The citizens of what had once been Konoha were busy rebuilding after Pein's devastating attack. The battle had been fierce and it could have ended a lot worse then it did. Thanks in a small part to the gift of the Chakra Bubble from the Xiaolin Dragons the losses weren't nearly as devastating. Now that Naruto had saved them from Pein's wraith the people of the Leaf Village could start rebuilding their once proud village. However all was not well as a hidden threat had recently taken root in the village. If something wasn't done this threat could lead to their downfall.

Danzo was leaving the emergency council meeting after being named temporary Hokage and was heading for the hospital tent. First he was going to inform Tsunade's assistant in the change of power. Second he was going to take that leaf pendent from Tsunade's neck and see if he could figure out its secrets. He was stopped dead in his tracks as he and everyone else noticed a glowing golden sphere darting through the sky towards them. He frowned knowing who it was.

"The Xiaolin Dragons, how nice of them to show up after the fighting has been resolved. I should inform them their assistance is no longer required. That woman was foolish to make alliance with strangers from another reality. How can you truly trust them?"

"That wouldn't be a wise move Danzo-sama," Shikaku warned him. He didn't trust Danzo much and hoped that a fresh pair of eyes and ears could find proof of his treachery. At the moment he had to convince the old war hawk it was an investment to allow the alliance with the Xiaolin Dragons to continue. "While it is unfortunate they couldn't have come sooner to help us against Pein's attack the circumstances could have prevented them from coming. We have no idea how Pein's Rinnegan affected the dimensional jutsu portal or their Shen Gong Wu. What is important is they are here now. We are low on strength and can use their unique abilities and talents to help us during our recovery. They are registered Leaf ninja and have always honored the treaty since its conception. It would be a mistake to turn them away right now."

"Very well you make a valid argument. I will allow them to stay for the time being. The first sign that they don't accept my rule I will void the alliance and send them back to their own world. Now I should go inform them in the change of power."

The Dimensional Globe had deposited the Xiaolin Dragons in front of the hospital tent. It seemed time had flowed almost evenly between the two worlds as almost two and half years had past there as well. The Xiaolin warriors were now nineteen years old and had been promoted to full fledged Dragons, the equivalent of Kage. This rank meant they had near perfect mastery of their elements and their skills were in peak condition although they didn't have the same stamina level as ninjas. They wore the same black robes as before, but now they had colored vest over them. Right above their hearts was the kanji for their element and picture of the element was on their back. The Dragons weren't the only ones promoted. Their former masters had pushed themselves to the next level and now were Grandmasters. They looked the same except for a gold dragon stitched on their sleeves. At the moment all of them wore their ninja headbands to show their allegiance.

Shizune looked up and smiled at their arrival. Unknown to the council, Tsunade had been in constant contact with the Xiaolin world ever since Naruto had returned. She had kept them in the loop about the Akatsuki threat while at the same time Grandmaster Fung had told her about the threat that had been building in their world. It now seemed like two threats had merged inside the leader of the Akatsuki and now they had bigger threat to worry about.

"Grandmaster Fung, you don't know how glad I am to see you. When you didn't respond to our call for help I was concerned. What happened? Why didn't you come right away?"

"Believe me Shizune we tried, but we ran into some difficulty. Apparently the last person to leave the Hokage's office disabled the jutsu portal so we couldn't come to your aid," Grandmaster Fung replied.

"Yeah talk about a shock! You can imagine the pile up when tried to walk through the portal only to end up kissing dirt," Dojo said from his perch on Fung's shoulders.

"Then we tried to use Jack's dimensional gate, but that was blocked by Pein's power, same with our Wu. We only were able to make the journey once Naruto had convinced Pein to stop his attack. The important thing is that we're here now and we've brought medical aid," Chakra added, as she deposited two duffle bags filled with medicine on the floor.

"We brought an assortment of Shen Gong Wu to assist in the repairs and if need be, defense of the village. So just tell us were to begin clean up and we'll get started," Chase told her. The rest of the group nodded in agreement eager to get started.

