Hi, this is a little Humor One-shot with hints of Azureshipping.

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It was an ordinary day at the Kaiba mansion....or was it?

Mokuba just got home from visiting one of his friends. He looked and noticed Anzu's car sitting out front. He considered Anzu a big sister and she and his brother recently began dating. Excited to see his 'big sister' he quickly made his way into the house.

He ran upstairs towards his brother's wing and headed toward his office. He was about to enter when he heard Anzu making strange noises.

"Ooooh aaaaahhh" she gasped

"What the?" he thought to him self he leaned in closer to the door.

"Seto...." he heard her gasp

"Be still" he heard his brother reply.

"It...it hurts" he heard her pant. What's going on?

"If you hold still, it wouldn't hurt as much" Seto replied.

"I can't help it.....I think it's stuck...OOOWW!"

Mokuba was beginning to worry but he couldn't bring himself to open the door.

"Damn it! It just sunk a little deeper"

"I know I felt it!!" she yelled. "Seto please pull it out!" She sounded like she was panicking.

"I'm trying but you're making it damn near impossible with you squirming like you are....maybe if I try another angle" he suggested

"No...Stay where you are" she said

"If I stay where I am it won't come out" he replied

'What are they doing in there?' Mokuba wondered to himself. Then Anzu's sudden scream took him out of his thought.


"Stop being so dramatic" Seto replied.

"Your not the one with it inside of you!" she countered.

"Maybe I will just leave it in?"

"Are you crazy? You can't leave it in!"

"It was a joke" He sighed

"Well it's not funny"

"I'll move it around and it will just wiggle out"

"What's stuck? What's inside Anzu? What will just wiggle out?" Mokuba thought to himself

"It hurts when you move it" she whined

"How else is it going to come out?"

"Seto just......" she was interrupted

"Will you hush?"


"There it's out"

"Now I'm bleeding" she said

Mokuba gasped Anzu's bleeding!!! What did his brother do? Now he was angry. Without a second thought, he bust in the door to find his brother holding Anzu's hand in one hand and a pair of tweezers in another. And in the tweezers was a splinter. Mokuba mentally cursed to himself and he suddenly became wide eyed and blushed......He had to get a away...far away. Without any hesitation, Mokuba dashed out of the room leaving the couple with a puzzled look on their faces. "Wonder what's wrong with him?"

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