Chapter Eight

"Sins of the Father"

Zack was sprawled out on his bed fully clothed and far from tired. His mind kept replaying the night's events as he listened to the beat of the rock music playing from his small stereo. He hadn't told his mother what he had seen, mainly because he knew it would be painful for her and also because Zack wasn't sure if what he had seen was real. Max had come up with him for awhile to look on the internet and see what they could find on the word 'Illusionist' but all they had come up with was stuff about movies, books and games. Nothing that seemed to be related to his brother…

"I'm heading out now Zack!" Carey called from the living room. She had another late night performance to do downstairs before calling it quits for the night.

"Cya later mom," He replied obligatory. As the sound of the door shutting reached his ears, Zack rolled over onto his stomach, buried his face in the pillow and moaned in frustration. All he wanted was a sign or an affirmation that he was or wasn't crazy. All he wanted to know was whether or not Cody was truly alive and well or if he had passed away and Zack was just creating these fantasies to fill the gaping void left in his life by the loss of his twin. He knew these thoughts were absurd though… Max had been there with him and she would never lie to him about something like that.

Loud and poor quality music suddenly blared in his ear, fighting the stereo for dominance, and Zack picked his head up as he reached over to his nightstand and retrieved his phone. Glancing at the display he felt his spirits lift a little bit as he saw that Kurt Martin was calling him. He rolled back over onto his back and answered the call.

"Sup Dad!" Zack asked, forcing himself to sound like his usual macho self.

"Hey Zacko, look I need you to listen to me very carefully," The powerful and commanding voice of his father said as soon as Zack had picked up.

"Ok…" This was an unusual way for him to start a conversation with his son and it made Zack worry that something was wrong.

"I need you to get your mother and get out of Boston time yesterday."

"Dad what is…?" Zack started to ask.

"Don't ask questions, just get out of the city NOW!"


"Look Zachary, I can't explain right now. I have to go. Stay away from the Dragon Order. They found me again and if they did that, then they know where you are too." Just like that his father hung up and a bewildered Zack was left laying there on the bed for several seconds. Leave the city? Dragon Order? What the hell was going on?

"Now what?" Zack asked the empty room as he heard a knock on the door to the suite. He got up and walked into the living room, "I'm coming!" He added as the visitor knocked again impatiently. Zack was greeted by the sight of three well dressed men all in their late twenties or early thirties. Immediately he knew that these three people were not to be trifled with.

"Zachary Thomas Martin?" The man in the center of the group asked.


"Ah, good evening young man. I'm Special Agent Cruz with the FBI," He said, digging out his credentials and displaying them for Zack to see. After tucking them back into his pocket, Cruz extended his hand and Zack shook it. "Agents Ramirez and Lopez," Cruz added, gesturing to his companions.

"How can I help you sir?" Zack wondered, feeling an irrational pang of fear course through him. Was this about the shooting? There was no way the local police had even begun piecing things together, let alone have time for them to ask for federal help.

"We're investigating the disappearance of one Cody Mitchell Martin. May we come in?" Relief flooded through Zack as he heard these words. These men weren't after him, they were here to help him find his twin brother!

"Sure," Zack stepped aside and allowed the Agents to enter.

"Now then, do you have a picture of Cody from right before he disappeared?" Cruz asked, looking around the apartment with interest.

"Um yeah, but we already gave the police a couple…"

"We're here to help find Cody, Mr. Martin, your cooperation would be greatly appreciated," Cruz replied. Zack bit his tongue at the verbal back lashing he'd gotten and went over to the little monument his mother had constructed, selecting the picture that most closely resembled his brother as he'd seen him hours prior and handed it over to the Agent.

"Zack, we believe that your brother was kidnapped by some really bad people. Do you know of anyone who would want to hurt or use him in any way?" Ramirez asked, looking over Cruz's shoulder at the picture of Cody.

"No," He answered truthfully, unable to think of anyone he'd met who might have ill intentions for the younger twin.

"Did anything, out of the ordinary happen before he vanished? Something that broke the normal routine?" Lopez wondered, walking over and examining the little monument of Cody.

