All around the border between Fire and Rain the battle to finish raged on. The demons had been living up to their reputations as the fiercest creatures that had ever walked the planet. Their tails were causing massive damage and creating natural disasters that were spreading out in all directions. Whenever a quake or flood came their way Shi, Chojuro, and Ao would try to push it back using their jutsus in attempt to divert the disasters. If that failed at least they were trying to minimize the damage that was caused.

"This is insane! There is no way we can stop a natural disaster! This entire plan is foolhardy!" Shi shouted. The medical sensor was having the toughest time fighting because his techniques weren't designed to disrupt the effects a natural disaster. "Music is not a way to win a fight! We should be helping our comrades against the beasts, not guarding some old coot whose plan is never going to work. "

"As much as I hate to agree with him he's right! The only way to defeat a demon is to seal it away in someone! If we have to sacrifice a seven people then so be it!" Ao exclaimed. Standing here protecting Fung was not consistent with his mentality and it was showing more and more. Using his stolen Byakugan he could the battles in the distance. He could see from the flow of chakra that the tailed beasts were weakening, but the ninja forces were getting weaker to despite the boost of energy they were getting from Dariu's playing the Call of the Warrior. "At this rate we will be overrun and killed! I can't stand it! I'm going to go help the Mizukage!"

"Ao….hold… steady! This may not…be a glamorous…, but it is our duty to follow the plan. We have to… have faith…in the Mizukage," Chojuro told him. To emphasize his point he pointed Hiramekari at his fellow ninja daring him to abandon his duty.

"Why you little runt! I'm going to give you a beating like you've never felt before!"

"Enough! Stand down Mist ninja. Fighting amongst ourselves is not going to help the situation one little bit. I know were all on edge due to the circumstances, but we can't start bickering amongst ourselves! If we do that then our comrades will start dying in higher rates out there. Not to mention Madara and the Shroud will be in a position to take over our world, heck multiple worlds!" Darui hollered as the wind grew stronger around them. It was the backlash of the Shukaku wind bullets and it threatened to destroy them all. He used chakra to stick to the ground and was preparing to attempt to disrupt the wind when Grandmaster Fung used his Elemental Blade to slice the storm in half.

Grandmaster Fung looked at his troops and pinched his nose. They were all cracking under the pressure. It was up to him to use his skills to convince them to hold steady to the plan. "As much as the tiny stream tries to chart its own course, eventually it must join with the river if it is to survive. I know that this plan is against your nindo. What you're doing now may not seem as important as fighting the demons, but it is contributing a great deal to the battles out there. Ao, you must have seen with the power of your Byakugan that the beasts are losing strength as their rage is quelled. Killerbee I'm sure can attest to fact that his musical overtures are driving Madara nuts. We must have faith and trust in our comrades to do their job. So we must do the same. Ao, Shi, I need you to start creating the seals that will channel the tailed beasts chakra here so I can use my weapon to turn them into natural energy. Darui I believe it's time for you to use the Shen Gong Wu again. Killerbee, I have the list of the perfect songs for you to begin singing. I'm sure these melodies will turn the tide of war in our favor."

"Ah, but I had singing these stupid pop and country songs. Let me rap out some great tunes! I'm sure that in no time I'll have those beasts running for the hills!" Killerbee whined. His "guest" had other ideas and told him point blank that if he tried rapping all he was going to do is start a stampede. Grumbling about being underappreciated he started pressing buttons on the CD player until he found the list Grandmaster Fung was talking about. Taking a deep breath he began to sing the first few lines of song that was appropriately called, "I'll Try."

I am not a child now

I can take care of myself

I mustn't let them down now

Mustn't let them see me cry

I'm fine, I'm fine

I'm to tired to listen

I'm too old to believe

All these childish stories

There is no such thing as faith

And trust and pixie dust

I try

But it's so hard to believe

I try

But I can't see what you see

I try, I try, I try,

The lyrics of the songs touched the souls of the ninjas dashing away any doubts they had. Darui activated his Wu and combined its power with Killerbee's Wu. The effect was instantaneous as the music/spirit lifter spread out over a hundred miles affecting everyone in the battle and one special person back in Konoha. Inspired by their comrades, Ao and Shi got to work creating the necessary seals. Grandmaster Fung and Chojuro continuing to battle against the forces of nature as the Fourth Great Shinobi War raged on.

Two and half miles away the battle between Temari, Kankuro, and their forces against the Shukaku was still raging on. The one tailed was a crazy beast to begin with and subduing it enough to rid it of its insane consciences was not easy. So far the losses had been minimal, only ten people had died, and they had managed to cause serious damage to it. Still the fighting wasn't getting any easier.

Kankuro winced as his Black Ant puppet was smashed to bits. "Not again! That's the second time I lost a puppet because of an Akatsuki member! When this is over I'm going to construct a puppet that can't be broken by being stomped on!"

"Stop complaining Kankuro! Our sensors have determined that if we draw the Shukaku another half a mile away then Madara can't influence it anymore."

"That's a good thing?"

"It means that will be able to subdue it without him interfering little brother! I know how bad this looks, but we have to do this! If we don't billions of lives could be lost. This is our chance to save them! Now stop whining about your puppets and help our forces please!" Temari commanded. Turning she survey the scene. Leaf and Sand had dug pit traps in an attempt to slow down the beast. When that didn't work they started acting the creature with explosive tags and kunai. All that did was tickle the beast who smashed his tail into the ground causing everyone to go flying in, ironically, the direction they wanted to go in.

Temari used her fan create an air cushion for her, Kankuro, and their former sensei Baki. "Is everyone okay? Anything broken?"

"We're fine Temari thanks to you, but I don't know how much longer our forces can keep this up," Baki informed her. In the distance they could see the huge sand tengu charging them. The demon let loose a howl and started spewing sand from its pores trying to trap his prey. The ninja forces jumped into the trees or on top of the cliff walls. "The beast is far enough away that Madara can't control it! If we were ever going to subdue the one tailed now is the time."

"How exactly are we going to do that? It's thrashing around to much for normal attacks to do any damage. The only sure fire way we know of subduing its mind long enough to trap it in the containment seals is for someone to hit in the head. Who's going to do that?" Kankuro asked out loud.

"I'll do it! With my wind attacks I might be able to get close enough. Just make sure that thing is distracted!" Temari shouted, running at the beast ignoring her brother's frantic pleas.

