A Kages Duty

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Chapter 1

Bloody Nara

"Just hang on"

Naruto just huffed and shook his head with a tired smile at his sensei's constant nonchalant behavior even during times like this you could count on him whipping out his porn during some major battle.

Naruto's bruised and battered body needed serious attending to, so for the safety of Naruto he needed to be carried, Naruto had his arms around his shoulders while Kakashi held him up, Naruto closed his eyes to let the tiring sensations set in, fighting Pein really pushed his body to the limit, but thankfully the foxes regeneration abilities were kicking in, only to harm him in the end, spending more and more off his precious chakra.

As his eyes closed, his other senses heard the murmuring of crowds ahead, naturally his mind never processed the thought that the crowds of villagers and shinobi were waiting for him, his thoughts ranged to the many possibilities that would cause the entire populous of Konoha to wait outside the semi-protective tents and huts set up for the now homeless villagers.

But when Kakashi carried Naruto over a small hill, even though Kakashi already saw the masses earlier, it was still a sight to see.

All Naruto could see over the lush plains was every single villager, cheering and shouts good praises were sent to him.

"Welcome back"

"We believed in you"

"You're a hero Naruto"

"Welcome Home"

All these shouts of praises, burned into his memory, all the faces that once scorned or ignored him, now filled with happiness and excitement at the thought of him returning safe and sound, children being taught to run away from him, they now cheered his return.

"They've all been waiting for your return" Kakashi said looking at Naruto's facial expressions with worry, Naruto was now facing his dream, most people don't know how to react, some react negatively. Kakashi's thoughts travel back to the first time he told him his goals.

"My dream . . ." Naruto paused with a look on his face that made Kakashi regret asking "Is to be greater than the Hokage" he shouted to the skies.

"I'll make everyone in the village acknowledge my existence".

Naruto's look on his face showed disbelieve, as if this was one big cruel joke, he couldn't believe that he could be loved by the people of his village, years of silent torment and disregard for his life, Kakashi let Naruto down while watching him closely.

"I told them everything" said the smaller version of the boss summons Katsuyu, surprising Naruto that he didn't notice the small summons on his shoulder.

"Naruto . . ." Kakashi paused as he watched the crowds of Konoha run to their new hero.

"You've done good" Kakashi said as he patted him on the back briefly than moved to the side as countless shinobi and citizens surrounded him, hugging and patting him on the back, praising him, and all in a very passionate sense.

"Are you hurt?"

"What was he like?"

Naruto was still hesitant to all the attention he was receiving, never before, ever did his actions receive credit, when he stopped Gaara, who was there to thank him, when he returned Tsunade, nothing, when he fought and struggled against the forces of Akatsuki, there was no recognition in his achievements, Naruto found himself at one point doubting that his achievements will ever be heard, that all his efforts would be just pushed away into a category of 'The demon'.

But of course his failures, his mistakes, his under comings, they were the news that always reached to the gossips of the village.

When he failed in returning Sasuke, he could literally feel the hate being aimed at him, the name calling increased and somehow worsened, it was as if he pushed the Uchiha away, he was the scapegoat to the deaths during Kyuubi rampage, and now he was again being unrightfully blamed for the defection of the damn Uchiha.

The time Asuma died, killed by a Akatsuki member Hidan, Naruto never hated himself as much as he did then, he considered just ending it all, he wasn't a precious person, but he knew him and he knew this much, he had a fiancée, he had a child, he had a family, he was loved and because of him, he died, a cold bloody death.

They told him they didn't blame him, they told him it wasn't his fault but Naruto could see in their eyes, the look of what if, what if Naruto didn't even exist, Kurenai wouldn't even look him in the eye, Ino still hasn't talked to him yet, no matter how hard he tried to amend things between them.

Shikamaru was smart, he didn't blame it on him, Naruto could see it, he knew of the fox, he knew it wasn't his fault. Whether it was his fault or not it didn't stop the gossip, those hateful words spread around only tarnishing his reputation furtherer.

