chapter1:A new dawn and a new chick born

As the sun rose over the hills birds started to sing and all the chickens at the chicken sanctuary were all going on about their daily lives except for one. Ginger was worried,it had been three weeks now,three dam weeks since she laid her egg and it had not yet hatched. She had a feeling Rocky was starting to get a bit tense aswell, he had tried to help her more recently. She just couldn't under stand why it wouldn't hatch,perhaps it was a dud and it would never hatch,or maybe it wasn't fertilised in the first place and she was sitting on a rotten egg. "Need help" came a familiar voice from the doorway it was Rocky AGAIN "no Rocky I don't need your help,and why do you keep saying that?" said Ginger a bit paranoid "I just wondered if you needed help that's all"he said "well I don't at the moment thank you and its not me you should be asking its the egg"Ginger snapped back only a little. "Well I..." said Rocky but was interrupted by a crack sound "what was that?" asked Rocky puzzled,Ginger looked underneath her at the egg and then looked up with delight,"Our babies hatching at last !!!" she cried so loud that some chickens came in to see what was going on. Two legs popped out of either end of the egg then came a head then its tiny little wings. "Is it a girl or a boy!" yelled Babs in the growing crowed of chickens,both Ginger and Rocky looked "its a girl!" they both said with joy. "What ya goin to call her" asked Mac,Ginger and Rocky looked at each other but only said one word "Edeline".