It was a normal, everyday lunchtime at Emerville primary school. The younger kids were playing and their laughter filled the air. Rosalie sat under her usual tree, she didn't have any lunch to eat or friends to talk to so she just sat there, staring at nothing in particular. A faint drumming echoed from the other side of the playground, a sound she'd heard before, so many years ago. It got louder and louder as she thought back to those days when she was careless and fancy free like the other children playing around her, but then it came, the blue box, and changed her life forever.

Rosalie looked up in shock as soldiers crashed through the gates of the school and circled the playground. In fear, she hid behind a bush, just in front of her. She poked her head through the branches so she could see what was happening and instantly recognised the red caps of U.N.I.T.

"Rosalie Campbell, come out to the middle of the playground with your hands behind your head" Rosalie heard one of the officers standing in the middle boom out. She shrunk back a bit, she knew what this was about now, they knew. She watched as her grade 6 teacher approached the officer nervously.

"Now then." Mrs Hull started nervously "What makes you think you can just barge into this school and order my students around?"

"We just happen to be her under the instruction of the president himself" The officer replied rather pompously. He reached out to a grade 1 student, Lucy Aven, and pulled her gently to his side where she stood wide-eyed. "Do you know where Rosalie is?" he asked her quietly. Rosalie watched in horror as Lucy pointed straight towards her and the bush she was hiding behind. "Get Her" the officer boomed once more.

Rosalie stood up bravely; she wasn't going to run, at least not yet. A soldier came up behind her and brought her hands from behind her head to behind her back and cuffed them. Her eyes widened in shock as the officer that had done most of the talking drew his gun and took aim. She ran a couple of steps before she was shot, her head whipped around to see a dart lodged in her shoulder. She stumbled a last few steps before she collapsed.

"You've shot her!" Mrs Hull shrieked

"Yep, with enough sedative to bring down an elephant." The officer replied calmly, tossing Rosalie limp body over so she was on her stomach.

"Won't that kill her?"

"Probably not" he replied as Rosalie gasped in a ragged breath. He pushed her head into the cement once again.

"You're coming with me mate" he breathed into her ear as she hissed. And that was how it had been ever since.