A/N: Supposed to be a oneshot, but knowing me I might make it longer.

"Look at him sitting there like he's lost everything. Tch, he wouldn't know loss if it jumped up and bit him in the ass. But this could work in my favor. Especially if it lets me get back at him."

Christian tamped down on the flame of anger that wanted to burn out of control as he approached the lonesome looking brunette with the bottle of Grey Goose sitting in front of him. The man in question barely looked up, just grunted some non-committal reply when he asked if he could join him. When he finally did look up, Christian was taken aback by the depth of hurt that was swimming in the chocolate depths. Anyone that knew Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho knew that there were times that they engaged in rather heated arguments; mainly due to Chris being in the wrong and Matt trying to get him to see the truth of whatever matter had caused the fight.

It didn't matter to Christian what was wrong between Matt and Chris. He had his own bones to pick with the blonde Canadian. Watching the man's current lover beat himself up only added to the satisfaction he'd feel once he managed to wrest everything away from Chris that he held dear. And there was nothing that Chris kept closer to his heart than Matt Hardy. Once a upon a time Chris, Matt, Adam and himself had been close—hell they jumped out of hotel window into a snow bank because they were bored. But it all changed when one night he and Chris had drunkenly fooled around. Chris didn't know it then nor did he ever find out, but he had been Christian's first male experience. The morning after they had talked and decided to be friends with benefits—and to keep it from Matt and Adam. Although then nothing would have registered with those two, they were finding themselves at that time.

Of course Chris being his first meant more to him than it had to Chris—it even meant more than his first time with a woman. He had fallen fast and hard for Chris, and each time he seen the shorter man he had to bite his tongue to keep from telling him that. He had planned a nice romantic night for him and Chris, yet when he opened his mouth to tell Chris what had been eating away at him, Chris took his hand and said that he felt it best that they just go back to being regular friends; that there was no future for them that didn't lead to bitterness and pain. Heartbroken Christian and numbly nodded his head, swallowing the words that now bit and gnawed at his insides like acid; burning him from the inside out.

"Tian?" Matt asked; his voice slurred, and that in itself almost made Christian turn around and forget this fools mission that he had assigned himself; almost.

"What's wrong Hardy?" He asked; forcing himself to act cheery even though his inside matched Matt's current outside state.

"Nuthin…jest sittin' here thinkin' about some stupid stuff."

"So now stupid stuff is a reason to get drunk?" Christian tried to smile, but he'd been where Matt was, and truth be told he was rather drunk himself.

"I hadda fight with Chris." Matt admitted; grabbing the bottle and tipping back, some of the clear liquid trickling from his lips.

"It can't be that bad." Christian hedged.

"I admitted tha I still thought Adam was hot."

"Why'd you go and do that?"

"Cause Chris said that Shawn was still on of the best looking men in the company."

Christian couldn't help the chuckle that past his lips. This was going to be too easy. All he had to do was lure Matt back to his room and take some incriminating photos then send them to Chris' phone. Matt hiccupped and Christian looked back at his face, his eyes drifting across the plump lips and soft looking skin.

"Maybe it won't hurt to have some fun with him first." He thought, "Why don't we get out of here Matt? You look like you're barely awake."

"Mebbe yer right." Matt pushed his chair back and went to stand but pitched forwards; his face landing square in Christian's lap.

With a chuckle he helped Matt stand, wrapping his arm around Matt's waist and holding him close as the dark haired man murmured something incoherent against his neck; the warm breath causing goose flesh to spread across his arms. A couple of the guys cast them confused looks but turned back to their drinks, it was no concern to them what Matt and Christian were doing. They slowly made their way up to Matt's floor, Matt balking at stepping out of the elevator. With a tiny smile he pulled Matt close, burying his nose in Matt's fragrant dark hair.

"What's the matter Matt?"

"I doan wanna go." He said with a pout, his eyes rounding out and making him look like a scared little boy. "Chrissy will just tell me that I'm not han-han—pretty." He said just loud enough for Christian to doubt that he had even said it in the first place.

"Why don't we go to my room instead then?"

Matt nodded and Christian swallowed a laugh, Matt was making this way too easy on him. He pressed the button for his floor and pulled Matt back; pressing him against the wall and pinning his hands above his head. Matt wiggled and tried to get loose, but Christian held him there, grudgingly admitting to himself that he like the sight of Matt helpless to do anything to stop him.