"Your sister knows what she's doing. She's trying to save lives and we should do the same. All ninja on my signal attack the Shukaku, sealers get into position now!" Baki ordered. In tight formation the sealers, who had finished drawing the seals a little while ago stood ready to trap the beast the minute it stepped inside. The other half spread out and got ready to attack. Crouching behind a tree Temari waited for her chance to strike. The sounds of music filled the air causing the beast to pause in its rampage. It took a few cautious steps towards the seal. The song was boosting the moral while the underlying tune strengthened their warrior spirit while Shukaku was getting woozy. The song being played was "How to Save a Life."

Step one you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
You begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Let him know that you know best
Cause after all you do know best
Try to slip past his defense
Without granting innocence
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things you've told him all along
And pray to God he hears you
And pray to God he hears yo

Suddenly the tailed beast stepped into the trap. The sealers activated the trap causing the beast to cry out in pain. It thrashed about striking out physically. The sealers were straining to keep the beast contained. Konoha, Suna, and Iwa attacked together creating a flying rock of fire that that tore a hole in the side of the beasts. Quickly before it closed Kiri and Kumo attack ripping apart the insides. Shukaku swatted at them ripping part of the seal away freeing one paw.

"We can't hold it much longer!"

"The beast is going to escape!"

"Don't give up keeping fighting!" Kankuro commanded. Come one Temari its up to you sis. He took a step back as Shukaku got ready to attack again. That's when Temari appeared. Using all of wind chakra she propelled herself into the air her fan guiding her descent. She forced her way through the air bullets and smashed her fan right dead center on the beast head. The tailed beasts eyes rolled back and it fell to the ground no longer conscience. The seals locked into place containing the beast. It was over! Now all they had to do was wait for the other six beasts to be subdued and they could end this nightmare.

With the one tailed captured it appeared that the tied was turning for forces of good. Killerbee's team was still struggling as the Nabi and Sanbi released torrents of fire and a downpour of rain onto the group. Several ninjas had been whisked away to safety by med ninjas. The bodies of several dead lay at the feet of the beasts that were slowly making their way towards the small group.

"This is not good at all! We've pushed the two of demon as far away from that Uchiha as possible, but his control hasn't weakened. If we can't shake those monsters loose from his Mikoyo Sharingan's power then we can kiss our asses' goodbye!" Karui wheezed, her breath was ragged and she was struggling to breathe. She was pretty sure she had smoke inhalation from all the smoke secreted from the demonic fire. She ignored the pain in her legs as she struggled to stand.

"Karui is right Captain Samui; the trap seals won't be successful unless the beasts are unconscious. If we don't do something drastic then our mission is a bust," Omoi told her frantically. The Kumo ninja was thoroughly soaked and sporting burns on his arms from battling the demons. It was amazing he still could hold a katana without screaming in agony.

"Are you two done whining like children or have you grown a spine? Yes, the task ahead may seem impossible and we might have to sacrifice our lives in order to save our world. While the thought of dying does scare me I know that I have lived my life to the fullest and am prepared to accept my fate. Can you two say the same?" Captain Samui asked her teammates, eyeing each of them in turn. The truth of the matter was she was the most injured of the group. On top of her cracked ribs, she had bleeding heavily from gashes to her forehead, chest, and abdomen. Her kidneys had been damaged from being slammed into the ground repeatedly. If she didn't receive medical help soon she would die. Ignoring the pain Samui drew her katana and started sending lightning chakra through the blade until it was humming with power.

"Today is a good day to die. This will be our final assault. The three of us will use our new team attack to disrupt the Mikoyo Sharingan's control on the beast. Once that's done the rest of our forces will overwhelm the beasts so that they will fall victim to our trap. Are you ready?"

"Yes Captain!"

"Let's do it for Killerbee!"

The three of them split apart, their katanas shining brightly with lighting, as they twisted in and out of the way of demonic attacks. The sounds of their mentor voice guided them as Killerbee's latest song, "Welcome to My Life" gave the Nabi and Sanbi momentarily cause to pause.

Do you ever feel like breaking down?
Do you ever feel out of place?
Like somehow you just don't belong
And no one understands you
Do you ever wanna run away?
Do you lock yourself in your room?
With the radio on turned up so loud
That no one hears you screaming

No you don't know what it's like
When nothing feels all right
You don't know what it's like
To be like me

To be hurt
To feel lost
To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you're down
To feel like you've been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one's there to save you
No you don't know what it's like
Welcome to my life

With the beasts temporarily distracted by the music Killerbee's students moved into position. Pouring all their chakra into their blades they made a few hand signs before calling out their new jutsu, "Kenjutsu: Deadly Lightning Discharge!" The three katanas blades created a triangle circuit with each other building up power. When the air was crackling with pressure the lightning discharged in all directions zapping the two beasts. Lightning compliments fire in the chakra wheel so the demonic fire strengthened the attack causing the Nabi to yowl in fury while the Sanbi was moaning loudly as it got electrocuted. The three students kept the attack up for several minutes before they collapsed due to their injuries and chakra exhaustion.

The beasts were not happy at all that they had been hurt that badly. Throwing off the last of Madara's control the two beasts were bending down to eat Killerbee's team when the rest of the forces attacked with A-rank jutsus. The beasts tried to defend themselves, but they were already considerably weakened from both radiation poisoning and the lightning. It didn't take much to knock them out and keep them in place. As the ninja forces hollered and whooped in delight, medical ninjas quickly went to work on saving the lives of the brave Kumo ninjas who were clinging to life.

A distance away the Yonobi and Gobi were relentless in their attempts to dispose of the ninja forces. Madara's control over them wasn't as strong as it was when Akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi first started, but it was enough to guide the beasts in the most effective way to eliminate the humans. Already, at least six squads had been boiled to death while they attempt to quell the growing threat.

"Dammit! I can see why it took people like Deidara-nii to stop these monsters! This is taking way to long! If we don't get these two beasts to take a nap really soon, then the whole plan will fall apart!" Kurotschuchi ranted, as she used an earth path jutsu to defend the both of them from the onslaught. Kurotsuchi was forced to her knees as she poured more and more chakra into the stone barrier. "I can't keep this up much longer. Kami, this is what happens when your senile leader backtracks on a broken road!"

"Don't insult the Tsuchikage Kurotschuchi! Yes, helping others might be a strange road to follow, but I'm certain that it is the correct one. If you can must the chakra for one final attack, I think we can find a road that will bring us to victory," Akatsuchi patiently told her. Using the radios to contact the rest of the troops, he instructed them where to get into position. Turning once more towards his beautiful partner he spoke gently to her. "The beasts have used up a lot chakra. Both Yonobi and Gobi are hurting from that girl's attack early. If we can somehow use our jutsus to force their attacks on one another, then our sealers can get to work. Are you willing to try a seemingly broken road once more?"

