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Suggestive Theme

Simply, Ai.

(Also known as; "Ai, For Love, or Artificial Intelligence.)

Session 2

All three men stared in astonishment. Each exchanged glances to one another before staring at the white silhouette figure. It rose, standing up by itself; swaying; stumble. This isn't right, what the hell. . is this? It wasn't correct. Everything about 'it' was all wrong. It was not human, this was not a woman. She, no, it, looked just like a doll. A porcelain doll, that had yet to be colored. Every inch was precised in mimicking a females form. Arms, legs, breasts, nipples; bare sex.

All three glimpse to one another, confirming; agreeing with nods. Cautiously; all three took a single step forward.

It's hollow eyes snapped open.

Staring at Bunji.

"Shit!" Bunji muttered, drew his gun steadily aiming between it's eyes.

Brandon put his hand over Bunji's gun, shaking his head; hues intently watching 'it'. Harry cautiously; reached his arm towards it.

It spoke.

"Please insert the reboot command."

Harry jerked his arm back; startled by it's voice. It's horrible voice, that of a computer speaking. It held no emotion, no feeling nor life to claim as it's own. Dark hollow eyes, filled with darkness; soullessly. Clenching his jaw, Bunji felt it extremely uncomfortable; it was still staring at him. Him only. Restraining himself, forcing back the urge to grab it by it's white hair; and beat the shit out of it. Anything to make it stop watching. Testing his sanity.

Neither of them knew the reboot command. Harry and Brandon exchanged glances, shrugging; both unsure. Bunji would only stare back at it, never ending gaze of a staring contest.

"This is a predicament, we need some sort of. . password?" Harry inquired. Brandon idly touched his chin, rubbing; thoughtfully.

"Please insert the reboot command." It repeated itself. Again, and again.

This frustrated Bunji, he felt like it was blaming him; commanding him. Growing impatient, his mind slightly paranoid. "Shut the hell up! We don't have any fuckin' command, so just fuck off." He growled.

Both Harry and Brandon looked at the angry male, both wondering why he was on edge. Brandon reached his arm outwards to touch the male's shoulder; for comfort when something happened.

"Processing. Starting up, no command." It spoke.

It's hues flickered; opening up completely wide. Creepily. Eye-popping. A sound emerged from with it's body; a soft humming. It's silicon body began to glow softly. Colors merged with it's hollow hues; dim lights, moving downwards; free-falling. Codes, encryption; files. Everything rushed down in 'it's eyes; the flowing of the matrix.

"Processing. Scanning. Scanning."

A flash of thin green light shot out of it's eyes; running over Bunji's attire; head to toe. Vertically, and horizontally. Startled, he cocked his gun back; ready to squeeze the trigger. Brandon put his hand on the male's arm, holding his unseen gaze. ". . Sorry, big guy. .It freaked me out." Sighing deeply, he waited for the light show to finish; baring his teeth.

"Scanning. Locating. Scanning. Locating. Processing. Identity found. Kugashira Bunji. Scan complete."

Unseen hues, Bunji's eyes widened. Eyebrows quirked upwards; suspiciously. How the hell did that thing know who he was? What the fuck was inside 'its' head? He wanted to find out, bash it's skull inside out; rip out it's wires. Harry whom could have nearly read Bunji; somewhat, offered a friendly pat on the back.

"Encoded with a security database, perhaps?" Throwing out suggestions.

"Tch, whatever."

"Color Selection. Color Selection. Please Select A Color. Color Selection. Please Select A Color. Select A Color. Select A Color." It went off once more, repeating itself; robotize.

Harry rubbed his shoulder, not partially understanding the idea of this 'thing'. "Blue?"

"Black...?" Brandon said soft-spoken; faint, a whisper.

Bunji remained quiet; the thing still would not look elsewhere. Locked on him, deep within hollow-matrix flowing hues. He watched the never ending encrytions, numbers; codes run down; never ending. Harry looked to Bunji, then Brandon; whom looked at Bunji. Bunji looked at them both; back and forth, clenching his jaw.

The tone of his voice, hinted great annoyance. Finally cracking. "Why the hell is it only lookin' at me? Christ! I don't know, Brown? Green? Spitfuck."

"Shade. Shade. Shade. Shade. Shade. Shade. Shade." It was being picky. Very precised in what it wanted.

He was losing his sanity, very easily; very quickly. It was the most annoying sound in the world to him. He wanted to break it. "Light! Okay! Fuck!" He let out a low growl.

"Shade: Light. Color: Brown. Green. Processing. Processing. Commencing Color."

A loud 'clank' sound came from within it. The humming sound grew louder; blowing cold mist out of the thousands of tiny little holes in it's body. It began to glow, brighter; contrasting. It's aluminum colored hair drifted upwards, floating above; strands tussled all over, mid-air. Deep within it's skull, a thick brown plasma looking substance began to spread. Soaking up the 'thing's hair, spreading all over; it flashed. What was once a sliver clear color vanished, replaced by a soft golden brown.

