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"If you don't like it—"

"I love it!" Elizavéta cried, her hands clasped excitedly in front of her body as she jumped up and down with excitement. The bags that she had brought from America lay in a messy pile at her feet, knocked over by her excitement. Gilbert, who was unloading Elizavéta's bags from the car, set down the last suitcase with a sigh.

"I'm so fucking surprised," Gilbert muttered murderously under his breath.

The entire plane ride on Gilbert's privet jet was passed the same way. The albino man tried, time after time, to discourage Elizavéta from going to Switzerland with him. He even kept it up til the moment they landed down, taking a pause only when Elizavéta fell asleep on the plane. When she woke up...well, she was treated to the same terrible persuasion. However, when the plane landed down in the mansion's own airplane hanger, Gilbert lost hope.

Elizavéta, on the other hand, had been excited the entire flight. Even Gilbert's constant pestering couldn't take her down from cloud nine, where she was imagining a mansion of boys, a mansion of boys that share rooms, a mansion of boys that share beds. Later on, she completely forgot about paying attention to Gilbert because her mind began filling with things that should not be mentioned to little kids under the age of twelve.

Elizavéta stood, grinning madly at the gigantic mansion before her. It wasn't old fashioned in the least—she didn't see a long, winding cobble-stoned path and was slightly disappointed to find that there was no climbing ivy at all. The walls weren't bricked at all, and there wasn't a double-sided staircase up to a high-set door.

Instead, all of the house seemed to be made an eye-blinding ivory white color. There were gigantic arching see-through windows lined around all of the first floor while the windows on the second floor, though they were the same size, were darkly tinted. The door was pure white with pillars lining the front, holding up three balconies on the second floor that seemed to stem from tinted windows. The path up to the house was lined with some sort of flowering tree that was holding up large flowers with cream colored petals. The entire structure was set on a tall hill, overlooking a smaller building next to it that seemed to be connected through a balcony on the second floor.

"It's gorgeous! It's like a dream house!" Elizavéta squealed. "I can't believe you live here! I can't believe you live here! I can't believe you can afford this place! It's so pretty!"

"I can't believe that you can keep up jumping like that up and down for so fucking long," Gilbert said with disbelief, grabbing a few of Elizavéta's bags and starting to tow the luggage up the path. "You have some toed-up energizer bunny thing going on. Get your stuff. I need to explain to the guys why the hell a girl followed me home."

Elizavéta beamed. "You can get my stuff, and I can introduce myself," she said happily, dashing up the path to the house, leaving a blinking and slightly confused Gilbert behind her.

"W-W-Wait! Are you serious? I'm not carrying all of your shit!"

Elizavéta ignored him, running up onto the porch. The porch of the house extended around the entire perimeter of the house, and also happened to be where the pillars holding up the balconies on the second floor spawned. She raised a fist to knock on the door, but it seemed like the door swung open of it's own accord. She was immediately greeted by a boy with brown hair and equally warm eyes. He was wearing what looked like a white ensemble, and if anything of his was even slightly more of the ivory shade, then his clothes would blend right in with the house. He stood there for a moment, examining and grinning at Elizaveta, before laughing happily.

"It's you! Elizavéta! You're here!" the boy squealed with happiness, immediately wrapping his arms around Elizavéta's waist. "We've been waiting for you! We've already got your room all picked out! I hope you like white, Lizza-chan!" Elizavéta thought sarcastically that the entire house was white. "I'm Feliciano by the way, what's your name? Oh, sorry, I forgot I already knew!" Feliciano giggled here, smacking himself playfully on the forehead. "I guess I'm just used to asking. Come in, Lizza-chan! Come in!"

The inside of the house was as beautiful as the outside. The hallway for the upper level seemed to run around the entire of the interior, lined with a small fence-like barre that kept someone from falling down the lower floor. Elizavéta's eyes widened when she saw that the sunlight that fell in from the windows looked faintly multi-colored, creating small rainbows when it shined through the glass tables. There were no doors at all in the lower floor, except for the front door and the back door, so everything had a large open feeling.

