The truth that hurts

Chapter 1

A/N: Hey, everyone! I got intrigued by the wonderful stories that some authors write about Alec and Bella that I wanted to try it out… Mine won't be as great as theirs but I will try my very best!:)

Edward POV:

I think Bella won't be coming today, at least that's what I think. I smiled to myself as I look at the beautiful Tanya sitting on my bed. Bella is nothing compared to her. I only found Bella interesting that I couldn't read her mind… Well, who cares about her now? My family is out hunting so I have some time to myself.

I leant towards Tanya and kissed her on the lips. She tangled her hands in my hair as she pulled me closer to her. I could hear an old truck faintly as it pulled in our driveway.

Who can it be? But I got distracted as Tanya pulled me closer again. I heard someone open the door and I heard a gasp. Surprised, I turn over to see Bella standing at the door.

Bella POV:

I can't believe Edward did that to me. I look at him and Tanya again. "Very well, have your wedding ring back! You bastard!" I yelled. I threw my engagement ring to Edward and ran out of the house. He didn't even try to stop me.

I started sobbing as I dashed out of the house and bumped into Alice. "Bella! I'm sorry, I knew what Edward did. I saw it just now, so I came rushing back with the rest of the family," she said, looking sad. "Alice, I've to go, but I do hope I will visit you again soon, will keep in contact," I said.

Then I started running to my truck and sat in it. My hands covering my face. After a few minutes, I sat straight up and tried to look okay and bade good bye to the rest of them who got here before I sped away.

Alice POV:

I can't believe the jerk did that! Bella must be so hurt now. I stomped inside the living hall and screamed, "EDWARD ANTHONY CULLEN BASTARD, get down the living hall right now!" I heard him stomp down the stairs with Tanya beside him.

I heard the rest of the family gasp. "What?" he asked, irritated. "You jerk! You just made my sister run away!" I yelled at him. Rosalie looked furious. I knew she always cared about Bella. "Bastard! How can you do that to Bella? I admit I was always mean to her, but she's such a sweet girl! Why can't you treasure her? And you cheated on her with a whore? Perfect!"

Everyone could practically hear Rose's sarcasm dripping on the floor. I searched around for Bella's future while making up a song in my head so he won't know about Bella future. I don't want my sister to be more hurt when she saw him standing next to Tanya.

Everything was blur. She must have been making some decisions, but what was that? Esme suddenly whisper, "Edward, get out," "What?" Edward asked, confused. Carlisle repeated Esme's words, "Edward, get out." He laughed and said, "You're kicking me out because of one pathetic human?"

And Emmett exploded. He dashed over to Edward, held him by the collar and threw him right out of the open door. "THEY SAID GET OUT! YOU BASTARD! HOW DARE YOU FUCKING HURT MY LITTLE SISTER!" he shouted. Tanya looked scared and started edging out of the room.

"Yeah, get out of the room, whore!" Jasper spit. Shocked, everyone turned to him. I guess our feelings made him speak like that. I tried to soothe Jasper but hugging him. He hugged me back but I could practically heard venom bubbling in his mouth.

I saw Edward stomped off with Tanya. I sobbed, with no tears coming out. Bella, she must be hurt more than us. Suddenly, I saw Bella sitting on a plane to… Italy.

"Oh my freaking gosh!" I shrieked. "What happened?" they asked, anxious. "Bella is going to Italy," I whispered.

Bella POV:

Stupid bastard, idiotic asshole! I grumbled as I went to buy a ticket from the woman in the counter. "One ticket to Italy please," I told her. I gave her the money and glance at my watch. The plane will take off in half and hours time.

Oh yeah, shit! Alice will see this. I dialed in Alice's number and waited for a few seconds before Alice picked up. "Bella! Please don't go to Italy! You'll get killed!" she shrieked. "Alice, calm down, just keep this to yourself, I don't want anyone to know this other than you."

"But, I told them already," she cried. I groaned. "It's alright then, just calm down, don't freak, okay? Tell them not to come after me and that I will always love them," I told her as I cut off the line. I sobbed as I revived the scene where he and she were… I sobbed again.