"Christy…" Matt whined, his liquor heavy breath fanning Christian's face pleasantly. "I can't do inny of this. Imma…..Imma get in trouble with Chris if he finds out."

"He won't Matty. I promise. Besides, he should have come down for you long before you had a chance to get drunk." Christian leaned in, his lips twisted in a satisfied smirk as Matt's eyes fluttered shut and his tongue darted out to wet his lips. "And don't call me Christy." He added with a sharp nip to Matt's bottom lip.

"Tian, I-I have sumthin to tell you." Matt whimpered.

"What's that Matt?" Christian could honestly care less what the drunken fool had to say, but he feigned interest as he leaned in and tugged on Matt's ear lobe.

"When...when you and Addy were E&C and goin up against Jeff and I---I, kinda, sorta…" Matt trailed off, his face coloring as he tried to focus his eyes anywhere but on Christian's face. "I liked you."

The simple declaration threw Christian off his game for a moment and he moved back, his jaw slack in surprise. He recovered quickly and smiled; using his full body weight to hold Matt against the wall.

"Is that so?"

"Yea. I used to dream about kissing you..among other things." Matt's face was the exact shade of vine ripe tomato, making Christian chew in the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing outright at the liquor soaked southerner.

"Well, why don't we make that a reality." Christian purred as he slanted his lips across Matt's and slipped his tongue between Matt's full lips.


Chris stared at the numbers on the clock; damning each minute as it ticked past while he waited for Matt to return. Their fight had been stupid but not completely his fault. True he shouldn't have said what he did about Shawn, but Matt shouldn't have thrown Adam in his face. The long blonde haired Canadian was an extremely sore subject with him and he hated being reminded that Adam had once had the privilege of touching his Matty. With a scowl the idiotic fight replayed in his mind.

Chris lay curled up next to Matt, wrapping his arm around Matt's waist and resting his head on Matt's shoulder. They were watching the replay of Survivor Series; Chris playfully groping Matt's ass as he made dirty comments about how they must have modeled Matt's gear after his hands because it cupped Matt's rear perfectly. They traded a couple of kisses before turning their attention back to the screen. It was the Triple Threat Match for the WWE title and Chris couldn't help the appreciative whistle that left his lips as Shawn made his way down to the ring.

"For his age his still looks good." Matt grumbled at Chris's declaration and Chris laughed as he pulled the dark haired man close. "Relax baby, he only looks good because he used to be with me. I rub off on people and even when we no longer interact they still carry that mark."

"Adam looks good for his age, even with the weight he's put on." Matt threw out causally, his eyes glued to the tv set and his hands resting idly on the bedspread.

Chris's lips turned down into a frown as he gently turned Matt's head to the side so that they were staring at one another.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked.

"Nothing. Just that Adam carries the added weight well. Whereas some people aren't able to." Matt said as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Are you implying that I need to lose weight?"

"I didn't say you now did I?"

"Hence the word 'Impying'." Chris said sarcastically. "And it's not my fault that I make everyone look ten times better than they do on their own. It's my curse."

"Are you implying that I'm not attractive?"

"I didn't say that Matt. All I said was that being seen with me ups peoples' attractiveness by about 25% from what it normally would be."

"I see."

Stiffly Matt climbed from the bed and headed over to the door, his back ramrod straight as he yanked it open then slammed it shut behind him. Chris sighed and pulled out his phone, intent of calling Matt but when he pressed the call button, he heard his own ring entrance playing back at him. With a growl he settled back on the bed and glared at the tv; no longer interested in the match.

That had been a little over two hours ago and Matt still hadn't returned, something that was worrying Chris. Matt never stayed away too long, he'd go and hit the hotel gym; working his frustrations out then come back and cuddle with him as he apologized—even if the argument wasn't his fault. Chris' eyes started to droop and he yawned; fighting hard to stay awake so that he could talk to Matt when he finally wandered back in. The buzzing of his phone grabbed his attention and he reached blindly for the offending object; hoping—no praying that it Matt. It was a picture text and with a furrowed brow he hit the download button. It took a couple minutes to load, but once the image sharpened Chris' mouth dropped open. Matt was lying shirtless, his face resting on the naked chest of Christian; a contented smile on his face while Christian leered at the camera, his free hand threaded in Matt's ebony locks. Under the picture were a few words: How's it feel?