Elizavéta's mouth gracelessly fell open as she allowed herself to be towed into a room that she saw from outside. A dark-auburn haired boy seemed to be lounging on the ivory white couch, flipping uninterestedly through a magazine as if it was everyday that Feliciano dragged some random girl through the house. He was also wearing white. Elizavéta was starting to feel out of place in her baby-doll top and skinny jeans. "Feliciano, close the door."

"No! I'm still outside!" Elizavéta heard from outside. She turned around to see Gilbert struggling up the walk with an armload of suitcases. He glared into the house with a passion of a thousand suns. Elizavéta couldn't see what Gilbert was so worried about. It wasn't like they were going to lock him out there...were they?

"Exactly why I wanted the door to be shut in the first place," the brunette said in a generally emotionless voice, turning the page slowly. "Did you know, Gilbert, that you look vaguely like an old grandpa when you make that expression?"

"Shut up, Lovino!"

Feliciano turned and looked at Elizavéta with an apologetic expression. "Don't mind them, Lizzie, they're always like that! Lovino actually likes to pick on everyone...but he's my brother, so I still love him lots!"

Elizavéta's eyes glinted. "Twincest," she whispered to herself.

"What was that?"

Elizavéta blinked, and then smiled at Feliciano's curious expression. "You don't need to know," she said wisely, patting him on the head.

"It was probably some girl thing anyway," Lovino commented from the couch. He looked up briefly from his magazine and yelped, bringing the article up to his chin reflexively when he saw Elizavéta's face hovering not inches from his own.


"Pardon what?"

"What was it that you said about girls?"

"Oh my god, don't say anything about girls in front of that psycho bitch!" Gilbert gasped from the door, setting down all of Elizavéta's bags in the main hallway. "I swear, she's sexist!"

Lovino opened his mouth to argue but was cut off by a much louder voice that seemed to float over from the top of the second floor banister. "Hahahaha! She's here! She's here!" Elizavéta looked up just in time to see a blond-haired boy jumping down from the second floor, causing Feliciano to scream rather loudly.

"You git!" Another blond had been behind the first, his face red as he looked over the railing to see the blond that jumped stand up straight and fix his white hoodie. "You're so stupid! You could have hurt yourself!"

"Wouldn't have been the first time, now would it?" Lovino frowned, turning back to his magazine as Elizavéta looked up in wonder to stare at the new additions to the huddle downstairs.

"Oh, Artie, you're just not happy because I didn't hurt myself so you didn't get an excuse to fuss over me," the blond on the ground floor said, turning his head up and smiling at 'Artie', who turned an even deeper shade of red and spluttered indignantly. He was also wearing white, but it came in the form of an overly large shirt with a round, sagging collar that Elizavéta had the feeling wasn't his.

"Weren't you guys the ones that called me?" Elizavéta couldn't help calling out. Both boys looked at each other, the blond on the ground floor with a smug smile, Arthur with an irritated raise of his thicker-than-natural eyebrows, before turning back to her.

"Yup!" the one in the hoodie...Alfred, Elizavéta remembered...said cheerfully. "That was fun, but I got yelled at later for not using the long distance phone. How's the US of A doing without my awesome presence?"


"That's Alfred and Arthur!" Feliciano piped up happily, twirling and jumping until he was standing in front of Alfred, smiling at Elizavéta. "Gilbert always says that Arthur has a 'stick up his ass', and everyone always calls Alfred a 'psycho mockingbird on crack'!"

"Also known as the shameless couple here," Lovino muttered darkly. Gilbert's eyes glinted and he opened his mouth to retort, but then frowned and stopped. Alfred, meanwhile, seemed to either have bad or selective hearing, since he didn't bother with Feliciano and Lovino's introductions. He grinned, running forward and crushing Elizavéta into a gigantic bear hug.

"Finally! Another American in the house! Look, look, Artie, bask in the glow!"

"Sure, sure, you dolt," Arthur muttered halfheartedly, walking down the circling staircase set at the back of the house (white, of course) and coming up besides Alfred, grabbing and tweaking his ear harshly. Alfred squeaked loudly and let go of Elizavéta, the girl gasping for air once the pressure was off her lungs. "My apologies about Alfred, Elizavéta. If you can't tell, it's been a while since we've had visitors."

"I'm...I'm alive," Elizavéta coughed.

