The Villagers of Konoha looked up in horror, certain that they were going to die. The Shinigami had suddenly appeared in the center of town accompanied by a towering skeleton in a black robe with a scythe strapped to its back.

"Hang on a sec, I think I'm gonna... BLEARGH!" The Shinigami said as he proceeded to vomit on the small park near the shopping district.

The Shinigami looked down at the contents of said vomit and blinked.

"Huh?" he said. "Well, there's no way in hell I'm eating those again. Home Grim and step on it."

"Yes Master." the skeleton said an instant before he and the God of Death vanished, completely unaware of the panicked mortals they had left behind.

When the bravest made their way to the park, a most amazing and miraculous sight met their eyes. The first four Hokages of Konoha were there, and they appeared to be alive. Or at the very least not under the control of someone who was trying to destroy Konoha. The fact that the first three were beating up on the fourth took a little while longer for them to process. The brave and foolhardy Maito Gai had been the first to actually approach them and speak to them.

"Why are you beating up on the Yondaime in such an unyouthful fashion?" he asked frowning in a serious manner (something he did when he tried to think of anything more complicated than 2+2=?).

"He left me to deal with all of the paperwork I retired to get away from!" Sarutobi Hiruzen Third Hokage of Konoha said. "The selfish bastard wouldn't let me be the sacrifice, and he left me to raise his kid after Jiraiya skipped town."

"JIRAIYA WHAT?!" Namikazi Minato, the Fourth Hokage yelled, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the Senju brothers were doing their utmost to beat the crap out of him.

"I can understand some of Sandaime-Sama's rather unyouthful anger at him, but why are you beating him up?" Gai asked.

"The little bastard got my grandbaby pregnant and didn't even bother making an honest woman out of her before she died." Senju Tobirama, the Second Hokage said.

"I've gotta go with family on this one." Senju Hashirama, First Hokage of Konoha said. "Besides we wouldn't have been in this mess if that little moron hadn't taught that Sarutobi punk how to summon the FREAKING GOD OF DEATH!"