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the desecrated corpse of James was still being violated by some patients, Takuya had taken a seat on a bench along with Zoe, the asylum was nightmare, no gunshots could be heard anymore either the guards win or they emptied their guns and died at the hands of the lunatics, he didn't care anymore, in other circumstances he'll be out by now, but constant images of the blondie as he called her pass through his head, he feel something, he don't know what it was, he never felt it before, he was about to kiss the girl, and kiss her with passion, "passion" he muttered not lowly enough to didn't heard by Zoe who just looked at him without turning her head, both were silent, Takuya for first time in years he was quiet, not moving, still questioning himself about why he help her, he didn't know her, he didn't care about other people before, "why is this girl so different?" Takuya thought.

Zoe was in her senses by now, she couldn't believe she enjoyed the death of others, not even James, she remember how he screamed, how he begged and his moans, she chuckled and then she cover her mouth with her hands, "why I laughed!?" she thought for a while "well he deserved" she said then noticed she say and not only think it

"of course he deserved it, most of the people deserve to die!" Takuya said

"but I-I didn't mean it I..." Zoe was speechless

"you're lying to yourself, you know this world is filled with stupid people, everyone even I deserve to die, I saw it in your eyes, you're a bit mad yet pure, blondie" Takuya said not knowing why he just follow the conversation

"my name is Z-" she was cut

"Zoe I know...the doctor Wattenberg said your name a lot of times" Takuya said rising from the bench

"where are you going?" Zoe asked

"I don't know, out of here that's for sure" Takuya said givin his back to Zoe, hoping to not see her again not because he hated her but he don't know what was that feeling, it was weird

"wait" Zoe grabbed his arm, Takuya turned

"what is it?" he said

"what I'm suppose to do" Zoe

"hell I know, you're the one with a life, friends and studies, a house! Fuck I can't even go to my own house now" Takuya

"but why Takuya? Why you do that? Kill all those people" Zoe asked again

"again those damn questions, tell you what I'll answer your questions if you-" Takuya was hit on the back of his head by a enormous man, a 300 pounds man

"you fucking son of a bitch! I'll kill ya for calling me fat!" J.P. Yelled dragging Takuya by his feet and slam him against a wall, Takuya tried to stand up but the impact on his head was more powerful than he thought still Takuya mocked at the fat man

"hey fat-ass! You're supposed to be tied up in a room or something, or what? your big fat ass couldn't fit in that room anymore? Takuya mocked, making J.P.'s anger grew even more, the fat guy grabs Takuya by his neck and strangle him

"I'll rip you to shreds! Then I'll eat your corpse!" J.P. Said while strangling Takuya, he tried to fight back, he was weak and disoriented, hi kicked J.P. On his balls, both fall to the floor but J.P. Didn't stopped attacking Takuya who tried to hit J.P. On his head but he was losing consciousness and was too weak, suddenly J.P.'s grip softened a bit, blood came from his mouth, Takuya take that opportunity to bite his ear not really caring why J.P. Softened his body, while munching his ear he saw Zoe with the axe hacking J.P.'s big fat back, Takuya smiled at the blood covered face of Zoe, J.P. Was dead but Zoe keep hacking him, cutting him to pieces, Takuya watched amused, then he touched Zoe's shoulder, that causes her to snap from her violent action.

"well, thank you Zoe, I don't know what I would do of that fat-ass keep strangling me" Takuya said staring at Zoe's eyes

"it was nothing...I...only repay the favor you did saving me" Zoe said her cheeks redder even Takuya can notice it, that was when Takuya finally understand what was that feeling, "love" he thought "no I can't love, that's bullshit!" he keep lost on his thought but suddenly Zoe leaned to his face and steal him a kiss

"did I just kiss him?" she thought, Takuya was in the same state as her but maybe was the instinct or the lust or maybe just love, but he take Zoe by her shoulders and kissed her passionately, at first Zoe startled but then she put her arms around his neck and returned the kiss, they tongues fight for domain for the mouths, they separated seconds later 25 secs for be exact, they kissed again and Takuya tried to remove Zoe's clothes but she stopped him

"not here...I got a place...and I want to do it with you" Zoe said blushing madly

"okay" Takuya smiled at her not a crazy smile but a good and gentle smile, something he hadn't do in years

they decided to left the asylum, but there was a problem, crazy dudes on the way, Takuya take the axe and Zoe's hand

"stay with me all the time, ready?" Takuya asked, she nodded taking a pipe, they fight their way through the exit, organs, blood and other body parts were flying at every of the Takuya's attacks, some of them not even fight they were doing their own business, but Takuya neither Zoe care about it, and kill them anyway, Zoe seemed to enjoy killing and stuff, every strike she connect to anyone's head she grinned enjoying the blood staining her face and clothes, they reach the front door and Takuya kicked it, out side where guards and some police officers fighting with a lot of patients, they hardly noticed Takuya and Zoe walking towards the parking lot.

