Disclaimer: I don't own House M.D. and the lyrics are from the song You're still the one by Shania Twain...


You're still the one I run to
the one that I belong to
you're the one I want for life
You're still the one that I love
the only one I dream of
you're still the one I kiss good night


December, 2011

You walk down the hall, a package in your left hand and a wide grin on your face. You reach the Maternity Ward and the interns run to the opposite direction when they see you. Yeap, that's the reaction you expected. Cuddy shouldn't have forced you to have them in the conference room during the differential. But she has learned her lesson…

You reach your destination and you slide the door open and enter.

You spot Allison at once, sitting on the bed with her back against the pillows. She gives you a brilliant smile and you can't help the smile that reaches your own lips.

"How come you are alone?" you ask and she gives you a small shrug.

"My mom went to the cafeteria with your mom and my dad has gone to Nathan's. James was here too but he had to leave, surgery." She replies and you give her a small nod.

You walk into the room and you sit on the bed next to her.

"What's that?" she asks, pointing at the package you are holding.

"Nothing special, just something I thought you'd like…" you say handing it to her.

She slowly unwraps it and you are tempted to roll your eyes.

"Just rip it!" you urge but she ignores you and continues unwrapping the package at the same pace.

"You took the time to wrap it so I'll take my time to unwrap it." She states and this time you do roll your eyes.

You watch her as patiently as you can as she opens the package and she takes the tiny pair of Nike shoes out, identical to the ones you are wearing.

"When did you get these?" she asks and she turns to look at you with a soft smile.

"A month ago, when I bought my pair." You reply and then you point at the package. "There is more."

Her eyes dart to the box where she finds a book and she carefully takes it into her hands and studies the cover.

"It's a story book… it also has some lullabies, I thought you'd like it…" you tell her, resting your hand on her knee.

"It's beautiful…" she mumbles and her fingers trace the title of the book.

You let out a breath in relief and then you reach out and take the book from her. You put it back in the package and then you rest it on the table next to the bed.

You catch her hand in yours and she leans to you and places a small kiss on your lips.

"When will they bring peanut?" you mumble against her lips.

"In a while…" she replies in the same tone, capturing your lips again.

Your hand cups her cheek as you kiss lazily and you pull back only because there is a knock on the door. You are ready to yell to whoever dared to interrupt but you change your mind when you see a nurse wheeling your baby in the room.

"It's about time!" you exclaim and you motion for her to come into the room.

She hands the baby to Allison and when she sees the look in your eyes she leaves the room without another word.

"Hey baby…" Allison coos and drops a kiss on the baby's forehead.

You look at them and you feel your heart swell with happiness. You never believed a feeling like this even existed until you let Allison into your heart. And then you found out what you had been missing.

You move closer to her so that you are sitting right next to her and you wrap your arm around her waist while you look at the baby in her arms.

"Hello peanut." You say, caressing the baby's cheek with the pad of your finger and Allison chuckles.

"She has a name Greg." She tells you but you shrug.

"But I like 'Peanut'." you kiss her shoulder gently and she snuggles in your embrace.

"I don't think she will appreciate being called that when she starts school." She states with a smirk.


"Don't listen to what mommy says Lilly; she doesn't know what she is talking about." The baby in her arms just yawns and looks up at you with her grey-blue eyes.

A smile finds its way to your lips when she discovers her hand and she puts it in her mouth.

"My mom has fallen completely in love with her." you comment, dropping your head on Allison's shoulder.

"She has everyone wrapped around her little finger already." She says with a bright smile that makes your heart skip a beat.

"Imagine what will happen when she'll grow up. I'll have to chase the boys away from our doorstep! Remind me to get a gun or something…" you mutter making her laugh.

"Not funny!" you say with a frown and she kisses your cheek softly.

"I think daddy is being overprotective Lilly." She tells your daughter who blinks and snuggles in her embrace.

"Nope, daddy is just being cautious." You contradict.

Allison smiles in amusement and you pick up your head in order to look in her eyes. You drop a kiss on her forehead and then you nuzzle your nose against hers.

