Light blonde hair styled fashionably.

The voice of an angel.

A figure any woman would envy.

And the most dazzling eyes Sealand had ever seen.

She was perfect.

Poland, as he had learned her name was only a short time ago, was the most beautiful creature that had ever walked the planet, as far as Sealand was concerned. He'd never had the opportunity to properly meet her (yet), but he planned to soon. Very soon indeed.

From his place under a bush Sealand could only discern Poland's gorgeous legs and the pants and shoes of a uniform, probably belonging to that faggot Lithuania.

Lithuania (or "Liet" as Poland addressed him) was the one thing standing between Sealand and True Love. After gossiping with Hungary for a while (as a nation it was his duty to know all about world affairs, and Hungary was more than willing to divulge such information), Sealand learned that Poland and Lithuania had been friends since childhood, and their relationship was so "moe". Sealand wasn't sure, but he suspected that "moe" was a very bad thing. With determination, Sealand vowed that his marriage to Poland would be the most un-"moe" thing in the universe, and that they'd live happily ever after FOREVER.

As he watched Poland and Lithuania (or their legs) converse, he realized that not only was watching and waiting very, very boring, it got him no closer to True Love.

With that, Sealand promptly launched himself from the bush, landing on his chin a good five feet away from the two.

"W-what, what is...?"

"Like, whoa, Liet, check out this kid."

Sealand shakily looked up into the face of Poland, her eyes appearing as lidded emeralds to him. This was his chance! Sealand hastily scrambled to his feet, dusting off his clothes as he spoke. "Hey! I'm Sealand, and I'm a really awesome nation! Poland, I love you, will you marry me?!"

In contrast to Sealand's youthful vigor, Lithuania could only be described as one suffering from cardiac arrest who was already sickly in the first place, and is also possibly confused as to why the heart attack was occuring.

Poland, however, offered her sweet little smile and knelt down a bit. "Oh my God, Liet, isn't he so cute? I'll like, totally marry you when you're older, 'cause you're like...really young right now."

"Poland, you shouldn't go around saying things like that..."

"Shut up, Lithuania! She said she's gonna marry me, so stop interfering with True Love!"

"Haha see, Liet? He's so incredibly cute~" Leaning over, Poland pressed a kiss to Sealand's forehead. "There ya go. Now go grow up, like, okay, Prince Charming?"

Sealand flushed deeply as he radiated more determination. "I'm gonna grow up so fast, Poland! I'll be the coolest, biggest nation ever, and then we can get married! Bye!!" With that, Sealand ran off to who-knows-where, most likely to grow up into the coolest, biggest nation ever.

Poland stood up again and chuckled as he flipped his hair. "I like, love playing house."

"I think he was serious, Poland."

"Whatevs, Liet. You just don't get it."

Lithuania sighed, secretly wishing that Sealand would stay a micro-nation and never grow old enough to wed.