Alfred, who was still massaging his ear, whined, "God, Artie, can't you ever kill the other ear? I swear, it's always this one! I already lost the feeling in it."

"Then I advise you to use your brain more," Arthur snapped, turning away from Alfred to sit down on the coffee table, turning the television on.

"Who says that he's got one?" Gilbert snorted above the rather loud sound of some random soap opera, moving to the refrigerator to grab a soda. "You should know that, of all people, Arthur." Arthur rolled his eyes from his position.

"I'm in denial."

Feliciano turned back to Elizavéta, rocking cheerfully on the balls of his feet. "What did you talk about in that phone call that they made to you, Lizza-chan? For some reason Arthur won't talk about it!"

Arthur looked like he had been reminded of something terrible that he had been trying to forget and squeezed his eyes shut. "That's because it was embarrassing," he groaned, lowering his head into his hands. "Alfred is to never lay his hands on a phone call that is used for a business purpose ever again."

"Hey, I was lightening the mood!" Alfred interjected. "And besides, with the way you were making things go, we'd never get the book back. Artie was never good at debate. Which reminds me, Liz, you did bring it, right?" Elizavéta blinked. Say what now?

And before Elizavéta could bat an eyelash, Gilbert was in front of her.

"The girl just got here, Alfred," Gilbert snarled. "Cut her some slack. Let her rest. She'll give it to us when she feels like it."

"Give what? The book?"

"No, your money," Lovino said sarcastically. "We're not picky." Everyone ignored him.

"Who said I was going to give it to you guys at all?" Elizavéta snapped before she could help herself. When five pairs of eyes fixed themselves on her, she didn't back down the least. The one thing that bugged her the most was people trying to stick up for her. However, looking at Feliciano's strangely crushed face, she backpedaled immediately. Even if they had been weird so far, they were still welcoming her into their own house. "I mean, I will give it back, but I really do want to finish reading it first."

Arthur surprised Elizavéta by paling. "You read? The entire story?"

"Yeah. Why, what about it?"

"Do you remember what happened?" Elizavéta frowned. What kind of a question was that? She was beginning to regret coming to the mansion if all anyone was going to do was interrogate her. Her arms crossed protectively under her chest.

"Duh, I remember." Arthur's eyes closed at this and he started tugging on his right glove one finger at a time, his expression slightly pained. Elizavéta hadn't even noticed him wearing them before, but her eyes were suddenly glued to them for some reason. Who wore gloves indoors? Feliciano eyed Arthur's movements and his chocolate orbs widened drastically.

"Hey, Arthur, don't make rash decisions," Alfred said suddenly, grabbing the smaller blond's wrist with his fingers. "We can think this out, and everything would be fine. So just...just put back on that glove." Arthur hesitated but didn't make another move. Lovino peered at the pair over his magazine before sighing and sitting up, tossing the article on the coffee table.

"You all are making such a big deal about this," he said irritably. "I feel like a soap opera's being shot in this house. Arthur, it's not like Elizavéta would tell. And even if she did, in this case, we would be able to dispose of her quickly without anyone else finding out. You guys don't have to be so dramatic about it." Elizavéta narrowed her eyes. Dispose of her?

"And what do we tell Lili?" Arthur asked quietly.

"Does Lili even know that Elizavéta's here?" Alfred exploded. He looked accusingly into each of his house-mates eyes. All of them either looked away or looked slightly pissed. Though at this point, Elizavéta had no clue at why they would be pissed. Hell, she had no clue all of what was going on. "Feliciano, does she know that Elizavéta's here?"

"Well...I originally thought that Gilbert was going to clear it up with Lili before he dragged Lizza-chan here..." Feliciano stuttered.

"It was a last minuet thing!" Gilbert snarled. "There was no way I would know that the girl I'm supposed to get the book from is gonna tail me back here! I didn't have any time to make a call!"

"The airplane flight, Gilbert," Arthur said slowly, closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose with two fingers. Gilbert spluttered, trying to find an excuse, before rounding on another boy.

"Lovino! Shouldn't you have seen Elizavéta coming? Why didn't you tell Lili?!"

