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Chapter Fifteen

"Hey Lee, can I talk to you for a minute?"

I tried my best not to tense up as I heard a barely audible growl escape from Jake's throat. I looked up into the eyes of Sam and felt myself go rigid at the intense stare in his eyes, desperately trying to ignore the familiar feeling that crept into my chest.

"Whatever you have to say to her you can say in front of me," Jacob challenged. He tightened his arm around my swollen midsection, his brows furrowing as he met Sam's gaze.

Sam rolled his eyes and sighed, turning his glance back to me. Everything was the same it's always been, only completely different. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't help but feel nostalgic as I looked at Sam.

He had been ignoring me since the pack found out about my pregnancy, and I couldn't help but wonder why he would want to talk to me suddenly, why now?

"It's ok, Jake. I'll be fine," I smiled slightly as I pulled away from Jacob's embrace. I tried my best to ignore his look of annoyance as I got up from my position on the ground.

"So how's Emily?" I asked Sam as we began walking down the beach.

"She's fine…she's just impatient to have the baby…a little nervous too," Sam laughed lightly.

"Well, she has no need to be nervous. She's going to be the perfect little mother," I smiled back, unable to keep myself from smiling at the sound of Sam's laugh. It had been so long since I had heard it.

We continued to walk in silence, only the sound of the violent waves to fill the static in the air between us. This Saturday night was just like all the others. The moon was bright and daunting, the air was cool and the gang was all together again, fooling around and doing their best to forget just how much of a dead end their lives have turned out to be. The only thing that had really changed was supposed to be me.

I shivered in the cold wind as I mused about just how quickly everything had changed in the past couple months. I had everything I wanted – just not the way I had wanted it.

"So how are you doing, Lee…with the, uh, you're situation…" Sam coughed softly, clearly uncomfortable.

"I guess I'm as good as I could be, Sam," I shrugged, wrapping my arms around myself as I stopped walking to take a good look at Sam. His eyes were dark, concerned, and sad.

"And Jacob…he's good to you, right?" He asked, leveling his eyes with mine questioningly.

"Why do you care, Sam?" I asked softly, my heart beating more quickly with each second of time that elapsed before he responded.

"Leah…you know I care about you. I just…I hate to see you this way. This wasn't the way things were supposed to happen," he shook his head, reaching his hands out to place them on my shoulders so that he could look into my eyes.

"Sam – " I breathed in, unable to grasp my words. I could feel myself begin to shake in panic. I didn't know what was happening, or why he felt the need to care, but it had to stop.

"Are you sure you can do this Lee?" he asked almost inaudibly, his eyes softer than I'd ever seen them. "Are you sure you can do this with, or without him?"

"It's too late Sam. It's too late to question it, and it's damn too late for you to care," I spat, shoving his hands away from me as my breaths became quicker.

"Lee Lee," he sighed, shaking his head dejectedly as I stared intensely into his eyes.

An intense pain crept its way from the back of my skull to the front as my breathing evened itself out. My feet began to move beneath me as I walked briskly back to the bonfire, my arms wrapped around my four months pregnant midsection.

I turned around only once to look at Sam still standing there, tall and strong as ever.

"Go home to your wife, Sam. She needs you, and I sure as fuck don't," I growled as I continued to walk, the distance between us growing with every footstep.

I needed to get back to what had become familiar. I needed to get back to what I knew. I needed to get back to Jacob.

And I needed to let the past go.