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New Perspective

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One way or another:

There were a few hard hitting questions Leah Clearwater wanted to ask herself then.

Number one: Why the hell was she doing this?

Number two: Why did she ask Alice to do this?

Number three: What the hell was a bikini wax?

Given, she could answer the first two questions pretty readily.

She was sick of being seen as the bitter ex-girlfriend slash harpy, she was sick of lying home every Friday night with a tub of Chunky Monkey while watching Sex and the City with a box of tissues (The tears were for Carrie and Mr. Big. Not for her pitiful existence.) And she was even more sick of staring at Emily massage her belly and smile blissfully at Sam.

So, this led to her answering question one and two. She was forcing herself to a three hour makeover with Alice simply because she was sick. And after a mind numbing two hours of The Hills, Leah had come to the simple decision to see everything through a new perspective.

Starting from the makeover.

Wincing, Leah Clearwater peered at her reflection with a strange sort of fascination. Her ebony cropped hair was now a light shade of auburn, and her hair seemed suspiciously… longer.

"Aliiicccee!" She wailed, tugging on her new hair, "How could you do this? Extensions! Fuck it!" She cursed as she stared at her reflection, which now had auburn curls that cascaded over her shoulders loosely.

"I had to," Alice proceeded smoothly. "You look so much more girly." She squealed happily. Letting loose a string of vulgarities, Leah tugged on her extensions and continued to stare at her reflection.

Her short, practical, slightly bitten nails were replaced with pink acrylic (Nooo! The Cruella Deville nails! Damn it!) Nails that had a butterfly motif on it.

Closing her eyes, Leah willed herself to breathe through her mouth slowly and to hold back the string of vulgarities that were rising up her throat like bile.

"You might want to hurry up Leah," Alice's perky voice drifted to her ear, and Leah resisted the urge to phase right there and wring her neck, "Your flight is in an hour. I packed your stuff already."

"Fuck!" Leah cursed as she rose from her chair. She totally forgot about her flight to Japan with the pack, a last ditch attempt to reunite the pack after the Bella incident. The pack had reluctantly agreed to forget their imprints and their commitments back at La Push for now to bond. Like that was ever going to happen.

She rather bite off her new acrylic nails that were professionally glued on than attend this crap bonding trip but Seth had pleaded her. And she really couldn't resist those puppy-dog eyes.

"Here," Alice threw her a cropped beige jacket, "You'll need something comfortable for the flight. And by the way," a grin slid up her face. "Edward told me that you're wondering about a bikini wax. Want to know?" A mischievous twinkle resurfaced in her eyes. I gulped.

I decided to bolt at that exact moment.

Despite the amount of complaints about JFK, Leah Clearwater harbored a secret love for it.

She loved the clean, white tiles and the over air-conditioned halls, along with the familiar squeaking of suitcases that rolled along the sparkling white tiles. She didn't know why, she just loved it.

"Leah!" Seth waved her over, his brown curls flopping into his eyes impatiently as he gestured her towards the check in counter.

Weaving her way through the crowd, she ducked her head in an attempt to hide her flaming cheeks. She couldn't believe that she gave in to Alice gluing extensions to her scalp. This just proved that she was a mindless bimbo zombie. Damn it! Why had she agreed to the makeover?

"Fuck it!" Another vulgarity spewed from her mouth as Leah felt her new Alice approved round toed Kate Spade boots catch on the wheels of a tattered black suit case.

Pulling her boot out of the killer wheel, she inspected it for any damage. Phew. It was still good. Thank god.

"Leah…?" Raising her head, she found herself staring at the pack, each of their faces containing a different kind of expression.

(Sam: Shocked, Jared: Confused, Paul: Sniggering, Jacob: Kind of red faced, Seth: Beaming, Quil: Mildly irritated, Embry: Perverted… Yeah yeah.)

"Embry Call, if you don't shift your fucking perverted eyes away from my ample cleavage, I swear I would-"

"Chill!" Embry sniggered, "Who put you up to this? Rosalie Cullen?"

"Close." She hissed menacingly, as she slammed her passport down on the counter.

"Go change." Whipping her head at the sudden interference, Leah focused her glare on Seth. "Seth, you have no damn right-"

"Wasn't me!" Seth yelled defensively. Her cold gaze landed on Jacob Black, who was currently standing rigidly at the corner, his eyes unreadable. Leah felt a growl rise up her throat.

"Fuck you, Jacob Black! Who are you to me, to order me to change what I'm wearing? Fuck your weird alpha crap, let me wear whatever I wanna wear, damn it, you're not my freaking mom!"

A thick blanket of tension lay over the pack as Leah and Jacob engaged in a stare war. Hard black eyes met chlorine green ones, and Quil, unknowingly oblivious to the rising tension, proceeded to speak in a high pitched, excited voice.

"Who's ready for spicy tuna rolls and hot Japanese girls?" He said triumphantly as he raised his hand in the air for a high five.

The only reply was the sound of cracking- In which Leah Clearwater managed to break Jacob Black's jaw in JFK.