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The night was unseasonably cool for this time of year. The occupants of Privet Drive all slept peacefully. All but a fifteen year old boy who twisted restlessly in his sheets.

Harry Potter was covered in sweat, his usual messy jet-black hair stuck to his forehead as beads of swear trickled down his face. His emerald eyes alight with fear as the nightmare that woke him up remained clear and vivid in his mind. Turning his head and closing his eyes as the reality of the recurring nightmare began to vanish, He closed his eyes tiredly. Sighing, he took a deep breath before hauling his long frame out of the all too short bed. Stumbling slightly as he struggled out of the sheets that tangled and twisted around his waist he finally got free and made his way for the small window that looked out at the pristine and normal neighbourhood Harry had called home for 15 years.

Opening the window to allow a cool breeze into his stuffy room Harry enjoyed the feeling of fresh air against his bare chest. The orange glow of the street lamps the only source of light that flooded into his tiny bedroom.

Turning his sharp eyes toward the table Harry looked at the pile of unopened letters that lay upon his desk.
Closing his eyes against the guilt that flooded his chest every time he thought of his friends. His loyal friends who were only trying to help. But they couldn't. Not when they didn't understand what it was like.

Flashes of the events from the Ministry replayed themselves in Harry's mind relentlessly and without cause.

Tensing his hands around his desk chair he couldn't stop the memories as they flooded back. Real and vivid. Just like always.

Dumbledore's duel with Voldemort, the sheer and unabated power of both wizards as they locked eyes. Fierce and unyielding, their power matched by no one else but each other. Spells like nothing he had ever seen flashing before his eyes in a sea of colours. Bellatrix's taunting smirks and laugh as she ended her cousin's life right before his eyes. Hermione's face as she fell the ground. The helpless feeling in his chest as she lay motionless and still and the sheer relief and joy that consumed him when she recovered. The feeling of Voldemort in his mind and the anger that swelled in his body before he caught Hermione's eyes. Her soft brown eyes that pleaded with him, eeassured him and made him feel as though she was the one in pain and not him. The empty feeling in his stomach as he realized Sirius was dead. The rage that filled him as Dumbledore told him of the prophecy. His fate and destiny laid out before him like a schedule. Indisputable and unchallenged.

Harry clamped his teeth together tighter as though to keep everything inside of him and ignoring the neat handwriting that was unmistakably Hermione's made his way out for the wardrobe. Pulling out his running shorts and a shirt and putting them on with renewed vigor Harry made his way toward his door quietly. Running quickly down the stairs and expertly avoiding the creek in the step charged out of the door before breaking out into a run. His hair wiping about behind him as everything left him, his tormented mind clear as he enjoyed the brisk dawn air that consumed him every morning at the same time. Sedating him until nightfall. When the nightmares would return.

"Where have you been boy?" Vernon Dursley's voice bellowed throughout the house as Harry made his way into the kitchen. It was about 6:30 and Harry had been running for a good 2 hours. His body soaked in perspiration as he found the ability to push himself further and further everyday.

"I was out running." Harry replied civilly. His eyes scanning the kitchen quickly. Aunt Petunia was by the stove, her beady eyes locked on him as she turned her nose up at his appearance. Dudley was stuffing his face. Long gone were the days of his diet, he now ate what he wanted and when he wanted. His podgey little face hiding his pale blue eyes as he looked at Harry with a smirk. Clearly entertained by the anger evident in his fathers voice.

"Running?" Vernon spluttered, pieces of bacon flying out of his mouth as his face turned slightly purple. "What on earth? Outside? In front of the neighbours!"

"Yes running." Harry bit out sarcastically, his patience wearing thin. "It's a form of exercise. Perhaps you should research it for little Duddykins." He continued daringly, the purple of his uncle's face only spurring him on. "It does wonders for one's stamina uncle."

"How dare you!" Vernon roared, his eyes almost lost between the pools of fat that existed over his obese face.

"I'm going to my room." Harry rolled his eyes slightly before picking up an apple and tossing it between his hands. "I have homework to do."

"Oh i don't think so, you ungrateful brat!" His uncle shouted. "You have chores to do!"

"Get Dudley to do them." Harry muttered angrily, "he could use the manual labour. Who know's maybe he'll lose a pound or two?"

"I'll give YOU manual labour." Dudley sneered. Waddling across the table in what he apparently thought was a threatening manor. His podgy arms held upright as though ready for battle.

"Please Dudley." Harry smirked, his eyes glittering as he looked at the boy who used to be able to strike fear into him so easily. "I'm not 5 anymore. You can't touch me."

"You want to bet?" Dudley shouted, his face resembling his fathers.

"You should calm yourself down." Harry said pleasantly, the taunting smirk still in place. "Your heart is probably struggling under the strain of standing up for so long. How bout you go to the living room and watch some telly?"

Harry was prepared for the right hook that was sent his way only seconds later. Ducking out of the way easily, Harry whistled as he made his way out of the kitchen. Apple still in hand as Dudley cursed from the floor, Aunt Petunia kneeling beside her obese son as Vernon shouted obscenities in Harry's direction.

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