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Feliciano wrapped his arms around the German's neck as he kissed him, completely oblivious to the pouring rain around them, their tongues melding together as Ludwig's wandering hands slid gently over Italy's hips.

Italy was the first one to pull away, still breathing heavily from the intensity of the kiss. He rested his head on Germany's chest as Ludwig leaned back against the abandoned building, looking around nervously as if he expected England or France to come around the corner at any minute. As usual, Feliciano was the one who broke the silence.

"Ve~,Germany…why do we have to keep this a secret?"

Germany sighed. "Italia…I've told you at least a thousand times already. If…if someone found out about our relationship, particularly the Allies, they could use it against us."

"Ve, but Germany was always protect me, right? Because Germany is strong and tall and handsome and sweet and I really really love him~" As Feliciano said this he began to grind his hips against Ludwig's, his usually innocent look replaced by an almost devilish one.

Then he leaned over, his breath warm and moist as he whispered in his lover's ear, " Ve~…so, maybe we could take this a little bit far-"



Germany's eyes shot open as the loud, shrill voice yelling his name wrenched him from his dream. Not that this new situation was any less pleasant than the last.

Italy was sprawled out on top of him, those chocolate brown orbs looking down at him questioningly, a warm body pressing against his bare chest-

Wait a second. WHAT??

"I-Italia!! What are you doing?! And…And where the hell are my clothes??" Now Germany was starting to panic. There was no way. No way that he and Italy had done…well, that!!!

"Ve~…you're sick, Doitsu!" That's all? Danke Gott… "You came home from the bar with your fratello last night, then you passed out, and now you have a fever! So…I've been taking care of you!" Italy gave him a quick smile as he said this, popping a thermometer into his mouth and promptly jumping off the bed. But…that still didn't explain why he was naked…

"Italia, wait, I-" Ludwig began, but Feliciano shushed him.

"Ah-ah! Keep your mouth closed, ve~! And let me know when it goes off!" And before Germany could say another word, Italy hurried out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Sighing, he laid back down against the mattress, deciding maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to take a nap, and maybe even get back to that nice dream he'd been having…


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