Missing Pictures

The photos never shown at the end but memories forever remembered.

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1. Memory

They fought against all odds to keep what they already had of each other

2. Fright

Shirma feared she'd lost Raffaello in the Destroyer but kept faith in her heart he would return

3. Time

With the Destroyer gone, Shirma and Raffaello spent every moment they could together

4. Fly

Raffaello grinned and whispered to Shirma, "I'll take us somewhere special where we can be alone for as long as we want." The white mage blushed, knowing what he was implying and simply held onto him tightly as he continued to fly them to their destination

5. Regret

He always hated himself for having broken her heart so many times

6. Twilight

"It's the best place to watch the sunset!" Raffaello never doubted Shirma's reasoning when he saw the sunset with her atop the clocktower

7. Misunderstanding

Croma only happened to walk in on seeing Shirma and Raffaello holding each other in his bed before cursing at him and chasing him out with a barrage of Flare spells, ignoring Shirma's pleas to stop. "But Sis, he was only helping me warm up! You know it's cold out!"

8. Serenade

They enjoyed dancing together to the music of the jukebox in Dardola's Dining, always drawing in a crowd

9. Love

Raffaello shyly kissed the white mage, holding her closely to him, hoping it would let her know his feelings. A blushing Shirma returned the gesture, both teens now knowing they felt the same

10. Forgive

He could never forgive himself for his sins, but she was there to forgive them for him

11. Forbidden

The unison of an Oracle and Sacred Beast was strictly forbidden, especially to those of opposing elements but that never stopped their love for each other

12. Green

She loved how the color made him look angelic

13. Purity

He loved her innocence but feared she would forever be tainted by his darkness

14. Savior

She knew he was one no matter how much he denied it

15. Cover

His wings hid them both from the world, letting them to be in their own

16. Lust

He feared the Destroyer's feelings toward Shirma were because of his own

17. Celebrate

Instead of joining the party throughout town of the Destroyer's defeat, they crept away together to watch the lights from atop the clocktower in each other's arms

18. Secret

He knew he'd always love her but something in his heart began to bother him when he had the urge to touch her on more than one occasion

19. Element

They balanced each other, fitting one another's body and element perfectly

20. Protective

He knew she could fend for herself in the midst of a battle but that only made him want to keep her safely behind him more

21. Dream

He once dared to venture into her dreams through her memories only to see the image of a mysterious young boy with emerald green eyes that shone like Shirma's and hair that looked exactly like his own with an innocent smile

22. Pain

"Because you love her, I will take her as mine." The Destroyer's cruel laugh left Raffaello horrified and despaired

23. Requiem

They felt safe in each other's arms, solace in all the elements as long as they were together

24. Judgment

Nobody could ever separate them, not even Croma, who still didn't completely trust Raffaello much to Shirma's dismay

25. Falter

Raffaello used much of his power once he caught onto the Destroyer's plan, desperately hoping to change the course of the sword enough so that Shirma would be spared, but it never changed Croma's demise

26. Mysterious

He was an enigma to all but her, he preferred it this way

27. Private

Raffaello brought Shirma and Chocobo to a cave under Levia Point, planning to show them a secret cavern. After opening the seal with his powers, he asked Chocobo to stay outside so he could show something special to Shirma, letting them have a moment alone

28. Nightmare

Her screams of terror in the night were always of the memories she wanted to forget most, his leaving and betrayal; but now she was glad he was there with her to stay and comfort her

29. Confusion

The lusting gaze of the Destroyer sent chills down her spine but she couldn't help but blush because it was Raffaello's body that was staring at her so intently

30. Heart

They both knew he wasn't human although he felt as much as one with her

31. Self – loathing

He couldn't stop hating himself for having made her suffer so much

32. Loneliness

He craved her company desperately but he knew it would only put her in danger, as the Destroyer urged him to call her into the fortress, which he knew she would come if he did

33. Unique

He was different but that's what she loved about him, it's what gives him his worth

34. Something Special

"By putting our strengths together, we can achieve something amazing!" Her words couldn't be more true for them now with their love for each other as their strength

35. Light

She saved him from drowning in the darkness with her heart; his was beating along with it

36. Darkness

He feared her light would no longer shine should his darkness diminish it

37. Jealous

He was secretly glad that he returned the night before Croma left for her journey

38. Destiny's Direction

He was surprised to find that the train in Talkas led him back to Foundtime and Shirma. At that moment, he knew destiny allowed him to find his way back to her

39. Reborn

They wanted to see each other again so much that by the belief of their hearts he was reborn

40. Night

Raffaello and Shirma were planning to enjoy their night together, sneaking out to a plain of flowers he'd flown them to as a surprise for her

41. Promise

He promised he'd return to her; her heart and prayers knew they could stay together then

42. Sacred Beast

He felt like more of a sinner whenever he heard his title mentioned, memories of his past reverberating throughout his mind

43. White

Shirma was a bridesmaid along with the other Oracles for Charlotte and Harry's wedding, which never ceased to amaze her; wondering when she could don such a beautiful dress with Raffaello standing in front of her

44. Labyrinth

She was lost without him, living in despair until they were forever reunited

45. Chain of Sadness

Their story was filled with heartbreak and tragedy but that only lead to a new beginning of happiness

46. Known

Stella had already known about Shirma and Raffaello's feelings for each other when she saw them share an innocent kiss after his return; she just decided to leave the farm only slightly more often and bringing Croma with her

47. Memories of a Bygone Day

Time seemed to fly by and now they were setting off on their own journey, together

48. Oracle

She was the destined Oracle of the Light; a proud title only he knew secretly troubled her when his was involved

49. Black

He tried forcing himself to not fall in love with her so she wouldn't be hurt but his heart and body never obeyed

50. Together Forever

They promised to be together forever, no matter what and no obstacles could stand in their way now. They had an eternity to be together; through all the pain and suffering, their light shone brightly

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