Hello again. Cory of PRIVATE Corp here with another story, and this time, I'm going to do a bit of a short story. No, this isn't a one-shot; this is more of like an episode in a chapter-like story.

Now, what this is about is kinda along the lines of about that one episode of Flapjack: "K'nuckles and his Hilarious Problem." His problem? He's a drug addict of everything sugary, and not to mention an alcoholic. Now, what's here is a plan that's going to take his drug problem to the next level, and maybe I'm going to change the life of some other people, too.

Legal stuff: I DO NOT own the Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Flapjack is copyrighted by Mark "Thurop" van Orman. I do, however, own any original characters mention in this series.

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack:
The No Sugar Act & the Candy of Youth


Chapter One: The Act that Shook the Docks

Storm clouds brew over the ocean harbor city of Stormalong Harbor. Rains pound the houses heavily, thunder clap through the sky with a deafening tone, and lightning light up the black skies with some bolts to strike down on some houses. The wind picks up the rain, creating a heavy mist that begin to seep through the cracks of the buildings and flooding the whole city. No one dares to walk outside to check out how the weather is doing; even looking through the window is a bad thought.

Except for one woman.

A loud thud is made every time she walks, making everyone fear of her presences. She is a short woman but large on girth, which may be due to her small stature. She wears a dark brown blouse, very dark bluish pants, black shoes and carrying a black umbrella. She haves a chubby face with some short stubble upon her chin and sports a wide-brim hat with a corset on the band.

She looks around in the blinding rain, seeing nothing but heavy downfall and blurred buildings. She continues on until a noise start beating in the distance. No, it wasn't thunder, but more of a clank, like someone is banging glass against a brick wall. She walks up to one alleyway and stares down the dark corridor, finding nothing that is making the noise.

"Whoever is making that noise is going to get a fine," the woman said in a gritty tone.

She walks down the pathway in hopes to find where the noise coming from, but for every step she takes, the noise gets fainter and fainter. The woman retraces her steps, and hears clearly that the banging is closer, but it wasn't coming from anywhere else but from the ocean.

She looks over the edge and sure enough, there is the culprit. The noise maker is nothing more than a bottle banging the side of a post. The woman scolds to herself and pulls out a net to cast over the side to retrieve the noisy bottle. Once the bottle is set inside the net, she reels the net back up, taking the bottle up to her level.

"Litterers," the woman said. "They know better than to throw old bottles into the..."

When she got the bottle up, she notices a piece of a paper inside. She removes the bottle from the net and turns the bottle upside down for the paper to slide out. The paper is old and crusty, being worn out from the constant blasts of salt air and water. She carefully unfolds the paper and begins reading over on what the message said, until she notices something odd about this message.

Throughout the message, the word "sugar" is mention more times than other words, and the message shows numbers even the woman could not believe exist. This message appears to be more of a warning, and the only thing that is mention to be a culprit: sugar. The woman rolls the paper and puts it away in her blouse, and heads off in the rain.

Upon one building, with a sign reading "Surgery & Haircuts," the woman walks up to the door and knocks heavily. Inside, sounds of falling tools and heavy footsteps echo loudly through the building, with a shadow of a man stumbling around to keep himself standing up. With him making such noise up along the wall facing the woman, he made his way to the door and slowly cracked it open for an eye to peer outside to see the woman underneath the umbrella.

"Uh, why hello, Ms. Dock Hag," the man said in a subtle tone. "What brings you out here in the middle of this storm?"

"Open up," the woman shouted. "I got something to show you."

The man stepped behind the door and opened it more for the woman to walk in. She folded her umbrella up and made her way inside of the building, which is more of a typical doctor's room. She looked at the patient that the doctor is working on, a poor man with an open wound and some blood dripping down his arm. The man behind the door closed it and walks up to the patient to continue working, which is only to stitch up the wound.

