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I waited patiently as Sam and Paul went into Jared's room. Jared's body was trembling so bad I was starting to think that he might fall off the bed. Before long, I heard a loud cry come from the poor man lying on the bed. The tremors soon became quakes and the body that Jared had soon changed into a massive, dark brown wolf.

Paul looked Jared over, making sure nothing was really hurt during the transformation. Jared stood on his bed, looking over at Sam who was watching him very closely. As soon as I opened my mind, his voice rang out over anyone's I've heard before.

What the hell happened?

- Jared asked with his eyes moving frantically over the room.

Jared, calm down. You need to come outside so we can explain a little better.

- I tried to calmly tell him. He snapped his huge head in my direction knowing that I was the one in his head.

How can I hear you and who the fuck are you?

We have a special way of communicating through our minds. All you have to do is think it, and everyone who's phased will either see or hear it. And, my name is Bella. Now come out here before your mom sees you like that.

I sat down next to Quil and waited as he moved off his now broken bed and started over to the door with Sam and Paul following. It wasn't even a minute and the back door opened and the three boys walked out.

I jumped up a little from my sitting position and walked over to where Sam was. I put my forehead on his chest and pushed him backwards before whimpering to him. He looked at me like I was somewhat crazy before realizing that I wanted him and Paul to phase.

"Alright, alright. Don't get your tail in a knot." Sam replied before grabbing Paul's arm and moving beside the house to undress.

Can someone fucking tell me why I'm a wolf?

Chill out, all in good time. Let's get out of here and head over to that meadow.

- Paul said from behind me.

Once Sam was by my side, we all took off through the forest to the meadow that we were just at. Paul was pushing himself to race with me and almost passed me until I nipped his back leg. I couldn't help but laugh as he tripped over himself and tumbled to the ground. Sam and Quil watched the entire exchange just shaking their heads and not saying anything. They were the first in the meadow and sat down in the middle.

As soon as I sat down and was starting to think about what to tell Jared or thinking about asking Sam to show me how he worked the newbies, I heard a loud growl before I was thrown to the side. My hackles rose involuntarily as I spun around and released a deep, loud growl. I heard Sam unleash a warning growl also but remained in my defensive stance.

Paul stood with a smirk on his muzzle looking at me.

'Bout time I get to fight with you -

He thought while getting ready to start circling me.

We have bigger things to worry about and you want to fight with me? -

I yelled back at him getting prepared for him to attack me.

He seemed to be thinking the same thing, considering he dropped down even lower before starting to prance around in our little circle.

Yeah, well, the way I see it is that the new pup will understand who's the boss around here.

I let out another warning growl before he charged at me. I quickly dodged his teeth and spun around to grab his tail with my canines. Paul whimpered slightly before pulling free and charging me again. I met him head on and rammed into him with my shoulder.

Come on old man… I thought you were good at this.

- I thought over to him as I watched him fix his posture and start circling me again. Every once in a while he would take a couple quick steps and turn like he was going to charge at me again.

Sam and the others sat still watching and waiting for us to finish, quietly murmuring thoughts in our heads.

It's about to get real good…

- Sam advised after watching me fight once before.

I've got ten on Paul, dude.

You're so on. Might as well just hand over the money. Bells isn't going down without a fight. -

Sam replied, echoing throughout Paul's and my mind.

Paul looked over to Sam and Quil and that's when I attacked. I quickly closed off my mind so he wouldn't be able to see the moves that I was going to make. I ran over to him, grabbing the back of his neck before throwing him down on the ground. Just for good measure, I shook him around a little bit. He tried fighting back, kicking his legs and snapping his jaws trying to grab onto something.

Unfortunately, one of his paws found purchase in my belly. I instantly dropped my hold and moved back hoping that the scratches would hurry up and heal. He seemed to be doing the same with his neck until I felt his body crash into mine, throwing me about ten feet away.

When I was sure that my stomach wouldn't rip open, I got up and charged him, waiting until the last minute and then pounced on his back. Paul sank down under my weight letting me grab hold of his neck again. I snarled when he tried moving out from under me. Making sure my jaw was locked this time, I tossed my head from side to side.