Tears blurred Chris' eyes and his hand dropped; the phone dropping noiselessly to the floor, the image branded against his eyelids and assaulting him when they slid closed to try to stop the hot flood of tears that coursed down his cheeks. The phone buzzed again and against his better judgment Chris leaned over and picked it up. The screen flashed that he had another picture text and he opened it, crying out when the image finally cleared. Matt arched from the bed with his eyes closed and his mouth open, his hair wild on the pillow around him. It was easy to see from the angle that it was taken from above---from the right height of someone buried deep in his lover. Chris growled and threw his phone, the small device shattering and raining down to the carpet.

Rage replaced the pain and Chris hissed as he climbed from the bed and slipped a shirt on over his head. He grabbed his room key and stormed down to the front desk, intent on choking Christian's room number from the desk clerk. Instead he ran into Adam; the green eyed man talking loudly into a phone and braying that annoying laughter that made Chris grind his teeth. It was too much for him. First Matt had basically said that Adam was better looking than him, and then he turned around and bedded down with Adam's long time slut. He curled his fist and let it fly, catching Adam in the side of the face and snapping his head to the side; his phone flying from his hand and skittering across the high polished marble flooring.

"What the hell man?!?" Adam demanded as he pressed his hand to his cheek and winced. "What the fuck did I do to you Chris?"

Chris couldn't and didn't answer him, all he seen was Adam with his arms wrapped around Matt, his lips caressing the soft flesh of his neck while his teeth grazed the corded muscle and made Matt whimper and whine. Then suddenly it wasn't Adam standing there it was Christian, his lips tilted in a cocky smile as he snapped picture after picture of Matt as he pounded into him, as he rested with him in the afterglow. Chris snapped and lunged at Adam, locking his hands around Adam's throat and squeezing. Their brawl drew a crowd and soon they were being pulled apart, Glenn holding Chris around the waist as Mark helped Adam to his feet.

"What's going on?" Mark asked; his voice low as he turned and looked at both Adam and Chris, his electric green eyes curious.

"You got me. I was talking on the phone and Chris just blindsided me." Adam huffed as he wiped his bloody nose on the sleeve of his shirt.

All eyes turned to Chris and he paled as he felt tears welling up in his eyes again. With a throaty cry he tore himself away from Glenn and started back to the elevator, slowing his steps so that it didn't look like he was running. He heard his name being called but he didn't---couldn't turn around, the hot tears spilling down his cheeks wouldn't allow it. Once the brushed metal doors closed on him he slid down the scarred wood paneling; his head resting on his knees as he sobbed; the action causing his whole body to shake and tremor. The soft ding of the bell went unheard and Chris had no idea how long he rode the car up and down, not caring what anyone that climbed on thought. When he finally drug himself back to his room he flopped face down on the bed; sniffling and burying his head in his pillow as he wished that he'd just sink down into the bed and disappear. Exhaustion finally overwhelmed him and Chris drifted off, his face wet and his body convulsing as sobs still wracked his frame. Matt's name a whimper in the darkness.


Christian lay sweating, his breath nothing more than shallow pants as he gazed down at the dark headed man that was sprawled across his chest; his breathing raising goose flesh on the exposed skin. He had really only thought of taking the cuddled up picture of them, but then decided that it would be more a poisoned dart to Chris if he sent him a picture of his precious Hardy in the throes of passion and knowing that it wasn't him that made Matt look that way. At first Christian was disgusted, Matt was thicker than most of the guys he had messed around with, but when Matt rolled his hips and whimpered Christian lost it. He started pounding into Matt, bringing the southerner off the bed with each thrust and filling the room with his mewls and cries. Soon their passion crested and they floated down, Matt turning from Christian and muffling his almost silent sobs in his pillow while Christian stared at Matt's back in shock.

If that is what Chris got every single night, it was no wonder he clung to Matt so tight. Christian never knew that Matt was a firecracker ready to go off at the slightest touch and not afraid to get rough. He was sporting several bites and scratches from the Elder Hardy and with a pleased smile he cuddled up to Matt's back, dropping a kiss on the back of Matt's neck before drifting off to sleep while Matt stared at the wall knowing that there was no way he could ever go back to Chris now. Matt choked back one more sob and tearfully whispered "I love you Chris." before finally dropping off the edge of the world.