"Actually I think we have a few things to discuss first," Danzo told them entering the tent. Everyone tensed wondering what the man wanted with them. "I'm the Hokage now, not that woman lying there. As such I believe a review of the treaty with your group is in order. After all how can I trust people who don't even live in this reality?"

"Why you lousy mmff," Lu started to growl before Raimundo slapped a hand over her mouth. Now wasn't the time to lose their cool. Glaring angrily at him she took a deep breath and calmed down. No sense in angering the war hawk.

"Forgive us, Danzo-sama we didn't realize that a change in power had occurred. We came here only to honor the agreement we made with Lady Tsunade. After all a tree can only stand as tall as the roots supporting it. If you would review the copy of the treaty you'll see that our agreement states that we come to Konoha's aid incase of any danger. From what we saw upon arrival it appears you are in need of help in repairing your village. You also can't dismiss the fact that many of your top ninja are still recovering and wouldn't be as effective in protecting the people should the Akatsuki returned in force. If you permit us to stay we can help you and would continue to serve the Hokage as loyal allies and honorary members of your forces," Grandmaster Fung explained smoothly.

Danzo appeared to be thinking over Grandmaster Fung's words carefully. On the one hand he didn't trust them and he knew they were completely loyal to Tsunade. Still he couldn't turn away their help if he was to gain the support from the Jonin to cement his position. Besides, the longer they remained the easier it would be to study their powers and see if he could secure their Shen Gong Wu for himself. "Very well, you may assist in healing the injured and rebuilding, but you will be under watch from my ROOT forces. Should they sense any treachery they won't hesitate to neutralize you. Have I made myself clear?"

"Crystal Danzo-sama. We thank you for your generosity and kindness," Chase replied bowing his head in submission along with everyone else. He had to keep his temper in check when the man strolled past them and ripped the Leaf Pendent from Tsunade's neck and place it around his own.

The minute he was gone the Dragons exploded in anger. "That guy is a grade a creep! I mean he just stole the Leaf Pendent right in front of us! I like to see how much lighting I could zap him with before he cried uncle!"

"Whether we like him or not isn't the point. Right now we need to keep our heads down and see to it that the Leaf Village is rebuilt," Raimundo commanded.

"Rai's right, but that doesn't mean we can't keep a look out for signs of his treachery right?" Kimiko said.

"Please be careful. Danzo has always opposed Tsunade and if he suspects you're conspiring against him he'll kill you," Shizune pleaded.

"Don't worry Shizune. I wasn't completely honest either with Danzo. The treaty states that if the current Hokage is suspected of dethroning the past one then we are to take our orders from the Jonin. Chase, Chakra, go and start delivering the medicine to the injured. See what you can learn from the Jonin. The rest of you should go help in the recovery efforts. Use the Wu and your powers sparingly. If we are called to arms we need to be in peak condition. I shall stay here with Dojo and try to revive Tsunade. You're dismissed."

"Have fun kiddies!" Dojo called out.

The Dragons left the tent and hurried to start helping out. Shouts of joy form the villagers could be heard at the sight of their allies coming to their aid. The Dragons were greeted by their ninja counterparts, happy to be reunited once again with their friends.

"It's nice of you to drop by. What took you so longer in getting here?" Shikamaru asked pleasantly.

"Let's just say we ran into some minor traffic. What's important shadow boy is we're here now to help with the rebuild. So if you be so kind to tell us were our talents could be best utilized we like to get started," Callie replied coolly.

"No offences, but you really let this place go," Crystal lightly joked. Her attempt at humor seemed to lighten the mood giving everyone a much needed reprise from the current situation.

"Kimiko, Jack, Omi, and Raimundo if you could help us melt down and start rebuilding the village structures that would be very helpful. I believe Kohonamaru's squad would love to help you out. If you need anymore help don't hesitate to ask for help."

"Oh I don't think we'll need any extra hands," Jack commented. Pressing a button on his watch he dispersed his nanobots that reconstituted themselves as a legion of Jackbots ready and willing to assist. After programming a few hours the small group headed off.