"Wanna hold her?" she mumbles against your lips.

"I think I'm fine…" you reply but she can sense the hesitancy in your voice.

"She is not going to break Greg." She reassures you, a gentle expression on her face. Damn, she saw right through you.

"Yeah, but…" before you have the time to protest she carefully places the baby in your arms and you are stunned at how good it feels to have her in your arms. It's like she belongs there.

Your eyes are glued on her baby features and you can't believe that you helped create something so perfect. You hold her as close to your body as you can and she yawns and snuggles in your chest making you chuckle at her actions.

"See? She is fine." Allison tells you and your eyes meet her green-blue ones.

She leans to you and kisses your lips tenderly and you willingly respond to her kiss.

"She is perfect…" you whisper making her grin.

"Of course she is, she is our baby." You laugh and you kiss her again.

You rest your forehead against hers and you look seriously at her.

"I never really…" you pause and you close your eyes momentarily.

"What?" she caresses your cheek and you open your eyes once again.

"I never really thanked you… you know, for everything. So… thank you…" you whisper and you hope that it's not too late.

Sure, you could have said to her how grateful you are that she is in your life many times in the past but somehow you've never felt the urge to do so. But now, with your daughter in your arms, you feel the need to thank her for everything she's given you.

The smile she gives you is so soft and tender that you know you have done the right thing by telling her how you feel.

"I love you Greg…" she breathes out before kissing your lips.

A small cry draws your attention and you look at Lilly who seems hungry.

Allison hands a bottle with baby formula and you quirk an eyebrow.

"It's not hard, here I'll show you." She says, guiding your hand and showing you how to feed your baby girl.

"I know what your master plan is. You are showing me now so that I'll wake up in the middle of the night when we get home!"

"Yeah, you figured it out." She teases and you smirk.

"My doctor said I'll be able to breastfeed tomorrow so I think you'll be ok at nights." She informs you making you frown.

"I wanna wake up too…" you confess.

She doesn't know what to say to this so she just nods and leans to you so that her head is resting against your shoulder.

"Our moms are making plans for Christmas you know…"

"Yeah, they have everything figured out. They were talking earlier when they thought I was asleep." She replies with a smirk.

"What's the plan?" you inquire although you aren't sure if you want to know.

"They are going to come at our place. They are going to cook and prepare everything and then they are going to stay to clean everything up since we'll have the baby." You scoff and your eyes return to Lilly who is still drinking her milk.

"That is insane!"

"Nope… I told you, they have everything planned out. Your mother's house in Princeton isn't big enough for everyone, my parents don't live here and my brother is having some renovations at his house so that leaves us, James and Lisa. And since they are our mothers the choice was pretty much obvious." She explains and you sigh.

"Well, at least there is a bright side. We won't do anything!" you tell her with a grin.

"Mature Greg." The amusement is evident in her voice.

"That's why you love me!" you reply and she shakes her head.

For now you forget all about Christmas and you both watch your beautiful baby. You'll have time to talk about it later.


25th of December…

"Greg honey, can you come here and take some plates to the table?" your mother asks from the kitchen and you groan.

You catch Wilson's eye who smirks in amusement and before he has the time to react you throw the pillow to him and it hits him to the head.

"Hey!" he protests but you just shrug.

Emma is laughs and she follows your example and throws another pillow at Wilson and hits him straight to the face.

Of course, Hector can't stay away from this. When he sees the pillows flying around the living room he runs towards you and gets ready to play with you. When Emma throws another pillow to your best friend Hector gets in the middle and catches it before it can hit him.

"Allison! Come take the mutt, he is ruining the game!" you shout making Emma laugh even harder and Wilson roll his eyes, although he is trying really hard not to laugh too.

Allison appears from the kitchen and she looks at you with a raised eyebrow.

"Do I even want to know the name of the game?" she asks, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"It doesn't have a name yet. But whoever hits Wilson with a pillow on the head gets a bonus." You explain.

Your mother appears from the kitchen too, looking expectantly at you.

"You see, I was on my way but I got sidetracked." You tell her in a serious tone and you cover Emma's mouth with your hand, stifling her laughter.

