute.

What's happening? I thought back. I started to circle around, seeing four paws. My paws.

A small puddle had formed nearby and I rushed over to it. My footing was unbalanced as I tried to move. My eyes dropped to the water. There was a white wolf shaped face staring back at me. I was a wolf.

I scream again, but this time it was only mentally. Bella, please don't do that, Sam's voice came again. I'm closer to you now, don't freak out on me.

I wasn't sure what to do. It seemed like the world was spinning and the Earth was tilting. My eyes went blurry and focused again. I felt woozy, then the trees, I saw a black wolf, five times the regular size of one, come forward. I stared back at it. It was massive as I looked across at the wolf.

Bella, don't worry, it's me.

Sam? I questioned. What's happening? What am I? I don't understand.

He stepped forward so he was closer to me. We were only about a foot away from each other. I still felt extremely scared and frightened. I needed an explanation.

Don't be scared. I know that you're scared now but it's all fine. You're a werewolf, Bella, that's what you are. So am I, and so is four other boys from La Push. Sam's thoughts were comforting, but still the scariest thing in the world.

I was hyperventilating. I don't get it, I cried. The world was crashing down on me at a fast pace.

Sam looked deep into my eyes. Shhh, he urged. I swear, everything will be okay.

But it's not! I shouted back, in fury. My thoughts wandered to him. All the things that he said flowed back into my brain and hit me right in the middle of my chest. How could this all be happening right now? This was insanity.

I see, Sam exhaled, trying to keep his cool. That bloodsucker left you here. It that why you're out here?

The dizziness came back. Can't talk, I managed to think.

Calm down and it will be easier, Sam ordered.

Calm down? I just turned into a freaking werewolf and you want me to calm down! Tears welled in my eyes, threatening to spill over. I wouldn't let them. I'm so scared, Sam.

I felt a weird and unfamiliar sensation in my body, then another voice in my head. Hey, Sam, Paul and Jared just got into another fight and—Holy shit! Who is that?

Embry, Sam warned. Go back to Emily's and get some of her clothes. Bring them straight back here. After a moment, he spoke again. And don't ask any questions, just go get the clothes.

Holy shit! The Embry repeated in utter shock. A female, no way! I gotta see this for myself!

Someone please tell me what's going on, I asked, my voice quiet.

There was a moment of complete silence. No way! Bella Swan? Is that really you?

EMBRY! Sam shouted. I said to go back and get clothes! Sam's voice was booming and quite frightning.

It was too late. Embry had already come through the concealment of the trees. He was large and had gray fur with darks spots on him. He was smaller than Sam but bigger than me. But, I was only slightly smaller in size.

Sorry, Sam. This is something I have to see in person, he apologized, coming forward so that he was in front of me. I could feel the shock from him running throughout me, like we were the same person. It was so odd to feel what he felt.

Damn, he said slowly. You're really pretty.

Got back now, Sam growled at Embry. Don't tell the others yet.

Embry started to back away, eyes locked on me. They're already at Emily's for breakfast. How can I not tell them this, Sam? This is huge! He continued to stare at me even as he was backing up. His intense eys never left me.

I saw images of all the guys at a table, laughing and enjoying themselves. The kitchen they were in was not one that I reconized. Who's Emily? I asked. It was all going so fast for me. It was hard to keep up with everything that was going on.

Embry go now. He took off in the direction that he came in. I could still see and hear his thoughts. There were images of me, as a wolf, in his head. I looked at them, shocked.

That's what I look like? I wasn't asking anyone in particular.

Sure is, baby. Embry thought back. You look beautiful, don't you think?

I didn't respond, mostly because Sam growled.

This had to be a dream. I just had to be. Stuff like this doesn't happen out of the blue. Monsters aren't supposed to be real, I thought, mainly to myself.

They are real, Sam answered. This is really happening. Bella, you're a werewolf.

I took deep breaths. Am I still human or is that out the window, too?

Yes, you are still human. You can just turn into a wolf when you want or need to. Also, if you get too angry you'll phase, Sam explained.

Phase, I questioned.

Phase into a wolf. Don't worry; we'll explain it all when you're back in your human form. It will be easier to understand.

I almost expected to faint. I thought that I would lose consciousness and wake up in the forest again, seeing that it was all a strange dream. It didn't happen. This was actually happening. Reality was setting in. I was a werewolf.

More pictures flew through my mind; a lot of which I assumed were Emily. Sam was thinking about her, not meaning to, and telling me everything that I needed to know. She was his fiancée, a bright girl that he loved more than anything. I noticed two scars on her face. After that, it was like a video was playing in my head. I saw Sam lose control, only for a second, and hit Emily as he transformed. She laid unconscious on the ground.

He put the thought out. I could tell he never forgave himself for what happened. That's what happens when you lose control, he sighed. We have to be careful.

Wind blew across my white fur. The color was perfect, a crisp and shiny white that only made you stare. The color of fresh snow.

How do you get back to human form?

You will have to look through my memories. It gets easier when as you get the hang of things. But, we'll wait until Embry brings clothes. I don't think you want to be standing naked. Anyways, It took the other boys hours to get back to their human form the first time, but it didn't take Jake too long so hopefully it will be the same for you. An image of Jacob Black popped into my head.

Jacob, I inhaled, comforted by his name. He's a werewolf?

Yes, he is, Sam said calmly. Jake is going to be thrilled when he hears this. The boy really likes you.

Relief washed over me, and there was no doubt in my mind that Sam felt it, too. I had always like Jacob. He was the sweetest boy I had ever met. Of course i knew that he had a crush on me but i was sure that had passed by now. There were pleanty of girls in his school that probably liked him. He might even have a girlfriend by now. I remembered the day we meet on the beach…He was so nice and innocent. So young looking.

So, what now? The question was related to everything.

We wait.


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