"Count on it! Just tell me what to do!" she shouted. The two Iwa ninjas started flashing through hand signs at an alarming rate. The two demons were eyeing them critically, as an inspirational song played through the air. Appropriately the song was titled, "God Bless the Broken Road."

I set out on a narrow way many years ago
Hoping I would find true love along the broken road
But I got lost a time or two
Wiped my brow and kept pushing through
I couldn't see how every sign pointed straight to you

Every long lost dream led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed the broken road
That led me straight to you.

"Earth Style: Unbreakable Rock Chutes!" Kurotschuchi called out, pouring all her chakra until she created a track of unbreakable rock chutes. Next to her, Akatsuchi created a number of golems that picked up the track, and started marching towards the monkey and the dolphin horse. When the beasts used their attacks the golems held up the track so their attacks traveled back towards them injuring them greatly. Pressing the advantage the rest of the alliance attack the two of them forcing them back into a cliff where the falling debris knocked them out. It was child's play after that to seal them in place. Both Iwa ninjas gave each other a small hug in relief, but the fighting was far from over, if the sounds of distant battle were any indication.

Life for the Konoha group was not going so well at the moment. The six tail slug was anything, but sluggish. The Roshobi had backed the girls and Gai, who had finally managed to get there, into a corner along with some of their allies. Nearby Yamato and the rest of the squad was trying to deal with Karin's newfound power that seemed to have no bounds at all. Her ability to use wood based jutsus seemed limited by only her imagination as she trapped the boys in impenetrable cage of tree branches, laced with super sharp thorns.

"This isn't good. She may have been new at using Mokoton, but she her chakra control has given her almost unlimited power. I don't know if I can stop her," Yamato panted, as he attempted to use Wood Release: Binding Next technique on Karin. A tree popped up behind Karin and ensnared her in its deadly trap. Yamato tried to pull her under, but she used her own powers to fossilize the wood. Karin was laughing haughtily as she raised her hand over her hand. Clenching her fist she drained the life force of all the surrounding shrubbery and trees creating a glowing green ball of natural energy. "If I don't impress Sasake with this move I don't know what will. Wood Style: Life force Globe!"

The globe of energy rocketed towards the group. Quickly Lee diverted the attack with Leaf Hurricane to divert the attack away from the group. It punched a rather large hole in their cage that was quickly repaired. Lee, on the other hand, was on the ground in pain. The attack had damaged some of the nerves in his leg and he was unsure if he could continue to fight.

"Uh her unyouthful attacks are very dangerous. I don't think we should try deflecting her attacks physically anymore," Lee whispered. He tried to get back to his feet and managed to, but you could still see the burn on his leg where the attack hit.

"Neji, what does your Byakugan see?" Kiba asked. He and Akumaru were getting ready to use Twin Headed Wolf attack against her, because it seemed like the only way to hit Karin was fast and quick before she called up more plants to protect herself.

"I've been observing her since we broke free of her control. Watch out!" Neji shouted, as Karin created wood and flower clones of herself. The clones sank into the wood and then reappeared behind the boys. Out of their palms shot deadly chakra filled pollen, the boys quickly dodged the attack. "Don't let that pollen touch you! One touch and the foreign chakra will destroy your network!"

"Run all you like, there's no way you can beat me! I will crush you under my boots and my pet slug will get rid of the rest of your forces. There is nothing you can do!" Karin cackled, not noticing that her feet were starting to turn in roots and leaves were sprouting.

"It appears that graphing the First's DNA onto her body is causing a unique transformation. One that she isn't aware of is happening," Shino called out. His insects were spread out devouring the deadly chakra pollen. He could tell his hive was in dire need when some of them started dropping dead on contact. "My insects have reported to me a great disturbance. Her chakra levels are rising at an alarming rate. Should this continue it's possible she'll exuberate her entire life force causing an inadvertent suicide."

"Wouldn't that be a good thing for us?" Choji asked, as he protected the group from Karin's new attack. She sliced tree trunks in half and rolling them down the incline to squash them. "Shikamaru, have you come up wit a plan yet to defeat her?"

"I've come up with a least a hundred different moves that should incapacitate her, but there are factors that eluding me. How much control does she have over those plants? What if she calls that that slug over here? Can Sai and I even get close enough to use our jutsus to distract her? I'm at a complete loss on this one," Shikamaru stated, dumfounding the whole group. There was never a time in all of history that a Nara hadn't come up with a winning strategy.

"My ink creations can distract her for a few precious moments, but we need to strike quickly. Yamato-sensei, can you use your own Mokoton abilities to control hers for a few seconds?" Sai asked the tiny bit of emotion, in this case hope, was creeping into his monotone voice. He looked at the man expectantly, having already drawn a pair of beavers to be brought to life in a second.

"I can feel when she's going to use her powers. If I can stop her is another question, but we have no choice. If we don't stop her then this war will drag on forever. We need to contact the girl's so our attacks are in synch. It's the only way to make certain of success. Lee, radio Sakura and tell her what our plan is. When I give the signal we'll move in for the kill," Yamato commanded.

Sakura, Ino, and Tenten were leading the charge against the slug. Without Hinata's eyes to tell them the most vulnerable part of the demon, the girls plus their allies were striking at the tails hoping to cause one if not all six to fall off.

"Take this!" Sakura shouted, ripping a huge boulder out of the ground and hurtling straight through the creatures gut. She growled as it repaired the damage before Ino or Tenten had a chance to react. Gai had unlocked seven gates and with the help of other had managed to maneuver the demon at least half way towards the seal trap, but its slimy mucus was ensnaring and suffocating anyone that got to close. "Fall back! We can't afford to loose anymore ninja. Kami, if you're listening now would be a great time for a miracle."

Her radio squawked and she heard the voice of her boyfriend coming over the line, "Sakura-chan do you hear me? Sakura answer me please!"

"I'm hear Lee! How are things going for you? Have you managed to defeat that girl yet?"

"Not yet, but we are about attack her with all our youthful spirits! We need you and your group to trap the six tails a split second before we take her out, otherwise she might call for it to aid her. Sakura, can you defeat the sixth tail?"

"Don't worry about a thing Lee, that's what girls do beast. Kicking demonic ass! You just worry about staying alive. You still owe me dinner. Sakura over an out," Sakura told him, she quickly flipped to another channel and connecting her to Ino and Tenten. "Yo girl's its time for us to use Formation Girl Power One. Can you get into position?"

"Already in position Sakura, I'll tell Gai sensei and the rest to fall back and get the trap seals ready. Ino, you have enough chakra for this?"

"I've been conserving all my chakra for this moment. You two just do your part and I'll handle the rest of it. Let's show this beast why you shouldn't mess with Konoha Kunochi. Appropriately the song filtering the air as Sakura started tossing flash tags with cherry blossoms was "That's What Girl's Do."

