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Chapter Six

In the depths of the Ministry, right inside the office of Cornelius Fudge, a woman stood with a look of indifference on her face. People were swarming the Minister's office, all with different opinions on the latest news on Harry Potter. Her job appeared simple- deliver the statement from the Minister and deal with press releases. However simple the job description may be, that didn't necessarily mean that her actual job was simple.

She had just started working for the Ministry of Magic in London. Her previous position in communications in Japan was not close enough to, shall we say, her current interests. So, Trista Meioh found herself in London.

"I swear, that boy finds himself into the news every chance he gets!" Fudge dropped his head into his hands and sighed. Next to him was the Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic, Dolores Umbridge. She was cooing and sighing along with him, adding her two cents on the famous Harry Potter.

"He is nothing but trouble. His wand should be revoked and destroyed at once. I can send-" Dolores was interrupted.

"I don't know if you heard me correctly, Dolores, but Harry claimed there were Dementors in Little Whinging." Dumbledore was standing before Cornelius Fudge, his hands behind his back. "The Ministry of Magic does not have the authority to expel students from Hogwarts, not to mention a Dementor attack is what warranted the use of underage magic in the first place."

"He is lying, surely. Dementors? As you well know, the Ministry of Magic is in charge of Dementors-"

"And, if you care to notice, Little Whinging is not Azkaban." Trista stepped forward. "Since I am in charge of the press it is my job to protect the Ministry. Not giving the Potter boy a trial will surely cause damage I am unable to control, considering the claims of Dementors are already being rumored around."

"Might I remind you, Trista, that you have only been at your post for a few weeks now. There are people that could easily replace you." Dolores Umbridge bulked up.

"Be that as it may, the people the Ministry has sworn to protect will see this as a blatant cover-up. The timing of this and the Chernicova trial are much too close." Trista looked to Fudge. "I implore you, listen to Albus. I can fix some things, but I am not a miracle worker. Time means everything."

Cornelius looked between the three people before him, considering their arguments. Sure, it would probably be a hell of a lot easier to go ahead and get Harry Potter out of his hair for good. That boy was already causing enough ruckus in his claims of Voldemort's return. Besides, he already had that Chernicova girl to deal with in a few weeks. What was going on at Hogwarts to make these youths so unruly?

However, he knew Trista was right. The people would be furious, especially since the word of Dementors was already being thrown around. He had to prove that the Ministry of Magic was indeed a competent entity. They were an institution of truth! Justice!

"Trista, please prepare a statement- the Potter boy will receive a disciplinary hearing."

Dolores stormed out of the room. Dumbledore followed behind her, however his heart was light. Trista followed and shut the door behind her, putting her wand to her throat to amplify her voice.

"I have a statement from the Minister…"

So many things had happened in such a short amount of time Harry hardly had enough clarity about him to understand his new circumstances. They had been coming home and a cool bite fell over him like a blanket, reminding him of what is was that he feared most- Dementors. He heard his mother's screams, reliving every sickening moment of her death down to her final breath.

He had grabbed his wand, and against everything his mind was telling him to do he attempted to cast a Patronous to save Dudley. It failed, so he tried again. He was unsuccessful again, and just as Dudley was about to be administered the Dementor's Kiss he was able to conjure a Patronous. The Dementors fled, but a very surprising person was there to help him collect himself.

Arabella Figg, the neighbor he had been avoiding in the shrubbery earlier that day. She had said, "Don't put away your wand, Harry. They might come back."

Everything after that was almost unreal. Mrs. Figg was apparently a Squib, and not only that, Professor Dumbledore had instructed her to keep an eye on him. Why you ask? Well, that is something he would also like to know.

A person by the name of Mundungus Fletcher, according to Mrs. Figg, was supposed to be watching out for him. This Mundungus person was also the one who disapparated from number four Privet Drive and got him in trouble earlier, so needless to say, he was not very high on Harry's list. But, why were all of these people supposed to watching him? What was going on in the wizarding world that warranted everyone lurking about Privet Drive?

