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[Bella's POV]

I sat there in on the cold mossy ground thinking about what had happened not even an hour ago. Edward had been acting so funny all day only to take me into the woods and break up with me. I thought he would never leave me. All he told me was lies. He gave me one last kiss and then ran. I tried following him even though I knew it was useless. By the time I stopped, I was lost. I didn't know the forest all that well and didn't know which way I came from.

I curled my legs up underneath me and rested my head on my knees. Charlie would be looking for me soon since the darkness of night was slowly creeping through the forest. Closing my eyes, I let my mind wander and soon found myself asleep.

Soon I started hearing my name being called from somewhere far away. I opened my mouth to yelled something, anything but nothing came out but a few whispering words. The men kept yelling and soon I could barely hear them. I curled myself further into a ball willing the tears to stay back. Yet, all the willing the world could not stop the flood gates when I thought about never being found. I would if this is what Edward had wanted when he left me alone out here?

When the yelling had stopped or at least was too quiet for me to hear, I became aware of everything around me. All the animals that were suppose to be filling the nighttime air were all quiet making my imagination run wild with scary ideas.

All the sudden a breeze picked up and then twigs started breaking under what sound like some kind of big animal. Curling further into myself, I shut my eyes hoping that it was my imagination again and nothing was there. All the sounds stopped and the breeze also stopped, I slowly opened my eyes to look over at the source of the sound. There stood a massive midnight black wolf staring straight at me with deep brown eyes. There was something oddly comforting in those eyes but soon all I saw was blackness.

At one point I can feel a wet nose, like a dog's nose, press up against my face and neck. Then I could feel myself being moved by someone who felt like they just stepped out of a sauna.

"Bella? You're going to be okay. My name's Samuel. I'm one of Billy's friends. If you can hear me, can you squeeze my hand?" He whispered in my ear. With all my might, I tried squeezing his huge hand and heard a chuckle in my ear. "Alright, I feel you. I'm taking you to your Dad, okay?" I gave his hand another squeeze yet couldn't will myself to open my eyes.

I felt one of his large muscular arms grab underneath my knees and his other arm wrapping under my arms lifting me into his chest bridal style. I pulled myself closer to his chest breathing in his smell. It was completely different than Edwards'. Sam smelled spicy, earthy and manly. I had no idea why but I felt a pull to his man that I've never felt with Edward.

My eyes couldn't stay open for very much longer as he gently carried me across the forest floor. Soon they closed with one last look at my bronze angel.

[Sam's POV]

Panic. The reservation was overwhelmed by it and fear. All the wolves kept racing into my house looking at me for the answers. For once, I didn't have any. Isabella Swan was lost somewhere in the mighty forest and there was an unknown vampire on the loose. When all nine of the wolves were standing in front of me, I decided to head out. We needed to find her and fast.

Once we hit the tree line, all of us stripped and tied our clothes around our leg to phase. Many of the pack members thoughts were jumbled almost causing a sudden headache. Silencing the members, I had five of my fastest runners run around the Cullen property checking for anything out of place. The four remaining members followed me in the direction of the Swan residence.

We stopped and phased back to our own bodies when we reached Forks. I didn't want or need anyone to catch us covered in fur. All of Forks and most of La Push were at the Swan's house surrounding an old pick up. Harry Clearwater was the first to notice us and motioned for us to follow him. I had the others wait while I followed him around to the side of the house.

I nodded in his direction, "What do we know?"

He rubbed his hands over his face before speaking, "We know that she was at school all day according to her teachers. When she came home, she left a note in the kitchen saying she was going for a walk. Charlie came home to find her school bag still in her truck with her no where to be seen. I have a really bad feeling about the Sam. Something just doesn't fit here." He finished by running his hand over the back of his neck and looking into the dark forest.

I followed his vision and almost immediately found the sweet vampire scent. "Don't worry Harry. My boys and I will find her. Can you please keep everyone away from the forest for a while?" He simply nodded and started towards the main ground that was stil around the truck.

My men watched what was happening around them and soon saw me looking at them. They moved around quickly and finally came to a stop in front of me with questioning eyes.

"Harry was told that she went in earlier before Charlie got home but as you can sense, she wasn't alone." The men started smelling around them and soon all four of them were trembling, waiting for me to give the 'go ahead.' "We need to split up and cover all the areas around the house. There's a new vampire that we don't know and I don't want them to find the Swan girl…"

"Bella. Her name is Bella," someone said from behind me. I slowly turned and there stood none other than Jacob Black. "Find her and then leave. I don't care what my dad or even what Harry says, you guys are not welcome here." With that he turned on his heel and left us with a glare.