But now, his dream, his dream of being loved, by the people of his village, he was finally being acknowledged, he was now getting the recognition he finally earned for all the years, and yet it seemed foreign to him, the feeling of love surrounding him, the aura of caring was suffocating.

He smiled a small smile.


Zetsu Venus flytrap body slowly emerged from the large tree branch, the look of surprise on one face and anger on the other.

"I never thought Pein could be defeated" the white headed side said.

"We better tell Tobi, let's go" the other side said as the body slowly incased itself and vanished inside the branches.


Shikaku Nara watched with a small smile, seeing the Uzumaki boy being praised and hugged, it wasn't hard to know that his life ambition was to be Hokage and for the recognition of the village, he regularly shouted it across the village when he was younger.

Thankfully he had matured faster than he had expected, Shikaku took this small time to see the differences in the young blonde.

He was only sixteen yet he saw that he was growing into his fathers look, it didn't really take a genius to see who Naruto resembles, he was a close friend with Inoichi and his family and they were well known for their unique hair color, blonde was very rare in these parts and the Yamanaka clan were the only blondes in all of the land of fire.

So Shikaku spoke this over with the third and what do you know Nara intelligence brings him to a, how would you say 'troublesome' S-rank secret.

He was getting very powerful if he defeated a man that not only the fifth and several ANBU platoons couldn't overcome or even Jiraiya of the Sanin, he defeated the current Kazekage when he was even younger, he has killed Akatsuki members, he truly was the strongest of his generation, maybe even more so then the former generations as well.

He felt a spike of chakra behind him and saw a masked ANBU appear.

"What is it" he said in an annoyed tone.

"Emergency meeting" he said quickly, while Shikaku groaned inwardly.

"You're to report to the council room immediately" he spoke quickly and firmly.

Shikaku sighed "Already" he said not really prepared, mentally or emotionally, he hasn't even seen his wife yet, he would be worried for his son, but he was a trained and talented shinobi he would be fine.

No matter how long it took for him, the thought of Naruto's progress remained with him throughout the day and through the council meeting.


"She used Katsuyu to protect the village" Sakura said pausing, trying her best to hold in the pent in feelings.

"And she's been unconscious ever since" she said with worry.

"I don't know when she will wake up" Sakura finished off, staring at her sensei with emotion.

"Tsunade" Naruto said, looking at her with concern.

Sakura looked up at Naruto, already he could see that he was blaming himself for Tsunade's condition, Sakura needed to talk to him about this soon.


The council meeting was just as boring as he suspected, the room was entirely empty apart from the large stone table and the five large chairs on both sides, and a large wooden chair with the fire lords symbol on it.

On one side was the five fire lord advisors and consultants, in front of them was several papers presented earlier on the damages and costs of the attack.

On the other side were the representations of Konoha, the conservative advisors Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado the two former teammates of Hiruzen Sarutobi, Shikaku the jonin commander, and Danzo the head of the foundation or ROOT corps, and ANBU captain only known to everyone in the room except for Danzo as Yamato.

At the head of the table was the fire daimyo, he was a man around his late forties, he had an aged and pampered look about his face, his suit was full of ceremonial instruments and his skin was pale and sagging, his face was covered with exotic makeup and his sent was strong with expensive perfumes, he was a man that was hard to respect for a ninja, who was forced to embrace a Spartan like living.

As Shikaku noticed the tension in the room rise he brought himself out of his musings to properly listening to the conversation.

"We plan to continue working with the other countries against the threat posed by Akatsuki" Homura stated to the fire lord consultant.

The fire lord advisor spoke up, they were all dressed in the same black uniform with the top hat and fire insignia, but all of them looked very different to the other.

The young man with glasses spoke with concern "After what happened to the village" he paused looking around at the daimyo "The land of fire will put every effort into getting it rebuilt".