The worst thing in all of this mess, however, was perhaps all of the letters landing in the middle of the living room. The first one, a letter from the Ministry of Magic, was the worst one:

Dear Mr. Potter,

The Ministry has received intelligence that at six twenty-three, this evening, you performed the Patronus Charm in the presence of a Muggle. As a clear violation of the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery, you are hereby expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Hoping you are well,

Mafalda Hopkirk.

Harry felt his stomach fall through his feet. Expelled? From Hogwarts? Did Mafalda Hopkirk seriously write "hoping you are well" moments after notifying him of his expulsion? Anger boiled within him. Here's a thought- why doesn't the Ministry of Magic keep their damn Dementors in Azkaban where they belong?

"Well, what the bloody hell happened to my boy?"

Oh, he forgot to mention that his Aunt and Uncle were positively livid at Dudley's current state. The fat oaf was unable to stand on his own and his face was ghostly pale. He hated Dudley, but he didn't deserve to be attacked by Dementors.

"He attacked me… Harry attacked me with some spell-" Dudley spat, but it went unheard in the sea of voices in the living room.

"That is a lie!" Harry tried defending himself, the letter from the Ministry clutched in his hand. "There were Dementors and I saved him!"

"Dementy-whats-its?" Vernon's face was turning red. About that time, another owl flew threw the window and dropped a letter at Harry's feet. "Why are these birds coming in here? What are your people writing you about boy?"

Harry held the other letter in his hand. "They are from the Ministry of Magic."

"The Ministry of Magic? Like a government?" Vernon scoffed. "People like you in government? No wonder this country's going to the dogs-"

"You shut it!" Mrs. Figg attacked Vernon, giving Harry a moment to read his newest letter. She knew the Dementors were there. Harry was telling the truth!


Dumbledore is heading to the Ministry to sort this out. If anyone arrives from the Ministry, do not hand over your wand.

Arthur Weasley

"Oh, my poor Dudders…" Petunia was cooing over Dudley and stroking his forehead whilst Vernon and Mrs. Figg argued. Harry fell back into the couch and let his latest letter fall on the ground on top of the one from the Ministry.

"Who are you to correct me in my house-"

"It was Harry, mum… he cast a spell on me…"

"You are an ignorant, fat pig-"

Harry felt his heart racing. What would he do if he were expelled from Hogwarts? It was his home! It was the only place he had to embrace. If the Ministry expelled him from the only place he felt safe, where would he go? Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon would surely kick him out after there was no pressure to keep him. He was too young to go anywhere else. Could he live with Sirius?

Another owl flew through the window, prompting his uncle to leave his argument with Mrs. Figg to close it.

"Bloody owls! I swear-"

Harry ignored his ranting and opened the letter.


Don't panic! Dumbledore is going to get this figured out. We heard that you are going to have a hearing, you know, to defend yourself. That means you are going to have to go back to Courtroom Ten. However, Lita gave Mundungus Fletcher a good tongue lashing, and your godfather about ripped off his head and punted it down the street. I promise this will all make sense soon. If they won't come get you, I will!


"Dad, it was Harry! He cast a spell on me. He used his wand and cast a spell on me!" Dudley hollered, trying his hardest to get his fathers attention.

"That's it! I've had it!" Vernon grabbed Harry by the arm and hoisted him up. "Get out! OUT!"

The last owl flies in, except this time, through the chimney. It flies directly over to Petunia, and the red envelope does not escape Harry's attention. The owl quickly departs, as if it knows what is to come next.

Petunia, using shaky hands, opens the envelope and leaps back as the most menacing voice erupts from the Howler. "REMEMBER MY LAST, PETUNIA!"

The room is silent, watching in awe as the letter erupts in flames and falls as ash onto the floor. Harry watches as Petunia takes a stand from beside Dudley, looking at him with hate filled eyes.

"The boy stays, Vernon." She looked at his enraged face. "He has nowhere to go. He stays."

Harry was more confused than ever, and just wished more than anything that someone would tell him what was going on.