". .Interesting. ." Harry whispered.

"The hell. . ?" Bunji muttered.

It's eyes closed; smacked shut. No longer taunting the male with it's creepiness. The soft glow that engulfed it's structure intensified; shining brightly. Harry and Brandon squinted their eyes; using their arms as shields. Even Bunji whom' was always hidden in shades, couldn't help but squint.

"Processing. Processing. Data Uploading. Processing. Running All Systems. 75% Percent Loaded."

The tiny microscopic holes covering 'it's form, oozed outwards. Crimson red liquid, thickly covered it's entire structure. Between 'it's toes, the same ooze appeared; light sand color. Crawling over everything, legs, thighs, stomach, breasts, neck; face. Instantaneously, each male realized a sole interest as time passed. Expressions shifted, intensified. Speechlessly observing, Harry's jaw dropped.

It looked human.

Its plastic appearance changed, drastically. What was once stiff, and fake; turned into flesh. Within a blink, and a flash; the ooze disappeared. Standing directly in front of them; a young girl. Arms, legs, thighs, all fleshed out, breasts curved, perky, soft pink nipples. Every inch became life-like, her body glowed with radiance.

Bunji, Harry, and Brandon all stepped back. Unable to take their eyes off of it-no, her. She was young, looked about Sherry's age, maybe older. Sixteen or Seventeen at the most.

The glow slowly began to fade, although human enough, her voice remain a hindrance.

"Contracting. Conditioning. Analyzing. Password Needed. Cannot Run Personal Files. Password Needed. Password. Password. Password. Password. Error. Error. Error. Error. Error." She reported.

"Error?" Harry's eyes squinted, examining her nude attire; up and down.

"What do ya' know? Technology never works." Bunji scoffed.

Brandon had seen something similar to this before. Back in the past, when the television never worked. He'd give it a nice hard hit with a wrench; that usually did the trick. Linger hues to his gun, flatly staring momentarily. Gripping it tightly, he lunged forward; pistol whipping the girl's head.

"Brandon!.." Harry exclaimed.

Instantly, her head jerked backwards, twitching tremendously. Her computerized voice glinched, skipping; over and over. Harry and Bunji gave Brandon displeased expressions. He smiled remorseful, ashamed.

Her head jerked up.

All three jumped.

"Processing. Running. Loaded 75% Percent. Uploading."

"Brandon, You broke it." Harry teased.

The girl's hair drifted downwards, nestling her buttocks. The radiate glow complete vanished, her eyes remained closed.

"Rebooting. Completed at 75% Percent." Her voice changed.

From it's horrible computerized emotionless voice; changing. With each word, her voice grew softer; gentle. A sound of a real human girl. Her lips parted, releasing a puff of cold mist. Torso moved, back and forth; breathing. Shoulders dropped loosely, eye-lids fluttered. Her eyes slowly opened, peaking through. Flickering a green flash, what was once hollow replaced with a soft emerald gaze. Filled with beauty, Bunji could not force his eyes away. Neither could Harry nor Brandon.

This 'thing' became real.

She looked up at Bunji. He almost flinched. Her hues, to him she looked like a lost kitten. He couldn't look away, beyond his darkened shade gaze. Brandon eyes, however; looked away. Soft tanned complexion tinted pink rose, blushing. A single finger curled upwards, scratching his cheek. Her nudity, was much more real then before. Sliding off his black coat, he approached her. She didn't react to him, nor showed signs of aggression or fear. Putting the coat on her small shoulders, buttoning it up to the top. It fitted her like a over-sized dress, dropping down to her knees.

She kept staring at Bunji, whom felt more then his share of uncomfortable.

"Kugashira. .Bunji." She whispered.

Bunji clenched his jaw, upper lip twitched. Ready to speak, opening his mouth; the sound began to shake. Behind the girl's attire, down the road; bright headlights rushed in for them. A tow-truck, driving at full speed; followed by a trail of two black vehicles. Brandon arched his brows, pulling both guns from his sides; gripping tightly.

"Lighting. ." He whispered.

"Reinforcements? But how?" Harry frowned, pulling out his sliver gun.

"Does it really matter right now?" Bunji gritted his teeth back; both guns appeared from with his sleeves.

"Does it really matter now?" Bunji gritted his teeth, his guns appeared from deep within the sleeves of his coat.

Windows rolled down from each car; bullets began to fly. Nearly cornered, Bunji shoved the girl aside.

"Move it, kid!" He snarled.

Both Bunji and Brandon returned fire, shooting recklessly; with aim. Metal ripped through the air; glass cracked and shattered. A single car swerved left and right; crashing into a sign at it's side. The truck made a hard turn, tires screeched; burning rubber. The entire right hand side flipped open; inside? Five discolored men leaped out; hunched over; disfigured.

Both men: Bunji and Brandon ceased fire; pausing. Vaguely remembering something like this before.