You ask me why I change the color of my hair yeah
You ask me why I need thirty two pairs of shoes to wear
You seem to ask me why I got a lot of things it's just a chick thing
You ought to let it go and try to understand but you don't have a clue:

That's what girls do
They keep you guessing the whole day through
Play your emotions push all your buttons it's true
That's what girls do

The Sixth tail roared in confusion and pain. With inhuman speed it turned towards Sakura spitting acid from its mouth, but Sakura just dodged out of the way. Surrounded by cherry blossoms she unleashed her gentjutsu on the creature. "Genjutsu Cherry Blossom Storm!" The falling petals condensed into a terrifying twister that surrounded the beasts immobilizing the Roshobi. Sakura had gone the extra mile and added her water chi to the petals washing away the deadly mucus so Tenten could safely attack.

While the creature was immobilized Tenten leapt into the air and charged her dao swords with chakra. She landed on the beasts head driving her swords straight through its eye stalks, blinding the beast. It thrashed around trying to dislodge Tenten, but she was stuck tight pouring all her chakra into the beast killing it slowly from the inside. Calling over her shoulder she screamed for Ino to attack.

Ino made eye contact and poured all her chakra into this next attack. "This one is for you Asuma-sensei. Mind Destruction Jutsu!" All of Ino's spirit attacked the poor beast's brain ripping it to shreds. She could feel the beast resisting, but she didn't give up remember how everyone was counting on her. With her last ounce of strength she shoved the beast backwards into the trap. As she returned to her body Sakura and Tenten caught her smiling. Now it was up the boys.

The boys were already in motion. Kiba, Sai, Lee, and Choji drew Karin's attack forcing her to use more chakra. The poor girl was so caught up in her power trip she didn't notice Shino, Shikamaru, Yamato, and Neji were sneaking up. "You think you can stop me?! I am the world's greatest sensor! I know where you are at all times! Wood Style: Venus Flytrap!" she giggled as her variation of Monkton created giant yellow flower pods. The pods swallowed the boys and slowly attempted to digest them while they were alive.

She quit laughing long enough to take notice of the chakra signatures creeping up close to her. She whirled around and sent a right hook at Shino who caught her fist. She tried a left jab only for him to catch that as well. In anger she head butted him dislodging the pest. Ripping razor sharp leaves from her clothes she got ready to slice his throat open. "Any last words pest?"

"You should stop before you lose your humanity," Shino whispered. Karin growled and moved into the kill only to find her powers to vanish. Her eyes glowed bright green as she spotted Yamato. He was the cause of her sudden lack of power.

Increasing her chakra, she transformed her legs into pure bark as well as her arms. Flowers started sprouting from her head. She was not half human half plant. "I'm going to kill you!"

"Not today your not! Neji now!" Shikamaru ordered, as he possessed her shadow. Neji quickly sealed her chakra points and backhanded her knocking the girl unconscious. Hopefully they could do something for her once the battle was over.

The Nanabi and Dojo were locked in an intense aerial battle that would put the Red Baron to shame. The seven tailed beast's wings were creating turbulence in the air making it rather difficult for Dojo to stay aloft. Also the Nanabi's combination of water and lightning jutsus were more than a match for Dojo's fire and wind chi attacks. As the two titans clashed once more it was a battle for supremacy that neither side looked like they could win.

"Hold still will you stupid insect! I may not have a seal master nearby to trap you, but I'm sure I don't need one! In my world dragons always beat demons!" Dojo shouted at the Nanabi. In return the controlled beast eyes glazed over and then it unleashed a high pressured water geyser from its mouth. Dojo twisted out of the way, but the scales on his tail along with the hair were obliterated. He let out a roar of agony and was about to launch a counter attack when he felt lightning coursing through his body. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Foolish dragon, you are no match for my power! Dragons may rule in your world, but in this one demons eat your kind for breakfast!" Nanabi clacked. Clicking his clawed "fingers" together he gathered a ball of lighting. Flying straight at Dojo was aiming to split Dojo's head in two.

Grandmaster Dashi, help me please! I need you to be my wings master Dojo thought as he plummeted straight for the ground. A white light highlighted the dragon's body as the essences of his original master took over Dojo body. The dragon's eyes sprang open and in a split second caught the charging beast arm flipping him over his body and ripping two wings of with his teeth. "It's time you deal with my wraith!" Dojo/Dashi shouted. As the two creatures got ready for the final showdown the background music started playing, it was "On My Father's Wings"

If you were with me now
I'd find myself in you
If you were with me now
Your the only one who knew
All the things we planned to do

I want to live my life
The way you said I would
With courage as my light
Fighting for what's right
Like you made me believe I could

And I will fly on my father's wings
To places I have never been
There is so much I've never seen
And I can feel his heartbeat still
And I will do great things
On my father's wings

"Soaring Flaming Roc!" Dojo/Dashi shouted unleashing their ultimate attack. The giant bird made out of wind and fire spread its wings effectively eclipsing the sun. Screeching loudly dove for the Nanabi.

"That pathetic excuse for an attack won't beat me! This is my ultimate attack, Lightning Dance of the Sky!" The storm erupted from the remaining wings and tail. Lightning danced around with torrents of water in its wake. The two attacks struck head on, neither budging an inch. With great effort the roc pushed through and nailed the Nanabi causing massive damage.

Dojo/Dashi observed the Nanabi eyes unglazing meaning that Madara control was gone. The beast's rage had calm down, but that didn't mean it wasn't still dangerous. "This doesn't look good. We can't beat this creature by ourselves."

As the Nanabi was flying for round three it suddenly found itself covered in tiny slugs releasing acids from their pores. The tailed beast tried to shake them off, but couldn't. He looked for their summoner only to find her driving her fists straight through his horn demolishing it. He tried to counter, but the recovered Lady Tsunade was merciless with her kicks and punches. "I take a little nap and the entire world comes crashing down. Not on my watch. Not today!" Tsunade shouted, punching the beast to the ground where her ANBU squad quickly contained the beast. Tsunade, whose youthful face was marked by a few wrinkles, jumped onto Dojo's back. "Nice to see you again Dojo. Care to fill me in on what's going on or how I managed to wake up from my coma?"

"Well to answer your second question it was the power of the Call of the Warrior Shen Gong Wu. It awakened your warrior spirit healing your injuries and giving you a power boost. As for what's going on I'll explain that as we go to help Fungipoo with the second half of this plan!" Dojo informed the Fifth Hokage flying as fast as he could to Grandmaster Fung.