Tears were streaming down from my eyes again. I hoped Charlie gets it. I had told him that I will call him. How can Ed…he… I broke down again.
"All passengers taking a flight to Italy please get on the plane now. I repeat, all passengers taking a flight to Italy, please get on the plane now." the speaker announced.

I took a deep breath and walked towards the plane. I sat on the plane, not eating and not sleeping, just sobbing quietly to myself. If only Alice was here to comfort me. Even Rose is being nicer to me, why did that jerk spoil it all?

I sobbed again. I had cried my heart out. The plane finally landed. I took a taxi to Volterra and I walked in to the counter where Gianna sat. "Excuse me, I would like to speak to Aro," I said. She recognized me at once and nodded.

She called for Aro and she led me down the rich carpet floors and came to a stop in front of a huge door. "Hello, Bella! It's nice to meet you," Aro told me. I nodded and replied, "Nice to meet you too, Aro." "What's the purpose of you coming, may I ask?" he asked. I looked up to him and said, "I would like to join your guard."

He looked taken aback and so did the rest of them. Marcus places his hand on Aro's and Aro nodded. "Where is your Edward?" "I'm really sorry, but I believe the jerk is not mine anymore," I said as I gritted through my teeth. They were shocked by my response.

Aro nodded and gestured to a gorgeous boy to take me to my room. "Bella, you'll be changed at the end of this week," he informed. I nodded. The boy came closer to me and I looked at his face. Practically flawless, Edward is nothing compared to him.

I felt my heart thumping faster. I shook my head. "Nice to meet you, my name's Alec Volturi," he introduced himself and smiled at me. "Nice to meet you too, my name's Bella Swan," I told him. He was looking into my brown eyes while I was looking back at his ruby eyes. It was like we had some kind of connection.

"Hello! Are you two done staring?" we heard Felix boomed. Immediately, it seems that everyone started laughing. I rolled my eyes and blushed while Alec shook his head and led me to a beautiful room. With ocean blue wallpapers and a pink bed with a closet, dressing table and a bathroom.

"Thank you," I whispered, knowing he will hear me. He nodded and said, "If you need any help, you can call me." I nodded and the fake façade drop once he left. I started sobbing, my knees against my chest. I didn't even hear the door open.

"Bella, are you okay?" I heard someone ask. I looked up and saw Jane. I froze. She laughed and said, "Don't worry, I will not hurt you, I believe we're going to be great sisters since you're going to join the guard." "But…" I stammered. "I was a little jealous of you actually, Aro was so fascinated by you, but seeing how broken you're, I feel that I shouldn't be jealous," she smiled.

She came closer and whispered, "It was actually Alec who told me to come in, he seems very concern about you, and he thought it was girl issues." She giggled.

I smiled weakly at her and I suddenly remember Edward and Tanya. Seems like my heartbreak isn't over yet. Tears started dripping down again. "Bella, are you alright?" Jane asked anxiously. "Edward…he…" I choked. She soothed me by rubbing my back.

"He cheated on me," I told her. Her eyes widened and Alec suddenly burst in. "What?" he yelled.

Alec POV:

I don't understand why, but I seemed to feel some kind of attachment for her. I probably am too worried but I was eavesdropping on Bella and Jane's conversation. When I heard her say Edward cheated on her, I exploded.

"What?" I yelled. Both of them stared at me. "Sorry," I mumbled. Jane nudged Bella and said, "I need to get going now, bro, take care of her!" I was amazed by the sudden change. I walked into the room and Bella spoke, "You don't have to talk to me if you don't want to."

I was shocked by her statement. "What makes you think that?" I asked her. "I…am a plain Jane that wouldn't deserve any love," she sobbed. It broke my dead heart, a lot when I heard her sob. I walked closer to her and wrapped my arms around her.

"You deserve it, Bella, and I believe I do love you," I confessed. She looked up and tears started streaming again, "that's what Edward always say." She turned away. "Bella, believe me, I really do love you, I don't know why…" I trailed off.

She seemed shocked and turned to me again. I looked at her beautiful lips and beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Without thinking, I leant towards her.

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