Title: It's Called Self-Respect, Sweetheart
Summary: Jo's thoughts as she stands at the fridge with Dean. 'Abandon All Hope....'
Rating: K
Disclaimer: Supernatural was created by Eric Kripke. No disrespect is intended.

Oh my God.

Jo blinked.

He was going to give her the whole 'last night' speech.

Oh, she just had to call him on that one.

Please. How many times had he used that cheesy, sorry old line anyway? And how many times had it actually worked? What kind of woman did he think she was?

Okay, that wasn't fair. Once, she would have jumped at the offer, but she'd grown up an awful lot since that first day they'd met. She was older, wiser, and more mature than that impetuous girl she'd been. A schoolgirl was the word once used, a truth that had hurt deep into her soul -- not in the sense of how Dean perhaps saw her, but rather in that she'd known it was true and fiercely denied it.

Not so now. Jo was mature enough to admit she'd been that girl. However, she wasn't any longer. She was a woman changed by the path she'd taken and choices she'd made and, as much as she wanted Dean Winchester, she didn't want him on the terms he was offering.

Jo didn't want to be one more casual encounter he'd forget in a week. She wanted to be the woman he never forgot. She wanted the fairytale ending. Dean? He wanted sex. Two very different things. While she was tempted to tell him 'wrong time, wrong place', she didn't. It wasn't the mature thing to do.

Instead, she told him the truth. She had too much self-respect now for a one-nighter. Those days were done and if this was her last night?

So be it.