The man happened to be the doctor of Stormalong, along with being the only barber, too, hence his building is called "Surgery & Haircuts," and his name being apery named Doctor Barber. He is a man of science, with skills in the field of medicine, along with some skills in a field his mother wants him to study, candiology. His figure is more of a rounded form, with his body being well-rounded and his limbs very skinny. His clothing is a pair of blue overalls with stripes, a light-blue shirt, and a pair of brown cowboy-like boots on his feet. His face is long and narrow, with sideburns going up to make a mustache and none going down to cover his chin. And directly on his bald head is the reflector that symbolized him as the doctor for Stormalong.

"Doctor, I want to look at something for me," the woman asked.

"Madam, whatever it is," the doctor said, wiping off his hands, "I cannot read it, hmm."

"Well, here it is, anyway," the woman said.

She took the bottle and shook the note out of it. She then shoved the paper in Doctor Barber's chest, making him cough from the push. He took the paper and put on some reading glasses to look over the content on the paper. He studied everything that he could understand, and he handed the paper back to the Dock Hag.

"Yes, well, that is something," Doctor Barber said, putting away the glasses. "But fray, why did you show that to me?"

"You're the doctor," the Dock Hag replied. "You should know about what I just show you."

The doctor turns so that his back faces the Dock Hag and he began to mumble to himself. He looked over at his patience and walk on up to him, thinking about what he just read on that piece of paper. The doctor pulled out a single piece of mint candy and held it in front of his patience.

"Now, I want you to take this candy and eat it, yes?" Doctor Barber said.

Doctor Barber dropped the piece down the mouth and stepped back to witness what will happen. The patience chewed the piece of candy before completely swallowing it. Then his whole body began to shake violently, shaking from the single piece of candy, before coming to a complete stop. Doctor Barber slowly walked over to the patience and took his arm to check his pulse.

"Oh my," the doctor said, "he's dead."

"Now you understand?" the Dock Hag said.

"Hmm, yes," the doctor replied.

"Now, as first order of business," the Dock Hag said, "I order you to get rid of that!"

She pointed at a glass jug full of candy of every variety. Doctor Barber let out a gasp and runs over to grasp the jug.

"I'm not going to give up my candy so…"

"If you don't, you're going to be paying for a lifetime of fines," the Dock Hag threaten, taking a pink slip with the doctor's name on it and holding it in front of his face.

"I'll be glad to do it myself, hm," Doctor Barber said, lifting the jug up.

The doctor took the five gallon jug of candy off its holster and carried it towards the door. The Dock Hag opened it up and Doctor Barber let the jug rolled out into the rain. The jug kept rolling until it came to the edge of the docks, before tipping over from the falling rain and crash on a dock below.

"Now, if you want to stay fine-free," the Dock Hag said, "I better not see a single piece of candy when I come back here."

"Yes, Ms. Dock Hag," the doctor replied.

With that, the Dock Hag grabbed her umbrella, opened it up, and headed out back into the rainy town. Doctor Barber closed the door behind the woman, and she continues on her daily route.

"I'm going to love this job," the Dock Hag said.

In the skies, a bolt of lightning cracks through the air, lighting up the whole town and parts of the open seas.


The sun broke through the storm clouds, peeking through to bring down sunlight to the drenched Stormalong Harbor. The seagulls call out for the morning to begin, with residents slowly making their ways out of their homes and businesses to start up once again. Adventurers and pirates of all likes ride up in the ships to stay for a little while or for long times, and some leaving out to go out exploring the uncharted world that is left to explore.

Down at one dock, a sleeping blue whale rocks gently as the tide comes it and the waves slowly lifting and lowering the gentle beast. The sun's rays caressed the whale's blubbery skin, which made her to slowly lift one eye lid open to peek to see that it is morning. With a yawn, her mouth opened up to let out a child to walk out into the world.

The child is a boy, a young boy roughly about ten years old. His blonde hair shined brightly as the sun reflects off his curls. He wore a sailor's hat gently on top of his head, given to him when he was born and drifting off at sea. He wore yellow shirt with red stripe with a green scarf gently wrapped around his neck and a pair of

The boy looked outward with droopy eyes, tired from a day of adventure, only to slowly move his eyelids as he turned around to look at the whale that served as his home, and his mother. He gradually warmed up at the sight of the whale, fully wakening up to start another day.