"But first we'll have to come up with a budget" he said carrying off while looking at the papers below him looking at the prices and such.

"And consider the strain on the other countries" he said with a sigh seeing the workload ahead of him.

Danzo really couldn't care any less about budget woes right now his priorities were set and he was ready to pounce on his goals.

"There's something else we should consider first" he said while looking downwards with an evil smirk.

Shikaku looked at Danzo with suspicion; he never trusted the old war hawk.

"Who will be the next Hokage?" he said in a respectful voice.

'So it has come to that' Shikaku mind started seeing the plan that Danzo was pulling.

"Can we not wait until Tsunade has recovered?" the fire daimyo said with curiosity, he was always a fan of Tsunade's reign, she was kind and fair in her judging and the economy and ninja population has been slowly picking up since the invasion.

"My lord" Koharu said addressing the daimyo "Tsunade is still in a coma".

"We can't decide on a plan for the village when we don't know when she will wake up" she explained to the daimyo.

"Besides she is partially responsible for Konoha's destruction" said Koharu with no disbelief in what she said.

"I'd thought to choose Jiraiya" the daimyo said aloud to himself "I liked him, but he's gone now" he said thinking about his favorite author, in his opinion the best author of all time.

"So who will it be" the daimyo asked, curious to their suggestion.

Danzo smiled at the sights of a plan going off without a hitch.

"Well . . ."

Shikaku saw the smirk and his mind set of to stopping him.

"I nominate Hatake Kakashi" he said a bit louder than he intended.

Danzo eyed the Nara, inside he was cursing loudly, bloody Nara's.

"o ho, 'son of the white fang', eh" he thought of all the times he had met the man, he was powerful, respectful, well known, he saw no problem with it.

"Yes why not, what do you all think" he asked his advisors.

"He's well-known, powerful and respected its true. . ."

"But don't you think he is a bit too young"

"Minato was even younger. . . "

"Who was his teacher" one of the advisers asked.

"The fourth Hokage" Homura answered immediately finding the man not that bad of a choice.

The daimyo chuckled, thinking of the connections "The fourth Hokage was Jiraiya's pupil and Jiraiya was the pupil of the third Hokage" he chuckled again.

"There's no problem then . . ." he said trying to carry on to other business.

Danzo stood and smacked his cane downwards in anger "The thirds teachings" he said as he stared at directly at the daimyo "Have as good as destroyed this village".

The daimyo looked shocked at the revelation, the fire lords advisors looked upset at the disrespect he was showing, but surprisingly Koharu and Homura seemed interested in what he was saying.

"Akatsuki leader, who destroyed the village, was once Jiraiya's pupil. . ." he said while looking at everyone present, a satisfied smirk emerged from his face, at seeing the silent Nara.

"This is the result of sympathizing with other countries and giving them power" he said off the bat, he really didn't plan to say this but seeing the favor lean towards the son of the white fang, he had enough.

"That sort of thinking is weak!" he shouted.

"This weakness led to sand's betrayal and allowed Orochimaru's plan to destroy Konoha" he felt that the daimyo was slowly understanding his side.

"It led to the formation of Akatsuki" he said, pausing after hearing the daimyo gasp.

"And to Sasuke, the last remaining Uchiha leaving Konoha for his own secret purposes!" he continued his rant to the silent council.

"What kind of Hokage do we need now!?" he asked the rhetorical question as his voice grew louder and louder.

"One who can put an end to this wretched situation, who can bring change to the ninja world and reinforce the laws that govern us" he paused looking around.

He slammed his able hand down on the desk.

"That man is me" he finished as he stared directly at the daimyo looking for answers.

The room was silent, no one moved as the fire lord pondered over what Danzo said, he turned to his advisors, they all conversed between themselves, discussing the consequences and advantages if they chose Danzo.