Back with Grandmaster Fung's group everyone was stunned that they had managed to trap the tailed beasts. Now the hard part began. Using the seals powers, the tailed beasts' chakra was being transferred to him and he started to absorb it into his Elemental Blade. Once he had all of it he would use the power of his weapon to transform it into natural energy that he would release back into the world. However, complications were beginning to arise.

"What's….the….matter….Grandmaster Fung?" Chojuro asked, after observing the strain on Grandmaster Fung's face. The fellow sword user could tell that Grandmaster Fung was buckling under the pressure of all that chakra. Grandmaster Fung, are you alright?!"

"I'm…okay really. Don't stop the transfer of chakra! I can handle it!"

"Don't lie to us! My Byakugan can see that it's taking all you have just to keep standing. By the looks of things your about to keel over any minute!" Ao warned him. He watched as the beasts enormous chakra started spilling out of the Elemental Blade. "Careful! We can't afford for you lose any of the chakra! If just a fraction of the beasts' chakra remains they could reconstitute themselves!"

"Maybe you should let one of us help you! After all there are three sword masters here and I'm not doing anything important," Shi called out. He took a few steps closer only to be tossed back by the power spilling out. "Ouch."

"Hey Bee! How much longer is this going to take according to your guests?!" Darui demanded.

"At least another ten minutes or more! You better hold on old man! What kind of song do you need to hear to help? How about I rap us a song?"

"Please unless its Jermaine's rap music I don't want to hear it!" Dojo shouted as he landed on the ground depositing Tsunade. The guys' eyes were bugging out at the sight of a comatose being walking like nothing had happened.

"Stop gawking at me and do something useful! Fung hold on I'll help you out!" Tsunade said, pushing through the power and finally siding up next to Grandmaster Fung side. Using her monstrous strength she helped lift the sword high into the air allowing it to gather the dropped bits of chakra. "You didn't think I let you do this all alone did you Gregory?"

"It is always a pleasure my lovely Tsunade to see your face. Together I'm sure we can testify to the love of our people and do what needs to be done. Killerbee! Please sing song number five, "Testify to Love!"

All the colors of the rainbow
All of voices of the wind
Every dream that reaches out
That reaches out to find where love begins
Every word of every story
Every star in every sky
Every corner of creation lives to testify

For as long as I shall live
I will testify to love
I'll be a witness in the silences when words are not enough
With every breath I take I will give thanks to God above
For as long as I shall live
I will testify to love!

Standing in the center of the seal a column of wind and rainbow light surrounded the two of them. The Elemental Blade was flashing the corresponding colors of all the elements. In the distance the beasts started shrinking. They got smaller and smaller until they vanished completely. The forces held their breath as the last of the chakra entered the Elemental Blade that was humming like crazy. With Fung and Tsunade pouring their chi/chakra into the weapon they started the process of metamorphous the chakra. Sweat poured down their faces, but with one final push they brought the blade down into the ground calling out the name of this move.

"Elemental Blade Transformation!" The chakra had been converted into elemental energy. Twelve colored lights dispersed from the blade tip sending the energy to its corresponding partner. Once that was done, both Tsunade and Fung collapsed into Dojo, who had grown enough to cushion their fall. "Thank you Dojo, but I'm afraid both of us are out of action. The process took almost everything out of us. At least with the demons gone Madara has no more aces to aid him."

"Are you sure there's nothing we can do? I feel fine really," Tsunade insisted staring to get up, but Ao and Fung pushed her back down. The Mist ninja explained that she had used up her chakra boost. She needed to rest a bit more. None of could join the fight against Madara or assist Naruto because they were all worn out. All they could do is keep singing and praying that everything would work out.

The battle against Madara and the Shroud had been going on for a little over half an hour. Madara had tried to slip away to interfere with Sasake fight, but thanks to the warning by Naruto's vision he was forced back by the Dragons Elemental Barrier. They weren't about to let anyone interfere with Naruto's fight. An added bonus was that Kakashi had managed to use his own Mangekyo Sharingan to disable Madara's ability to teleport for a short while. They were trying to defeat him before he regained that particular skill.

"Pay attention to your own fight Uchiha and leave the kiddies be! With your demons gone and Sasake cut off from you all that's left is your own skills and that crazy Shroud partner of your," Onoki informed their target, he sent out a barrage of rock spikes trying to impale both of them. The Shroud reacted on its own sending out tendrils enveloping the spikes before disintegrating them. The Kages winced in pain as the after affects of the attack sent shockwaves through them and into other realities.

"Careful Tsuchikage! We can't afford to let that Shroud destroy any other realities!" Mei warned him. The double bloodline user was watching Madara critically waiting for him to make a mistake. In the last half hour she had used her bloodlines several times in an attempt to stop the immortal, but not even her Lava Release had slowed him down. His Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan seemed to have the power to reflect her attack right back at her with just wink of the eye. "He may not be able to teleport, but he still has all his other skills. We can't afford to forget that or underestimate his stolen skin samples."

"Who cares about that as long as he's dead?" growled E, but even he understood the consequences. He was standing next to Chase facing. Mei and Onoki were to the left of Madara while Garra was to his right leaving Chakra and Kakashi to try to attack him from behind. Each of them was ready to switch up formations and try new tactics at a moment notice.

"Fools, do you really think you can defeat us? We may have lost our ability to teleport, but I have many more tricks up my sleeves. Starting with this! Earth Style, Giant Flaming Boulder!" Madara howled with delight as several flaming boulders rose out of the ground and rocketed towards the group.

Garra spread out his sand to block the oncoming attack. His impenetrable wall held for several minutes before it started to crumble. He crushed dirt under his foot grinding it into sand adding it to his wall. He had regained much of his former power since his revival, but he was still not back at full strength when he had Shukaku imprisoned inside of him. Focusing his powers, Garra wrapped a sandy whip around the boulders and clenched his fists tightly crushing them to pieces. The amount of chakra he was using was taxing his already tired body. But this was no time to rest. Shoving his hands forward he transformed his wall into wave that crashed down on the former Uchiha leader.

Madara smirked as he raced through hand signs creating massive walls of bedrock that blocked the sand. With a few more signs the walls moved into a box shape and trapped the sand inside. "Not much of a threat are you Garra? I suppose you were only a worthy opponent when Shukaku was living inside you. Now you're nothing, but pathetic!"

"You're the fool for not surrendering when you had the chance! Lariat!" E shouted, throwing a powerful right hook towards Madara's chest. Unexpectedly twin tree roots snaked out of the earth impacting the Raikage dead in the chest sending him hurling into the air. A powerful waterspout caught E and lowered him to ground curtsey of Chase. Once the Raikage was safe on the ground he electrified the twister. Chase snapped his wrist, his amplified attack careening for their target. "I like to see you get out of this one!" E declared.

