Okay so this is my first crossover with Brooke and Castiel in writing as Brooke and Castiel.

Also, let me warn you now that this story is NOT for the faint of heart.

The chapters won't be really long either, and this is definitely AU.

This is the intro and it's pretty short but the first chapter will be up in about an hour.

To start off, Jimmy is not married and he does not have a daughter—instead he is dating Sam's and Dean's bff, Brooke Davis.

Sam is in a relationship with Haley, and Dean is his good ol' Dean self with a bit of a crush on Brooke.

Castiel is in love with Brooke, and at first Brooke doesn't find it cheating since it's Jimmy's body, but then things get REALLY turned upside down when Brooke starts falling for Castiel too…

WARNINGS: Language, Dark Themes, Sex, Violence, Blood, Brief Drug Use



Brooke Davis couldn't help but let out a scream when she saw her boyfriend, Jimmy Novak's, hand in a boiling pot of water. She wasn't sure what the Hell he thought he was doing, but she was more worried about the fact that nothing bad was happening to him. Jimmy looked up at his girlfriend and pulled his hand out of the boiling water, smiling at her and her nodding slowly.

They'd had the talk about Castiel and Brooke had, had the dreams about him, but she wasn't sure if she was ready for this. Angels was a new thing for her—in all of the hunting with Sam, and Haley and Dean she understood the demons and the ghosts, but angels? To top it off…Brooke could hear them, and she hoped that didn't mean she was a vessel too—one vessel was enough for her.

"What are you doing, Jimmy?" Brooke asked him with a soft sigh.

Jimmy stepped up to her and stroked her hair. "Castiel is readying me to be his vessel—I stuck my hand in there and nothing happened."

"Wow…I guess that could be kind of neat." Brooke told him and then wrapped her arms around his neck. "When do I lose you?"

"Brooke, you're not going to lose me." Jimmy replied, kissing her softly. "You're just going to have to share me with an angel. This is an honor."

Brooke nodded at him. "Baby, I know that, I just…I'm not good at sharing."

Jimmy chuckled a little and nodded, kissing her, this time a little longer so he could remember the feel of her lips against his. At first he hadn't wanted to be Castiel's vessel, but he knew that this was an honor—knew that it was in his blood. An angel needed his body and he was going to let that angel have it, because the world was more important than his own personal happiness.

"I say we take advantage of this 'us' time." Brooke told Jimmy as she pulled back a little, taking his hand. "Upstairs."

Jimmy chuckled and followed her towards the staircase. "You know I'm trying to figure out why I was chosen to be the vessel of an angel."

"I know, right? Because your girlfriend is such a demon." Brooke told him with a laugh, shutting the bedroom door behind them and taking her shirt off. "You know I love you, right?"

"Yeah, I do." Jimmy said with a bright smile, kissing her as he unbuttoned his dress shirt. "I love you too."

Note: There's the intro! The first chapter is almost done. Feedback is always appreciated!