"Crystal, Lu, and I can use our abilities to clear away debris. We brought some Wu that should make the job easier. Not to mention the sooner you guys get power the sooner everyone is feeling safer. Come on we could use an extra pair of hands," Stacey suggested to Hinata, Kiba, and Team Gai.

"I guess I could use my abilities to get your trees standing upright again. Man this is going to be tiring work. Callie you want to assist me?"

"Sure why not? I don't have anything better to do."

"I guess the rest of us will hoedown and try rebuilding your mountain face. That is okay right?" Clay asked. With a nod everyone went their separate ways and started rebuilding. Within in minutes the Dragons were using their special skills and Wu to help clean things up and rebuild a hell of a lot faster then before.

For instance, after Kohonamaru's squad had retrieved anything of value from the collapsed buildings by use of the Falcons Eye and Serpents tail Kimiko moved in. Using the Star Hanabie she created a star shaped fire consuming everything. After controlling the temperature of the flames she was ready for the next step. "Omi cool it down!"

"Right away Kimiko! Orb of Tornami Water!" Omi shouted. A flood of water swept over the burning material. Steam started hissing as the material cooled down. After diverting the water into nearby lake, Omi turned to face his leader. "Raimundo, it's your pass to glow!"

"Sword of the Storm Wind!" Raimundo shouted. The power of his Wu dried the material and sent it soaring into the air. Using his powers he separated the materials in mid air and held them aloft using small cyclones. "Jack, I require your assistance."

"Sure Rai, just hold them a few seconds longer," Jack told his friend. He deployed several of his little friends directly into the material. He signaled for Raimundo to release his cyclones, which he did. As the material came crashing towards the ground Jack used his powers to reconfigure the material so it landed as newly rebuilt homes and stores. He collapsed to his knees panting. "That took a lot more out of me then I thought it would. I guess I shouldn't try reconstructed entire blocks huh?"

"Hey, at least we got some of the village rebuilt that's what counts. You kids ready to continue?" Raimundo asked.

"You bet I am!" Konohamaru stated enthusiastically. His teammates Moegi and Udon also nodded in agreement. So the group got back to work with Konohamaru telling them all about how he saved Ebisu-sensei using Rasengon.

Not to far away three girls were doing their best to clear away debris. Lu had already used her powers over lightning to shut off the power to some downed lines so it was safe to be in the area. Stacey would then obliterate anything that wasn't salvageable storing the energy into useable batteries. Crystal assisted wherever she was needed using Wu like the Mikado arms to increase her upper body strength to lift heavy loads. It was tiring work, but with their friends help they were getting a lot done.

Dagwood was in as a great of demand as Yamato with his wood abilities. He was able to get several trees standing again. Callie was assisting with the Totem of Flora so he didn't have to tire himself out by using his abilities for a prolonged period of time. Using her training as a shawoman Callie helped the ninjas figure out what could be saved and what had to go.

While this was going on Chakra was checking on her friend Kurenai. She knew the women was pregnant and the dangers towards the growing baby when a mother suffered from trauma. When she found Kurenai she had to smile at seeing her looking none the worse for wear. "How are you doing old friend? By the looks of things you're going to be having your son any day now. So were you injured at all during the attack?"

"No, thankfully I wasn't in any of the danger zones. I've been trying to flag down a medic ninja, but you can see they're occupied with other things. Can you check on my son?" Kurenai asked.

"It would be my pleasure. I remember being pregnant with Omi. It was joyful, but stressful times especially since Lao Shi and I were on the run. It was my deepest regret that he didn't get to see the birth of his son. Kurenai, I'm sorry about Asuma," Chakra replied, she pulled a portable sonogram from her duffel bag and put some gel on the wand. Pressing the device against Kurenai's growing abdomen she checked on the health of the baby. "Well it looks like your son didn't suffer from any trauma shock. You should be able to deliver him safely in another month. Have you picked a name yet?"

"No, Asuma and I were talking about names when he was killed. I'll think of something. So, how are you and your son doing?"