"Oh, that," Lovino said uninterestedly, looking at his fingernails. "I did tell her." The other boys gave exploding sighs. "She wasn't too pleased with the idea though, and told me that Elizavéta could stay as long as she returned the book and stayed away from us."

The others silenced.

"Lili...Lili said that?" Alfred asked.

"Mmm, Lili said that she would like her book back," Feliciano said, chewing on his bottom lip and looking up in contemplation. "Vash was the one that said Lizza-chan had to stay away from us. Right, Lovi?"

"Same thing," Lovino said in a bored tone.

"Stay away?" Arthur snorted. "She's living in the same house! You can't stay away from people that live in the same house as you."

"Vash must want us to stay away from her," Alfred frowned, crossing his arms in front of his body. "So according to Vash, we're just supposed to walk around the house, pretending that Elizavéta doesn't exist? That doesn't sound very fair to me."

Gilbert looked sideways to see a very confused and slightly hurt Elizavéta and sighed. "Feliciano, you want to take Elizavéta up to her room?" Feliciano jumped up immediately at the request and grabbed Elizavéta's wrist.

"Come on, Lizza-chan, let me show you around!" he offered, beginning to tow her up the marble staircase. He tossed a final look at the group downstairs before rounding the bend, pulling Elizavéta with a force that she wouldn't have believed that the little guy had.

"Whoa, Feli, slow down!" Elizavéta commanded as she stumbled on the top stair. Her balance thrown off, her toe stubbed on the carpet and she crashed to the ground. Feliciano, however, didn't seem to notice her tripping and tugged a few times before he looked down to see a pissed Elizavéta sprawled on the floor.

"Oh, oh, I'm so sorry, Lizza-chan!" Feliciano exclaimed, bending down immediately to help the girl to her feet. When Elizavéta gave a huff and brushed the dirt off her skinny jeans, she looked up to see Feliciano almost in tears. Her motherly instinct kicked in immediately.

"Oh, Feli, I'm fine! See, I'm all okay. That fall didn't do much," she said warmly, gesturing up and down her entire body. Feliciano's bottom lip trembled more and he gave a loud, shuddering sigh, as if he was trying to keep in a wail. Elizavéta shushed him softly, pulling him into the first door she saw. "Don't cry, doll, don't cry!"

The boy shook his head quickly, covering his eyes with his hands. Elizavéta gently closed the door behind her and tiptoed to Feliciano. "I'm so, so sorry, Lizza-chan!" His voice was muffled by his fingers, so Elizavéta could only hear a watered-down version of the words that he wanted to use. "I can't believe that Alfred and Arthur and Lovino and Gilbert would say bad things about you in front of your face like that, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

"Shh, shh," Elizavéta whispered, sitting Lovino down on the bed that happened to be in the room. "Don't cry, Feliciano, please don't cry anymore. It's okay, it's okay, I'm not offended in any way!"

"Y-Y-You must hate us now!" Feliciano wailed. "I c-can't sa-say sorry enough! They're not always l-like that, Lizza-chan! They're usually really nice and selfless and-and they can't cook pasta worth shit but I s-still love them because we've b-been together forever and...and..."

"I love you guys, Feliciano, I love you guys very, very much," Elizavéta shushed. "They just must be a little tired today, that's all! I believe you, just don't cry anymore, doll. You're tearing my heart apart."

Feliciano sniffled again, but wiped a hand across his tears. Elizavéta snatched up a handkerchief from a table next to her and handed to him. "T-Thank you, L-Lizza-chan," Feliciano said shakily, following it with a trembling laugh. "Y-You're really, really nice, too. It-It'll be fun having you in the house." Elizavéta smiled at him and pulled him into a hug.

"It's going to be fun staying here."

Feliciano gave a final sniffle and then looked around him. His face fell immediately. "Oh no, this is Alfred and Arthur's room!" he cried, jumping to his feet. Elizavéta blinked, but she straightened as well, looking around.

The room looked like an explosion of both messy and clean. The bed that she had hastily sat Feliciano down on was one of the cleaner surfaces, with the sheets laid over smoothly and what looked like a stuffed bear sitting on top of the pillows. The dresser and desk, however, was a different story. There were mugs stacked haphazardly all over any flat plain on the desk, paper and a laptop balanced precariously on a pack of pencils. There was a door at the end, which Elizavéta guessed was the bathroom.

