Typical Saturday Evening

Author – D M Evans

Disclaimer- not mine in any way

Rating – PG-13FRT

Characters – Al, Ed

Series – could be any really

Timeline – Before their mom died

Summary – Why can't Ed just go play by himself?

Word Count - 248
Author's Note –written for the fma_fic_contest's 'poke' challenge on live journal. As soon as Al saw the prompt he said 'let me tell you about my brother'. Thanks to S J Smith for the run through. It tied for third place.

* * *

It was the twenty-seventh time in ten minutes that Ed had poked him. Al valiantly tried to ignore his brother and play with his little wooden toy barn set. Ed said there were too many sheep as it was outside their house and he couldn't understand why anyone would want to play with a boring barn anyhow. How could Al not want to wrestle with him?

Poke. Al's jaw tightened, glancing at the clock. Murder in Central City wouldn't come over the radio for another hour and distract Ed. Detective Wakefield was Ed's hero. Ed was going to be a big city detective-alchemist some day and loved telling everyone that.

Poke. Why did Winry have to be staying over at Nellie's? She usually could keep Ed from getting bored.

Poke. Al threw his horse down. "Mom! Ed keeps poking me!"

Over the sounds of dishes getting done, Trisha's voice rose wearily, "Ed, stop touching your brother. Don't make me come in there."

Grumbling, Ed circled round so he was staring at Al over the barn. Al ignored him, determinedly arranging his farm. Ed's hands started wiggling right in Al's face then continued up and down Al's arms, coming within a hair's breath of touching skin.

"I'm not touching you. I'm not touching you." Ed picked that up as a chant, making sure Al couldn't do anything without his brother's hands in the way.

A minute later the Elric household resounded with a loud slap and Ed's indignant howling.

Author's Note – yes, this is another real life story with me and my brother…and probably with everyone who has a sibling.