Serena clutched her pillow close as she stared at the ceiling, her heart beating a mile a minute. The Advanced Guard was on its way to retrieve Harry, three days after that whole Dementor debacle, and she was both excited and nervous. What if something happened on their way to get him or on the way back to Grimmauld Place? So many people wanted Harry dead that it was scary to even think of him being out in the open.

Her room seemed so desolate and lonely. All she wanted was to be at Grimmauld Place with Hermione, Amy, Lita and the Weasley's. She wanted to greet Harry when he made it safe and sound. Serena did not want to be in her stupid room so very far away! Luna was purring at her feet, sleeping right through Serena's restless tossing and turning.

She had planned on being at Grimmauld Place, but her muggle cousin Molly was coming to town tomorrow and Serena had to be at home. Her mother, Irene White, was a muggle and met her wizard father on vacation one year. Molly was the daughter of her mother's sister, and Serena only got to see her on summer holiday. Come to find out, Molly knew all about magic and Hogwarts. Even more surprising, her cousin Molly was her good friend Naru Osaka from her last life in Tokyo.

Serena groaned as her clock struck midnight. Mina was to phone or write her the instant she knew anything. Hermione already pledged to write her should Mina forget. Serena was thankful to have good friends, but she still wanted to be in the action! Why couldn't Molly visit next weekend?

The sound of pecking distracted her from her worrying. Luna was roused from her sleep and looked over towards the window.

"Serena, there is a bird at your window."

The blonde threw off her covers and ran to the window as fast as she could. She stumbled over her books she scattered on the ground upon her return from school, but she finally made it to the window. However, instead of an owl waiting with a message, it was a raven.

It was Raye!

Serena tore open the window and allowed her to fly inside. She had a message in her talons, but instead of staying she dropped the letter and flew back outside. The blonde watched as the black bird made its way back to St. Mungo's, turning into nothing but a black speck.

Luna gave Serena a look. "What was that about?"

Serena picked up the envelope and began to open it. "That was Raye."

"Really?" Luna didn't think she would ever get used to this world. "I wonder why she left so quickly."

"She's not exactly supposed to be here, Luna." Serena unfolded the note. It seemed that no matter the lifetime Raye would have superb handwriting.


Protect Hotaru Tomoe.


She flipped the page to check for additional instructions, but there was nothing.

"Protect Hotaru Tomoe?" Serena looked to Luna. "I wonder who that is? And why do I need to protect her?"

She never went to sleep, but instead waited for word on Harry. Luna had a few ideas, but they couldn't very well make any connections until they knew more about this Hotaru Tomoe person. Serena could only wonder what the Order would think about this new intelligence from Raye and why she felt the need to tell her about it.

Harry was so happy to be free of Privet Drive. While Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place was a little grim and dark, he would choose its' house-elf covered walls over his terrible relatives any day. However, his relief did not shroud his frustration towards his friends. Molly Weasley greeted him when he arrived and sent him upstairs to be with Ron, Hermione, Mina, Lita and Amy until the meeting was over, but he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to be with his friends. They had been ignoring him all summer.

Wait… Amy? As in Amy Anderson from Beauxbatons Academy?

The stairs creaked as he walked, the pictures along the staircase murmuring as he passed. There was one covered with a curtain, and a part of him wondered why. But, in a house as terrible looking as this one, a home filled with Death Eater memorabilia, Harry thought twice about drawing back the curtain. Instead, he proceeded to the second door on the left, the room said to house his best friends.

More terrible decorations were mounted on the wall in the room, but he noticed a pile of things in bags. Hermione was the first to see him from her place on a ladder. She was hanging up a Chudley Cannons flag to cover up some house-elf heads. Ron was holding the ladder, proud of the flag Hermione was putting up. The pair immediately dropped what they were doing and rushed to his side. Hermione threw her arms around him.

"Harry! You're alright!" She pulled away and smiled, but noticed Harry wasn't. "We were so worried about you."

"There is so much going on. The Order has been hard at work-"

Harry interrupted Ron. "The Order? What Order?"

"The Order of the Phoenix, Harry. They are meeting right now in the kitchen." Hermione explained. "It's a secret society that Dumbledore formed in the last wizarding war. He has called it back to session since You-Know-Who has returned. They are trying to protect you."