"Omi and I are doing well. It's been great the past two and half years. Like your former students, mine have also flourished. It's always nice to see the next generation thriving," Chakra replied. She got a serious look on her face and eyes darted around looking for any ROOT spies. Sensing none she leaned in and whispered into Kurenai's ears. "Bringing aid to your village was only our cover mission. Our real mission is to ensure a future for the Leaf Village. Do you have any concerns about your regent Hokage that I should be aware of?"

"I never met Danzo personally, but from his reputation I fear he might not have the village's best interest at heart. You should be careful around him. He won't hesitate to kill you if believes you're a threat to his power."

"Well if he tries that he's going to discover why I'm a Grandmaster now instead of master. I only hope Chase is able to get some helpful information we can use. Now lie down and take two of these."

Clay, Jermaine, and Auara were in the forest dumping a load of rocks when they heard a commotion in a nearby clearing. "Sounds like the bulls are spearing the farmer with their horns. We better check it out."

They raced through the woods and came upon a horrific scene. It appeared that Naruto was getting the stuffing beaten out of him by the Cloud ninjas they had seen earlier. The boy, Omoi was standing off to the side while his partner Karui kept pounding Naruto until he was black and blue. It looked like Naruto was just taking it.

"I'm telling you no amount of hitting you will make me feel better! I'll keep this up until you tell me about Sasuke!" Karui screamed. The female cloud ninja was in a crazy rage. She raised her fist ready to smack him again, but suddenly she found herself in bone crushing grip of the Lasso Boa Boa. "What the hey!" she screeched as she was dragged away.

"Normally I don't fight girls. It's not gentlemanly, but in this case I think I'll make an exception because you sure don't act like a lady little missy," Clay told her sternly. She glared hatefully up at the Dragon of Earth and spat in his face.

Omoi unsheathed his sword and took a first steps forward, "I don't know who you are, but you just made a big mistake." He took another step towards Clay and suddenly found himself frozen in time curtsey of Jermaine and the Golden Finger Shen Gong Wu.

"Yo you need to take a chill pill bro and relax will you. If you want to know who we are all you had to do is ask," Jermaine told the frozen ninja.

The sudden pitter patter of feet and the sound of metal being drawn caused the Dragons to turn. It appeared that Captain Samui was pissed at what had happened to her teammates and was coming to their rescue. "Who are you people and what have you done to my team!"

"Ruby of Ramses! That's enough out of all of you! If you think we're just going to let you beat up our friend then you have another thing coming. Sai! I know your watching, come and help Naruto will you?" Auara called out. When she saw the young man appear and help Naruto to his feet she returned her gaze to her suspended prisoner. "If we let you go do you promise to stop hurting our friend and listen to what we have to say?"

"Are you kidding me?! You attack us and now you want us to play nice! I'm going to beat you up so bad no one will recognize you!" Karui screamed. Clay tightened his grip squeezing her tighter. Karui struggled, but to no avail. She couldn't escape from the Wu's grasp.

"Karui, that's enough out of you. You're causing a scene. You have my word we won't harm any of you and will listen to what you have to say," Samui replied. Auara nodded and gently placed her back on the ground while Clay and Jermaine released her teammates. "Thank you and forgive my comrade for her attack on your friend. We are all just concerned about our master."

"That's understandable little lady, but like I'm sure Naruto told your friends here your master is likely still alive and kicking. After all once a bull starts charging not much in the world can stop it," Clay replied.

"So who are you guys and what's with the weird gear? You wear the symbol of the Leaf, but you don't look like any Leaf ninja I've ever seen before," Omoi asked, confused by the Dragons appearance.

"That's because my man we aren't exactly Leaf Ninjas. We are honorary Leaf Ninja, but are real titles are the Xiaolin Dragons and that gear as you call it is Shen Gong Wu. The reason you've never seen it before is because we're not from this reality, but another one. If you don't believe me ask any Leaf ninja and they'll tell you the same thing," Jermaine informed him.

