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Beauty of Insanity

November, thanksgiving day

in a cathedral, a mass was carried out or so that's what everyone outside the church believed, inside the place the one hundred people who attend to it were dead, slaughtered, blood covering the floor, men, women and children by equal only two people were standing, the priest and another man, a young man his clothes soaked in blood, his tanned skin stained too by the blood, in his face a diabolic grin was formed, his eyes doesn't express anger only joy, contrary to the priest who was crawling for his life trying to scape for a back door, the priest was scared-shitless but the young man spotted him and walk towards him, taking his time to clean his knife, he grab the priest from the back, lifted him and then slam it to the floor under the Christ cross were the statue watched them with apathy

"please Takuya, your father would be very disappointed!" the priest cried out

"my father you say? He's worms food now and don't even start with my mother her pussy was...delicious" Takuya said playing with his knife and placing a foot on the priest chest

"y-you how could you!?" the priest voice was trembling

"easy, you take your dick and ram it into her vagina!" the brunet laughed maniacally and then stab the priest in the center of his chest

"please....Takuya....spare my life and may God will spare your soul" the priest was dying

"GOD!? Don't come with that shit to me, time to die PRIEST!" said Takuya slicing the priest from chest to waist letting all his guts came out, while the blood sprays Takuya's face he heard a little gasp and turned to the pews and saw someone hide behind one, he made his way silently to that pew, there was a girl around ten years old, holding a cellphone

"what are you trying to do little girl?"Takuya said taking a seat the girl was frightened to even move an inch, she was holding tight her cellphone

"oh you want to call the police didn't you? Okay I can help you with that" Takuya take the cellphone from the her little hands, then he hit the numbers of the local police station

"hello police? There's a person killing people in the cathedral come quickly or I'LL KILL'EM ALL! Oops I just burned myself haha" the he hung the phone and take the girl by her brown hair and lifted her, the little one cried by the pain, Takuya just stare at her enjoying every second of her cries then just as he enjoyed it he made an expression of disgust or maybe it was annoyance and twist the girl's neck until he heard it crack, he played with the girl's body until he bored and drop it somewhere not caring much about it, then he take the intestines from the priest and began to jumping the rope with them, then as much things he get bored of it, he proceed to take a seat in the priest's chair and noticed he left the mutilated body of the altar boy there, he severed his head and throw the body away so he can seat on the chair, he grab the severed head by the lower part and extend his left arm, the head was looking at him "to be, or not to be: that is the question" he said to himself obviously making fun of it, minutes later the police stormed the place laser sights aiming directly to him

"Freeze!" an officer shouted

then various officers approached cautiously to the brunette, he just stare to the ceiling without putting any resistance, they putted him some handcuffs and read him his rights as he actually care about it, they take him to the station and throw him to a cell, Takuya acted like he was dumb or influenced by some tranquilizer drug, his cell mate, a big corpulent man, observed how Takuya constantly slam his head on the wall

"if you try to appear like a loony you're not going to convince them so easily boy" The hideous man said, and Takuya slowly turned his head, some blood was already gushing from his forehead, he smiled at the man and begin to giggle

"what's so funny?" the corpulent man asked

"nothing that you really need to laugh about" Takuya said approaching to the man

"stay back idiot!" he pushed Takuya but Takuya grabbed his arm "let go fucker!" he punched Takuya on one eye but he hold the man's arm tightly

"I'm not trying to look like a crazy person, I'M A CRAZY PERSON!" Takuya said and bite and munch the man's throat

"H-HELP!" the man tried to call for help, another criminal in another cell called for help, some officers opened the cell door and strike Takuya with their batons but he don't stop clutching his teeth on the man's neck, by the time the police finally leave Takuya unconscious it was too late the man was already dead his throat was ripped apart

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