"Morning, Bubbie," the boy said.

"Good morning, Flapjack darling," the whale replied.

The boy wiped his eyes. "Have you seen Captain K'nuckles last night?" Flapjack asked.

"Uh, I remember him grunting and then some cheering," Bubble answered, "but then I heard crashing and that's all I can remember. I think he fell in that barrel there."

Behind the boy is a wooden barrel with a pair of wooden legs with boots on them hanging over the edge. A snore echoed out from the barrel, following by some rattling of empty bottles and groaning as a grown man's head emerged from the barrel. As the man got up from his sleep, the barrel began to tip, causing the man and a few empty bottles of maple syrup to spill out on the deck.

"Damn it, my head," the man said, grasping the side of his forehead.

"K'nuckles!" Bubbie snapped. "Watch your language!"

"Why don't you watch where you stick that fin," the man answered sharply.

The man that is known as K'nuckles is a man that have been through rough times, trying to make a living as a great adventurer in the world. His body is composed of different parts collected over the years, due to that when one part gets removed he had a replacement for that body part. A quarter of him is made of wood, which includes his hands and abdomen, while the rest of him is all flesh, including his feet. He wore the traditional captain's attire of a goldish-colored shirt with orange stripes, a maroon coat and a maroon captain's hat that tells everyone that he is a captain.

"Hello Captain," Flapjack said.

"Oh, hello Flapjack," K'nuckles replied.

"How was last night?" the boy asked.

"Let me tell you, it was fantastic," K'nuckles said, bending down to grab a partially empty maple syrup bottle. "On the way back, I came stumbling across this broken jug, and inside was this load of candy, and guess what I did."

"You ate every last piece of candy?" Flapjack asked.

"Except for one," the captain said, digging around his coat's pocket. "Here, this is for you."

K'nuckles takes out a wrapped piece of a peppermint candy and dropped the piece into Flapjack's open hands.

"Thanks Captain," Flapjack replied.

"Don't mention it," K'nuckles said, chugging the maple syrup.

"Oh, and since when did you decide to give Flapjack a piece of your candy?" Bubbie asked, a bit curious.

"How many times did I ever been nice to you?" K'nuckles asked.

"Uh, I think it was," the whale answered, pausing for a second, "none."

K'nuckles stared at the blue whale for a minute and took the bottle of maple syrup up to his mouth and drinks all that remains. He shivered from the syrup's sugar and he tossed the bottle into the water.

"Oh, I'm not supposed to pick that up for you," Bubbie said.

"Wasn't gonna asked," K'nuckles said, wiping his mouth from excess maple syrup. "Hey Flap, I'm gonna be heading to the Candy Barrel. Wanna tag along?"

"Yes," Flapjack replied.

"I'll be going ahead," the captain said.

He made his way to the stairs that leads up to the main dock, but from last night's storm, the stairs remain to be left wet. K'nuckles took a few steps up before slipping and sliding down back down. The man let out a curse and tried to climb again, but he failed once again. Repeating with a curse, a climb, a slide and a crash, Flapjack and Bubbie watched as the man failed to get up the stairs.


"Yes Bubbie?" the boy asked.

"Whatever you do, don't come back like K'nuckles," Bubbie answered.

"Why would you say that?" the boy asked.

"Well, K'nuckles is nothing more than someone that had a rough life and raised up to be the man slipping on the stairs there," Bubbie said, pointing to K'nuckles still tripping and sliding. "Now I raised you better, and you are much more sweeter than K'nuckles is and I don't want that man changing who you are."

"Thanks Bubbie," Flapjack said, hugging his adopted mother.

"I love you, too," the whale said. "Now go and have fun."

Flapjack hurried up to where K'nuckles is and ran up the stairs, missing all of the puddles that are still on the stairs. K'nuckles got mad, but tiredly, he climbed up the stairs to get up to the top. Flapjack sat patiently on the edge of the platform, watching to see the out-of-shape captain slowly made his way up to the top step. At the top, K'nuckles laid on his back, inhaling and exhaling heavily when he took a piece of candy, that he saved from last night, from his coat pocket and swallow it whole. The man got back on his feet, fully energized after getting the piece of candy down in his stomach.