"I can see that." Your mother comments in amusement when she sees the pillows on the floor and Hector who still has one in his mouth and waits for someone to continues the game.

"I'm coming…" you say dejectedly and after throwing one last pillow to your best friend, who avoids it this time, you start following your mother.

Suddenly there is a cry from the baby intercom you are carrying in your pocket and you thank Lilly for choosing that time to wake up.

"Oops, baby crying, gotta go!" you announce and without another word you move to your bedroom as fast as you can.

You reach Lilly's bassinet and you gently pick her up. When she is settled in your arms she stops fussing and she looks up at you, her eyes searching your face.

"Hey peanut, why all this fuss?" you ask in a gentle tone and Lilly relaxes even more when she hears your voice.

You move to the bed and you sit on top of it with your back against the headboard, with Lilly settled in the crook of your elbow.

"So, are you going to tell me what you are doing up? Not that I mind, you just saved me from Grandma, but it's not time for you to eat yet and you don't need changing." You say to her and she just waves her little hands in the air.

"I know, you just wanted to see me, right?" you tell her in a soft tone and you caress her cheek gently with the pad of your finger.

You hear the door opening and closing again and you look to see who entered the room. Allison is standing there with her back against the door and a smile on her face.

"Hey, you escaped too!" you exclaim with a smirk and she chuckles.

She walks to you and she sits right next to you on the bed, mimicking your stance.

"Yeah, I told your mom I had to check on you." She states with a shrug and you narrow your eyes.

"Don't worry, I didn't come for that." She reassures you, dropping a small kiss on your cheek.

"Lisa and Lucas are here too so we'll have to return to the living room soon." She informs you and you groan.

"Great…" you mutter under your breath.

Allison reaches out and caresses Lilly's soft hair tenderly and then kisses her forehead.

"Come on, put her in the bassinet and let's go. She needs to sleep." She tells you but you seem reluctant to do so.

"But I don't wanna!" you whine childishly.

You watch Lilly as she yawns and closes her eyes after a few seconds and you sigh. Maybe she is right. You stand up carefully with the baby in your arms and you put her in the bassinet. You turn on the baby mobile that is over the bassinet and you stand there just watching her.

Allison wraps her arms around your waist and you give her hand that rests on your stomach a squeeze.

"Come on, let's go…" she mumbles and you nod and follow her out of the room.

When you return to the living room everyone is there. Your mothers are in the kitchen with Allison's sister and Lisa. Allison's father is talking with Wilson and Lucas in the living room. Emma and Rachel are playing with some toys on the floor while Hannah is in Lucas's arms. And Hector is hiding under the piano and when he spots you two he comes running to you and hides behind Allison's legs.

"Poor mutt." You laugh and she pats the dog's head.

Your mother carries a platter to the table and she smiles at you.

"Is Lilly ok?" she asks and you nod.

"Yeah, she was just a little uneasy that's all." Allison replies and she takes your hand and leads you to the couch.

"Hey rugrat." You say to Rachel, ruffling her hair and she giggles and tries to straighten it.

"Uncle Greg stop or I'll tell daddy!" she says when you try to do it again making you smirk.

You look at Lucas who shrugs and you shake your head. You look around and then you realize that someone is missing.

"Where is Kate?"

"Patient emergency, she is going to be a little late." Wilson announces "Lilly ok?"

"Yeap, she's fine." You drop your hand on Allison's thigh and she turns to look at you.

"Mommy I'm hungry, are we eating yet?" you yell making Rachel and Emma laugh at your childish behavior.

"Uncle Greg you are such a baby." Emma tells you and you grin goofily.

"We'll eat when Kate arrives." Your mother tells you and you groan in frustration.

"But I'm hungry now!"

"Lilly is more patient than you are." Allison teases, leaning closer to you.

"Yeah, I think she takes after you." Your lips brush against hers lightly.

"That's why she loves you so much." You smile at that and deep down you hope she is right.

The doorbell rings and you immediately stand up and head to the door and open it. Kate is at the other side, some presents in her hands.

