A/N: Ok guys, I know you must all despise me, especially because this isn't an update. I'm so, so sorry! I've been having computer trouble like mad for the last year or so. That's why I haven't updated. I've gotten my laptop repaired like three times, only for something else to go wrong with it. All my files got deleted, and stupid me, I didn't have backups of a lot of that stuff, including all the editing and new chapters of this story. And without a computer of my own, I have no time to write, and no way to write and actually get it online, since I can't use my aunt's computer for long. I'm so sorry guys! I know you must all be furious, since it's been like a year. I just can't update this now, not without a computer to type up the chapters, and I have no way to even get to the library to use one. Please don't hate me! I haven't given up on this story! It's just on Hiatus until I can get my laptop repaired, again _ I feel so very guilty for doing this to you all. Please forgive me, and know that I'm always thinking about this story, and everyone reading it. I haven't abandoned it, honest, nor have I abandoned fanfiction. I just need some time.

Pleading for patience and understanding'

Christina (notsoinnocentfangirl)