Chapter One

Reason To Survive

Nick's fingers twitched a little as he set his guns aside and looked over at Ellis. They were finally at a safe spot... Sure they'd lost two members of their team along the way, but... They were alive... And that had to count for something... Ellis stripped off his blood soaked shirt tossing it aside. He set them aside and examined the scuffs and cuts on his torso, but Nick was too busy admiring how toned and muscular the mechanic was. His cool teal eyes were fixated on the younger man, a small smirk stretching over his lips. Ellis was oblivious to the eyes on him, his mind still on how the Tank had just crushed their friends only a few minutes ago. Nick, however, was a strictly, people come and people go, that's life kinda guy.

Ellis was shaken, and his body scuffed, bruised, and cut up in places. Nick picked up a med kit and walked over to the younger man, gently inspecting the wounds, his gentle and uncalloused fingers brushing his skin. Ellis shivered and looked at Nick nervously.

"How do I look?" he asked, his thick southern drawl having sounded thicker when laced with fear. Nick was able to fight back the many answers on the tip of his tongue and begin to clean up the cuts and scuffs and then proceed to bandage them.

"You'll be fine once I get you all patched up. It's not bad." he said with a softly laugh. "Ellis, you need to stop shakin'... I know... We just screwed our odds and that now, we're long shots without Coach and Ro'... But..."

Ellis frowned deeply, interrupting the older man.

"You're gunna let me die out there! You hate me man!" Ellis blurted out in fear. Nick was surprised out how much these words stung to hear. Nick leaned back against a wall, his brows furrowed as the words sank in. Hate...? No... That wasn't how he felt at all. He pushed himself away from the wall and crossed the room. He picked up a med kit again, and continued his careful cleaning and bandaging. Ellis seemed stunned and unsure of how to react to this behavior. He closed his eyes and sighed softly as Nick worked diligently. When he was finished wrapping up Ellis' wounds, he gave him some pain pills to help ease the pain.

"Here. Just take these..." he said softly, his dark husky voice showing a bit of sadness. Ellis took them almost reluctantly and swallowed as many down as he knew he could handle. There was a long awkward pause between them before Nick took Ellis by the wrist and made him look at him once more, their eyes meeting in a very intense gaze. Ellis opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out so he closed it again. Nick reached up, cupped Ellis' face in his hand.

"Ellis... You know all that shit I was sayin'...? I was just jokin' okay?" Nick said softly, watching as Ellis seemed to melt at the contact and sweetness. Nick smiled weakly as Ellis nodded, smiling back at him. There was another, equally awkward moment between them, before in a sudden movement, Ellis' hands were tightly gripping the front of Nick's shirt and Nick was yanked inward.

Ellis' hat landed on the floor softly, knocked from his head as his mouth collided with Nick's. Suddenly Nick felt he was losing grip on reality. His world was slipping away and becoming Ellis... Ellis' lips on his. So soft, tasting of blood and surprisingly when Ellis parted his lips and pushed his tongue into the older man's mouth, it tasted so sweet... So natural and unique. It was purely Ellis... If he it was possible, Nick would have bottled the moment forever. It was so sudden and so passionate he was swept into it. Their tongues roving over one another in a perfect feeling of slick and silky carnality. And it was just like that, that Nick became addicted. He grabbed Ellis' shoulders rather quickly, his fingers tightly gripping the incredibly strong muscles. Ellis was so toned, so much like satin draped over a perfect statue... So soft, sculpted...

Nick carefully ran his fingers over every inch of exposed skin, not pressing hard for fear of reopening any wounds, their lips never parting. It felt incredible to be this close to the younger man. He gasped as he felt Ellis' fingers slide up his clothed torso and pinch his nipples through the silky fabric of his shirt. Ellis grinned into their kiss at this and pinched again, rolling them just a little bit. It sent tremors of pleasure shooting through Nick's body. Nick broke away from Ellis' lips, looking down at the young man who was grinning cockily, wondering to himself just how long this kid had wanted to touch him, and more importantly, how much experience he had... Ellis was too busy just feeling to think, that was the big difference between the two of them...

Ellis was all heart, and Nick was all head. The two of them were pressed together, their lips moving against one another again, Nick kept his hands on the younger man's shoulder's but Ellis' hands were already unfastening the buttons of Nick's shirt. Nick moaned as Ellis' tongue suddenly left his mouth, only to resume it's work down on Nick's now exposed nipples, beginning to suck and tug them with his teeth, making the once soft little patches become taut and sensitive to the touch. Nick's hands gripped those beautiful bare shoulder's tighter. Sure he was letting Ellis take charge now, but if this kept up, Nick would be too aroused to do anything except lay there and enjoy the young man. And he was highly tempted to do so...

Ellis was molding him like clay in his strong and very skilled hands. He was after all, a mechanic.

Nick arched into those skilled hands, letting himself be pushed back and down. He found himself pressed with his back against the wall, sitting on the ground, Ellis straddling his lap as his lips eagerly sought out Nick's once more. Nick welcomed the over zealous young man's tongue once more, the almost teenage awkwardness of the situation settled in as he realized he was half way to forty and had a twenty something in his lap, rutting against him like a dog in heat. And it felt amazing.

Ellis was so eager, Nick found it hard not to just let him do as he pleased. On top of the fact that the kid had been so upset, he was damn good at what he was doing. You just couldn't get something so pure as this without waiting your whole damn life. As Ellis' hands moved to his belt he quickly reached down and grabbed them. He broke from his lips and smiled softly.

"Wait for me." Nick said softly.

Ellis blushed and his lips curved into a goofy smile.


To Be Continued