"Uh, come to think of it we did get evaluated by some psychiatrist dude who seemed very interested in Cody just before he vanished," Zack answered, wondering how he had forgotten to tell the police that little tidbit of information. Cruz looked up with decided interest.

"Do you remember the name of this psychiatrist and where he worked? Could you describe him well enough that we could have one of our people do a sketch of him?"

"Sorry I don't remember… Uh, I might be able to help with a sketch," Zack answered, getting excited at the prospect of a new lead in the case of Cody's disappearance.

"We would welcome your help on that, it might help us find your brother," Cruz said thoughtfully. Zack didn't like the way he'd said that though, he couldn't readily explain it to himself, but there was something odd about it.

"Now for the most important question," Lopez said as he rejoined his fellow agents, "Have you had any contact, any at all, with your brother recently?" Zack was about to answer truthfully, leaving out the part about the shooting, but something made him hesitate. Some sixth sense was screaming at him that something wasn't right. His eyes were drawn to the Cruz's suit coat, more specifically to a small gold lapel pin that he wore. It was crafted in the serpentine shape of a dragon. Alarm bells started going off in his head as his father's warning came back to him.

"You're the Dragon Order aren't you?" Zack blurted out before he could stop himself. His father had told him to stay away from these people. He started backing away from them and circling towards the front door, taking Kurt Martin's dire warning to heart. Were these the same people who had kidnapped Cody? Ramirez moved to block access to the door and Zack was trapped in his own residence.

"You just had to go and spoil it didn't you Zachary?" Cruz sighed in annoyance.

"What do you want with my brother?"

"Your father is Kurt Martin?" Lopez asked. Zack could only nod, "That is not his real name. We've been looking for that traitor for a long time, though we no longer care about him now."

"What are you talking about? My dad is just the lead singer of his little band, he travels around several states…"

"The perfect cover," Lopez snorted.

"Zachary, your father is one of the most powerful Seekers of our time, but we don't really need them. They're the most common of the gifted, a dime a dozen as they say. We're more interested in his children. The Order hopes that you and your brother have the same potential as your father, but possess the more rare gifts." Ramirez explained, earning a frown from Lopez when he spoke of Seekers being a dime a dozen.

"What does this crap have to do with Cody?"

"We believe someone already found your brother and kidnapped him in order to use his gift. This would indicate that Cody probably possess one of the more potent gifts, hopefully those of the Illusionist."

"That's what Cody said he was…" Zack accidentally thought aloud. He cursed himself the moment it had slipped out of his mouth. The fake agents all turned hungry looks upon him.

"He did, did he? And when did Cody say this?" Cruz asked, going in for the kill.

"I'm not answering any more questions."

"Oh you will be Zachary, and now you're coming with us."

"Like hell I am!" Zack shouted, his hands balling into fists. Cruz shrugged and all of the sudden Zack felt himself unable to move, a strange pressure pushing against his body from every direction at once. The room faded away and he was left standing in a dark void with the three men. He would have gaped in shock if he could. How was this happening? Ramirez was grinning at the surprise evident in the teen's widened eyes.

"We're going to see if you possess a gift too Zachary, hopefully you're not a mere ordinary person. If you are though…we can still use you to get to Cody," Cruz chuckled, walking around behind him. The other two men lead the way out of the room, a door appearing in the void suddenly and to his surprise Zack felt himself walking after them, his movements awkward but effective nonetheless.

"You'd like to have my gift wouldn't you Zack? Telekinesis is quite powerful," Cruz taunted from behind him, "But the ability to trick and deceive people en masse like Illusionists can, well that power if even more entertaining still!"

A/N: Wow! A lot in this chapter! Another class of gifted named, now we have Illusionists and Seekers, with the remaining unnamed class using telekinesis. Zack learns some of the ugly truth about his father's past as he is captured by the Dragon Order who is also looking for Cody. What will happen to the twins now? Speculate away! See you in the next chapter!

Also, in case you were wondering, the fake agents who came to get Zack were all gifted. Cruz obviously has the same power as Donald and Tristan, Ramirez is one of the ultra rare Illusionists himself and Lopez a Seeker. Putting this kind of team on the trail of the twins means that someone somewhere is heavily interested in Zack and Cody now doesn't it?

Thanks for reading!