"OK Flap," the captain said, "do you see any sign of the Dock Hag anywhere?"

The boy got up from his seat and peer his head around, circling in all directions for any signs of an old woman in a cranky mood.

"Nope, I don't see her," Flapjack answered.

"Good," the captain replied, "cuz with that bitch walking around, there's no way we're getting to the Candy Barrel without getting a fine."

"She should be here right about now," Flapjack said. "Do you think something happened to her?"

"If anything were to happen, that would be a good thing," K'nuckles said, walking ahead of Flapjack.

The boy walked right behind of K'nuckles, following the man to where they normally go on days just like today. The duo walk among the businesses that made up the shopping district, then through the fish market where business is booming over from last night's storm, and then onto an open stretch of docks before walking up to a building that is shaped like a barrel. Outside of the barrel-shaped building is a large fishing hook with a piece of candy being pierced through the hook. The two entered through the doors and step on inside the circular bar, lined with stalls full of sailors drinking candy and talking up a storm. Up on the round bar, a man in a pinstripe shirt and brown pants gather candy from multiple jars that risen up to the ceiling, and the man spun around to reveal a cheeky-face bartender

"Hey Peppermint Larry, give us the usual," K'nuckles ordered, sitting down on a barstool.

"The usual what?" the bartender asked, leaning on top of the bar.

"You know what I'm talking about," K'nuckles snapped.

"I'm sorry guys," Larry said, "but every time you come in here, you don't have any money."

"Yes we do," Flapjack said.

"Then where is it?" Peppermint Larry questioned.

Flapjack dug a hand down into one of his pants' pockets and search around for any sign of loose chance. Then he pulled out a shiny coin and placed in on the counter, sliding it to the bartender with one finger.

"Two, please," the boy asked.

Peppermint Larry picked up the coin and studied it for any signs of counterfeit. After looking at it for a minute, he placed the coin in his mouth and chomped down on it, seeing that it is real metal.

"OK, coming right up," Larry said.

He placed the coin into the cash register and grabbed two beer mugs and filled them up to the brim full of candy. He handed the mugs over to the two adventurers and the two grabbed onto the handles.

"Here's to another day of adventures," K'nuckles said.

"Adventure!" Flapjack shouted.

Just as the two lift the glasses to their mouths, the doors to the Candy Barrel burst open, and a man carrying two buckets stood before a crowd of staring eyes.

"Attention, people of the Candy Barrel," the man said, "everyone is to be required at town hall as ordered by the Dock Hag. That is all."

The man left, leaving the people inside with some still staring and others changing their conversations about what is happening right now. Flapjack and K'nuckles sat on the barstools, still holding the mugs up to their mouths with no candy dripping out, and the captain puts his glass on the counter.

"What is so important that the Dock Hag wants everyone to go to some stupid-ass meeting?" K'nuckles said.

"I heard that she has something big in store," Peppermint Larry said, cleaning out a mug glass. "Rumors have been swarming all around after she visited Doctor Barber last night."

"Doctor Barber?" K'nuckles replied. "She's probably going to propose to him right in front of everybody."

"You mean like they're going to get marry?" Flapjack asked.

"You bet your sweet ass they are," the captain joked.

The two of them laughed about K'nuckles joke, and when Flapjack wasn't looking, K'nuckles took the boy's mug and swings down both shots. Flapjack looked to see that his glass is empty, without realizing that his captain swiped his drink.

"Well, if anything, this better not has to do with my store," Peppermint Larry said. "If anything were to happen to the Candy Barrel… I would have no place left to turn."

"What about your puppets?" Flapjack asked.

"You mean those rats and those things that look like us?" K'nuckles asked.

"I gave up on those things," Larry replied. "Ever since the Dock Hag closed the show, I kinda lost interest in doing puppet… hey, where's everybody going?"

"We're heading to the town hall," one adventurer said.

