It is finally here! The sequel to Reminiscence!

Summary: The Senshi all have their memories, so now the real problem is fighting Voldemort and protecting Harry Potter. However, it appears as though new Senshi are making an entrance. Who are these mysterious girls and where did they come from? How can they aide in the fight against Voldemort?

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The first days of the summer holiday had made their mark around the country. The pools were filled with clumsy children, and the feeling that a most horrid heat wave would soon be barreling through the countryside was in the forefront of most everyone's thoughts. In a small home nestled in the outskirts of London, windows all open in hopes of catching the faintest of breezes; a girl lay on her bed, the break from school being the last thing on her mind.

Serena had been surprised to find that her family remained the same, despite their new accents and slightly altered features. Her mother was disappointed to find a lacking grade in potions, reminding Serena of her horrid scores in Math back in her past life, and her father still remained against any male trying to court her. Her brother, Sammy, was hoping to get his Hogwarts letter soon, watching the skies for owls any chance he could.

On a desk in Serena's room, a letter was haphazardly sitting, part of it crushed beneath the weight of her textbooks. The blonde turned her head to glance at the calendar on her wall, taking note of the date, and making a very visible frown. She did not want to start out the holiday on a foul note, but it appeared as though there would be no other way. One did not say no to the Ministry of Magic.

The Ministry had contacted her by Owl Post the day following dismissal from school, informing her that she was to be present at Raye's hearing as a witness, because apparently someone had slipped to the Ministry she had been friends with Raye at some point. At first, Serena was firmly against going, but now she was almost thankful for the letter, because this might be the last time she saw her best friend in a long while. She had phoned Mina immediately after she read the letter, proposing they all go as a team. Lita and Mina would be able to ride with her to the Ministry. Amy, who was unable to leave France on such short notice, would come in the days shortly following.

Tomorrow, Mina and Lita would arrive early to leave ample time for traveling and breakfast. Serena had also written Harry, Hermione, and Ron, wondering if they had been asked to go to such a trial. Harry had written back that the court had indeed summoned him and his friends would be going with him before they parted for the duration of the summer. Her newfound friend had been staying at the Burrow for the past few days, waiting for his time to be seen at the trial. Serena was elated at the thought of seeing Harry, despite the fact it had only been six days since their separation.

Serena could not help but wonder about the state of her friend, locked away in a dark fortress, surrounded by Dementors. Lita had told her before the Third Task that Dementors sucked all the happiness out of ones soul. She remembered feeling that way when Harry faced the Dementor during the maze challenge. Why did the monster affect her, yet no one else in the stands seemed to be bothered? Closing her eyes with a deep sigh, Serena sat up from her bed and looked at her reflection in the mirror, grimacing at her poor appearance.

She had to admit, she was still not used to seeing herself with Caucasian features. It was very odd. When she lived in Tokyo, everything seemed much smaller, including her body. Now, it was almost as if everything was enlarged. Not to an unattractive extent, but still different all the same. She probably would have thought nothing of it if she were not living two lives at once.

Her room looked like that of any teenage witch, if there is indeed a stereotype for one. Her bed was covered in pink, as were her walls, which sported numerous posters for different wizard bands, including The Weird Sisters. She actually did have one bookshelf in her room, holding all of the textbooks and manuals from her years at Hogwarts. Serena was quick to realize she had no other texts on the shelf, and wished that fate might have given her a more studious brain upon her rebirth.

Pictures also sat on her desk, moving like most pictures did in this new world, depicting her life through the stages. She smiled as she picked up a picture of herself with her three Gryffindor friends, the ones she could not remember upon her arrival in this world, getting on the train together their second year. In the background, Lita could be seen scolding Pansy Parkinson, making Serena chuckle lightly despite her not-so-obvious constraints.

Luna pushed open the door to Serena's room with her head, scowling at her charge as she did so. She had been telling Serena to leave the door open for her everyday and yet the door was always shut. She would then have to resort to purring loudly to attract Sammy to her side so that the mysterious barrier would open, but he would usually only turn the handle a bit to unlock it and leave her to do the pushing by herself.

Serena barely noticed as Luna trotted in.

"Serena," The cat began, wanting to gain Serena's attention before she began to give any information or ask questions. She was well aware of the girl's goldfish-like attention span. "Do you have any idea what you are going to do tomorrow?"

She shrugged before sitting back on the edge of her bed, casting her eyes to the floor. Luna always tended to be the one to bring up sore issues. "No. I've tried to convince myself that I am going to do what is right and not tell the Ministry anything, but it is so hard! I don't want her to go to Azkaban?"

Luna nodded in sympathy before springing up on the beds ledge, fairly shocked that Serena caught her and placed her on the comforter instead of making her do it alone. Serena patted Luna's head before continuing her out-loud thinking process.

