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"Good morning, lieutenant." Naruto enthusiastically greeted his superior as he entered the work office for the day. After rescuing Hawkeye from nearly getting killed, Naruto felt like he stood a little taller today, especially since everybody was talking about it, his ego continued to grow with every congrats he received.

"Good morning, Sergeant." Hawkeye returned the greeting without even looking up from her work, causing Naruto's ego to deflate a little.

"So . . .uh . . What's to do today?" he nervously scratched the back of his head.

"Me, you , and the Colonel are going hunting."


"I will explain the details later, but for now gather anything you will need and meet me in the Colonels office in precisely fifteen minutes, understood, Sergeant?"

"Yes, ma'am." Naruto smartly saluted, before heading off to prepare.

"I wonder what we are going to be hunting?" Naruto wondered to himself.

I would guess that it has something to do with the lieutenant's attacker from last night.

"Oh, I almost completely forgot about that." Naruto stared blankly, until he heard a ruckus coming from the Colonel's office.

"I insist that my brother and I be allowed to go with you, Mustang!" Naruto saw the small alchemist shouting at the Colonel.

"State alchemists or not, this is a dangerous mission, and I will not risk either one of you two getting injured or killed." Mustang sighed.

"Listen, Colonel, this may be the only shot we have at getting the Philosopher's stone, if we can infiltrate the homunculus lair then maybe I can finally get Al back."

"Fine, if you insist Full Metal, but if either one of you fall into enemy hands.," Mustang's mood becoming dark, "there may be nothing we can do to save you."

"That's a risk I'm willing to take, Colonel." Edward stared Mustang straight in the eye to prove his seriousness.

"Alright, Full Metal, get ready we are leaving in ten minutes." Mustang sighed defeated.

After another ten minutes of preparation and the team was ready to head out on their mission. Mustang informed everybody of the plan, that sources have lead them to believe that they have found the location of the Homunculi hideout. Their mission was to infiltrate and apprehend the Homunculus Envy, he is believed to be the murderer of Lieutenant Hughes. The Elric brothers would create a distraction, so that Colonel Mustang and Sergeant Uzumaki could sneak inside and apprehend the target, while Lieutenant Hawkeye would watch over the Elric brothers from a nearby tower and snipe any potential threat to the young alchemists.

Naruto and Mustang were now crouched in a nearby ally waiting for the Elric brother's to start their diversion. Not a sound could be heard from the two as the awaited the signal. A large explosion coming from the northwest corner of the building was the only signal they needed. Mustang and Naruto darted from their hiding place to a nearby door they had been staking out. Naruto held his gun at the ready. Mustang gave him the signal, and Naruto threw open the door ready to shoot anything that moved. After a quick scan of the room, Naruto decided it was clear and waved the Colonel in. Silent as a mouse they quickly made their was to the nearest door, and repeated the same procedure and before.

After a few more rooms similar to the first, the duo finally heard quiet murmurs coming from a room across the hall. They crept close to the door, making every possible effort to not make a single sound as the reached their potential target. Mustang reached the door first and softly put his ear up the door.

". . . go, but don't kill the Elric brothers or the Colonel, we need them for our plan, the other two, you may dispose of."

Mustang turned towards Naruto with an alarmed expression on his face, they knew they were here. The door knob began to jiggle. Shit, they ran as quickly and quietly as possible to the nearby pile of crates. Out of the room stepped a thin man with a maniacal expression on his face.

"Come out, come out, where ever you are." the strange creature sang. "I know you're in here Colonel. Why don't you just come out and save me the trouble of having to find you." he laughed.

Mustang turned to Naruto and motioned for him not to make a sound. The strange green haired man silently waited for and noise that would give away the intruders.

"I'll tell you what, Flame Alchemist, if you come out now, I won't go kill your little girl friend up in the tower." he sneered.

Mustang's face drained of color. This wasn't good, Naruto knew the Colonel would give himself over, to save his subordinates, but if the Colonel was captured that would be disastrous.

Don't tell me you are going to do what I think you are going to do, the Kyuubi scolded.

"Sorry but I gotta help the Colonel." Naruto thought to the Kyuubi. Without a second thought, Naruto stood up from his hiding spot.

"Sorry, ugly, the Colonel ain't here, but I'll take a message." Naruto sneered as he began firing at the green haired man, causing him to hide around the corner.

"What do you think you are doing, Uzumaki!" Mustang quietly scolded him.

"I can't let you get captured, sir, I will distract this guy, and you get out of here."

Normally Mustang would object to being told what to do, especially in this kind of situation, but he knew Naruto was right.

"You better not get yourself killed, Sergeant."

"Yes, sir." Naruto quickly saluted and ran off in the direction the enemy ran.

Naruto rounded the corner the man ran off to, but he was no where to be seen. Naruto quietly tip toed down the hallway, pointing his gun anywhere somebody would hide.

"This way hurry!" Hawkeye suddenly appeared at the end of the hallway, frantically waving Naruto to her.

"Wait what are you doing here, the Colonel told you to stay in the tower?"

"The situation has changed, follow me."

Naruto followed Hawkeye down hallway after hallway, until the finally reached a very large room.

"What a minute, where are we?"

"We're in Father's room." Naruto jumped back as a strange voice came out of Hawkeye's mouth.

"What's up with your voice Lieutenant?"

Hawkeye just smirked as she slowly changed into the strange green haired man from earlier.

"What the hell?" Naruto was completely confused.

"Welcome to my home young soldier, now if you will be so kind as to tell me the location of your Colonel, I will spare your life." An old man sitting in the middle of the room commanded with more authority than Naruto had ever heard. The Kyuubi growled inside Naruto.

This man is a monster, do not listen to him.

"I ain't gonna tell you shit." Naruto shouted.

"Well then that is very unfortunate for you, boy. Kill him, Envy."

"With pleasure" the green haired man's grin grew even wider.

Naruto turned to his attacker just in time to see him launch himself in the air and attack Naruto. Naruto had just enough time to back flip out of the way.

Use your alchemy, Naruto.

This time Naruto decided to listen to the Kyuubi and began summoning his strength and the energy around him. Envy froze in confusion as a massive amount of energy began swirling around his adversary. Naruto looked up at Envy, his eyes glowing with raw power.

"Shit" Envy muttered before he was hit with a bolt of lightning that streaked from Naruto. The attack threw Envy against the wall and destroyed everything within fifty foot diameter of Envy. Envy fell to the ground, his muscles twitching beyond his control, leaving him helpless on the ground panting.

"Now for you, old man." Naruto turned his focus the man in the center of the room.

The man began clapping.

"Impressive young one, I had no idea one of Mustang's soldiers contained this much raw power. Come here and let me have a good look at you." He commanded as a laughter of excitement escaped his lips.

"No way, I'm going to kill you just like I did that guy over there."

"Foolish child." the man motioned again for Naruto to come to him. This time a strong unseen force grabbed Naruto tight and pulled him in. Naruto squirmed and fought it all he could, but he could not break the grip. This man was indeed powerful.

Once Naruto was close enough, the man stopped the pull, but continued to hold Naruto there against his will.

"My my this is indeed a surprise, who would have ever guessed that I would be graced by the Kyuubi." the man mocked. Naruto was shocked, how did this man know who he was.

"You are mighty powerful young one, you may prove useful to me yet. Envy, get up and take this one to the holding cell." he commanded.

Naruto turned around in time to see a fist coming straight towards him.

"Good night, kid."

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