"We want to know what the Dock Hag's plans are," another said.

"Are you serious?" K'nuckles snapped. "You seriously are going to listen to what that woman has to say? She's got nothing, and why do we have to bother on what she said?"

"Because she can throw you in jail," a sailor shot out.

"You of all people to stand up against the Dock Hag," an adventurer said. "That's sad."

"Whatever that bitch has in store, it's nothing but trouble," K'nuckles barked. "I say that we don't go to this meeting and we stay here until we're drunk! Now who's with me?"

The entire room is empty, silence all around as K'nuckles stand in the middle of total emptiness. At the bar, Flapjack slowly applauded as Larry shook his head.

"Oh K'nuckles," the bartender said, "you never learn, do you?"

"Of course I learn," the captain said. "I seriously believe that the Dock Hag has something up her sleeves, and it's going to be bad."

"Well, if I were you, I'll be heading for town hall," Larry said, grabbing a hat and a trench coat. "Coming, Candy Wife?"

In the corner, a woman made out of pieces of candy sat in a stall with her right hand out in a sign of accepting her hand. Everything about this woman is candy, including her licorice hair and lips, her peppermint and spearmint eyes, her candy rings, and even her clothing is made out of edible candy. She sat there motionless, so helpless that she is just an inanimate object. Peppermint Larry could only laugh as Flapjack and K'nuckles look at each other for the miss-out joke.

"Ah, you're a charmer," the bartender said, taking the candy woman. "See you later, K'nuckles and Flapjack."

The two kept looking at each other, still missing out on the unheard joke, until Captain K'nuckles signals Flapjack to move.


The Stormalong Harbor town hall is bustling with activity, with the whole auditorium fill with every resident that lived in the port city. In front of everyone is the stage, where a solid-wood podium stand erected with some of the constables standing on both sides. Every citizen is chatting up a storm, talking about why everyone is called here and what does the Dock Hag have in store. Just as the woman came walking up on stage, K'nuckles busted open the doors and the two

"Sit!" the Dock Hag barked.

She banged the gavel and everyone settled down. Flapjack sat in front of K'nuckles as the captain leans against a column. The whole room came to a silence, and when everyone settled down, one of the constables stepped forward.

"Good day, citizens of Stormalong Harbor," the constables said. "Here today, the Dock Hag has some information that must be shared with everyone."

"Then why do we have to meet in this cramped room?" K'nuckles asked.

"Silence!" the Dock Hag shouted, banging with the gavel. "I will not have anyone interrupting my speech. Is that clear?"

"Bitch," the captain mumbled.

"What was that?" the Dock Hag asked.

"He said, 'Yes, ma'am,'" Flapjack answered, trying to save his captain.

"Now, to begin this speech," the Dock Hag started, "the reason why I called you all here is for one thing and one thing only… sugar."

The whole room began to stir, with few people whispering about what the Dock Hag just said. She banged the gavel, silencing the room again.

"Why I just said 'sugar' is of up most importance," the Dock Hag said, continuing her speech. "It is the culprit of all of the crimes in Stormalong, and it is doing more damage than people think is doing."

"Actually, my lady," a constable whispered, "most of our crimes are from drunken adventurers."

"And what makes this adventurers drunk?" the Dock Hag asked.

"Uh… maple syrup?"

"Exactly," the woman said. "And what is in maple syrup?"

"Uh… sugar?" the constable replied.

"And again, exactly," the Dock Hag answered. "You see, not only sugar is affecting the adventurers, it is also affecting our health."

"Now that's not true!" Peppermint Larry shouted.

"Yeah, that's right!" a candy seller shouted, backing the bartender of the Candy Barrel. "We will never sell candy that'll make people sick!"

"Well, I have seen cases of where people getting upset from the inside," Doctor Barber said, "and these people were eating any sugar-based product from when they entered my room."

"Case proven," the Dock Hag responded.

"Still, you don't have proof that sugar is the culprit," Peppermint Larry stated.

"Really?" the woman said. "Doctor Barber, if you please?"