I could hear Sam trying to break into my mind and then saw him taking a couple steps in my direction. I growled deep, warning him to keep back. Paul, below me, remained motionless with his ears pinned back and his body curled. Some part of my mind knew that he was trying to show me that he was being submissive, but another part wanted him to suffer.

Sensing that someone phased, I turned my ears in the direction of the footfalls that were slowly making their way towards me. I could feel my chest rumbling hoping that whoever was making their way over to me, would stop before I had to make them stop.

"Bella, you need to let Paul, your brother, go. You're hurting him Bells." I could hear the pleading in Sam's voice as he spoke to me.

He walked closer to me with his hands up, palms facing me to show that he wasn't going to hurt me. The wolf in me wanted to fight him. The woman in me however, wanted me to go to him and let him take care of me.

I slowly started to open my jaw up. Paul tensed under me knowing that I was giving up and letting him go. I tried opening my mind's wall, but I was too involved in the inner beast to trigger anything. After my mouth was open, I looked over to Paul's face and made contact with his eyes. I bent down even further and gently licked his cheek hoping he'd understand and possibly forgive me.

I moved off of him and Quil came over to check him out and see if there was any lasting damage. Quil sniffed Paul over and then nodded over to Sam, and then to me. Sam walked the rest of the way to me and then placed his hand on my left shoulder.

"Jared, what you just saw was something that you're going to be going through also. Bella just fought her inner wolf, who wanted to kill Paul over there," he motioned over to Paul, who was limping away slowly.

Sam phased back into his wolf form and I could hear his thoughts come into my mind.

Bells, it's okay. Paul's okay… limping a little, but he knew what the chances were. -

He bent his head down to look me in the eyes after he said that.

I'm sorry I lost control again. -

I thought and looked into his gorgeous brown eyes. He leaned over and gave a little lick on my cheek before looking over to Quil and Jared.

Can you handle the new pup for me, Sam? I don't know what to do.

- I whispered the last part not wanting to admit it.

Okay, for starters we need him to calm down enough to phase back to human form. Once he's accomplished that, he's good to go. -

Sam told me with a shoulder shrug. After that, he started talking with Jared, seeing what was calming to him. A couple good memories of his past later, and he was phased back into his human form. Paul was kind enough to grab a pair of shorts from a hiding place so I wouldn't have to be subjected to all of Jared's natural form for too long.

Once we were all comfortable with Jared's phasing, he phased back to wolf so we could all communicate.

We need to start doing patrols Bella.

- Sam looked over to me.

Should we start tonight and then have some of the others cover or just have an all-nighter? -

I replied throwing the ball in his court considering he knew more about this type of thing to begin with.

He sat still for a minute just staring at me. Looks like we're going to pull an all-nighter.

I could see Paul and Quil shaking their heads behind Sam before nudging Jake and Jared to the opening on the other side of the meadow. Before Paul could actually leave, I called over to him. He looked over his shoulder and saw the worry and sadness in my eyes.

No worries Bells. Jared and Jake could do the same thing. Just wait until someone does it to you and you'll understand, alright? You two have a good night.

- And with that, the small group left for home.

Sam came up beside me, pushing my shoulder with his own to grab my attention. Let's go.


Running with Bella brought back all the memories that we gained when she took off cross country. Bella, seeing what I was thinking at the moment, smiled over to me before nipping at my ear.

What brought those up?

Just remembering the last time I really ran with you.

- She looked over at me with kindness in her eyes.

So, ol' wise one, where are we going? -

She asked while looking around through all the trees.

First, I'm going to show you our territory. A pair of wolves always circle it before going back and swiping through the actually territory.

Sounds… exciting. We do this every night? -

She asked looking over at me.

Yep -

Then we ran in silence, only talking when absolutely necessary.

When the last of the sun's rays left the sky, we started to circle around the northern area and started towards the east. As soon as we hit the Cullen's territory, I felt Bella stiffen slightly and slow down a tad.

What's that smell? -

What does it smell like to you? -

I wanted to know if she still was able to smell the Cullen boy or if the vampire smell was just altogether nasty for her as well.

