As soon as I was in the "family house", I ran rite up the stairs and the straight to her room. After I was in I went for the closet and started in the dress section. Come on, come on …where is it? I knew it was in here somewhere, she hadn't even worn it, and so she couldn't have thrown it out already. Dang it!!! They could be back any moment from their hunting trip. I almost lost hope when my fingers ran across a silver-black, midthigh-length dress adorned with subtle glitter. It was a Valentino limited edition and it hugged my curves exquisitely. I yanked the dress off the hanger and jumped out the window, landing swiftly on the grass. It's times like these when you thank your lucky stars that you inherited your movement from the vampire side of your family. It's not like I was doing something horrible. I was allowed to go to the party, in fact my parents encouraged me to hang out with human friends, but Alice didn't like it so much when you even touched her clothes. As I turned off the drive to our house I heard it.

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen!" Alice screamed, " I liked that one!"

Oh well, I needed it far more than her; tonight I was going to do it. I was going to get over the strange feelings I had for Jake. They just couldn't exist, it would mean ruining our friendship. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't feel that way about a 15 year old, even though I look like I'm about 18 years old (that's how old I am according to my license). Jacob could pass for twenty something, although he was 30. Tonight was a huge party for the people at Forks High school. Obviously there would be beer and people doing stuff teens shouldn't be doing. My parents trusted me though, and I didn't care for alcohol or any other boy besides… no! Snap out of it! Yes, I would meet someone tonight and it wouldn't be that hard. Apparently, I was beautiful, or at least that's what people and everyone in my family told me. I didn't think I was very beautiful juxtaposed to the gorgeous immortals in my vampire side of the family.

I went up the drive way and knocked three times on the crystal door. Hailey got there very fast for a human but I guess it was because she was on the track team. She was my best friend, but I still couldn't tell her what I was, because it could mean her life. So I didn't feel very guilty not telling her because it was for her own good. She was slim with a short figure and a blonde bob that was shoulder length. She was light skinned but not as white as me. In a way she kind of reminded me of a human blond version of Alice. We went in her room and she had to take a shower so I took the time to put on my dress and strappy silver heels with black jewels on the front strap. I didn't need to do my hair because my dark auburn curls were always perfectly intact; my hair was one of the only things I actually thought were beautiful. I stared into the mirror and saw my chocolate brown eyes; I thought they were kind of boring. My dad loves them because he said they were the same color my mother's had been when she was human. I always wished that I had the soft green eyes my mother had pictured me with before I was born. It would've been nice to have my fathers human eyes because brown was just too common. Next I looked at my body, my dad always insisted I cover up, but I didn't see what was wrong with showing a little skin when you were trying to catch someone's eye. I was 5'6 and I liked my legs but my curves weren't very…voluptuous, but there was still something there. Then she came out of her bathroom dresses in a bright red wrapped dress with her hair in perfect pin curls. Sometimes I got jealous of how pretty she was, but she always insisted I was much more beautiful.

"So, is there a reason your dressed like you're in a vogue magazine?" she asked.

"Weeeell…. I'm trying to impress someone." I said as I put in my diamond studs.

"Oh really… I didn't know Jake liked parties."

"I'm not talking about Jake, and why would I even be trying to impress him?" I snapped.

"Uuuuuuum maybe because you looooooooooove him." She was talking to me like we were 10 years old!

"No I do not!" Great now I was sulking like I actually am a ten year old.

"Well then who are you trying to impress?" she challenged.

"No one in particular, just going with the flow, and hoping the guy I choose will be awesome."

"Impossible, they're all flakes, nothing like Jacob."

" Would you stop trying to bringing him up I'm trying to get rid of those feelings."

" Hah- I told you! I knew you had a thing for him!"

"I know, but I don't want to tell him just to be rejected, and then it's all awkward just talking to him."

"But you don't even know how he feels! He could be totally in love with you!" She sang, it was hilarious how she was technically 3 years older than me and she acted like a child.

"I don't want to risk it, and that's final." I stated. Wow I was like her mother.

"Whatever but it's going to happen soon." She said matter-of-factly.

With that we were on our way to the party. The party was in a nice two-story house, which seemed like it was going to be ruined soon. There was already beer and vodka spilt on the carpet and over many girls shirts, with them probably still laughing over doing so. I even heard a girl puke in the bathroom on my way to the kitchen. I was really hungry so I started munching on some chips, when a cute gut with short brown hair came up to me.

"This isn't a very fun party is it?" he said.

"Um no not really, I've been here for half an hour and nobody has even talked to me."

"It's probably just because you're a pretty girl, they can be very intimidating."

"Wow that was cheesy." I chuckled.

"Well it didn't seem to stop you from blushing." He stated.

"Yeah well I blush easily, I get that from my mom." I giggled at the memory of my dad telling me about how she seemed to always be blushing non-stop when she was a human. I couldn't even imagine how bad it was for him when her blood would pool under her almost translucent skin.

"I think it's beautiful."

That just made it worse for my cheeks and they felt red-hot.

"Thanks I guess, it's nice to have someone to talk to, especially when Hailey ditched me when she saw that guy Brandon."

"What? She's not supposed to be talking to him!" he almost yelled.

"What's wrong? Do you like her or something?" I asked

"No, eww gross! She's my sister, I just don't trust that guy." He said.

Damn it! I finally find a sweet cute one and he has to be my best friend's brother!

"Oh …okay well maybe you should go talk to him and rough him up a bit." I smiled sheepishly. Hailey would be pissed I knew how much she liked Brandon.

"Yeah okay I'll come back later."

"Oh yeah, well I think I'm going to go, I'm not having very much fun."

" Ok… can I see you some other time then?" he asked.

" Um maybe, but I'll see you around school ok?" I said.

"OK" He took a long glance at me and then turned to 'rescue' his sister.

Great, now I was all alone sitting on the gigantic leather recliner, watching TV show I can't even hear. I was on the verge of passing out from sleep when I hear a beautiful, familiar, husky voice.

"Hello." …and my heart melted