Harry steamed and sat his things down on one of the beds. "I don't suppose any of this could make it into letters, could it?"

Ron looked hurt. "Harry, we would have told you, honest. But-"

"But, what?" Harry snapped.

"Dumbledore told us to keep it a secret... All of it." Hermione whispered.

Harry watched as his friends looked at their feet, and all of his anger towards them dissipated. How could Dumbledore keep this information from him? He was the one that would be fighting Voldemort again most likely, not to mention he was the one who was always hunted. Why shouldn't he know what was going on?

"Hello, Harry. We thought we heard your dulcet tones." George Weasley popped into the room with Fred.

"You don't want to bottle up your anger like that, Harry, let it all out. There might be people fifty miles away who didn't hear you." Fred laughed as he said it. "Right, Amy?"

It was then Harry saw the Animagus squished between the twins in the doorframe.

"Harry, are you alright?" She pushed Fred and George aside. "I know tonight must be quite a shock."

The boy-who-lived gave Amy a once over. "I'm fine. But, aren't you supposed to be in France?"

"Well, a long story short, I am staying at Hogwarts to study under Professor McGonagall. Besides, the girls need me. We are already one person short."

Harry looked around the room. "They know?"

"Yes. We told them when they arrived." Amy sighed. Fred and George have been pestering her non-stop. The only alone time she had seemed to be when she was asleep, and even then they would wake her up or keep her from going to sleep in the first place. "Serena was going to be here, but her Muggle cousin is coming to visit her for a few days so she can't be here for a while."

"Oh." Harry tried hard to hide his disappointment, but he didn't think it worked that well. About that time, thankfully, Lita and Mina came into the room. The brunette had to shove Fred and George out of the way, but they made it. "Hey, guys."

"Harry," Mina greeted.

"This place gives me the creeps." Lita mentioned with a shudder. "But, can't be too much worse than your aunt and uncle right?"

The group laughed and began talking amongst themselves. Ginny came into the room shortly thereafter to announce the conclusion of the meeting. Harry gave her a hug and they all proceeded down the stairs. Oh, how he could hardly wait to see Sirius again! And to think that he would be living here, with him, until the start of term!

There were a lot of witches and wizards in the kitchen, some of them he didn't even recognize. The ones from the Advanced Guard were all there: Professor Moody, Remus, Tonks, Hestia Jones, Dedalus Diggle, Emmaline Vance, Elphias Doge, Sturgis Podmore and Kingsley Shacklebolt. Arthur and Molly Weasley were all present, along with Charlie. Sirius had his back to him, but when the room grew quiet he turned around to meet Harry's gaze.

"Sirius!" Harry hugged his godfather. It was hard to be too angry with everyone now that he was here.

"Harry! How are you boy? Get too cold flying in?"

"You better believe he did. We all did! Alastor tried to make us double back to ensure we weren't being followed, but I told him we were already frozen to our brooms!" Tonks waved her arms around as she talked. She reminded Harry of Mina a little, except the pink hair.

"It was pretty cold." Harry admitted. Charlie had stood from his place at the table to shake Harry's hand. "Hey, Charlie. How are the dragons?"

"Good." He smiled. "Currently, I am traveling. I am trying to recruit more people to our cause. Bill is moving back to England. He has taken up with Fleur Delacour and is teaching her English."

"Fleur is in England?" Amy asked. Fleur had been a seventh year and had graduated last term, but she was surprised the girl was in England.

"Yeah, she is working at Gringotts."

The room settled down and they updated Harry on the situation with the new Sailor Senshi. He was concerned to find that they were hostile, but hoped that perhaps it was all a giant misunderstanding. But, his luck considered, that probably was not the case.

Mina had left for a few moments to write Serena, but this time she came back with a look of concern on her face. She had a letter in her hand, and Harry could tell that was Serena's handwriting. Only that girl used hearts in exclamation points.

"I have news from Serena." The room got quiet and looked to Mina.

"Well, what did she say?" Lita asked.


I'm glad to hear that Harry made it all right. Thank you for writing me.

