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Light up the sky

In all the noise, they were silent. They were content like this, both of them lying on the wet grass in the warm night, enjoying their companionship without the need for words.

She liked the way they fit; his rough, large hands enclosing her delicate ones without crushing them completely or leaving too much space in between; a perfect fit.

"You know," His voice broke the content silence around them, his fingers running through her hair, "I've waited really long for a moment like this."

"Same." She whispered, tracing invisible shapes against his stomach with her finger; enjoying the way his hands pressed against the small of her back; pushing her forward towards him.

"But you know," Leah hesitated, her finger tracing a last, fragile heart against his exposed stomach, "These moments don't last."

"What do you mean?" He jerked up, their fragile state of peace broken. Moisture clouded up behind her eyelids, and Leah forced them back into her eyeballs, forcing her despair and bitterness along with them as she spoke.

"You know, we're both going to imprint one day. We can't like you know, date or something." Her voice felt hollow to her own ears, every word puncturing another hole in her heart as reality sank in.

Reality had reopened the wounds that she had stitched messily in her heart; reopened them so that she could bleed again for someone whom she knew was impossible to let in completely.

Everyday with Jacob, she realized, would be spent walking on eggshells, holding her breath every time they met, hoping that he would never come home with the dazed expression with in his eyes, the way the others have.

"Leah, I-"

"Save it." Leah heard her knees crack as she stumbled up, scuffing her hands against the wet grass.

"Leah. Please." His voice was a void of emotion; despair, confusion, sadness, bitterness.

"I can't. I can't throw myself back into a relationship where there will be no happy ending." A tear escaped, slipping down her face like a lucky star streaking across her face, "And with you," She took a shaky breath, "With you, with all the imprinting shit, there will never be a happy ending."

"I'll make a happy ending for you, Leah. For us." His face was wet; a rare occurrence for Jacob, and Leah forced herself to turn away.

"You can't." She whispered, the last two words she uttered to him before she let her feet take her away back into the bustle of the festival.

They were back in the hotel room. Seth, sensing something amiss, excused himself to Jared's room with the pathetic excuse of a football marathon between Manchester United and Chelsea.

Leah was too lazy to tell him that the hotel didn't have ESPN.

He was seated next to her on the bed, his face unreadable as he stared at the TV with intense concentration.

Leah closed her eyes. She wanted to be home, where she knew where all the strawberry twizzlers were, she wanted to be home, where she could hide out in her room and cry it out of her system, she wanted to be home, where she wouldn't have been foolish enough to give herself hope.

"Leah. How will we know when we just don't try?"

"I rather not take the risk." She proceeded briskly as she raised the remote to the TV and jabbed its buttons angrily.

"We won't ever know if we don't try." His hands now circled around hers, enveloping her in his embrace.

There was a broken silence. Leah drew in a shaky breath and spoke, "Tell me, Jacob. If you imprint, what are you going to do?"

"I won't."

Frustration simmered at the pit of her stomach, her despair ever present in the current situation. "How can you say you won't? One day, you might. And when you do, it'll just be painful for all of us. You can't," She closed her eyes and searched for the right words, "Protect me or love me in any situation when you have your imprint. You know you can't."

"I'll kill myself if I ever imprint." Leah snorted. Silence filled the room and Leah realized that he was serious.

"Wait- What?"

He shifted her closer impatiently as he proceeded, his voice serious as he spoke, "I love you Leah. And I'll rather die then give up on you. Even if I had an imprint." He added wryly as he pressed his lips against her head.

"All I'm asking for now, is a chance for us to be together now. For us to set up some walls to block everything else out."

Leah felt herself sink into him; and she knew that she had lost another battle.

"The walls are going to be paper thin. They'll be… Paper walls." She laughed as she leaned into his chest and inhaled deeply.

"I know."

It was another battle lost; but this time, Leah knew that there were no battle wounds to lick. The wounds, she knew, would surface gradually over time. But she wasn't one for technicalities; when the day arrived, she would deal with it.

For now, just for now, she would allow herself to take baby steps with him again; and let each day spent together come as a blessing.

And with this perspective, Leah Clearwater sank into Jacob Black and allowed the rest of the night to take them away.

*******The End******