Summary: Bella and Edward met at a masquerade birthday party the week before school starts after summer. They spent the whole night getting to know each other and learn each others interests and find out they go to the same school. After spending the night together, with their masks on, Edward wakes up to find his mysterious girl gone. He's determined to find her and starts a quest at school to find her. Bella knows who her mystery man was from the beginning, but she's afraid that if she tells him it was her, he will become embarrassed and will hate her when he finds out. So she does everything in her power to prevent him from finding out the truth. Who will win on their quest?

Chapter 1


God I can't believe Alice is dragging me to this.

Stupid Jasper's stupid birthday party.

Why did he have to date my one and only good friend?

Don't get me wrong, he's a really nice guy, but unfortunately he always has to have the most extravagant birthday parties out of everyone in the whole school. No, the whole of Forks, hell probably the whole of Washington.

It's at times like these, when she's dressing me up into this ridiculous costume, that I kinda regret my stupid first day of school. See Alice and Jasper are kind of a package deal. They are inseparable.

Gosh, I remember my first day of school like it was yesterday.

I had just movies from Phoenix. My mother, Renee, and my stepfather Phil, had to travel to Jacksonville for Phil's baseball. I couldn't tear my mother away from him like that, besides, I like to drink my water, not inhale it. So I flew all the way to Forks, Washington, to live with my father, Charlie.

Charlie was so excited about me moving here that he bought me a truck, sure it's old and beat up and rusted but its sturdy. Perfect for me.

Anyway getting back on track. It was half way through the school year when I started, and I just pulled into the parking lot at my new high school. The moment I stepped out of the truck, this little black fuzzy ball of energy rocketed at me and thankfully stopped just inches in front of me instead of balling me over. The ball of energy gave me this huge smile and said: 'Hi, I'm Alice Brandon, and were going to be best friends, I can tell.'

Yeh they sound innocent enough, but little did I know that those words would doom me to the hours of torture I have currently subjected myself to, all to get ready for her boyfriend's birthday party, which is the week before school starts, so it's perfect because everyone (by everyone I mean excluding me) can get trashed and have a whole week to recover.

At least one good thing is that's it's a masquerade party, so everyone gets to dress up as what ever they want, so long as they wear a mask.

"Oh cheer up Bella, it's not the end of the world" Alice says, breaking me from my inner monologue.

"It may as well be, look at what your making me wear!" I retaliate.

"Its not like anyone's going to know who you are anyway" She says.

"I guess"

She is right though. I'm wearing an outfit that I would usually never in a million years wear, but then again, this is Alice were talking about.

She threatened to burn my book collection if I didn't comply, so here I am.

Hopefully no one will recognise me, it's not like im well known anyway.

Im pretty much invisible at school. Everyone made a huge fuss over me when I started school; I was like the shiny new toy.

But they eventually realised im not that great, and I slowly faded into the background, just the way I like it.

The only people I talk to are Alice and Jasper, but occasionally their friends Emmett, Rosalie, and Edward. Gosh Edward, he is so magnificent. But unfortunately he's a total shallow ass that has dated almost every 'hot' girl in the school. But that doesn't deter his looks any.

I usually sit in the library at lunch, trying to avoid people at all costs. Sometimes Angela joins me. Angela's nice; I like her, she not fake like the rest of the school.

Hopefully I can just slip in and out of this party undetected.

"Finito!" Alice's chirpy voice calls out. I turn and look at myself in the mirror.

I must admit, I do look stunning. She forced me into a peach colored Victorian style dress. It was stunning. It has a tight bodice with cream designing on the top and bottom of it in the shape of flowers and leafs with a few peach beads on it. The skirting was huge. It was made of what must be hundreds of layers of tulle that flared out, with a matching sash sitting just below the waist. My chestnut locks were done in tight curls that would usually look ridiculous but seemed to fit perfect with this dress.

I looked amazing.

"Wow Alice, I look good, you did a great job" I reply with as much enthusiasm as I can, knowing she worked really hard on my outfit.

"I know, but thanks. Now all you need is this" She says, handing me a beautiful black lace mask that will frame my brown eyes perfectly.

"Ok so give me five minutes to get ready. Ill be back" And with that she prances into the bathroom to get ready.

I just stare at myself. I really do look great, I though to myself.

I heard the sound to the bathroom door knob jingling, so I turn around to meet a stunning Alice. She's wearing a cute little pixie outfit in green with a stunning green mask with huge feathers coming out from the top of it and intricate designs on it. It will contrast with her big hazel eyes perfectly. The dress is in pales shades of green and is tiny that flares out and is all puffy. She also has little green wings to complete the look. Her black hair, what little she has of it, is flared out, completing the look.

She looked fantastic.

"Don't give me that look, you look so much better than me, and all eyes are going to be on you tonight." She says to me.

And with that, we were off.


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