The discolored men, moaned loudly. Every muscle in their body grew, ripping clothing to shreds. Skin changed, blending into snow white. Large, each heighten from six feet, to ten. Bald, pale, muscular, with bright red eyes. Each with a weapon at hand, each armed, each highly dangerous.

"Goddamn, I hate Orgemen!" Bunji shouted.

The young girl's face examined Bunji, expression hardly shown; but a displace of concern hinted in her eyes. Shifting curiously between the male, and the monsters he expressed to hate. She took a few steps forward, placing herself between Bunji and Brandon; smacked in the middle. Her gaze unfocused, unhinged. Concerned Harry wrapped an arm around her shoulders, tugging her back to his torso.

"Stay back, it's not safe. Leave it to them, they know what they're doing." Harry whispered raspy. "Hopefully.."

She turned her head, angling upwards at Harry. Completely, utterly; clueless. Forehead wrinkled in somewhat confusion, she did not understand. The orgemen lifted up they're weapons, one after the other; firing away. Bunji and Brandon responded with they're own. Harry's arm slither down her body, residing at her waist, tugging upwards; he lifted her off the ground. Dragging her, and himself off to shelter, behind a corner of a building.

"It'll be too dangerous to stay out there, better stay here with me."

Her brows wrinkled once more, not liking the idea of leaving Bunji's side. Squirming against Harry's grip, but held no avail. Forced to cooperate, her delicate body could not fight against his larger frame. Both watched the events from the sidelines, Harry kept her close, nose dipped into her hair. Surprised at how she smelt, how soft she felt; everything was soothing in some strange manner. He did not plan on letting her go, not know whom or what she was, he wasn't about to risk her safety. She was nothing but a girl, after all.

Her infant, new born eyes observed Bunji, his style, his attire; the way he fired. The shifting of his footing, all of it; even the way he cursed through his teeth.

"Fuckin' shitheads! I hate you, shit! Die already!" He cursed.

They're attacks weren't working. No effect on the orgemen, Bunji and Brandon were forced to back up. Ceasing fire, Bunji clicked off the empty ammo clips; hitting the pavement. Slipping in new ones from within his jacket; cocking back the top. He resumed fire.

"I. .hate you. " The girl repeated Bunji's words, whispering softly.

Harry thought he heard her speak, lifting his brow; he glanced down at her. The orgemen plunged towards Bunji and Brandon, one ran out of ammo. Resulting to brute strength, swinging an arm against Bunji's chest. Knocking the wind out of him, crashing backwards. Something hot; a bullet shot; grazed a shot across his throat. Crimson blood dripped down his neck, contrasting against his tan skin. Watching all of this; the girl's eyes widened.

Something. . .went off in her head.

Hearing his words over and over again, echoing inside. "Goddamn, I hate Orgemen!" "Fuckin' shitheads! I hate you, shit! Die already!"

"I. .hate them.." She repeated, firmer this time, even Harry heard. "What?" He replied.

Bunji slid back, on his back; across the ground. Both weapons tossed aside, out of his reach. Brandon instantly worried, biting his lip; he tried to protect Bunji. But another orgemen would not allow this. Picking op one of Bunji's tossed guns, aiming it directly at Brandon. Keeping him in place, surrounded with limited options. Rolling over on his side, Bunji began to cough, spewing blood from his lips, heaving his chest; taking in deep breaths. The girl's eyes intensified, these. .events, all of this; watching. Continued to boil up something inside her, an emotion:

The First Emotion. Anger.

Harry looked down at her, he could. . feel something. Something intensive coming from her small little body, so thick; he could taste it. Her hues locked on the blood running down Bunji's throat, staining the shirt underneath, coughing; displeasure. Jerking her eyes to the monsters, approaching Bunji; squeezing the trigger.

She felt...threatened.

She took a step forward, dragging Harry with. His eyes widened, this. . girl's strength was. .abnormal. Gripping both arms around her tightly, trying to contain her. He wasn't strong enough. She ducked under his arm, a hand flickered; shoved him in the chest. All the air, knocked out of him. Blown back, several feet; sliding across his heels. Coughing, he heaved in a deep breathe; but was harmlessly fine. Her. .strength amazed him; terrified him. Looking up, he called out for her.


A bare heel touched the ground, lightly; she sprung forward; with incredible speed. Harry ran, stumbling; throwing out his arm to grab her.

He missed.

Brandon carefully watched the orgemen, his gut twisted and turned; they were going to kill Bunji. Fear shot through his system, running towards; to save Bunji. A single brown hue, side-glanced; a small glimpse. He saw the girl. She ran right passed him.

Bunji clenched his jaw, unseen eyes widened behind dark shades. Ready to embrace his death, teeth painfully gritting back. At the moment of his death; watching death itself scythe it's way into his heart, his gaze met the back of a coat instead. The young girl stood before him; arms threw outwards at her sides.

Bunji tried to speak, but his tongue was not quick enough.

The sound ripped through his ears.

To be continued. . .