Mars just flew to my house and dropped off a letter before flying away. Anyway, if that wasn't strange enough, she left a note telling me to "Protect Hotaru Tomoe". Do you know who that is, or does anyone at the OotP (Clever right?)?

I wanted to let you know straightaway. My cousin will be leaving in a few days, so hopefully I can come by this weekend.


The room began bustling with conversation. However, no one knew who Hotaru Tomoe was, or what significance she held to the Death Eaters. The room soon dissolved to the Weasley's, Sirius, and the Hogwarts students. Everyone was now looking for anything regarding this Hotaru Tomoe person, and the moment they discovered anything they were to report to the Order.

Mina left shortly thereafter. She was going with Cedric the next morning to Diagon Alley to buy school supplies. Apparently, they were both in desperate need of Quidditch gear and broom polish. Harry was so glad there would be Quidditch this year. He would have much rather had Quidditch than the stupid Triwizard Tournament. He was really looking forward to beating Malfoy in the Gryffindor versus Slytherin match… again.

Lita was also leaving in the morning to go to France and watch Viktor play against the French Quafflepunchers. It turns out she had been going to all of his matches all summer long. Harry was glad to hear that their relationship was still going well, not to mention that Lita was getting a lot of Quidditch practice from a powerhouse player. She would be a force to reckon with this year.

"Harry, come take a walk with me." It was Sirius. Harry was too busy watching the other occupants in the room to notice him approaching.

Godfather and godson left the kitchen and began to roam the halls, looking at all of the terrible pictures on the walls. Harry looked back to the picture covered by the curtain.

"Sirius, what is behind the curtain?"'

The Animagus sighed. "That is a portrait of my mother, Mrs. Black. I have to cover her up because the harpy screams whenever someone not of pure blood enters."

Harry thought of Hermione and how she must have felt. He was thankful the curtain was closed when he arrived.

"This is the Blacks' ancestral home. Whenever I was in Azkaban, I inherited this place. Providing it for the Order of the Phoenix as headquarters is probably one of the only useful contributions I have made." Sirius seemed a little gloomy at that fact. "This place is… filled with memories, I suppose."

They came across a tapestry, one adorning a lovely family tree. Some of the faces were blasted off, and Harry was surprised to find that a lot of people he knew were apart of the Black family lineage.

"Oh, that is the "Noble and Most Ancient House of Black" family tree." He joked. "That lovely lady behind the curtain over there removed those who sinned against her- mainly those who married, spoke to, associated with or sympathized with Muggles, half-bloods… the like."

"So, you could only interact with pure-bloods to stay on here?" Harry motioned to the family tree. It appeared as though all of the pure-blood wizarding families were related. According to this, Sirius was even a distant relative of his.

"Tonks and Malfoy are cousins?" Harry couldn't believe someone so light-hearted and someone so foul could be related. That same thought could be applied to his aunt Petunia and his mother though. He never understood it. "Ron is related to you, too?"

"Yes, all pure wizarding families in the area are related for the most part."

Harry looked to find his godfather and noticed something else. "You have a brother, Sirius?"

"Regulus Black, former Death Eater and dead." He sighed. "He got in so far, then panicked about what he was being asked to do. Needless to say, this lead to his death."

Harry never understood why people wanted to follow Voldemort. What did he say to his Death Eaters to make them loyal? Did he promise them fame? Fortune? A place at his side for the rest of their days? Perhaps he was biased, but nothing could ever sway him to join sides with Voldemort: even if he wasn't always trying to kill him.

"They don't want you to know, Harry, but Voldemort is building an army. He is attempting to get a weapon, something he didn't have last time. You need to be careful."

"But, why doesn't Dumbledore want me to know anything? The more I know the more protected I am!" Harry tried to defend himself.

"I'm sure Dumbledore has his reasons." Sirius sighed. "Let's get some rest."

The two parted ways for the evening. Harry hadn't had a decent nights rest in ages it seemed. So, as soon as his head hit the pillow, he fell into a deep sleep.

