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Quinn watches Puck. Finn watches Rachel. Rachel watches Puck. Puck watches Rachel.

Quinn knew that she shouldn't be watching Puck. She had denied him laying claim as the father of her baby and called him a Lima loser. Yet she couldn't stop the jealousy that crawled into the pit of her stomach when she saw him watching Rachel with that soft look on his face. In the darkest recesses of her mind, sometimes Quinn wished Puck would look at her that way, like he used to. Strange how the tables had turned. Puck used to watch her, but now he watched Rachel Berry and Quinn was left watching Puck wondering 'what if'.

Finn knew that he shouldn't be watching Rachel. Quinn was the one having his baby, he should have his eyes on her and only her but he couldn't stop watching Rachel. He noticed every little move that she made. He watched as she peered over her sheet of music to catch Puck's eye. Finn watched Puck look at her intensely for a moment before turning away dismissively. Finn watched Rachel glance back down at her music hurt by Puck's rejection. After a couple of moments Finn sees Puck look over at Rachel when she isn't watching him; his eyes are focused completely on her, like she is his world. For months Finn had been watching Rachel watch Puck, and now Puck was watching Rachel back. What Finn wouldn't give for Rachel to watch him again like she used to. Now Finn watched her, regret deep in his chest.

Rachel knew that she shouldn't be watching Noah. She had broken up with him because he clearly had a thing for Quinn. Blaming her decision for them to separate on Finn seemed like the easiest way to end everything. Rachel's own crush on Finn had somewhat fizzled after the April Rhodes debacle when Finn had lied to her for his own selfish purposes. Now to Rachel, Finn was just another boy who used her and broke her heart, but Noah; he was a man she had stupidly given up in a moment of weakness when she decided that she didn't deserve to be Noah's consolation prize. Rachel was just too proud to admit that she had made a mistake letting him go, so instead, she watched him.

Puck knew that he shouldn't be watching Rachel. He should be keeping his eyes on Quinn, the mother of his child. Quinn was the reason he joined Glee in the first place after all. But there was something about strawberry scented lip gloss, short skirts and knee socks that made Puck unable to stop staring at Rachel. Some days Puck imagines telling Rachel everything he feels about her. he imagines her laughing at their stupidity and saying that she loves him back. It's one of his favourite daydreams. But Puck knows he will never tell her. He's a Lima loser having a baby with his best friend's girl; he wouldn't wish himself on anyone. So Puck keeps his mouth shut. Rachel Berry is going somewhere in this world, and Puck won't hold her back, he won't. Puck is happy to stand back and watch her shine.

Puck watches Rachel. Rachel watches Puck. Finn watches Rachel. Quinn watches Puck.

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