The Lightning Alchemist

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"Ok, Naruto. . . You can do this. Just remember everything Iruka sensei taught you." Naruto reassured himself. This was it, this was his last shot a becoming a ninja. The village had a strict three try rule. His first try was a miserable failure resulting in the academy needing numerous repairs. His last attempt was not near as bad, but he completely failed the Tiajutsu portion of the exam. Ever since then he had been training non-stop with Rock Lee to perfect his Tiajutsu. Naruto was now standing before a panel of Konoha's highest ranking ninjas, including Lord Hokage himself. Behind Naruto gathered a group of other ninjas in various rankings including many of his classmates that had already passed the exam. Naruto was the last to be tested.

So far the exam was going alright. Naruto did not do so well on Tiajutsu, but he managed to pass that. His transformation was excellent, but he just managed to scrape by on Ninjutsu skills. Now all he had left was a random category that the Hokage chose. Naruto could feel beads of sweat trickling down the side of his face as he watched and waited for the panel to decide his final challenge. Naruto stole a nervous glance to Iruka who gave him a warm smile and a positive thumbs up. Leave it to Iruka to cheer him up. The crowd quieted as Lord Hokage stood up to announce the final event. There was a lump caught in Naruto's throat as he awaited the announcement.

"The panel has decided the final test will be over Genjutsu." the Hokage announced. Naruto stomach dropped to toes. Why did it have to be Genjutsu? That was his worst style! "Now Naruto, show us a basic Genjutsu of a desert wasteland."

"Yes, Lord Hokage." Naruto replied with a nervous quiver in his voice. "Ok, Naruto you can do this. Just focus." Naruto inhaled deeply and widen his stance. Naruto held his position for a few seconds, while allowing his chakra to flow throughout his body. When Naruto was satisfied with his chakra, he placed his hands together, ready to attempt the Genjutsu. The forest around the crowd began to waver as Naruto began his jutsu. Tree were being replaced with small patches as sand. Naruto gritted his teeth together in an attempt to complete the jutsu. Naruto cried out, he was reaching his limit. The sand dunes that had appeared were fading in and out. Naruto could feel the chakra being sucked from him. He had reached his limit. Naruto fell to the ground gasping for breath as the sand dunes faded all together. He had failed. Naruto lay on the ground gasping for breath. How could he have failed? Iruka ran from to crowd over to where Naruto lay panting.

"I failed you Iruka sensei."

"It's ok, Naruto, you did your best." Iruka comforted. "I know why don't you and I go get some ramen. That always cheers you up." As soon as Iruka finished his sentence an explosion was heard nearby.

"It's Orochimaru!" a nearby ninja cried. Everybody jumped up and ran towards the explosion.

"Iruka sensei, we have to help!" Naruto declared, suddenly forgetting about his failure.

"Are you sure you're up it, Naruto?"

"Never felt better." Naruto confidently announced. Iruka smiled. Naruto never changes.

Naruto and Iruka arrived upon the battle scene. That ninja had been wrong, it wasn't Orochimaru, it was Orochimaru's entire army! Iruka and Naruto quickly sprang into action. Naruto tackled the nearest enemy from behind, and implanted his kunai into his skull. Naruto then jumped after the next enemy, and after clumsily dodging several attacks he final took out the guy with one of his shadow clones from behind. Naruto turned to find his next opponent, but everything suddenly went dark.

"Ow. . . What happened?" Naruto questioned while rubbing his head. The room was still so fuzzy, he must had been hit on the head.

"You're lucky to be alive, Naruto." an aloof voice responded. Naruto shook his head, and the room cleared.

"Oh, Kakashi sensei. What are you doing here?" Naruto sat up on the bed.

"Easy, Naruto, you took quite a hit earlier."

"Oh so that explains the head ache." Naruto winced as he rubbed a tender area on the back of his head. "So where's Iruka sensei?" Kakashi looked up from his novel and sighed.

"He's dead, Naruto. A group of Orochimaru's ninjas surrounded him. None of us were able to get there in time to save him. He was gone before we reached him." Naruto breath caught in him throat.

"Iruka sensei. . .is. . .dead?" Naruto sounded each syllable carefully not believing the words that were coming from his mouth. "There is no way he can be dead." Naruto was beginning to panic.

"Calm down, Naruto." Kakashi tried to consol Naruto.

"There is now way he can be dead!" Naruto screamed running out of the hospital room. Tears began to blind his vision as tore past various people strolling along the hallways. It was raining when Naruto reached the outdoors, but he did not give the weather a second thought. Naruto continued to run until his legs would no longer support him, and then he completely bottomed out on the forest floor. A flood swept over his vision the instant fell as all his grief was coming out. He had lost his chance to become a ninja, his sensei, and his best friend all in the same night. Naruto was completely soaked by the rain, but none of it mattered to him any more, he had nothing more to live for. Inside Naruto a voice made its presence known.

"You are going to catch a cold if you continue to stay in this weather." the voice scolded.

"What who said that?" Naruto was suddenly alert. He had not heard anybody sneak up on him.

"It's me, Kyuubi."

"What do you want." Naruto spit the words out of his mouth.

"You're no good to me dead, how many times must I tell you?"

"What's the use anymore, I can't be a ninja, so I'm basically useless." Naruto started to fall back into depression. "What am I going to do? If I leave the village will just brand me a traitor and hunt me down, and if I stay here there is no way I'll ever become a ninja."

Kyuubi was beginning to feel a strange sympathy for his human host. Maybe he could take Naruto back to that one place. Sure the kid was no good to him dead, but he also wasn't any good weak too.

"I have a suggestion, Naruto." This managed to catch Naruto's attention.

"What?" Naruto inquired, his curiosity taking over.

"I know of another place you can go where you will not be hunted down by this village."

"Where could I possible go that Konoha will not find me?"

"In another dimension. I've been there once, and there are people there who can train to do things you never would have imagined."

"Really? Why do you want to help me out anyways?" Naruto suddenly getting suspicious asked. Kyuubi chuckled.

"We both inhabit this body, Naruto. It would serve me no purpose to get you killed, so we might as well get along. I believe the expression is, you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours." Kyuubi chuckled again, Naruto was pretty amusing to him. At least he wasn't stuck with somebody boring.

"I guess you're right." Naruto replied after thinking for a few minutes. "So how are we going to get to this other dimension?"

"Just do what I tell you too."

"Alright, whatever." Naruto followed Kyuubi's directions, and after a few hours Naruto was standing in front of a giant circle with strange markings all around.

"Ok now place your hands in the center, and focus all of your chakra into the transmutation circle."

"The what?"

"The circle in front of you, Naruto." Kyuubi sighed. Naruto placed his hands into the center, and gritted his teeth as he focused all of his chakra into the strange markings. The writing soon light up with a bright blue glow, and the ground slowly began to disappear beneath Naruto.

"Uh. . . .so where exactly are we going?" Naruto screamed over the roar of the transmutation circle. Kyuubi chuckled again as the light consumed Naruto.

"We are going to Ametris."

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