Draco huffed as he roamed Diagon Alley. He had never done his own shopping before, and the only time he visited Diagon Alley himself was during his first year to get measured for robes. He looked at his list of required books and tried to hold all of his purchased stuff with his other arm. This was dreadful.

"I can do my own shopping. I'm not a moron…" He mumbled bitterly as he thought of his incarcerated friend. He couldn't believe that she made fun of him for allowing his mother to do his shopping. "I shouldn't even pick up your supplies for you after that remark…"

He was heading to Flourish and Blott's when he saw Mina Ackerman and Cedric Diggory walking out of Quality Quidditch Supplies. It was strange seeing them together, considering that Cedric was supposed to be dead and all. Not to mention the circumstance behind his miraculous resurrection was the most bizarre thing he had ever witnessed. While he didn't much care about the Hufflepuff Champion being brought back to life, he was thankful that Raye was brought back with him.

Who were those strange girls at the Quidditch pitch? They had weird hair and wore strange outfits. But, those things aside, the Dark Lord was very interested in them. How could one girl, with no wand, bring two people back to life? How could one girl bring someone back to life at all? The Slytherin boy snorted and walked into Quality Quidditch Supplies. If he was going to do his own shopping, then by Merlin he was going to buy something he enjoyed! Flourish and Blott's could wait.

He moseyed on over to the brooms and set his bags down. Most of his supplies he had mailed to his house, but the potion ingredients from Slug and Jiggers Apothecary he had to take with him.

"It would be the foul smelling garbage on the supply list that I have to carry around…"

Draco's eyes scanned over the merchandise. He already had one of the fastest brooms on the market. That wasn't a problem. Potter still beat him every year. He would never admit it out loud, but Harry was just a better Seeker. This still didn't keep him from making fun of him though.

Had Raye ever flown on a broom? She was a bird in her Animagi form, so maybe not. Hogwarts made all first years buy a broom and take a flying course, but did Durmstrang? He didn't recall lugging a broom to his house for her at the end of term when she went to Azkaban…

"Michelle, I have to have a broom-"

"You aren't well. Flying would be too much for you."

Draco looked through the racks of brooms and saw two people on the other side. One was an adult with teal hair (what was it with girls and weird hair lately?) and another was a young girl. Her hair was dark like Raye and Darien's, but it was cropped short at her shoulders. He winced as a loud cough shook her body.

"I am well enough to fly. Besides, it is a required course for first year students. I know Hogwarts has a supply of brooms for lessons, but I want my own."

"Hotaru, I just don't think it would be a good idea." The teal-haired woman, Michelle, placed her hands on the girls' shoulders. "I'm sure they could put you on a modified curriculum-"

Hotaru? Draco felt all of the blood drain out of his face. A first year named Hotaru? That had to be her. That had to be the one that Raye needed to deliver the vial to!

"What are you staring at?"

Draco blinked and felt his cheeks burn red. In his thought process he forgot to advert his eyes and got caught snooping. He wondered around to the other side of the broom rack.

"I was wondering what broom you were looking at." He lied.

The teal-haired woman smiled. "Are you a student at Hogwarts?"

"Yeah. Fifth year."

"My name is Michelle." She looked down to Hotaru as she coughed. "This is Hotaru Tomoe. She will be a first year."

Draco felt his heart fall through his stomach. This girl was sick and they were supposed to deliver that vial of evil to her? Voldemort wanted to use her? She was only a first year! Her eyes drifted to a broom, watching it with a sad face. If they were going to ruin her life, then she might as well have a damn broom!

"What kind of broom do you want?" He moved to the rack and picked up a Comet. "Do you want to play Quidditch?"

"No! She can't play Quidditch." Michelle almost went into cardiac arrest at the very thought. Hotaru play Quidditch? Right. "First years are supposed to have a broom for a flying class, but I don't think-"

"I don't want to play Quidditch, but I would like to at least take the flying class." Hotaru looked up at Draco. "What is your name?"

"Draco Malfoy."

He noticed Michelle tense at the sound of his name. She placed a hand on Hotaru's shoulder, as if guarding her. Did this Michelle know what the Dark Lord had asked of Raye?