It smells sweet… too sweet. It's stinging my nose a little. -

She replied before sneezing to get the new scent out of her nose. There was only so much of it wolves could handle before it became too much.

That would be the same smell that lured you to love a certain type of creature. -

She looked over to me with confusion written all over her face. Bella, that's the smell of vampires.

The look of understanding and sadness came fast and hard for her. She stopped suddenly and closed her mind off to me. I honestly couldn't stand it when she did that to me. I slowed down and walked to where she was just in case she would need me. When she felt me next to her, she leaned into me for a few seconds and then straightened back up.

She moved slowly to the front porch, looking over her shoulder every so often. Her body was sluggish and she wasn't holding herself up like she prides herself in doing. Her tail was tucked down with the white tip marking a trail where it dragged on the ground. When she made it to the large front door, she forced her eyes closed and pushed against it making it open with a loud squeak. She stood completely still with her mind closed tight. I nudged her from behind to try and gain her attention, but all I received was an ear twitch.

One step at a time, we walked into the cleared-out house. The Cullens left nothing behind it seemed. After walking all throughout the bottom floor, Bella moved past me to climb up the stairs. When we reached the second floor, I felt a cold shiver run through my body. I took a deep breath to see if there was anything new or anything different than usual about the house. All seemed clear, but there was definitely a disturbing vibe in the house.

I watched as Bella moved from room to room, sometimes with her mind slowly opening and memories from that room running through both of our minds and sometimes with her memories only left for herself. When we reached the stairs for the third floor, her mind opened completely and shocked me with the clarity.

Edward held her hand as they climbed the stairs, he would look over to her and smile before looking forward again.

'My room's the only one being used up here at the moment. There's two others that Esme seems to think she needs as guest rooms for all the visitors we don't have. There is one room that I think you would like up here though.' He turned her sharply and opened a large door leading them into a very dark room. When he turned the light on, she gasped at all the music and art surrounding the walls in the room.

'Where did all of these come from?' She asked while leading him around the room.

'Where do you think, love? Esme collects them from all eras and puts them in them in this room when she can't find places to put them around the house. Do you like them?' He asked carefully, watching her.

'I love them, Edward. I love you.' She looked up at him. She watched his eyes grow dark as he turned his head away in shame.

'I love you, Bella, more than you'll ever know…'

She shook her head like she was trying to clear her thoughts and then looked at me with eyes full of tears.

If he loved me so much, why did he leave Sam?

- Her voice broke even in her thoughts and I knew that when I saw him next, I would personally rip him apart and place his limbs all over the world so he knew what real pain felt like.

I don't know, Bella, and honestly, I could care less.

- She turned her face away before I could actually finish what I was trying to say, so I moved around her body to be able to look her in the eyes. I could care less, because he hurt you. Nobody will ever hurt you again, understand me? -

She looked at me with those big brown eyes and I watched her figure out what I was trying to say. I wanted her to know that I was going to be there for her no matter what and even the Cullens couldn't change that fact.

She nuzzled into my neck, breathing in my scent. Thank you, Sam. I think I need to go up and get a little bit of closure, okay?

Alright, take your time. -

I followed her form with my eyes as she moved up the stairs and then down the hall. I sat in the middle of the hall that I was standing in and listened as she moved from room to room. She opened her mind for me to look through as she went and smelled all the different scents still lingering.

Finally she came back in my view and took her time going down the stairs. Her eyes told me how she was feeling and if I couldn't tell that way, all I had to do was wait for it. On the last couple steps, she pounced down and crashed into me knocking me on my side. She laid her head on my exposed shoulder and just looked at me.

Umm, not that I don't mind all the attention, but what are you doing? -

Looking. -

I rolled my eyes at her obvious answer.

I can see that, but don't go you wanna go explore a little more? -

She just laid there waiting me out before jumping up and sitting down.

Okay, lead the way. -

We spent the rest of the night running through the woods, chasing each other and enjoying all the things the night had to offer. When it was time for the sun to rise, we found a nice hillside to lay down on and watch together. It was definitely going to be one of my best memories and hopefully there will be more to come.

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