"Jermaine speaks the truth. The three of us plus our nine friends along with our masters formed an alliance with the Leaf years ago because it was beneficial to both sides. We came here to help them rebuild and protect them from another Akatsuki attack. We were just in the woods depositing some rocks when we heard her," Auara said pointing at Karui, "beating up our friend."

"It's okay… I asked her to beat me up. I couldn't betray Sasake to them," Naruto panted.

"Naruto, even if you were trying to protect a friend you shouldn't let others beat you up until you resemble a practice dummy," Sai informed him.

"So now that everything has been cleared up are we cool?" Auara asked.

"Yes, we shall find out what we need to know about Sasake and the Akatsuki from the archives. Once we're done we shall depart and inform the Raikage what's going on. Maybe then we can save our master from harm."

"Please…let me go with you. I can' help you and I need… to talk to the Raikage. Please it's vital," Naruto begged.

"I'm afraid that's impossible with the current status of things. Besides I doubt he'll listen to you even if you are the hero of Konoha. Omoi, Karui come!" They jumped away heading for the library to learn more about Sasake.

"Man you look like you tangled with a bull in heat and lost. You sure you're going to be okay?" Clay asked.

"Don't worry. I…heal fast remember?" Naruto wheezed.

"Yeah, well right now you look like you couldn't heal from a paper cut, let alone this. You sure you don't want our help?" Jermaine questioned. He knew Naruto could be stubborn and right now that could cost him.

"Why don't you two go back and see if Grandmaster Fung has gotten our new orders or at least if Dojo's ready to detached himself from him. I'm going to use some first aid and catch up okay?" Auara told her friends. The boys nodded and headed off leaving her alone with the two of them. She pulled a small first aid kit out and crept closer to Naruto and Sai. "Look I know you much rather be attended to by Sakura, but right now we need to address some of these wounds before they become serious. I'm not letting you leave until then okay?"

"Alright, but just do what needs immediate attention. I have to talk to Kakashi and Yamato quickly," Naruto relented. He leaned against Sai who tried to keep the boy still as possible. Naruto winced as the antiseptic cleansed some of the deep cuts and she handed some bandages to Sai. "Wrap those tightly around okay? I need to fill the ice bag to help the swelling go down around his eye."

"Like this um I don't believe I got your name," Sai said in his emotionless tone. He was deep in ROOT at the time of the Xiaolin's last visit so he hadn't gotten to meet them personally. He had heard stories from Naruto and the others about how cool they were. That their world was unbelievably amazing place. In fact Naruto and Sakura still had their gifts from the time they trained as civilians and could speak Chinese and Portuguese's perfectly. The Dragons seemed like nice people and fiercely loyal to those who they called friends.

Sai started wrapping the bandages as tightly as he could. Naruto let out a yelp of pain and tried to hit him, but Sai caught his fist. "Sorry Dickless, I was just doing my job. We should get you to Sakura."

"No! We're going to see Kakashi and Yamato now! Auara are you done yet?"

"I patched you up as best as I can, but you need further attention to make sure Karui didn't do any internal damage. Sai, make sure they check him over," Auara instructed him, as she placed the ice bag on her friend's eye. "Naruto, you are either the craziest person alive or the world's worst diplomat. Seriously what did you expect was going to happen? Don't answer that. I have some advice for the both of you. Naruto, if you do go after the Raikage promise me you'll take one of us with you as back up please?"

"I promise Auara so don't worry."

"Sai, in the near future you'll be tested and your going to have to make a choice. What is more important to you? Working for a scumbag like Danzo or helping your friends when they really need it. When you figure that out things like seals can't prevent the truth from coming out. See you later Naruto, Sai. Good luck!" Auara called out. Smiling she scooped up her stuff and hurried back to the hospital tent.

"Your friends are very strange Dickless."

"The Dragons are pretty cool once you get to know them. They taught me some cool stuff and were the reason Hinata and I hooked up. Now come on get me to Kakashi and Yamato."

Half an hour later the whole gang was sitting quietly in the hospital tent briefing one another with what they had learned. They had checked to see if they were being spied on and just to ensure privacy asked Shizune with casting a silencing jutsu. As they sat down the group started discussing what they had learned so far.

