Ianto's head snapped up just in time to see Rosalie's body spasm and collapse.

"What the hell was that?" he breathed to no one in particular.

"Limiting bracelet" Jack said cheerfully as he held up his wrist to show an identical bracelet to the one he had tosh put on Rosalie "Didn't I tell you? If one gets more than ten metres away from this one, btzzzz! She gets shocked with 10 000 volts. These beauties are one of the things I did get back from the doctor." Jack told them as he jogged over to where she lay.

"Owen! Get that sedative in her as soon as you can. Preferably before she wakes up. Gwen, I want you and Ianto just to wait in the SUV. Tosh, can you clear a spot in the boot please, we don't have anywhere else to put her." He admitted sadly "Ok, do it." Jack finished as he tossed Rosalie's body carelessly back onto her stomach.

An hour later...

Rosalie woke up to bright, white surrounds, the autopsy room. She panicked when she realises she couldn't move, she whimpered as she remembered what had happened. Rosalie stared blankly at the ceiling as she heard soft footfalls approach. She blinked in surprise when it was Ianto's head that appeared in front of her rather than Jacks.

"Hey..." said Ianto nervously and Rosalie just grunted in recognisation because she couldn't do much else.

"Ok..." Ianto started unsure once again "look, Owen gave you a sedative. Its strong stuff, you've lost complete muscle function and feeling in your whole body. Owens's Idea, he said that restraints wouldn't be enough to stop you when you were set on something else. Anyway, Jack sent me down to give you two choices, although I think he already knows what you're going to choose. a) We could send you back to U.N.I.T, we don't have the resources to keep you here on a long term bases. Jack would make sure that they didn't hurt you..." his voice trailed away as Rosalie winced

"Or b)" he continued "We can cryogenically freeze you and keep you here in the hubs morgue. I'm sorry, but you're not in a fit state to be released into..." he stopped himself abruptly "Which one will it be?" Ianto finished confidently.

Rosalie struggled to find the strength to move her lips "b" she forced. And Ianto disappeared in silence.

Jack had watched the conversation on the CCTV and turned to see Ianto enter his office. "Let me guess" he said to Ianto quietly "She chose the latter."

"Yes sir" confirmed Ianto

"Well then Mr Jones" Jack whispered "you my go home"

"But don't you want me here to help you?" he asked puzzled

"I think this is something I have to do myself." Jack said in reply and giving Ianto a quick kiss, he descended toward the autopsy room.

"Are you sure about this?" Jack asked Rosalie, announcing his arrival. Rosalie tried to answer but she couldn't move, not a lip, not an eyelid. She was fully paralysed. Stuff you! Her mind screamed what do you think? I'm sick of this life Jack! She so desperately wanted to scream. She then realised that she couldn't blink, and her eyes were burning. She managed to let out a small whimper before Jack noticed.

Jack leant down and gently closed her eyes for her, He looked down on her in pity, his life was never this hard. To be honest, he knew that this was the option she would choose. He would rather be frozen much more than he would rather be tortured and experimented with. He had already set up all the equipment and all he had to do was press a few buttons.

"It's a bit like falling asleep, only colder" he told her. As soon as he had said that, a low growl emitted from Rosalie's chest.

"Fine" he replied defensively "Goodbye Rosalie"

Jack sighed as he pushed what could only be described as Rosalie's box into the mortuary. I didn't feel right, she was still alive. Yet, he knew that if she was allowed to regain consciousness, her temper and anger could be fatal. Life goes on, he told himself, and he owed it to the team and the human race, to turn his full attention back to the rift. So that's exactly what he did.

Authors Note

Thanks to everyone who reviewed and helped me right this story. I'm not quite sure what happens to Rosalie in the long run. Sequel in the making named Back Again, should be up soon, real soon. Thanks again for reading