One advisor decided to speak for their decision "Maybe we should let Danzo take care of things, my lord" he said with a frown obviously against the thought of Danzo being in charge.

The fire lord pondered and felt that if his advisors approved than he has no problem with the idea, he was a proven leader and it was only temporary.

The Nara spoke "We cant let his fanaticism-"

"Alright it is decided"

In the mind of Nara Shikaku he felt the cogs of his mind push and pull, if Kakashi was found unacceptable because of his teachings than whom, a person who was respected and powerful, a person loved by the people and the ninja populous.

His mind traveled to Naruto, he was far more powerful than Kakashi and he was well respected, he had the credentials, but he was too young, at best he will serve as a distraction for the Nara to come up with some other more qualified shinobi.

"I nominate Uzumaki Naruto"

Unlike last time when he nominated Kakashi, it was taken as a serious notion, after nominating Naruto he was half sure that most of the people currently here would of laughed if it wasn't for this serious demeanor that he was left with after that very passionate speech from Danzo.

A chuckle escaped Homura "Please Nara, explain to us how Naruto would be a better candidate than Danzo here" he said as he gestured to the old war hawk who was surprisingly quiet after he blurted out Naruto's name.

After today no one would dare speak against the wits of the Nara clan.

Shikaku slowly took a deep breath in and exhaled as he readied himself for a lengthy argument that might run on for some time.

'Uzumaki Naruto the sixth Hokage' he thought as the idea seemed more and more appealing as his mind.

"Well Shikaku, now that you are done why don't we-"

"Excuse me Homura" the fire lord cut in as he had a puzzled look about his face.

"I would like to hear him out, I have heard quite a bit of this Naruto character since I have arrived" he paused as he took the name under consideration, his pause caused for the two advisors to take this as a serious threat to their influence and power in their village.

"Fire lord, I protest, he is far too young" Homura spoke trying his best to take this nomination and ruin it as best as he could, the Fire Daimyo intrigued look about his face never left.

"Ah true advisor, but I feel that we are entering a new age where age and power are being less and less related" the Fire Lord spoke in his politically experienced voice "Look at Itachi, ANBU captain at only . . . at first memory, twelve . . . thirteen" he said unsure at the age he spoke about.

"And look at how it ended with him, he cracked under the pressure of all the responsibilities and why" Danzo stood angered at the daimyo foolishness.

"He was too immature emotionally; he was overwhelmed by the responsibilities of an ANBU captain and he acted at out, he had a limited amount of outlets and the loss of his close friend seemed to be the pushing point" Danzo pointed out.

"And now you are considering giving another young man, even more responsibilities than that of an ANBU captain, ask me, how would that end, in disaster, in chaos" he shouted, but the Fire Lord didn't seem fazed.

"Besides, he isn't as mature or emotionally prepared as the Uchiha prodigy, please listen to reason, he is a mere genin" Koharu said, backing up the claims of Danzo.

"Not to mention he graduated last in his class" Homura pointed out.

"A genin to Kage, its unheard of" Koharu shouted as loud as you could without being disrespectful.

"In wind country, their village Kage was previously a chunin, now he is one of the more powerful and successful Kazekages of their small history"

He looked at the other members of the meeting and sighed at seeing no progress.

"So true you three are in your claims, maybe he isn't prepared, but shouldn't that be assessed by his maturity and not that of others at the same age" he explained.

The Fire Lord chuckled "After all this arguing we haven't even heard Shikaku's reasoning" he chuckled again "Shikaku" he said staring at him directly with respect, while Shikaku just sighed, somehow everyone else did the arguing, he just initiated the controversy.

"Fire Lord" he said addressing the daimyo "I was told that you are permitted to hear S-rank secrets" he said while holding his hands to his chin, he could see everyone around him was pondering over what he would reveal.

"Yes Nara, I am permitted, unfortunately my advisors are not" he said as he gestured for them leave.

The five left, all in a military like manner, but some grumbling could be heard.