"It's about time!"

"Are you cranky again?" she asks with a smirk.

"I'm cranky all the time, tell me something new."

"I'm pregnant." She states and at first you think that she is joking but her expression remains serious despite your amused expression.

"What?" you almost shout catching Allison's attentions who sends a warning look your way.

"Keep it down…" Kate whispers.

"If you wanted to keep it a secret you chose the wrong person." You tell her in the same tone.

"I ran a test when I was at the hospital and I had to tell someone! But James doesn't know so keep quiet."

"Boy, he's going to be pissed when he finds out that you told me first." You snort and she closes her eyes.

"Shut up, please." She seems desperate so you decide to drop it. For the time being…

"Come on, let's go inside." You take some of the packages she is carrying and she looks at you in surprise.

She doesn't say anything else, not wanting to push her luck; she just follows you to the living room.

"Kate is here! We can eat now!" you say, looking pointedly to your mother who smiles.

"Ok Greg, we'll eat."

You grin widely and after grabbing Allison's hand you almost drag her to the table with you. You yell to everyone to get at the table and they listen to you because they'll know you'll get even more annoying if they don't.

You waste no time and you fill your plate with everything. Allison observes you with a smile and you just shrug. You grab her plate and fill it too and you are ready to grab your fork when you see Emma handing you her plate.

You quirk an eyebrow and she looks at you with her best puppy dog eyes. You roll your eyes and you take the plate with a sigh.

"Tell me what you want." she beams and she points to everything she wants.

"Want my plate too or do I have to wait in the line?" Wilson asks with a smirk.

"Shut up!" you throw your napkin and he sticks his tongue out.

"Kids, behave." Your mother tries to sound serious but she doesn't succeed and everyone starts laughing.

Dinner turns out to be great. Everyone is having fun and you actually have a great time. You look around the table at your family and friends and momentarily you wonder how you got so lucky.

After everyone has eaten you move back to the living room.

Lilly wakes up some minutes later and your mother and Allison's mother take turns spoiling her. You roll your eyes when they start cooing at her and you remind them that she is a baby and not stupid but they just ignore you as usual.

When it starts getting late the kids get sleepy so Lucas with Cuddy and Allison's brother with his wife are the first to leave. Her sister, her parents and your mother follow next.

You stand up to say goodnight to your mother and when she tells you that she is proud of you you just tell her you love her and you wish her a goodnight.

You return to the living room where Allison, Wilson and Kate are. Lilly is settled in Allison's arms and when you sit down next to her she hands her to you and you willingly take her in your embrace.

"Hey peanut, did your grandmothers drive you crazy?" you ask your daughter and she waves her hands in the air.

"If someone had come to me last year and told me that you would be married to Allison and you would have a kid together I would have called them crazy and I would have admitted them to the Psych ward." Wilson comments and you smirk.

"No one would dare say something like that." You say, your eyes never leaving Lilly's face.

"Yeah, because they'd know you'd call them idiots." Allison tells you, nudging your shoulder.

"They'd be lucky if he'd do just that." Kate adds making the other two laugh.

"I got dirt on you, watch it." You tease but the smile on your lips tells her that you are only joking.

"What makes you think I will?"

"Seriously, every time those two start I get a headache…" Wilson says to Allison and she nods her head.

"Tell me about. I think that Lilly is more mature than these two are."

"What are you two doing?" you ask looking at them with a raised eyebrow.

"We are talking while you two are bickering again." Allison says.

"That's not fair, we are talking."

"I'll have to agree with him." Kate agrees and Allison and Wilson roll their eyes.

"Have you practiced that?"

This time you are the one that gets hit on the head by the pillow that Allison is holding. You don't have the time to protest because Lilly starts whimpering.

"I think she is hungry."

"And I think it's getting late, we need to get home too." Kate says and Wilson nods in agreement.

You hand Lilly to Allison and you reach for the presents under the tree.

"Don't forget these." You hand them to Wilson.

"Guys, you didn't have too." Kate says but you just shrug.

"We didn't but we wanted to." Allison replies with a smile.

She makes a move to stand up but you stop her.

