A/N: Hi everyone! Till Death Do Us Part is just an idea I had for a quick drabble collection. Now don't worry about updates. This will be complete by the end of today. They're pretty short drabbles, although most will be longer than others, like this very short one, which is the shortest at 81 words. I am done with the second drabble, which is posted along with this one, and I am working on drabbles 3 through 10. I tried to keep the characters... well... in character, so I hope I did a good job with that ^^;

The first drabble starts with Yammy and goes through all of the Espada and ends with Aaronierro. Why? Cuz I'm the author; I can do that! XD

You may read, and you know the drill: review when you're done... please? ^^

Damn those shinigami! They have the fucking nerve to cut off my legs! Insignificant worms… They think they can beat me; they think they can kill me! But I'll tell you right now, they're gonna be begging me for mercy! Damned shinigami think they can kill me. In just a few minutes, they'll be the ones bleeding on the ground. They'll be the ones without their fucking arms and legs.

They'll be the ones who'll regret ever messing with me…