The doctor wheeled in his patience that he was working on from last night out onto the stage and people look in disgust by the sight of the dead body. Some of the men hold back on throwing up, and some mothers covered their children's eyes. Only the candy sellers, adventurers and K'nuckles got mad.

"Where's the proof in that?" K'nuckles shouted.

"This patience experienced a major shock from ingesting sugar," Doctor Barber said.

"Which means sugar kills," the Dock Hag said.

"He could die from anything," an adventurer snapped. "We seen men eat thousands of things, and they died from them and not one was sugar."

"I don't care," the Dock Hag snapped. "You people should know that this is going to kill you, even if you eat just one piece of candy."

"Listen here, you bitch," K'nuckles shouted, "There is no way that your damn words are going to do a thing that's gonna stop us from eating and drinking anything with sugar in it."

"Which is why I brought you all here," the Dock Hag said, brushing off K'nuckles. "From this point on, sugar and anything that contains sugar is now ban from this city. No one is going to have a single drop of sugar, and if you do, you'll be sent to jail for the rest of your lives."

The whole room gasped. Mouth hanged open as the words that the Dock Hag just said sank in to everyone's head. The candy sellers' eye twitch, especially Peppermint Larry's, as they knew that they are going to lose their stores, since they all have sugar and sugar products. The adventurers' rage began to build, holding it back as they don't want to get arrested by the constable. And Captain K'nuckles stood there in a permanent freeze, mouth hanging and his eye frozen in a twitch.

"Captain, are you OK?" Flapjack asked.

"Constables, seize all the sugar in Stormalong," the Dock Hag ordered.

With the bang of the gavel, the constables step off the stage and they start to head out the doors. One of the constables turn to face Peppermint Larry, eyeing out Candy Wife and the bartender knew that the constable is going to take her.

"No, not my Candy Wife," Larry said, grasping onto his candy creation.

"Quick, to the Candy Barrel!" K'nuckles shouted.

All of the adventurers burst out into the open air and hurried their ways to the Candy Barrel. They ran as fast as they could, in hopes that they can outrun the constables, but they were too late. The constables already are sealing up the store with plywood and posting signs reading "Closed for Good."

"No, not my precious Candy Barrel!" Larry shouted.

"Peppermint Larry, you're under arrest," a constable said, cuffing Larry up.

"What did I do?" the bartender asked.

"You're selling illegal merchandise to the public, and you're selling banned goods to the public," the constable said.

"This isn't right!" Larry shouted. "We shouldn't get arrested for something so stupid!"

The constables that took Candy Wife away from Larry took her and smashed her into pieces, making Larry freaked by the horrific sight. Soon, other candy sellers are rounded up and they are placed with Larry in the same carriage. K'nuckles watches as the constables round up everyone that is selling sugar or who owned sugar and getting arrested right in front of him. He panicked and he began to search around town, in hopes that he could find something or someone that could give him candy. One by one, the constables closed every store and building that sold sugar and K'nuckles got more upset by each closing until he got down on all four and cried.



"Eh, what's that sonny? You want me to take off my shirt?"

"No, grandfather, I said we're taking off from shore."

"From where?"

"From Mirage Island, don't you remember?"

"Of course. My mind isn't what it used to be after losing the candy."

"Yes, and once we find the piece, we'll get back your former self."

"Oh, I can't wait to go back out adventuring once again! I hope my original crew is still alive."

"But isn't half of your crew dead?"

"From plague, disease, choking, drowning, lightning strike, jellyfish, Eight-Arm Willy, you name it, I have been there."

"Your stories still fascinate me."

The sail went up on the mast and the boy pushes his grandfather's wheelchair onto the makeshift raft the boy made from logs. They boy pushes the raft from the shores and the two slowly drifted off into the open waters, with the wind blowing to push the adventurers along.

"Let's hope that your story on banning sugar is going to scare people into not seeking the Candy of Youth," the boy said.

"Boy, my tall-tales never fail tricking someone," the grandfather replied, "and especially getting a whole town fooled about some false report."

The two continue on sailing under the moonlight skies, going through a misty fog and breezing over the calm waters.

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