And of course, everything was an eye blinding white.

"So they really do share a bed," Elizavéta said slowly, a maniacal grin starting to stretch across her face. She made a move to examine the room, but Feliciano grabbed her arm quickly and dragged her out of the room and into the hallway, sighing with relief when he heard voices still conversing in the living room.

"That could have ended messily," Feliciano sighed. His face then turned into horror when he realized that he was still holding onto the handkerchief. "That...Lizza-chan, you wouldn't have taken this from inside the...?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, that was on the bedside table."

"..." Feliciano took the handkerchief and stuffed it into his pocket, looking pale. "I'll just burn it," Elizavéta heard Feliciano mutter. He towed her into the room across from Alfred and Arthur's. "I'll burn it and scatter the ashes and Arthur will think it's Gilbert..." He closed the door behind him and turned to smile at Elizavéta, his attitude changing immediately. "This is the room that I share with Lovino!"

Though this room was as white as the others, it seemed like Feliciano and Lovino took every chance they could to fill the room with...tomatoes? There seemed to be a gigantic stuffed tomato sitting on the large bed in the center, with posters of tomatoes with creepy smiles lining the walls. Shoved in a corner was a desk with what looked like clock innards strewn across the surface. The dresser, desk, and windowsill seemed to be lined with...

"Music boxes," Elizavéta said, stunned. "There's so many of them in here. Do you collect music boxes, Feliciano?"

"Nope!" Feliciano chirped happily, shaking his head. "I make them!" Elizavéta tripped again on the carpet, this time in surprise. Feliciano reacted quickly enough to snap out a hand to steady her. "Careful, there might still be some spare parts lying around the ground! Do you like them, Lizza-chan?"

"They're...they're beautiful." Elizavéta's eyes widened as she stared at all of the different music players around the room. There was one that was shaped like a piano. Feliciano danced over to that one and turned the key a few times. Once he let go, a tinkling classical melody rang out, the tiny keys on the piano moving in time with the notes. "That's amazing, Feliciano! How long did that take you?"

"A month," the small boy admitted, turning to Elizavéta with a large, curling smile. "They usually take a while, but the really simple ones take only two weeks." Feliciano gestured towards a glittering snowman with inset jewels making it's eyes and buttons. He popped open the head and twisted the key before letting go, the new Christmas melody replacing the dwindling classical one.

"These are amazing, Feliciano. You really have a talent! You should sell these, you would make so much money!" Feliciano's eyes seemed to darken momentarily as his mouth frowned just the slightest before he got his spark back.

"I don't really like selling these. I give them to the others on special occasions." Feliciano gasped suddenly. "I just remembered, I even made one for you, Lizza-chan!" He bounced over to the messy desk with what Elizavéta now realized was music box pieces and picked up a rather large music box from amidst the bits. "Isn't it pretty? Alfred tried to steal it so he could listen to it, but that didn't work out so well. Lovino had been sleeping then. Here you go, Lizza-chan!"

Elizavéta took the mechanism, stunned. It looked like a frosted cake—completely white with gold trimmings. There was a large pearl set in the center of the top with gold veins running around the perimeter and stretching like a star to the edges of the cover, circling the rim of the lid with swirling designs and running down the height of the box like spokes of a wheel. The entire thing was dusted with the lightest silver, making the entire music box look like more of a museum artifact than a common entertainment tool. Elizavéta's hands began trembling.

"Feliciano, I can't accept—"

"Open it, open it!" the boy chirped excitedly, jumping up and down with anticipation. Elizavéta hesitated, and then found the clutch and pressed a button.

The lid swung up immediately, revealing a plush, red interior of velvet. At the center, on a small round platform, was a glass bird. Elizavéta felt for the key on the side of the box and wound it up. The clicks came easily as Elizavéta wound for what felt like ages. She frowned just slightly. "Feliciano, is this supposed to be like this?"

"It's a long song," Feliciano said, grinning broadly. "Lovino found it for me when he was playing one of his video games."

"Huh," Elizavéta commented, finally reaching the point where she had to struggle to turn the key more. She let go of it. After a pause, the music began.

And at once, Elizavéta wasn't there anymore.