Chase didn't say anything, his eyes observing Madara like a hawk wondering what trick he would pull. He was slightly shocked when the Shroud reacted first to the threat. Inky black darkness swallowed up the powerhouse erasing it from existence. What they hadn't expected for the erase effect to spread out whiting out at least twenty food radius of land leaving a blank "white spot" in its wake. "Well that only confirms my suspicions. You two say you existed symbiotically, but that's not the truth at all."

"You have something you want to share with the rest of the class Mr. Young? Because I think all of us would like to hear it before we're killed!" Mei shouted, as they all dodged about as Madara unleashed his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan full power. His ability to control the three forbidden techniques was unmatched in skill or power. Onoki was caught up in his Tsukyomi Genjutsu. The man was having a induce heart attack as he watched himself be murdered again and again. Mei, Garra, and E were trying to defend against the Amaterasu from burning them alive. That left Kakashi, Chakra, and Chase trying to break through his Sasunoo.

"It looks like you've run out of ideas. I warned you what would happen if you went up against me. Your sacrifices will bring an end to the Fourth Great Shinobi War and lead to our victory!" Madara/Shroud prophesied. He started heading for Sasake's battle, but Kakashi used a rakari to stop him dead in his tracks. He pressed his jutsus hard against the Sasunoo desperately trying to get through to him. "Why are you wasting your chakra on a useless attack? I should crush you where you stand!"

"Look out!" Chase shouted as with a blink of the eyes, Sasunoo came to life and tried to attack them. Chakra started spinning around using her firestorm to protect the group. As she spun around keeping Sasunoo at bay tapped the Jewel of Charta vanishing from sight.

Madara muttered angrily under his breath. How could he have forgotten she could teleport?! The Shroud hissed in his mind. There attacks on the other Kages had also vanished with her leaving them ready to attack again. In the far distance an explosion could be heard as Chakra teleported them underground where they couldn't hurt anyone. She reappeared next to her brother with two fire and wind wheels in each hand. "Chakra, are you okay? Did you get hurt?!"

"Calm down Chase I'm alright, but I overloaded the Jewel. I'm afraid we won't be teleporting anymore. Kakashi how much longer do you think your jutsu can last?" Chakra panted.

"Five to ten minutes at the least. If we're going to win this fight we have to do it now!" Kakashi warned them all drawing on the last of his reserves. This battle had lasted almost forty minutes and didn't look like it was about to end soon. These next ten minutes would make or break them. "We have to separate the two them and kill them both in the next ten minutes or it's all over! Are you ready!?" He shouted his rakari crackling in his hand.

"I've been ready to pay this bastard back since the Summit!" E roared, preparing another Lariat.

"You can count on me to help end this," Garra whispered, his sand returned to him plus interests.

"I won't be killed by my former predecessor, I have plans to get married still," Mei laughed, lava in one hand and in the other a contained ball of deadly, corrosive mist.

"I'm not going to the grave till he's good and buried," Onoki muttered preparing his cube of doom.

"As the former Prince of Darkness, I suggest we stop talking and do something already," Chase quipped.

"Madara, be prepared to enter the afterlife. After all we everyone cares about the wellbeing of others, there's nothing we can't accomplish!" Chakra said, the song that became the background for their final assault was appropriately, "If Everyone Cared."

From underneath the trees, we watch the sky
Confusing stars for satellites
I never dreamed that you'd be mine
But here we are, we're here tonight

Singing Amen, I, I'm alive
Singing Amen, I, I'm alive

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died

And I'm singing Amen

Amen I, Amen I, I'm alive
Amen I, Amen I, Amen I, I'm alive

Chakra attacked first, with her Fire and Wind Wheels. Igniting them, she darted in close, slashing and stabbing in a graceful, deadly dance. Madara parried her attacks by having tree roots grab her ankles holding her in place. Chakra flicked her weapons at him only to see him deflect the two weapons away. Madara then attacked with an earth jutsu intending to swallow her up for good. Instead, Chase shoved Chakra out of the way. He then proceeded on with his Galvin and then continued forward at alarming speed. The Shroud reacted by shooting out to grab the weapon, trying to take it away. Chase held on tightly and activated the spinning blades cutting pieces of the Shroud. It howled in pain unable to defend Madara as Chase went after him using his Demon fighting style on him. The style was made up of ripping punches and devastating kicks.

Madara countered using his family taijutsu style. His speed was unbelievable. With his ocular advantage he knew were Chase was going to attack first before he did. Smirking he used his Grand Fireball Jutsu on the young man. Chase saw it coming and leapt out of the way, but couldn't avoid it completely. He let out a cry of agony as his left arm received a second degree burn. Chase had no choice, but to retreat from battle to tend to his wounds.

"That's one down six to go," Madara whispered to himself. His partner warned him to be careful as the Mizukage and Tsuchikage attacked him together. Mei darted in close combining her lava globe and boil globe into one giant globe of destruction. "This could be a problem if I let you touch me."

"You can't escape me you bastard. This is for Kiri! Lava Steam Globe of Death!" Mei shouted, driving her attack straight through his Madara's right shoulder! "Let's see you use your jutsu now!"

"Count on it Mizukage!" Madara growled, as high pressure water shot out from all his pores enveloping Mei. The regal beauty screamed as her perfect skin was eviscerated. She leapt back giving her counterpart a chance to attack. Onoki didn't waste time wondering if the Mizukage was okay. He levitated into the air and dropped his Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World onto Madara.

"No way he survived that one," Onoki chuckled, only to find the Shroud protected the both of them by obliterating his technique. The Shroud's cloak reached out gripping the old man and started erasing the man from the world. "I don't think so. Dust Release: Earth Particle Shield!" A shield made out dust particles rose up and protected the old man, but he was out of the fight.

Garra sent out his sand trying crush Madara, but he was to quick getting out the way. E and Kakashi rode the sand waves towards Madara bringing their attacks straight down injuring Madara, but he used his Sharingan to harm them. All three were lying on the ground unable to move.

"This ends now! Prepare to die!" Madara shouted, as he got ready to kill them. That's when Chakra jumped him trying to drive her Star of Fate into his heart, but he grabbed her throat trying to suffocate her. "Do you have any last words?"

"Yeah… I…do. Reo Reverso!" Chakra managed to choke out. Madara was stunned as he felt the power of the Wu affect him. He dropped the original Dragon of Fire as the unthinkable happened. The Reo Reverso got rid of not only his skin graphs, but took away his Sharingan! Also the Shroud was forced off him and weakened considerably. "Reo Reverso…is Shen Gong Wu… that restores things to their…original state. That includes humans too! Your life ends here and now! Flaming Phoenix!"