"I'll go. She is going to start crying if you don't feed her." you say and you follow your friends to the door.

"New Year's Eve at our place." Wilson says and without waiting for an answer he walks out the door and to the car.

"You have to convince Cuddy! She was planning on hosting it at her and Lucas' house." You shout but Wilson just waves his hand and sends a smirk your way.

"Thanks for not ratting me out." Kate says in a low tone.

"No problem. I had fun watching you squirm." She slaps your arm playfully and you smile.

"No cane today, huh?" she comments.

"Yeap, it was a good day. It still gives me a hard time but it's finally tolerable." You answer honestly catching her off guard. She clearly expected a sarcastic comment.

"And congratulations… I didn't say it earlier, you surprised me." you say, averting your gaze.

"Thank you." She smiles softly and you nod.

"Oh, and do me a favor. Can you put a camera when you tell him? I'll ask Lucas for one- Ouch!" she slaps your arm again, harder this time.

"You are a jerk."

"Are we playing state the obvious?" she shakes her head and she decides that she is not going to win this one.

She gives you a quick hug which you return and then she follows Wilson to the car.

"Night Greg!"

"Goodnight Kate!"

You watch as they drive away and you close the door and head back to the living room.

Allison is sitting on the couch and Lilly is in her arms nursing. You sit down next to her and you watch your baby girl as she nurses. You'll never get bored of doing this.

You kiss Allison's cheek and she rests her head against your shoulder.

"Had fun tonight?" you inquire and you feel her nod against your shoulder.

"It was perfect…" she mumbles sleepily.

"Oh, by the way, Kate is pregnant." You say casually and she turns to look at you.


"Now you know why I said that when she arrived." You tell her, amusement evident in your voice.

"This is great!" she exclaims.



"It won't be great if Wilson starts acting like an idiot when he finds out." She laughs and she rests her head against your shoulder ones again.

"It is great…" she insists and you decide not to argue.

Lilly squirms in her arms, indicating that she is finished, and Allison hands her to you in order to cover herself.

"Hey peanut, did you like it?" you ask her before you gently start rubbing her back.

You see Allison yawning and you nudge her gently.

"Come on, let's go to bed." She slowly stands up and she waits for you to follow her.

When you enter the bedroom Allison changes into her pajamas while you hold Lilly. Once she is settled in bed you hand the baby to her so you can change and then you join her. Allison moves closer to you immediately and she maneuvers so that she is sitting between your legs, her back resting against your chest. You wrap your arms around her body and you kiss her shoulder gently. Your eyes travel to your daughter who is starting to get tired and her eyes are slowly closing.

Suddenly you remember last Christmas and how you thought that it was probably the best of your life. But now, as you hold your wife and daughter in your arms you believe that you were wrong. Last year can't compare to this…

You feel more content than you have felt in years. You have Allison and Lilly in your life, a family of your own that you never thought you'd have. Your mother lives in Princeton now and she is closer, you feel her closer to you than you have in years, and not just because she lives closer. Your best friend has finally settled down and you know that this time it's going to work. You still can't believe that you created a family before he did. Your relationship with Cuddy has improved too and now you feel comfortable around each other, you are friends again. Lucas and Kate have managed to become good friends and you can't really imagine your life without your little banter any more. And, of course, you have Allison's family too which you feel is your family.

You've changed and you didn't even realize it. You are a better man now and you owe it to the beautiful woman that is currently in your arms. You feel complete, whole and you don't care about your leg anymore. Plus, Allison has helped you with that too and, physically, you feel so much better now.

Allison nuzzles your neck and you smile at her actions. Your lips find hers and you kiss softly for what feels like hours.

"I love you…" she whispers making your heart beat faster. You'll never get bored of hearing her saying those words.

"I love you too… both of you…" you mumble before brushing your lips against hers.

And as you sit there, with your girls in your arms, you know that this is where you are supposed to be. The idea of spending the rest of your life like this doesn't scare you, it just makes you smile and you know that as long as you have them you'll be fine. And maybe your family will grow even more, adding to your happiness. Maybe…