"you have a car?" asked Takuya

"um no I get here by bus" she said

"then I'll get one" Takuya crashed the window of a sport car, the alarm was triggered but Takuya quickly deactivated it from the inside "get in" he said to Zoe

"hey look it's the good doctor's car" Takuya said taking the driver's license out of the glove compartment., he remove some cables, and move another ones, in less than 30 seconds Takuya started the engine and drove away.

In the night they reached a cabin in the woods, Zoe gave the directions to Takuya, he opened the door it was a bit dusty outside but inside of it was a couch, a small kitchen, a chimney, a table and some stairs that lead to a room with a bed

"who live here?" Takuya asked

"my grand parents use to came here when they were young, now nobody else come" Zoe

"great" Takuya sat on the couch tired for driving all the day, Zoe sat with him, all the way to the cabin they didn't talk just for the directions, then Zoe rested her head on his chest, Takuya was surprised but then put an arm around her shoulders

"I don't know why...but I think...no...I really love you Takuya Kanbara" Zoe said staring at Takuya's chocolate eyes

"I've never felt this before Zoe, I must admit that I only wanted to fuck you and kill you like everybody else" Takuya confessed her, Zoe's eyes widened but then she felt his hand stroking her hair "but you're different, you're special you make me feel weird and I like to feel that way you know, I li-" he was interrupted by a kiss of the blond one, he returned the kiss and their clothes fell, their naked bodies meet for the first time, Zoe rested her back on the couch, a bit shy and intimidated by Takuya's naked body, his was a bit ripped, Takuya kissed her neck and behind her ear lowering himself to her exposed breast, Zoe moaned at the feeling of Takuya's lips kissing her breast and nipple, Takuya then prepare himself to penetrate Zoe who was a virgin "ready?" he asked, she nodded and spread her legs and put her arms around his neck, Takuya began, it was hard at first, Zoe bite her lips trying to not scream, she felt some pain, Takuya thrust his manhood more deeper in her, she left a little moan...

4 years later

a building was on flames, every floor was like the hell, people screaming, the fire men tried to extinguish the flames and getting the people out, in a room of the flaming building there was a brunette standing there, taking a look to one of the rooms, his fire axe in his right hand, he found a jewelry box, fulled of gold rings, collars and other expensive stuff, he take some of them and smirked but another fire men entered the room

"Takuya we need to get the f....what are you doing!?" the fire man asked

"taking a good present for my wife that's all Morris nothing to worry about" Takuya answered him

"you fucking rat!" Morris said

"what!? This job doesn't pay enough, besides you like some too isn't? I mean I know you have some debts" Takuya offered some rings

"I ah...okay but let's get out here man!" morris said but as soon as he turned to exit the room, Takuya take his axe and hack the back of the fire man, Takuya take him by his shoulders and looked at his face

"sorry pal, I really don't like to share" Takuya smiled and pulled his axe "sorry dude, our friendship ends here" Takuya used the axe to smash some of the wooden walls, they crumble on his partner, flaming debris fall upon him, burning him alive, he screamed and Takuya laugh then he made his way out of the building

"Takuya where's Morris?" a man said

"I'm sorry...he didn't make it" Takuya fake some tears

hours later, Takuya arrive to a house in the suburbs, a small green garden on the front, a white fence, a dog happy to see him, he opened the door "Z, I'm home" he shouted, a moment later a Zoe emerges from a room with a pink door

"hush Takuya...you'll wake her up" Zoe said

"sorry, hey I bring you a present" Takuya takes out the gold jewelry out of his pockets

"oh Takuya they're beautiful! I too have you a present" Zoe said bringing something out of the kitchen, it was a big plate, like where the turkeys are on thanksgiving, she placed it on the table

"what is it?" he asked

"open it" she said, Takuya remove the metal cover and there it was, the body of a eight year old boy, naked but with his skin roasted, the dead boy had an apple in his mouth

"hey it's that annoying kid, Tommy isn't?" Takuya said taking a seat and taking his cutlery

"yes! He was annoying our beautiful dog, so I invited him to eat some candies, and well you know the rest" Zoe said also taking a seat

"he had it coming" Takuya said taking a bite from the cheek

they ate the boy, like he was some turkey, actually that day was thanksgiving day the made some mash of brain, they ate the entire body and discarded the bones to the dog, both get to bed early, Zoe rested her head on Takuya's chest

"how long do you think they'll notice we ate the kid?" she asked

"I don't know, maybe a few days, it doesn't matter, we do what we always do" Takuya said

"hack and slash the cops that dare to come near us?" Zoe


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