They sky was a light blue. The clouds, few and soft. We were by a lakeshore, dipping our feet in the cooling water. She was in a simple white gown, it flattered her shape. I looked at her and she giggled. She leaned back and let the sun kiss her neck. She smiled and took a glance at me. So seductive. Her hair brushed against her back and it just begged me to come and touch her. She closed her eyes slowly and a strap of her gown slipped down. I felt myself start sweating. The entire scene swirled away and changed as I leaned in to kiss her. I found us in a room with a huge bed. She put her hand lightly on my chest. She ran her fingers down my torso and pulled at the hem of my shirt. I stared her in the eyes and started to pull up her gown. I could feel the heat between us growing. In an instant we were on the bed. My boxers were halfway down my butt. But when she pulled me down…
My eyes shot open. Was I dreaming? Am I awake now? I was staring into the stars. I could hear myself breathing hard. Hard. I shuddered. That dream was so weird. I looked at my lap for a second. Am I sitting on a stick?
"Omigawd…! Down boy!" I whispered harshly, trying to smack it down. I pulled my knees up to my chest quickly. This is SO embarrassing. I looked around to make sure no one's watching me. I saw Charlie sleeping by me. She's so peaceful when she's sleeping, Not angry or.. slappy.

I stroked her cheek, it was so soft. I wish. I wish, so bad. There was a dark figure at the far end of the clearing, right by where Joe was sleeping.

"Hey! What are you doing?" I yelled. The figure shot up; He was holding The Book! The figure tried running but I tripped him. He fell down. Joe was waking up as I held the guy in a choke-hold.

"Everybody! Wake up! Someone's trying to take the book!" Joe was waking everyone. The guy hit me with an hourglass cane. Mad Jack.

"It's Mad Jack!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Charlie was running toward him.

"Halt!" MJ commanded. Charlie skidded to a stop. "Is this anyway to treat your daddy?" The emphasis he put on that word. She's.. related.. to HIM? I felt my heart sink. When MJ reached for The Book, she didn't stop him. She he opened it up, she didn't bat an eyelash. When the green mist flowed… She touched her watch. I can't believe she still had it! What was she doing? She was rotating something, but what? She grabbed the book. MJ was still holding tight.

"Let go! How dare you defy me! You ninny!"

"Charlie!" I called. Joe had wound his arms around Charlie's waist and started to help her pull. Samantha wound her arms around Joe's waist. Sam around hers. Jodi around his. Freddi was screaming.

"Pull!" Joe called.

And everyone said in unison, "Heave! Ho! Heave!" A shock wave from the book knocked everyone over except MJ and Charlie. A wormhole had been made. I jumped up when MJ had been violently sucked into Warped-Time. I couldn't help myself, I ran when Charlie was being pulled into the Warped-Time dimension.

"Charlie!!! CHARLIE!!!" I was crying openly. I tried to grab her hand before she was gone, But Joe held me back. I struggled to get free, but he was stronger than I.

"We can't lose both of you!" Sam said sadly. Charlie was holding onto The Book. When she was pulled into the Hole, I saw her mouth 'I love you.' I cried so much. When the portal closed, my heart shattered. The Book spun down from the sky and landed safely in Jodi's hands. She cracked open The Book. She typed something into it.

She looked remorseful, "The Book can't find her in Time. She's lost." I wept. Freddi was stronger than I was being. She walked over to me. She told Joe to let me go, and she said to me, "as long as I exist, She's still out there." That was the best news by far. I stood up and looked at the horizon. The sun was rising and the colors were remarkable. I'll find her. I'll find her if it takes all of Time.