Chakra's attack joined the forces with everyone else and they came down, on the now mortal and helpless Uchiha. Without his ability to teleport or use any attacks he was dead and so was the Shroud as all the attacks destroyed the both of them. After forty five minutes of battling and years of manipulation it was over. They had won.

"That was pretty risky getting in close to use that Wu, but in the end it was worth it huh sis?" Chase said, walking over to his sister. He touched her Tear of the Gods to heal his wound. "What's wrong Chakra? You okay?"

"We may have beaten the two of them, but Omi, the other Dragons, and Naruto and Hinata are still out there battling Sasake. It's been forty five minutes. If they keep up the Elemental Barrier for fifteen more minutes then they'll lose their humanity."

"I wouldn't worry so much Chakra-chan. I have feeling that everything is going to work out just fine," Kakashi told her gently. The Kages all stood up and looked towards the distance where the final battle was taking place.

The Dragons were struggling to keep it together as the battle between Sasake and Naruto raged on. Both of them had been using their most powerful attacks trying to kill one another. Sasake's eyesight may deteriorating, but he still was at full power with his Mangekyo Sharingan. To counter his eyes, Naruto was wearing the Fancy Feet to outrun their tracking movements using his version of the Flying Thundergod Technique.

Whenever some of the power escaped it was absorbed the Dragons barrier. Hinata had stayed out of the way for the most part keeping an eye on things. She saw how much the Dragons were struggling. If this kept up they wouldn't be able to help Naruto. "We have to end this fight soon or our friends will lose their humanity. Naruto please end this now before they lose their lives!"

"I'm trying Hina-hime believe me! This is just taking a bit longer then I thought it would!" Naruto shouted. He used Typhoon Boom to blow Sasake back a few feet, but his old friend grounded himself with his chakra. Sasake responded by attacking him with his Chidori Current. Lighting currents danced about in a last ditch effort to paralyze his Naruto so Sasake could get in close to kill him.

"Fancy Feet! Mass Shadow Clone Jutsu!" Naruto shouted, creating hundreds of clones in the enclosed bubble. While he darted about avoiding the paralyzing current, his clones took the attack for him. They were also serving a secondary purpose one that Sasake had to be kept in the dark until he was ready. "You're going to have to do better then that teme! One way or another I'm ending this fight and keeping both my promises!"

"Are you stubborn or just plain dumb baka! I don't need to be saved! Everyone in Konoha will die for what happened to my clan! I will personally kill the last Senju myself before I burn Konoha to the ground! I will have my revenge!" Sasake shouted.

"Revenge is a poison that kills you from the inside! You should abandon it before it kills you," Jack called out, from his spot. Already more then a third of him was transformed into steel and iron.

"Naruto, Hinata it's now or never! Do it!" Lu commanded them.

"They're not going to do anything! All of you are going to die now!" Sasake snarled, shouting flames of fire from his mouth at the Dragons.

"I don't think so buster!" Kimiko shouted her part of the wall stretched out towards the incoming flames lapping them up. "Omi, Clay, Rai, do something please!"

"Hold still you varmint!"

"You can't outrun my power!"

"This should take of you!"

Sections of the barrier darted away attacking Sasake. He sliced the earth about dodged the wind and water. When the other's attack he maneuvered himself so they hit Naruto and Hinata instead injuring them. Quickly before Sasake could attack the due, Callie and Auara decided to tag team him.

"Let's see how well you can see without seeing when I blind you!" Callie hissed striking him in the left eye with shadowy darkness.

"As my theater instructor once said, 'let there be light!'" Auara yelled a beam of light hitting his right eye and nearly frying his cornea. Sasake activated his Blaze release stopping their attacks. The other dragons assaulted him with their elements, but his Blaze just eviscerated them all. The Dragons were too weak to deflect them as the battle reached fifty minutes. In ten more minutes they were going to lose their humanity forever.

"Guys drop the barrier now before it's too late! Don't worry about Sasake escaping we'll handle it!" Naruto ordered. His plan for Sasake was nearly complete anyways so the barrier would be no use to them now. "Please do it now!"

"You heard the man, drop the barrier and reabsorb it now!" Raimundo commanded his fellow dragons. They released the barrier and the elements came rushing back into their Soul Pendants. They sank to the ground exhausted and unable to move as their life force slowly ebbed backed into their bodies. They would need a few minutes to recover completely before they assisted in the final part of the plan.

"It appears your allies are unable to assist in your defense Naruto. Maybe I should just put them out of the misery!" Sasake shouted. He took a deep breath and unleashed a widespread fire jutsu intent on roasting the Dragons.

"NO! I won't let you hurt them! Horn of the Blizzard Ice!" Hinata took a deep breath, and then let loose a snowy blizzard that froze the fire in midair. The frozen fire hung in the air for few seconds before it crashed to the ground splintering into a million pieces. Activating her Byakugan she went after him. "Gentle Step Twin Lion Fist!"

Sasake reacted with his Lion Combo trying to get behind her. Hinata dodged his kicks and followed up with her version of the Mantis Kick that Crystal had taught her all those years ago. She nailed him right in the jaw and went after his chakra nodes with her Gentle Fist intent on incapacitating him. Due to Sasake's decreasing sight she was able to hit a few chakra nodes before he used Blaze Release to send spikes of Amertsu Fire at her. Hinata double back flipped out of the way and activated her Protection of the Eight Four Trigrams attack. Amazingly the supernatural fire didn't penetrate it. Once the spikes were gone Hinata performed her only ice attack, "Blizzard Storm Ice!"

Sasake leapt out of the way narrowly avoiding being turned to a frozen popsicle. He was then attacked by Naruto's clones that used the Uzumaki Barrage to knock him to the ground. Naruto didn't give him a chance to recover going after him with his Oodamma Rasangon. Sasake countered with his Chidori. The two powers clashed, neither backing down or able to gain any ground. Finally the power was too much and it exploded sending both boys crashing several feet from each other. Hinata rushed over to check on Naruto, helping her boyfriend to his feet. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, it's time Hinata. Are you ready?"

"Yes, I am. I believe in you Naruto."

"How touching, the dobe finally found love in such a weak failure. For all your intents and purposes you still can't beat me Naruto. You've always been a failure and now you're going to die!"

"Not before I become Hokage I won't! Sasake, you have to stop. Do you really think that Itachi would want this for you?"

"Don't you dare mention Itachi! You have no idea what he would want! It's because of the damn village my brother, no my whole clan is dead!"