"Lady Tsunade suffered greatly from using all her strength to protect her people. The drugs I gave her reversed some of the cell damage and thanks to Chakra's Wu her youth has somewhat been restored. Still her body needs a chance to heal. She could remain in her coma for days or weeks depending on how much time she needs to recover," Grandmaster Fung told them.

"You can bet Mummy dude isn't going to give her a chance. He'll send some ROOT members to execute her. I think we should stand guard over her to make sure she recovers. Who knows we might even be able to wake her up sooner and get her back in charge," Dojo added.

"The sooner the better in my opinion. I talked with a dozen different Jonin, Chunin, and heck even some Genin and civilians. From what I gathered from them is not a whole lot of them trust Danzo. His military vision and control issues rub most people the wrong way. There are also a lot of rumors going around about past incidents. This guy is bad news," Chase informed the group.

"Which matches up with what we know about him via the manga and anime, but that isn't enough to overthrow Danzo. He's aware of the facts about our world and how limited we are when it comes to sharing facts. That's one reason he let us stay. I'm sure if he had full military power he wouldn't hesitate to send us packing or make us his prisoner. That guy was eyeing our Shen Gong Wu and our techniques like a dying dog eyes a bone. What we need is solid evidence against him proving conspiracy or even murder," Chakra pointed out calmly. "I think Chase and I should stay here and try to find some viable evidence we can use against him. Once we do we can give it to the Jonin and they'll have the power to arrest him."

"Yeah, but that means at least two us have to keep an eye on Mr. Creepy. He and his boys are heading to Kage meeting in Iron Country. Security there is going to be tight. Still I think Auara and I can keep an eye on him there. You find proof he's dirty and we'll arrest the bloke," Callie assured them.

"Hopefully we can hold our own against brainwashed slaves. We have no clue what they're capable of, but then again Danzo's little pets don't know much about our abilities either," Auara added.

"Don't forget we know that Naruto and his senseis are leaving to try and convince the Raikage to forgive Sasake. Someone needs to go with him incase the Akatsuki leader decides to drop in and kidnap him," Dagwood pointed out.

"I'm going and I'll take the Falcon's Eye with me. The only way we're going to prove the connection between the force of Evil and the Akatsuki is if we can see it shrouding him. Once we have proof maybe the other nations will be inclined to listening to our plan to save our realties from harm," Raimundo said.

"Dang man that means we have to keep the Kages from killing Sasake otherwise the negative energy released will destroy the realties. You know how hard it is going to be to disable his squad? It will take both at least five of us to hold the line. Crystal, Lu, Kimiko, Omi and me might be the best choice for this mission," Jermaine stated. The rest of the volunteers nodded in agreement.

"That leaves Clay, Jack, Dagwood and I to finish repairs to the village and defend it incase of attack. Well we do have the best powers for the job. I also think we can get the Chakra Bubble back up and running," Stacey remarked.

"Looks like these cowboys are up and ready for another dangerous cattle drive," Clay said.

"Could you for once not use your country bumpkin metaphors? It's giving me a headache," Jack whined.

"That's enough both of you! We have our new orders. Its time for the Xiaolin Dragons to honor their alliance and help the person of the Leaf Village before it's too late," Dagwood informed. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. After stocking up on supplies, Wu and changing into their battle armor the groups deployed.

Raimundo helped Naruto knock out his "babysitters" and headed off with his team to protect him from harm. Auara and Callie trailed Danzo and his bodyguards staying just out of his range waiting to hear if Chakra and Chase found evidence against him. Lu and her group managed to get ahead and were already setting up for when Sasake and his friends crashed. Back in Konoha Grandmaster Fung and Dojo stayed with Tsunade keeping her safe from harm while rest of the Dragons continued rebuilding, but kept an ear to the ground. The minute their friends needed help they would drop what they were doing and come running to help them. This mission was different then any other they had done together before. This time the fate of two realties rested in their hands.