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There seemingly normal day ended with Kagome making stew with the help of Sango though Inuyasha had wanted Ramen so bad. Naturally it made Kagome infuriated which resulted in a long and loud yelling argument that made Sango's and Miroku's ear sting for the loud yelling and you can imagine how Inuyasha's sensitive ears felt. He did lose the battle but tried to convince himself that he hadn't lost the war. They had eaten in mostly silence while they continued to admire the decorations still even after they had been there for a couple of days. Finally Shippo had broken the silence after not being able to withstand it any longer.

"Kagome, these decorations are very shinny and beautiful, what are they called?"

"Well Shippo that's pretty simple. The long chain of silver is call tensile (AN: I think that's how it's spelled.), while the glass balls are called ornaments, There is another ornament though that I don't think I brought with me."

"What is and why didn't you bring it?" Shippo beamed

"Well it's called Mistletoe; it's made of a couple of small ivy leaves and has white pearls coming down the middle. Sometimes it has red berries on it. And you hang it from somewhere. If two people are caught under it they have to… um."

"Oh come on Kags, it can't be that bad." Said Sango

"I'd rather not say it." She tried to sound timid. What she doesn't tell them naturally gives a curiosity to figure it out.

"Just spit it out." Inuyasha said, well it was more like a snap.

"You have to kiss under it. Ok. And if you don't you are doomed with bad luck" She managed some how to get it all out in one breath, but was soon gasping for many silently.

Why does that sound familiar? I feel like I've seen that before. Huh guess I'll remember sooner or later. Shippo thought to himself while having the face of slight concentration on him, but it went unnoticed.

At the sound of that all brows raised in interest. Except Inuyasha who twitched his ears in an interest. Miroku thought wildly about getting a very big supply and using it on all of the women. Like she had had read his mind, Sango was now glaring daggers at him, that said that if he dare try it he wouldn't wake up till spring. And when he did wake up he would go right back to sleep. Miroku cringed in fear getting the message that burned into him.

The next day the present ideas were set in motion. After much inner debate, Inuyasha decided to go to Kagome's era and ask for help. He had to try and convince Sango to keep Kagome here as long as she could. He knew that she would go back to her time to get presents, and if she caught him there his surprise to her would be ruined; whatever it was.


After summing up his courage he jumped into the well to her time. It felt strange not having Kagome under his arm whenever he helped her. He mentally shook himself of the thought before jumping out of the well and into her time.

He took a couple steps before he noticed Kagome's mom in the kitchen. Should I go to her for help? He thought to himself. Somehow Kagome's mom hadn't noticed him lurking. He looked again and saw she had two wires coming out of her ears. Kagome called those thing head phones or something like that. Anyway she is her mom maybe she would know more what to get her.

Inuyasha was so busy thinking to himself that he was oblivious to Souta turning the corner and spotting him.

"Hey, Inuyasha what are yo-" He had spoken loud enough that Inuyasha was snapped out of his thoughts. Not wanting to be spotted by his mom and to avoid a long interrogation. He thought fast and put a hand over his mouth and dragged the little brother upstairs. He managed to do so in time because the mother turned around, yet didn't notice him because he was quick. Not seeing anything there she shrugged and continued her cooking.

Inuyasha dragged the boy upstairs and had finally released him. Souta managed to get a word out and gasp for breath. "Good to see you, where is sis? Why isn't she with you?"

"Would you keep it down I don't want anyone to know I'm here." Inuyasha tried to keep it to a whisper as best he could. Well I might as well ask this kid for help. He is her sister. "I need your help. I want to get something for Kagome and I don't know what."

Souta's face lit up at the thought of helping his hero. "Well did you try asking Kagome?"

Inuyasha tried to look anywhere but him as he said it. Souta understood what his expression meant and gave him the your-helpless look.

"You're afraid to ask her aren't you?"

"Well… you see…," He just couldn't find his word today "anyway you gonna help me or not?"

"I'd be happy to. Sis does like necklaces. Try and work of that. That is all the help I'll help with, the rest you'll have to figure out on your own." Without another word the two left to go downstairs. He managed to sneak pass the mother and make it down the well; with a brilliant idea in his head.

Meanwhile in the futile era Kagome was in the feudal era yet slightly suspicious of why Inuyasha wasn't there and why Sango had a suspicious look upon her like she was hiding something.

"Well I'm going to go home for a while and get some of our presents." She said with an eager smile to hide her suspicion.

"Uhh Kagome you might want to wait on that."

"Why do you say that my dear Sango" Miroku said

"Well because… um- Gahh!" Her words were stopped suddenly by stroking feeling on her… um… backyard. She slapped the monk upside the head so hard followed by a yelp of pain. "Apparently Miroku is in pain and needs medicine" She said through anger gritted teeth.

"Ok whatever you say." Sango sighed in relief at Kagome's words as she sat back down and searched for her pain meds.

After a few minutes of caring him, Inuyasha walked in with a smug on his face. He gave Sango a wink hat said he accomplished what he was after. Sango had felt like collapsing because she had used so many excuses to keep Kagome here as long as possible. Kagome noticed this and had had on brow furrowed in suspicion. She shook it off and eventually went to the well without Inuyasha and jumped in to do her shopping.

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