"Continue" he said as Shikaku stood, all in a respectful manner.

"Naruto Uzumaki is a genin true but" he said as he looked at the advisors "What Homura and Koharu forgot to mention is that he was on the verge of graduating on his rookie year alone" he said in his aloof voice that could be considered a Nara accent.

"He graduated last of his class true, but in the chunin exams he defeated the now special jonin and Hyuga genius and the current Kazekage Gaara during the invasion" he said pausing for the Fire Lord to take all this in.

"We also looked over the plans of Orochimaru, apparently Gaara was there, trump card if you will and Naruto single handedly defeated him" he said hoping to prove some sort of connection.

"He faced Orochimaru and Kabuto, a very skilled high jonin, and defeated him with a technique that was ranked high A".

"He also, just recently defeated the one man, who destroyed this great village with a one jutsu, a man who not even Jiraiya or Tsunade could defeat, a man who led a terrorist group of the most powerful nuke-nins ever"

"And most importantly he shows compassion and caring for every living person" he said with a nod.

"A ninja that shows mercy, ha, who could follow a man that wouldn't kill for his country" Danzo said with a chuckle.

The Fire Lord spoke up "That is true, a shinobi that opposes killing, if they live how do we know we are not simply stopping someone who would try and kill me or you in the future" the fire lord explained, Shikaku say the reason in this, but the years with his child, had shown him Naruto's finer points.

"My son Shikamaru, said he felt death and evil when he was around the younger, current Kazekage Gaara, he said he felt he would kill him if he just said the wrong word" he paused.

"Naruto had the chance to kill him, he was near deaths door and Naruto let him live, now because of Naruto's intervention he is living a happy and successful life, because of him our relations with Suna have never been stronger, Pein the leader of Akatsuki I was told he didn't kill him he gave him a chance at life and guess what happened next" Shikaku said, as he felt the bingo books raise his reward for his death right now.

"Nagato returned all the people he had killed, and if it wasn't for the kind heart of Naruto's we would be busy digging graves rather than rebuilding our village" he said with a sad smile.

"Naruto has made relations better with many of the smaller villages, bird, wave, snow, waterfall, I could go on but my point being made is that he gives Konoha friends and allies".

"Even if I remember correctly he has had several contacts from other countries willing to have political marriages involving only Naruto" Shikaku said with a perverted grin "Apparently he has left a certain impression on the young women of our allies".

Shikaku felt not only everyone (apart from Danzo) but himself find Naruto a more appealing leader than Danzo.

"Just outside, right now the people are cheering and praising him for what he has done" he said as he felt like he was doing something o so right.

"He has the respect of the people and shinobi" he said with a smile knowing full well ever since the chunin exams, jonin have found the boy less of a nuisance "Unlike some other candidates" he said not even trying to ignore the glare that was directed to him.

"He was trained by Kakashi for his genin team" Shikaku said with a bored look "He is the apprentice of Jiraiya" he said again, he inhaled hard as he readied himself for some consequences to his actions "And as long as the S-rank law stands, he is not the child of Minato Namikaze" he said as the room went quiet.

But the room erupted into shouts of protest and ramblings, the fire lord raised his hand as the remaining council members slowly grew quiet.

"He has the heritage" he said as he thought about the strength and power of the fourth.

"He has the power" he said as he knew of his adventures, facing Gaara, Neji, Orochimaru and Kabuto at a very young age and now the Akatsuki leader.

"He has the respect of the villagers and the shinobi of Konoha" he said as he watched the far window seeing the masses cheer for him so loudly, he had never seen them celebrate so happily even during the fourth Hokage's introduction party .

Danzo saw the look in his eyes he saw that Shikaku was convincing this idiotic daimyo, he stood with no care of respect "He has been taught the same teachings that have made the village how it is today!" he said pointing out at the damages.

"The teachings of the first was taught and embraced by the second, he in turn taught it too the third" said Shikaku.