"Very nice to meet you. Do you play Quidditch?" Hotaru didn't seem to notice Michelle's change in behavior and kept talking.

"Yeah. I play Seeker for the Slytherin house."

Hotaru turned back towards the brooms on the rack before them. She seemed so kind and innocent. Would Raye be able to give her the vial? If she could not, could he do it for her? Draco felt his stomach turn and he suddenly wanted to throw up. There was no way either of them could, and he knew it.

"So, you have a lot of experience with brooms then." Hotaru picked up a broom. "What about this one?"

He looked at the Cleansweep Seven and thought about his broom. His Nimbus 2001 was far superior, but seeing as the girl was not going to play Quidditch it would suit her just fine. Everyone needed to learn how to ride a broom, and that one was as good as any to learn on.

"That is a good broom." He felt his distaste for it in his mouth as he spoke the words. "I would recommend buying a broom, whichever you choose. The ones that Hogwarts supplies are rubbish. They veer to the left when you fly and if you go too high they start to shake like they are going to explode or something."

The color from Michelle's face changed from brown to white. "Well, I'd rather you ride a broom that is safe… seeing as you are going to fly with or without my permission."

Michelle took the broom in her hands and narrowed her eyes at Draco. "If you already have a broom Mr. Malfoy, why did you come in here in the first place?"

"Michelle!" Hotaru shrieked.

It was painfully obvious at this point that Michelle did not trust him in the slightest. "Well, I came in here to buy a broom for a friend. She came from another school and doesn't have one."

Hotaru gave Draco an apologetic look as Michelle pulled her towards the cashier. She threw some Galleons on the counter. "Thank you for your help, Mr. Malfoy. Good luck finding a broom for your friend."

"Thank you." He heard Hotaru whisper as she was pulled her out of the shop, her new broom in her arms. When he stuck his head out of the door, the two of them were gone.

Feeling like an even more terrible person than he did before walking into Quality Quidditch Supplies, Draco felt the need to do something nice. He went over to the broom rack and picked up a Cleansweep Seven, just like Hotaru, and took it to the counter.

Raye was going to kill him.

Serena was having a good time with Molly, but she really wanted to see her friends and Harry. They had written her about their days at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, which seemed to consist of cleaning and meetings, and while shopping with Molly was fun she wanted to be in the action again! She was sure that things were happening and the Order was making leaps and bounds without her.

Luna was asleep on the windowsill. The poor cat hated having to act normal when Molly was around. Artemis had gone with Mina, so she did not have him to talk to. These past few days had been rough. Molly slept in her room, so they could not even talk at night. She loved her cousin, but the poor girl could not have come at a worse time.

"Gosh, Serena, I am wiped out!" Molly collapsed on the bed. She dropped her bags of clothes on the ground. "I think everyone was out today."

"Yeah, I'm pretty tired too." Serena checked her desk for letters. She left her window open while she was gone for that reason. However, there was nothing. "School is going to start in a few weeks and I'm going to be tired all the time."

"At least you get to go to Hogwalls-"

"Hogwarts." Serena corrected.

"Yeah, Hogwarts." Molly huffed. "I have to go to a boring normal school."

The blonde felt bad for Molly. The poor girl wanted to be magical more than anything. When they were kids, Molly was the first one to witness Serena's magical power. Ever since then, the girl had been included on Serena's magical life. They were best friends growing up, so it only felt appropriate. Besides, Molly would never tell a soul about it.

Serena was glad the crystal gave her memories back. Molly would be terribly depressed if she had forgotten their childhood.

"Trust me, Molly… History of Magic is even more boring than your math classes." Serena hardly made it through a class without falling asleep. "It's taught by a ghost who has been dead since forever ago."

The redheaded girl shook her head. "But, it must be so cool to be magical. I would suffer through that class just to be given a chance."

Serena did not really know what to say. Every time the girl visited this was a conversation that they had. Why couldn't Molly have been reborn as a witch too? The blonde let Molly lie on the bed in silence as she wrote a letter to Harry. She would have to borrow Sammy's owl again. Since he gave Artemis to Mina, her parents bought him a barn owl he named Haybale.