Her eyes closed. Though the tune was slow, it managed to be lilting, sweet, and...nostalgic at the same time. Elizavéta suddenly felt like she had stood there before, perhaps in some other world, in some other place, but most definitely...she had most definitely been in this house. The memory was both fuzzy and fresh, bringing feelings of despair, hope, and longing at the same time. Elizavéta's heart ached as it wanted to reach out towards someone that she couldn't see, didn't know. It sounded like the whispers of morning...the euphoria of living...the acceptance of evil. It sounded like an innocent girl tossed in a world she didn't understand, it sounded like a few people trapped in a hallucination they didn't want to be in. It sounded like a brother desperate in a race against time...or was it for time?

Elizavéta exhaled slowly, trying desperately to remember this tune. She had heard it before—she had heard it so many times before that she was able to predict the next notes. But...from where...? Her eyes opened slowly, looking at the small glass bird that twirled, tilting it's head back one time and leaning forward another.

She had stared at this bird once, at the exactly same time before. It was there in her mind, she was sure of it, but it was just a hair breadth away. She tried focusing on the small, detailed face and the tiniest bit of sorrow weaved into the melody, but the more she chased after the one memory, the further it flew away. Finally, giving up, she closed her eyes just as the song dwindled down to a silence.

"L-L-Lizza-chan? Y-You're crying."

Elizavéta's eyes snapped open to see Feliciano's worried face in front of hers. Giving a shout, she jumped back, just managing to hold onto the music box. Feliciano was wringing his hands, his wide brown eyes worried. "Are you okay, Lizza-chan? Y...You started crying after...after you closed your eyes." Feliciano lifted a hand and brushed a spot under Elizavéta's eye, bringing it up so she could see the small tear suspended on his finger. "See?"

Elizavéta's hand automatically raised to feel her cheek. Sure enough, there was the wetness. Feliciano dug around in his pocket until he brought out Arthur's handkerchief again, passing it to Elizavéta this time. "Looks like we needed this a lot today," she laughed weakly, bringing the fabric up to dab at her eyes. Feliciano looked at her with worry.

"Do...Do you not like the music box?" he asked nervously. "If it makes you unhappy, I can make you a new one! Is it the design or the music? I can fix either!"

"No...Feliciano it''s perfect." Elizavéta flipped the handkerchief inside out and wiped at her other eye. "I just...what is this song called again? I think I might have heard it before."

"O-Oh! I think it was called Fragment of a Dream."


Once upon a time.

There was a god and a human girl.

The human girl was selfish. Though her outer appearance her beautiful, her real personality was as rotten and disgusting as a demon. She cheated and corrupted, plotted and destroyed. Her true nature scared away many other humans, and over time, the god finally turned his attention to the human girl.

The first thing that the god tried was to send a few of his messengers down to the girl to force her to change her ways. With close to no persuading, the two angels departed from the god and descended to earth to meet with the human girl.

The human girl had never seen angels before. When the two messengers appeared before the girl, she immediately captured them and kept them locked up in a cage. When the god heard of this, he was furious. He immediately cursed the girl so that she would never die as long as the two angels were still with her. The girl, seeing this as a blessing, thanked the god, unaware of the consequences of eternal life.

Time passed.

The girl's parents grew older, older, and died. The girl's heart crumbled with a pain that she had never felt before. Only when her parents were missing did she feel how attached she had been to them. A few years later, while she kept her appearance of a teenager, the girl's brothers and sisters reached their old age and died, one by one.

At this point the girl was terrified. She wasn't used to feeling the loneliness she instigated on others. Her only company were the two angels that stayed with her day and night, not because they chose to, but because the girl had kept them locked up even after so many years.

Finally, at a request of one of the messengers, the girl tried to speak to the god. She looked up towards the heavens and prayed, "Please

Elizavéta frowned at the page, turning it back and forth under her flashlight. She had been in the middle of reading the third story, but the pages after were completely blank. Either that or they were torn out. Her brow furrowed but she closed the book, setting it on her new bedside table and burrowing into her covers, turning off and setting her flashlight under her pillow before rolling around and falling asleep.

Her music box, which was set on a dresser across the room, tinkled to a stop.

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