"I'll talk about your brother because he told me you're still pure inside, that you could go either way! He also said that I had to make a difficult choice. I had to decide if I would save you or protect the village," Naruto told him closing his eyes. This was it the time for his choice had arrived. Opening his eyes they were in Sage Mode now for the second part of his plan. Quickly palming out his second Wu he pointed the puzzle shape artifact at Sasake. "I chose both! I promised Sakura I would bring you back, but at the same time I promised to stop you at all costs. With the power Itachi left me and the help of all my friends I'll keep both promises!" Making a single hand sign he activated the seals his clones had been busy preparing during the fight.

Sasake was frozen in place by the seals he was standing in. He screamed as more seals appeared covering his entire body from top to bottom. "What the fuck is this?! You're not a seal master!"

"No, but my godfather and father were! They gave me the knowledge I needed to perform a long forgotten jutsu, one that will allow me to keep both promises! Sasake, you never realized the most important thing was that no matter what you did, you could always find your way back home with help. I intend to do just that! First things first teme, I need to remove your soul for cleansing. Soul Swapper!" The Shen Gong Wu glowed gold and yanked Sasake's soul right out of his body. Instead of switching bodies with Naruto, the normal function of the Wu, his soul was hovering in the air. It was inky black stained by his evil, but a tiny sliver of white could still be viewed. Naruto ignored the soul and instead looked at the dragons silently asking them to do their part. At that moment the song "You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home" started to play giving everyone the confidence they needed to see this plan through.

You wake up it's raining and its Monday
looks like one of those rough days
times up your late again so get out the door
sometimes you feel like running
find a whole new life and jump in
let go get up and hit the dance floor
when the lights go down its the ending of the show
and your feeling like you've got no where to go
don't you know

you can change your hair. you can change clothes
you can change your mind , that's just the way it goes
you can say goodbye and you can say hello
but you'll always find your way back home
you can change your style you can change your jeans
you can learn to fly and you chase your dreams
you can laugh and cry but everybody knows
you'll always find your way back home

The dragons let the music inspire them and started performing their final technique. They caged their hands focusing all their chi. They turned completely black with only their elemental color outlining them. In between their hands razor disks of elemental energy started to form. The air crackled as the power reached it zenith. Finally they got raised the razor disks above their head, ready to release the power.













"Judgment of the Twelve Dragons!" they all shouted in unison, releasing their disks. Their attacks whirled around Sasake's body in an atom pattern lifting it high into the air. Faster and faster the energy whirled around until the entered his body. It flashed the twelve elemental colors before dragon shape lights exited the body through the different parts of the body: the extremities, his chest and back, his mouth, each eye and nostril, and lastly his forehead. Once they were gone his body turned to stone and fell to the ground smashing to pieces. Thus Sasake Uchiha was "dead."

"It's up to you now Naruto! I hope you know what your doing!" Raimundo shouted to Naruto.

"Don't worry I do. Itachi, I hope the power you gave me can save your brother's soul. Uchiha Style: Soul Cleansing!" Naruto shouted, releasing the power Itachi gave him through his Sage Eyes. A white mist exited and wrapped itself around the black soul absorbing all the darkness that had haunted the Uchiha clan for centuries. The faint outline of Itachi could be seen as the mist disappeared leaving only a small, white fragment.

"This is it, time to keep my promise of a lifetime. Neo Tensei Jutsu!" Naruto shouted, calling on the natural energy to boost his chakra. His seals glowed so bright they nearly blinded him. Ignoring the pain he focused on channeling the chakra and making it do what he wanted. All over the strewn battlefields the ninjas felt small pieces of their essences leave their body and head towards Naruto. Once he had gather enough he began the slow painful task of reconstructing Sasake's soul and then reconstructing a new body for him.

Hinata couldn't believe her eyes as she watched the jutsu in action. The fragment of Sasake soul was binding itself with others creating a brand new soul, but a small part of it was still Sasake. A body started to form around the soul. It was small, the size of a newborn baby, which made a lot of sense. Finally the jutsu was complete and Naruto was cradling a newborn baby in his arms. The little baby had Naruto's tan skin, Sakura's green eyes, and a tuff of Kakashi's silver hair. "You did it Naruto! You really did it! Thanks to your jutsu a part of Sasake will return to Konoha. So you did keep your promise."

"Since the soul was reincarnated the name Sasake doesn't fit any longer," Stacey commented, as the Dragons joined Naruto. They were still exhausted, but much of their life force had returned. "I believe a new name is in order. What do you think?"

"I think your right. The Uchiha clan is gone for good and with them the cursed Sharingan is never coming back. I think I'll call him, Kioshi Ko. It means pure and peaceful. What do you think?" Naruto asked, as he swaddled the baby in his jacket.

"I think the name suits him. Come on we still have to meet with the rest of the alliance and explain what had happened. Hopefully they'll accept that Sasake is dead and that Kioshi is innocent of any crime," Raimundo said.

"Here's hoping that everyone has learned from their past mistakes," Dagwood added.

It was several hours later and the Ninja Alliance was celebrating with lots of sake, food, and fireworks. The Forth Great Ninja War was over and the Akatsuki were no more. After a little persuasion and a lot of threats from Tsunade, (who had been reinstated), they left baby Kioshi alone. It had been decided that the baby would be raised among the Rookie Eleven and their remaining sensei's to make sure they didn't have a repeat of Kioshi's last life. The dragons were preparing to return home now that both realities were safe from harm.

"We wish you the best of luck my lady. I'm sure that your future will be very prosperous," Grandmaster Fung said, kissing Lady Tsunade's hand. The others had already said their good byes.

"I'm sure it will be. The Will of Fire will burn brightly."

"Good luck raising Kioshi. I'm sure he'll be a splendid ninja," Raimundo said, his eyes were filled with mirth as he watched Naruto feed baby Kioshi with a bottle. "You're going to be a fine parent Naruto."

"Thanks with everyone working together, there's nothing we can't do. I hope to see you again sometime."

"Count on it! Everyone ready to go?" Lu asked. Everyone nodded. With one final hug and a teary good bye the Dragons activated the Dimensional Globe and they were whisked away. Smiling the ninjas headed back to the celebration happy that everything was finally back to normal.

Together, together, together everyone
Together, together, come on lets have some fun
Together, were there for each other every time
Together together come on lets do this right

Here and now its time for celebration
I finally figured it out (yeah yeah)
That all our dreams have no limitations
That's what its all about(yeah yeah)

Everyone is special in their own way
We make each other strong (we make each other strong)
Were not the same
Were different in a good way
Together's where we belong

We're all in this together
Once we know
That we are
We're all stars
And we see that
We're all in this together
And it shows
When we stand
Hand in hand
Make our dreams come true