How are things? I am at home hanging out with my cousin. She is a Muggle, but she knows all about wizards and witches. Anyway, she is upset because we talked about going back to school. Molly wants to be a witch more than anything.

Perhaps we can meet up at a Muggle location? That would lift her spirits I think. Besides, I haven't gotten the chance to see you since you left your aunt and uncle's house.

Hope all is well,


After a quick argument with Sammy, he finally let her borrow Haybale. He was such a pest! Unfortunately for her, the squirt got his Hogwarts letter. She just hoped that he was not in Gryffindor.

She could see him being in a few houses really. He was extremely smart, so maybe he would get in Ravenclaw. Amy was transferring to Hogwarts to study with Professor McGonagall, and she would probably be sorted into Ravenclaw too. However, Sammy was evil enough he could probably get into Slytherin. But, he wasn't a pureblood, so maybe not. Hufflepuff would be good. Sammy was pretty loyal and honest…

She didn't really care- just not Gryffindor.

"What was that?" Molly asked. Serena had been too busy worrying about her brother that she had no idea what Molly was talking about.

"What was what, Molly?" Serena looked around. "I didn't hear anything."

"It was downstairs…"

The two girls made their way down the stairs, Serena with wand in hand. She really didn't want to use magic and get expelled, but Voldemort was on the loose! Besides she could just transform. That wasn't magic. Right?

"I swear, I don't think Serena ever cleans her bloody fire place…"

"Actually, she cleaned it a few weeks ago…"

Serena pocketed her wand. She knew those voices!

In her den stood Ron and Amy. She was disappointed not to see Harry, but she was still happy to see her other friends. Amy and Ron both gave her hugs, and while she wanted more than anything just to talk about the Order, she knew that Molly was only a few inches behind her.

"Hey, guys!"

"Harry told us you all were wanting some company." Amy smiled and extended a hand to Molly. She remembered her from Japan. "My name is Amy Anderson."

Ron seemed nervous. "I-I'm Ron."

Molly smiled, a light blush on her cheeks. "Molly Baker. So you all go to school with Serena?"

"Maybe you could tell Molly about Hogwarts, Ron, and I'll make some tea." Serena suggested.

The Weasley boy about killed himself getting over to Molly. Serena could hear "you know, my mother's name is Molly" as they walked into the sitting room. It was no time at all that they were talking about Hogwarts and Molly's school, so Serena and Amy disappeared into the kitchen. She put a pot on the stove and dug a bag of chips out of the cabinet.

"Harry couldn't make it. Leaving headquarters isn't in his best interest at the moment." Amy apologized.

"No, its okay. It was stupid of me to ask anyway." She shrugged. "I'm glad that you both came though. Ron and Molly seemed to hit it off."

"Yes they did. I wonder what his mother will think of him flirting with a girl named Molly?" Amy giggled. "I'm glad you wrote Harry, actually. Fred and George are making me mental. All we have been doing is cleaning and when I have something looking halfway decent they come right behind me and destroy it."

"Sorry, Amy." Serena frowned. "So, nothing going on at headquarters then? No Order business?"

"Afraid not. We learned that Voldemort has been trying to locate a secret weapon, but the Order has known it for some time. They just decided to tell us." Amy sighed. "I think we are going to be in for it again this year."

Serena huffed. "I bet it has something to do with this Hotaru Tomoe person. I wonder why she would be important?"

"Who knows? But, I was thinking, if Raye told us to protect her, I would assume she would be finding her way to Hogwarts in September." Amy tapped her chin. "Which would mean she is a first year."

"Not necessarily. You are transferring as a fifth year." Serena pointed out.

"Special circumstances." Amy defended herself. "Raye and Darien transferred because their father works with the Ministry and those people can get away with murder."

"Fine. So assuming she is a first year, why would we need to protect her? What would Voldemort want with a first year?"

Amy and Serena both jumped at the sound of the teakettle. Tension was running high. There were foul things ahead for the world, for them, and for Harry Potter, and the super heroines had no idea where to turn next.

End of Chapter Six

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