"Okay…" I drawled out while looking back at my members, "let's head out and see what we can find. Remember to stay close and keep in contact." With that, the men took off towards the woods all knowing which ways they were going to be taking while shedding their shorts and shoes. I gave one last over the shoulder look to where Harry was standing to make sure he knew, before heading in my own direction. My shorts came off without any problem and I pulled them around my right calf tying it with the leather string I always kept with me. Smelling around, I finally caught the lingering scent the Cullen boy left and smoothly turned into my black wolf form.

I didn't waste anytime moving around the heavy wooded area with my nose staying close to the ground to follow the vampire's scent. Soon I noticed it taking a different route back to the outskirts of Forks and quickly turned back around and followed it back to where I assume he left her. There was another scent. A new scent. It was a strange mixture of strawberries and something floral that I couldn't place. I soon just let my nose lead me to the place of this berry mixture.

Soon I heard the sound a human heartbeat. Moving slowly towards it, I wasn't really paying attention to where my paws fell and my left back paw landed on a fallen branch bringing the snapping sound to echo around me. The heartbeat sped up franticly and then heard it moving around like it was curling up in itself. I poked my head through the bushes to find the missing Bella.

When she opened her big brown doe like eyes, I felt my world stopping. Her small body took on a glow that made her look like an angel. I could sense the fear that she was radiating off her body and slowly moved forward. I wanted to show her that I wouldn't hurt her for some weird reason. I could smell something salty around her face and brushed my nose around her eyes to smell the salt was from her tears. For some unknown reason, I brushed my nose along her smooth neck and inhaled her wonderful smell. I knew at that moment, I had just imprinted on this beautiful woman.

Quickly and quietly, I moved back into the forest letting all my men know that I had in fact found her and also to meet us at her house, and then phased back to pull on my shorts before I pushed my way back to her. There she sat still trying her hardest to disappear. I moved swiftly to her and wrapped my arms around her. She was so small compared to me. Yet, she felt perfect in my arms.

I placed my lips along her ear and gently whispered to her, "Bella? You're going to be okay. My name's Samuel. I'm one of Billy's friends. If you can hear me, can you squeeze my hand?" She grabbed my hand and squeezed. If I hadn't known any better, I would have thought she had my strength and had to chuckle at that. "Alright, I feel you. I'm taking you to your Dad, okay?" She squeezed once more before letting go. I put her up bridal style and started heading towards her house.

Soon I felt her move her head into my bare chest and I could have sworn she smelled me. Does she feel something towards me like I feel towards her?

Noticing her heartbeat starting to slow down, meaning she was starting to either get sleepy or has already got to sleep, I started humming an old lullaby that my mom use to hum to me. It didn't take long before she started grabbing at me and shaking while whimpering. Seeing her like that, made me want to kill that Cullen kid for leaving her like he did.

All too soon I stepped out of the forest and into her backyard. My men looking at me strangely probably knowing the feelings I had towards her. They circled around us before we headed towards the mass that was at the old pick up.

Jacob was the first to notice us and soon Charlie came over to me reaching out for his daughter. I hesitantly handed her over following him like a lost puppy.

I pushed my way towards her body which was lying on the brown couch. Harry grabbed a blanket from a closet and handed it to me while giving me a knowing smile. I rushed over to her when Charlie and the reservation doctor left her. Pulling the blanket up her shaking body, she grabbed my hand and pulled me down. Jacob saw this and immediately glared my way. Deep down inside, my inner Sam was doing a little jig knowing she wanted me and not anyone else.

Charlie brushed past me and asked me to take her up to her room upstairs. Not knowing what else to do, I simply nodded. I couldn't leave her and I didn't know what I was going to do when I was asked to leave for the night. I shook my head trying to rid myself of those thoughts before I gathered her in my arms bridal style like before. She instantly curled herself around me and smile into my chest.

Kissing the top of her head, I started my climb up the stairs. Turning when I got to the top, I noticed someone had already set up her room for me. I gently laid her down and kissed her forehead once more before I stood to leave the room.

"Sam…?" I heard her whisper. "Don't leave me, please."

How could I refuse her? I moved quickly to her side and sat on the floor looking at her sleeping face. Grabbing her hand, she gave me a smile that I wanted to store in my memory not ever wanting to loose it.

"I'll never leave you my Bella." I just hoped that I could keep that promise.

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