"But, I know that if I don't do as Raye asked, Raye and Darien could both be killed by the follower's of Voldemort." Serena sighed. "Raye also said she could do some spying if we let everything run its course."

The black feline was deeply sad to see one of her Senshi get incarcerated in the worst prison in all of history. It was like seeing one your children away, knowing that they were heading somewhere foul and cruel. Yet, she could do nothing about it, so Luna did what she did best: damage control.

"I think that Raye also wants to go to Azkaban as a form of repentance." Serena continued, thinking of the final moment's she shared with Raye. Then she began to think of other things, like Draco's appearance at the trial. Surely he would have been called upon, since it was obvious that he had spoken to Raye more than anyone else in all of Hogwarts had. He had probably talked to her more than Darien. "Harry told me that in Little Hangleton she had asked him to attack her."

"She feels guilty for something she cannot control." Luna sighed and felt even more depressed than before. The Senshi finally had their memories and they were all separated, some by countries and others by bars. "We need to focus on what we are going to do now that Amy is back in France and Raye will be in Azkaban. This could be serious if Voldemort returns again without all the Senshi present."

Serena knew Luna was right to focus on the future, but the future just appeared so bleak and desolate that Serena wanted absolutely nothing to do with it at the moment. What would they do now that Amy was back at home in France? Lita had gotten tickets to all the Bulgarian Quidditch games, courtesy of Viktor Krum, so she would be gone a great majority of the summer holiday. At least Mina did not seem to have many plans, aside from hanging out with long-time boyfriend, Cedric Diggory, so she would be more readily available should problems arise. Writing letters was always an option, yet seemed so inappropriate considering the terms and circumstances upon which they would be written.

In that moment, an owl flew into the room, dropping a letter at Serena's feet. She looked up to stare at it for a moment, fairly surprised that an owl just gave her a letter, but a nudge from Luna made Serena fall back into reality and look to the letter lying on the tan carpet. It was a blank envelope, causing her to be a bit apprehensive about opening it, but she hesitantly peeled it apart. Luna watched as Serena cupped a hand around her mouth, staring at the parchment with curious eyes.

It was from Dumbledore.

Draco wrote his closing statement on the bottom of the parchment, along with his signature, before folding the letter in half and placing it in an envelope. He frowned a moment before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a chocolate bar, something he knew his dear friend would need. After looking at the letter and the chocolate, it was almost impossible for him to close the envelope. Writing letters was the only way they could communicate. It was the only way he could talk to her.

He did not expect to become best friends with a girl, much less one who was the offspring of a Death Eater like himself. To be honest, Draco did not expect for Raye to even be alive after the Third Task. She had seen Voldemort, been within inches of him, and she came back. For once in his life, Draco actually felt thankful to whatever higher being that was watching over them. However, he could not help but wonder if perhaps dying would have been easier for her than to suffer in the depths of Azkaban.

The day he returned home from school Draco received a message from the Ministry, asking him to make an appearance at Raye's trial. His father had told him not to ask for her release or say anything that could bring suspicion. If Lucius Malfoy's only son was seen sympathizing with a Death Eater, disastrous things could befall their family. Draco knew that his father had a hard time convincing the Ministry he was not a Death Eater the first time, and if he screwed up, it could all be over.

But, also according to his father, the Minister of Magic was very adamant about Voldemort not returning at all. He refused to believe it. If that was the case, what would Fudge do when witnesses claimed to see Raye and Cedric dead at the scene and Raye's new Dark Mark? Could he be so powerful as to completely dismiss the obvious? Draco had asked his father this very question. He had said that Fudge is convinced that Raye is mentally unstable and she killed Cedric herself before ending her own life. Fudge thinks that Harry would have died too, but he was 'lucky'.

He had not been there, but what would Fudge make of the mysterious girl's that brought back Harry, Raye, and Cedric? Everyone had the same story, even Pansy. Would that be a lie too? Was it only a figment of everyone's imagination? Sometimes Draco got physically ill thinking of the stupidity that leads their world. Their leader was blind to the facts, and apparently, very scared of them too.

Draco finally sealed the letter before tying it to his owl's leg. He felt bad for the thing, considering it had to fly to Azkaban.

He was not looking forward to going to the trial tomorrow, scared at what he would find. The Dementors were not pretty things, and so far Raye had been trapped in a tower full of them for six days. It is said that the monsters feed on happy thoughts, but if there are no happy thoughts, then what do they take? Raye had the most miserable mind he had yet to cross over, and he had not even been inside of it. He was very happy he was not a Legilimens, or else he would be subjected to some things he was not ready to see.

Draco took one last glance out of his window before going down to dinner, feeling the edges of the phoenix pendent in his pocket along the way.

End of Prologue

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