The Cross-dressing Vongola Decimo!

Warning: This will be really different from the Anime/Manga but some things will be staying the same.

It was a normal day for the Sawada family. Tsunayoshi, Tsuna for short just finished getting ready for school and was now finished eating her breakfast and was about to leave the house when his mother said.

"Tsuna I hired you a home tutor." Tsuna's mother Nana says.

"What do I need a tutor for I get straight A's in school?" Tsuna asks.

"Yes and you are the best son a mother could want but maybe this tutor can help you make some true friends." Nana says. Before Tsuna could reply to that the door bell rang.

"That must be him now." Nana says happily as she answers the door.

"Ciaossu I am Reborn and I am the home tutor that you hired." Reborn the man/baby says. Tsuna looked at him and new right away that this was not a baby but a man in a baby's body and he had a deadly aura around. Tsuna knew not to piss him off.

"So where is Tsunayoshi?" Reborn asked

"I am Tsunayoshi but please call me Tsuna." Tsuna says with a warm smile. Reborn was surprised but did not show it.

"I thought I was going to be tutoring a boy not a girl?" Reborn says confused.

"You are because I am a boy." Tsuna says getting ready for him to say he was a freak. Reborn was shocked again and now staring at the cute boy dressed in the girl's uniform and dame did he look good in it.

"You're a cross-dresser." Reborn stated.

"Yes I am, is that a problem for you?" Tsuna asks nervously.

"No it is not a problem." Reborn says. Tsuna and his mother sigh in relief. Tsuna looked at his watched and said.

"I better leave now because if I don't I will be late bye mom." Tsuna says as he hugs his mother goodbye and heads out the door. Tsuna walked a block and noticed Reborn was following.

"Why are you going to school with me?" Tsuna asked.

"Well if I am to be your tutor I did to see how you are at school." Reborn says.

"I see that makes sense." Tsuna says with a smile. They walked a few more blocks then they ran into to Kyoko Sasagawa The most popular girl in Tsuna's school.

"Good morning Tsuna and who is that with you?" Kyoko says with a smile.

"Oh good morning Kyoko and this is my little cousin he will be staying with my family for a while. What are you doing on this side of town are you taking a different way to school?" Tsuna asks.

"Yes I am meeting Mochida we are going to walk to school together. Well I better hurry if I want to meet him see you later Tsuna." Kyoko says as she runs off a head of them to meet Mochida. Tsuna waves good bye to her and then sighs when she is out of site.

"Do you have a crush on Kyoko?" Reborn asks.

"No I do not I just like her as a friend I just hate her tastes in men she could do so much better then Mochida." Tsuna says in disappointment.

"And why do you not like this Mochida?" Reborn asks.

"Because he flirts with me all the time when she is not around and he is has also cheated with other girls too he sickens me." Tsuna says in disgust.

"Have you told her about how you think she could do so much better?" Reborn asks.

"Yes and her friends think I am just jealous of her for having a real man. Che yeah right like I would be jealous I already have a real man thank you very much." Tsuna says proudly. Reborn was curious who he was dating. Tsuna finally got to school and guys were making cat calls at him and girls were whispering mean things about him like he was a 'freak' 'man stealer' and other mean things.

-In class-

The teacher was handing out the tests they took yesterday.

"Good work as always Tsuna." The teacher says in a proud tone.

"Thank you sensei." Tsuna says with a smile.

"Yeah the freak probably slept with the teacher to get those good grades." The girl behind him said.

"No I am sorry I am not you." Tsuna replied. It was the end of class and Tsuna was getting ready to go home when one of Mochida's friends says he wants to fight Tsuna in a Kendo match and if he wins he has to be his boyfriend. Tsuna pissed he would rather kill himself then date this bastard or he should say kill Mochida.

Tsuna walked to the kendo club with Reborn by his side.

"So you are going to fight Mochida and not run away?" Reborn asked.

"Hell no, I am not running away this bastard needs a lesson in when a person says no they mean No!" Tsuna yelled angrily. Reborn smirked at that. Tsuna walked into the kendo club and took his place across of Mochida.

"I will explain the rules…" Mochida was saying but Tsuna interrupted him.

"I already know the rules." Tsuna says.

"Alright then I will explain the stakes. The stakes are if I win you have to be my boyfriend." Mochida says with a smirk.

"And if I win you have to leave me the hell alone!" Tsuna yells. They get into to there fighting position.

Mochida ran at Tsuna about to slice him, but Tsuna was able to block the hot with his sword and then follow it up by pushing Mochida back and then he started to swing his sword as fast as he could in opposite directions. Tsuna then jumped over Mochida sent one last swing to Mochida before landing. Tsuna then started to put his sword back into the hilt before stopping for a few seconds. Tsuna then put his sword all the way in and Mochida started to bleed incredibly. Tsuna starts walking off when he hears Mochida get back up so he takes out his sword and throws it like a boomerang at him. The sword hit Mochida's chest making Mochida fall down backwards. The sword swung back into Tsuna's hands. Tsuna then placed it back into the hilt and walked off wile whispering "I win," Tsuna walked off with wind blowing up his skirt showing off the side of the panties that were purple with little yellow birds on them. But before he left he said.

"You should be glad I won because if by some miracle you won my boyfriend would have killed you or as he would say he would bite you to death." Tsuna says as he is about to walk out the door.

"He would bite me to death what that catch verse does that mean your boyfriend is….KYOYA HIBARI!" Mochida yells shocked.

"Yes he is, so sense I won leave you have to leave me the hell alone. I already have a real man not a cheating asshole like you." Tsuna says as he leaves. Reborn is proud at what he saw Tsuna can defiantly fight. Tsuna and Reborn walked home and as they walked home Reborn tells Tsuna about being the Vongola Decimo of the mafia. Tsuna was excited here was the adventure that Hibari and him wanted. Reborn was surprised at how well Tsuna was taking to being the leader of a big mafia family. They arrived at home.

"How was your day at school Tsuna?" Nana asks.

"It was fine I got an A on the math test today." Tsuna says.

"That's great dear." Nana says proud of her son. After dinner Tsuna did his homework and went to bed wondering what would happen tomorrow.

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