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After the last encounter with Mariah, Nicky was really starting to hate this girl. Like severally hate. He decided he needed to go out walking. So, he left the apartment, and started walking down the street that we have all came to love, Avenue Q.

As he was walking he came across two familiar faces.

"Hey Nicky !" They said together.

In case you haven't figured it out, he met up with the bad-idea bears.

"Oh, hey guys."

"Why so sad? You know anti-depressants help sadness!"

"It's Rod. He's dating this girl that I am not exactly fond of."

"There's only one way to fix that problem!"

"How?" Nicky asked curiously.

"KILL HER OFF! YAAAAAY!" The two bears exclaimed happily.

"Um, I'm pretty sure that isn't legal.."

"Neither is loitering, but people do it anyways!"

"But I cant just KILL someone because I don't like her!"

"Why not? Just think about it Nicky! Once this girl is gone, you no longer have anything to worry about! There is no possible way ANYTHING could go wrong!"

"What if the police catch me?"

"Kill them too! YAAAAAAY!"

"No absolutely not!"

"Come on Nicky, you are the one who tore up and threw away Kate's summons for jury duty!"

"I suppose you're right…"

"So how is killing someone any different?"


"If not many people like this girl then you will be doing everybody a favor!"

"I guess your right!"

"YAAAAAY! Here's a steak knife, go have fun!"

And with that Nicky ran away as he heard the bad idea bears calling out to Princeton.

"Hey Princeton! Run with scissors Princeton! Yeah, run with scissors!"

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