"The third taught Jiraiya and Tsunade the fifth, each of them embraced the teachings, Jiraiya taught not just the fourth but his son as well" Shikaku explained as he watched the Fire Lord nod his head knowing the connections.

"Danzo presents change" Shikaku said glaring at the war hawk "He says that these teachings have destroyed Konoha" he paused, seeing he had the daimyo full attention.

"But these teachings, these acts of compassion, the will of fire . . . . all of these values that we hold close, are what we are. . . . to embrace Danzo's changes of war and death, over peace and compassion for others" he simply shook his head.

"Naruto is currently the only . . ." he thought for a second as he had always boy, but hearing what he has said, it shows him in this new light, he was no boy, he was "Man. . . who will continue these teachings that have made us survive against three great shinobi wars, against odds greater than any we could comprehend, against invasion after invasion, weather it is sound or Akatsuki we have survived and fought to become the greatest village" Shikaku said, he could imagine a huge nap after this.

"Naruto Uzumaki . . . . has earned this title more than anyone of us, let alone, this old war hawk" Shikaku said pointing disrespectfully at Danzo.

"I f-

The fire lord raised his hand, Shikaku breathed in deeply as the daimyo rose from his seat.

"You have proven your case Shikaku" he said with a semi-smile.

"ANBU-san how do you feel taking orders from Naruto" he asked politely, he always hated those masked fellows, very creepy vibe, just knowing that they could kill you at a moment's notice, sure the jonin could do so just as easily but the look they had about them didn't scream it out as much as a jonin jacket.

"I have previously worked with Naruto through several missions as his commander" he said as he cough slightly, pausing for effect "Naruto as an individual, is clumsy, loud, unorthodox, he acts before thinking, he's brash, straight to the point and stubborn" Danzo smiled at the man.

"I would have to say if Tsunade was here, she too would recommend Naruto for the position as the sixth hokage" he said as Danzo for the twentieth time stood up in anger.

"I protest, I-

"I have had enough of this disrespect, you will sit when you address me Danzo" the Daimyo said with a new found emotion of annoyance spoken through his voice.

He stood for a second and crumbled down glaring daggers at the Nara and ANBU.

"ANBU, continue".

The ANBU captain continued "I speak for myself obviously, and not Tsunade but in my small time in knowing Naruto" he said as he cleared his voice.

"I would risk my life for his . . . and I know exactly he would do the same, if not more, for me or any man, woman or child of Konoha" he stared directly at the Daimyo.

"To me sir . . . nothing makes him more fit to be a Hokage . . . he shows" he said as he chuckled slightly remembering the first time he met him.

"The will of Fire"

. . . .

It was silent.

"I have heard enough" the fire lord spoke.

He rose from his seat, closing his fan "So it is decided . . . .

Danzo closed his eyes, seeing his dreams taken away from him because of some Nara and ANBU.

"I the Fire Lord appoint, Naruto Uzumaki as the Rokudaime Hokage" he said clearly.

After the small expected announcement, neither of the advisors spoke out, weather they found Naruto fit for the position nor did they have nothing to say at this point.

The Daimyo clapped his hands together and a messenger boy appeared through the only entry door.

"Yes sire" said the small sickly looking boy, covered in light clothing and bare dirty feet.

"Send Uzumaki Naruto to us" he said with a smile.

"Yes sire" he answered and moved with surprising speeds, Danzo just grinded his teeth and made a signal, a ROOT solider came and whispered some nonsense in his ear.

A frown worn across his face or what was shown of it "I have some urgent matters to attend to, my underling will handle any business in my absence" he said in voice that showed his displeasure.

The ROOT member sat in the chair as the advisers walked slowly back in, Danzo eyed Shikaku before leaving, he just returned it with a loud yawn as he rolled his shoulders

'Bloody Nara' was the last thing the council heard before the poof of smoke closed around his body.

"Sore loser".


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