It's been FOREVER, but I NEED to write about Castiel right now…it's not even a question!

I apologize for this Castiel of mine, but he's a little lusty and though still adorably awkward and sexy, he is also kind of…a mastermind…and the reason why will be explained soon.

If you don't like that, I suggest not continuing to read…this whole story is VERY AU, and though most things and characters are the same, the storyline demands Castiel to be a little more commanding…

WARNINGS: Language, Dark Themes, Sex, Violence, Blood, Brief Drug Use



Brooke was avoiding Castiel like the plague and he understood that, but he honestly wasn't very all right with it. He knew that as a human she would find it rather disconcerting, but he'd been in love her for a very long time. He had been watching her since she was little and he knew she'd find that creepy…and he knew she wouldn't understand. On the other hand, he understood that he was in her boyfriend's body, and that in itself was making this hard for her.

"So…what exactly is it that you're accomplishing being in Jimmy?" Haley asked Castiel, handing Sam his third cup of coffee that morning.

There had been exactly two hunts since Castiel had taken Jimmy's body over, and on each of those hunts, Dean and Brooke had taken out the demons. Brooke wanted her mind off of Jimmy being gone, and Dean wanted to be close to Brooke to find an 'in' to make his move. Sam and Haley had been getting to know Castiel, and they were both rather fond of him, but still confused as to how this was all going to work out.

"We are going to stop the breaking of the seals." Castiel explained to them. "All of the angels are gathering on Earth to stop Lilith."

Sam nodded slowly. "I understand that, I just…why did you pick Jimmy?"

Castiel knew that that question was going to be asked of him eventually, and he really didn't have a 'good' answer for it. He wanted to be able to occasionally be near Brooke…that was just the way that it had to be for him. On the other hand, Castiel knew that if he told them that, he wouldn't be able to gain their trust, and he needed their trust more than they could possibly know.

"Jimmy was the perfect vessel, and he agreed." Castiel told them, and he smiled internally because it hadn't been a lie…it just wasn't the whole truth.

Haley smiled at him. "Well we're happy to have you, Castiel."

"Thank you." Castiel told her, knowing that would be polite.

"So…how are we all going to ease Brooke into this?" Sam asked them, looking between Castiel and Haley. "I mean I know at some point Castiel has to do this, but…she's going to mope around about Jimmy once the hunting is no longer distracting her."

Haley sighed loudly. "I hate to say it, but…I think Dean should talk to her."

"Why, so he can hit on her?" Sam asked her skeptically, raising his eyebrows at her.

Haley sent him a look and then laughed a little and nodded, both of them laughing more because it was true. They both knew that Dean had a crush on Brooke, even though he wouldn't admit it, and Brooke was too busy being in love with Jimmy to notice. Then there was Castiel…Castiel who was in love with her, but knew he couldn't act on it—it would go against everything that he was.


"I don't want to talk to him." Brooke said with a shrug, fixing up Dean's arm.

He'd asked her about Castiel after he'd gotten himself slashed by the demon he and Brooke had been fighting. She didn't want his arm to get infected, and she was patching him up like a good friend would, not wanting to talk about this new angel. She understood why he was there, and she accepted him because it was what Jimmy had wanted, but she wanted Jimmynot Castiel.

"Maybe it would be best if you did." Dean said shrugging, then cringing first because it stung his wound and second because Brooke smacked him.

She made a face at him. "Hold still, Dean! I almost opened up your wound more!"

"Sorry." Dean told her honestly and then sighed. "You're going to have to work with him eventually so…just stop being such a baby and deal with it like a man."

"I'm going to deal with it like a woman and talk to him…men don't talk, right?" Brooke teased with a smirk on her face. "I mean I just wonder because you of all people don't care and share I think you're a man."

Dean rolled his eyes. "Oh, ha, ha—you're such a comedian."

"I try." Brooke said with a smile and a shrug.

She finished patching Dean up and then they returned to Brooke's and Haley's house, smiling at each other and then heading in. She had to brave everyone sooner or later, but was beyond relieved to see that it was just Sam and Haley. Then again it was Sam and Haley practically going at it on the kitchen table and while she shielded her eyes from Sam's and Haley's half-nakedness, Dean whistled. The two pulled apart abruptly and then pulled their shirt to them, Brooke giving them a thumbs-up but keeping her eyes covered.

"Wow…I'm just…you guys have a room!" Brooke told them. "People used to eat on this table!"

Sam chuckled awkwardly. "Used to?"

"Well no one's gonna eat on it now!" Brooke exclaimed.

"Sorry, Brooke, we just…Castiel left and we had an opening." Haley said, reaching over and smacking Dean in his hurt arm when he opened his mouth. "No dirty joke from you, Mister!"

Brooke laughed and then rolled her eyes, and then headed to her room, pulling off her shirt to change. Suddenly she realized that there was someone else in there and she pulled her shirt to her and turned around, Castiel standing there. She just made a face and then opened her mouth to say something and then closed her mouth again—she didn't know what to say to him.

"We need to talk." Castiel told her simply.

Well…at least he did…

Note: There will be flashbacks in the next chapter promise—I just needed to build up a little more in this one. Feedback is always appreciated!